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    I'm seeking a clean, minimalist design for the labels and business cards that will be used to represent my company's brand. The branding materials should reflect an innovative and modern style, while steering away from overly complex designs. Key Proje...requirements provided. Design specifics: - The labels and business cards should predominantly focus on the company name, logo, and slogan. - Contact information should also be aptly incorporated into the design. This project requires an adept understanding of branding identities and current minimalist design trends. Proficiency with design tools and a creative thought process is highly desirable. To recap, creativity, innovation, and effective space utilization are essential for this job. High-quality and quick deliv...

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    I am in search of an experienced video editor who can meticulously craft modern styled recaps of anime and movies. The task will involve using already provided video clips. However, it’s essential to ensure there are no copyright violations particularly stemming from unauthorized use of video clips. Your focus in these recaps should major on summarising the plot. If you have the knack for creatively weaving video clips into an engaging, seamless and succinct plot summary, then you're the perfect fit.

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    I am in need of an experienced marketer to help me with my personal project. I have a range of physical goods drones which I want to market and sell. The project needs someone with exceptional skills in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies. In just one day I have only one day Specific duties and responsibilities: • Identifying the target market through market research • Developing strategies to reach the identified market • Implementing the marketing strategies to promote sales of goods As this project involves selling physical goods, ideal candidates should have: • A strong background in sales and marketing, specifically for physical goods • A good understanding of supply chain management • Excellent communication and persua...

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    I am on the hunt for a highly skilled video editor who specializes in creating engaging movie recaps. A key requirement for this role is proficiency in operating on a Windows platform. Key responsibilities will include: * Handle and process MP4, AVI, and MKV file formats. * Utilizing basic cutting, splicing, and merging functions. * Adding an extra touch o...proficiency in operating on a Windows platform. Key responsibilities will include: * Handle and process MP4, AVI, and MKV file formats. * Utilizing basic cutting, splicing, and merging functions. * Adding an extra touch of creativity through the animation of graphics and titles. The ideal candidate must have a keen eye for detail and excellent post-production skills. Prior experience in movie recap editing would be highly b...

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    I require an expert in drone technology with a keen eye for detail. Your task will be focused on aerial photography and mapping using a land drone. To apply, kindly include: -...your skills and talent. - Demonstrative evidence of executing mapping and surveying assignments effectively using a land drone. The output of the aerial photography should be of high definition quality. Your ability to execute this task effectively and efficiently will be a determinant for future collaborative work engagements. Ideal candidates should have experience using professional-grade drones and navigational software for mapping and surveying tasks. Note: Your safety, as well as the safety of others, should be top priority when operating the drone. Any disregard for safety measures would not be ap...

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    ...printing processes, materials, and limitations, particularly with a Tronxy x5sa pro printer. - Ability to optimize the design for the standard dimensions of an Aquila16 racing frame. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in aeronautical or mechanical engineering. - Expertise in 3D design software such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, or Blender. - Previous projects involving FPV racing drones or similar high-speed UAVs. - Understanding of the specific challenges associated with drone racing, such as air resistance, frame durability, and weight reduction. The final deliverable should be a detailed STL file ready for 3D printing. The design should prioritize the racing capabilities of the Aquila16, ensuring it can withstand the high-speed maneuvers and slight collisions ty...

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    The intro would feature ambient drones and synths, possibly guitar notes and a memorable melody. This could be an atmospheric guitar or piano. The riser would last around 20 - 30 seconds. It would have a dreamy ambient vibe and get you hyped for the show. I have attached an example for an idea of the ambient vibe. I would appreciate if all commercial rights and exclusive use were included in this project. A demo would be appreciated to learn more about your style. Should be a great project for the right artist!

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    So to recap our need: Our app has two parts. The app body, in Swift. And the 3D scan part of the Standard cyborg api in C. It creates on demand bras for women. We have a loss of scan quality from iPhone 13 and 14, probably due to the change in camera quality. We're trying to iterate on the library parameters to obtain a smooth scan quality. 222333 Summary: Braave has developed an app BreastID to capture 3D scans of the chest to create a custom-fit bra. The app uses TrueDepth Camera to capture the 3D data. The 3D scan is then created through an API open source library named Standard cyborg. Since iPhone 13, Apple has drastically diminished the quality of the TrueDepth

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    I'm in need of a multifunctional handheld device with the capacity to efficiently and accurately locate both drones and their respective pilots (remote controllers). This device should work seamlessly and reliably in diverse environmental settings, ranging from complex urban landscapes to more open, rural areas. The device should boast a maximum operational range of up to 5 kilometers, ensuring broad coverage and high precision in drone and pilot detection and tracking. Ideal candidates for this project would possess: - Proficiency in electronic device design and manufacturing - In-depth understanding of drone and remote controller tracking technologies - Proven record in creating robust devices fit for both urban and rural environment use - Capable of designing a device with...

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    ...: Monday, February 19, 2024 (1:10 AM) GMT+7 Test Date/Time end : Monday, February 19, 2024 (6:25 AM) GMT+7 Scope of Works 1. Ensuring the end-to-end process as Purchaser (Is not viable due to time limitation) 2. Ensuring the end-to-end process as Image Provider (Done) 3. There will be no limitation of the image format to be posted into system (Done) 4. Mapping all the bugs encounter (Done) 5. Recap on the input and output based on point 1-4 (Done) 6. Total QA required is maximum 2 hours (Done) Tester Proposal 1. I will be working just fine for $15/hour with all of the task provided above. 2. Then I will start to work as requested. My time will be available anytime today. 3. Test Date/Time start: Monday, February 19, 2024 (1:10 AM) GMT+7 4. Test Date/Time end: Monday, February 1...

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    I require a drone designer to create an advanced Urban Security Drone that incorporates the following specifications: - Live-streaming video functionality, allowing real-time view of the drone's environment. - Night vision capability to ensure the functioning of the drone is not hampered during nighttime or in poorly... the drone should operate both autonomously, following preset routes, and be remotely controlled as needed. The perfect freelancer for this project would possess a strong background in drone design and building, with experience in live-video streaming technology, night vision enhancement, and GPS-based autonomous navigation programming. Previous experience in designing surveillance or security drones would be a major plus. Let's create a drone that can rein...

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    I require a highly skilled and experienced designer to devise a payload dropper system for a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. This design should ideally facilitate the drone delivery of light-weighted props for effective use i...of the payload dropper: Primarily for drone delivery functions. - Type of objects to be dropped: Light-weighted props which typically serve as effects for aerial photography. - Payload Weight: The system should be able to effectively handle objects under 500 grams. Given the specific nature of these requirements, I would prefer a designer with previous experience creating payload droppers for drones or who has experience working with DJI Mavic Air 2. Knowledge of operational dynamics would be a huge plus too, since the delivery of camera props require precision and ...

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    ...for recharging. - **Environment:** Specifically designed for use outdoors in urban settings, it must navigate efficiently between buildings and handle urban environmental conditions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in drone hardware and software customization. - Experience in implementing live video streaming in drones. - Proficiency in motion detection technology. - Knowledgeable in optimizing drones for extended flight duration. - Experience with drones in urban surveillance operations. The freelancer who takes on this project should deliver a complete setup that includes selecting the right drone model, configuring the required features, and providing a detailed operational manual. Your expertise will directly contribute to enhancing the security ...

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    I am seeking a skilled engineer or RF professional to develop a system capable of identifying various types of drones remotely. The scope includes: - Identify Commercial, Military, and Hobbyist drones. - System should use a radio receiver for identification purposes. - Essential features are real-time identification, tracking and logging capabilities, and alert notifications for detected drones. Interest in or experience with security systems is highly desirable, given the project's security purpose. A deep understanding of radio frequency and drone technology is necessary for accurate drone type identification. The ability to handle real-time data processing for quick identification and alert notification is also a key requirement. A candidate who has previo...

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    ...operation in low-light conditions, enhancing its surveillance capabilities around the clock. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Proven experience** in PCB design for drones, specifically quadcopters. - Strong knowledge of **electronic components and circuitry** that support long-range communication, high-resolution video streaming, and night vision. - Familiarity with **embedded systems** and designing for minimal power consumption while maximizing performance. - Ability to work with **design software** (e.g., Altium Designer, Eagle) and simulate PCB designs before prototyping. - A portfolio showcasing previous projects related to drones or similar technologies would be advantageous. ### Objectives: - Deliver a **functional design** within the agreed timeframe. - Proto...

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    Sure, here's an article outline on how to make money in just 3 months: **Title: "Strategies to Generate Income in 3 Months: A Step-by-Step Guide"** **Introduction:** - Brief overview of the goal: Making money within a tight timeframe of 3 months. - Importance of setting realistic expectations and having a strategic approach. **1. Assessing Skills and Resources:** - E...risks and maximizing returns within the 3-month period. **8. Hustling and Persistence:** - Emphasize the importance of hustle and persistence in achieving income goals. - Strategies for staying motivated and overcoming obstacles along the way. - Real-life success stories of individuals who achieved significant income within a short timeframe through determination and hard work. **Conclusion:** - Recap...

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    Exciting project on deck! As a professional familiar with Figma, I'm looking at creating a user-friendly cab booking web app. The crucial features to integrate are user registration and login, booking history, and real-time tracking. I want our users to enjoy a seamless booking experience, track their ride in real time and also have an easy reference to their booking history for any needed recap. Importantly, payment gateway integration is vital, in order to provide secure, swift, and smooth digital payments. For this task, I require a designer with strong Figma skills, vast experience in web app design, and a good knowledge of UX/UI for maximum user satisfaction. Let your creative juices flow and help me deliver an exceptional cab booking platform.

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    I'm in s...DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This is not your run-of-the-mill videography gig; it requires a keen eye and a knack for revealing the natural beauty mother earth has to offer. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - Proficient in controlling DJI Mavic 2 Pro. - Experience in landscape photography is a must. - Ability to showcase landscapes in the most enticing way. - Respectful interaction with nature and knowledge about flying drones responsibly. - A balanced combination of technical and artistic expertise. This project requires a perfect blend of technical prowess and artistic flair to capture the essence of the landscapes through the lens of a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. If you're passionate about drone videography and feel you can walk the line between an expert pilot and a creative filmmaker, I'...

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    I'm in need of a skilled drone operator to capture the breathtaking beauty of early morning waves near Donnalucata beach. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in operating drones for aerial photography - Ability to capture high-quality footage in varying light conditions, especially during early mornings - Knowledge of the Donnalucata area or willingness to research the best angles and times for shooting - Creative eye for framing and capturing movement **Project Requirements:** - Capture top shots of waves hitting the beach at dawn - Must ensure the drone shots are stable, clear, and well-composed - Deliver high-resolution footage suitable for various uses, from web to print - Be willing to collaborate on the best times for shooting, considering weather conditions ...

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    ...make. ### Key Requirements: - **Full Day Coverage**: The ability to be present and capture high-quality footage from the preparation stage in the morning, through the ceremony and well into the reception. - **Cinematic Style**: Expertise in crafting footage with a cinematic touch. Knowledge of film techniques that enhance visual storytelling is a must. - **Drone Footage**: Experience in operating drones for aerial shots that can add a breathtaking perspective to our wedding video. - **Guest Interviews**: Comfortable and personable in conducting short interviews with guests, capturing their well-wishes and emotions during the event. - **Behind-the-Scenes Scenes**: A keen eye for candid, behind-the-scenes moments that often go unnoticed but are invaluable. This includes preparatio...

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    I need an accomplished writer with knack for composing comprehensive, catchy and well-articulated recaps of movies, animes, and series primarily for social media posts in English. Please see further requirements ahead: 1. Quality of Content: Each recap should be meticulously written offering an inclusive overview of the story while maintaining a captivating, engaging tone to keep the audience interested. 2. Recap Length: 10-15min 3. Skills & Expertise: Wanted are seasoned writers with a proven track record in content creation for social media. Experience in writing about movies, anime, and series is desirable. Proficiency in English is paramount. Please link relevant previous work in your proposal. Excited to see your talent in writing recaps.

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    ... - **Usage:** - Photographs will be used for website listings, ensuring properties are presented compellingly to potential buyers. - Creating eye-catching printed brochures that captivate and inform. - Engaging content for social media promotion, drawing in a wider audience. - **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Professional experience in real estate photography. - Proficiency in using drones for aerial photography with an understanding of legal requirements. - A keen eye for detail and composition that tells a story. - Ability to work flexible hours to capture properties in the best light. - Strong post-editing skills to ensure photos are vibrant and engaging. This project requires a photographer who is not just skilled with a camera but also understands the i...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer with expert...videography - Experience in real estate photography or related fields - Ability to capture stunning, high-resolution images of exterior property features, including landscapes - Skilled in photo and video editing to enhance the final presentation of the aerial footage The project will involve: - Coordinating with me to understand specific angles and aspects of the property to be highlighted - Flying drones safely while adhering to all local regulations and privacy concerns - Editing and delivering professional-quality images and videos that effectively showcase the property This project is perfect for individuals who are passionate about combining their love for technology with creative photography and videography to bring prop...

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    ...primary goal is to capture breathtaking visuals in 4K resolution, focusing on natural landscapes and various building and construction sites. This venture aims to showcase the beauty and intricacy of our project locations from an aerial perspective, requiring a skilled hand and creative eye. **What I'm Looking For:** - **Proficiency in Drone Operation:** You should have solid experience piloting drones in different environments, especially over natural terrains and construction areas. - **4K Video Quality Expertise:** Your equipment must support 4K video recording, ensuring every detail is captured with the highest clarity. - **Creative Vision:** An eye for capturing compelling and aesthetically pleasing angles, playing with light and shadows to bring out the best in...

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    ...including Automotive, Chemical, Machinery, Mining, Mineral, Textile, Drones, Building Materials, Food, Marine, Military, Renewable Energy, and Medical Devices & Supplies. The report shall define Major Saudi Imports of goods and illustrate how to build a manufacturing alliance with German counterparts to reduce imports by 70% over the 5-year period by means of such ventures. As such, the report is to concentrate on how to establish significant partnerships or joint ventures with businesses within these sectors in Saudi Arabia by both Saudi Arabia and German Investors. The report is to include the following Ideal Partnership Details: - **Industries**: Automotive, Chemical, Machinery, Mining, Mineral, Textile, Drones, Building Materials, Food, Marine, Military, Ren...

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    I'm seeking an experienced programmer knowledgeable in mission planner, ardupilot software. This project involves working with a PIXHAWK drone, configuring it for specific features. The programming should be comprehensive enough to for specific features. The programming should be comprehensive enough to allow: - Autonomous flight. The drone should be able to fly itself once programmed, - Waypoint Navigation. The drone must be able to follow a certain route by hitting specific waypoints, - Telemetry data logging - the drone needs to keep records of its flights. Ideal candidates will demonstrate experience with PIXHAWK drones and understanding of the mentioned programming software. Experience with autonomous flight, waypoint navigation and telemetry data logging is ...

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    Create an event recap video from the footages provided

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    I am seeking a developer proficient in creating a command-line tool to download lectures from Graphy. The program must allow for indi...downloading, thereby catering to various user preferences. In addition: • The solution should allow for downloading video lectures in MP4 format exclusively, delivering high-quality content that's compatible with multiple devices. • Expertise in handling tasks related to video downloading and formatting is ideal. • Familiarity with Graphy's platform for seamless integration will be advantageous. In recap, the end product should be a command-line tool for downloading either one or numerous Graphy lectures at a time in MP4 format. This job will require someone with excellent programming skills and a deep understanding of ...

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    Hi there, Could you please design another logo. The company is Shark Guard AI. The company uses drones and AI to locate sharks on beaches.

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    I'm in need of an expert to conceive a unique, tailor-made flexible printed circuit board (PCB) chiefly for FPV drones. The shape is a multilayered circular pcb. With maximum diameter of 8mm but multiple layers. This circuit board may also find application in endoscopes. Once completed, I will require the Gerber files. Key Details: - Purpose: The PCB will be primarily used in FPV drone, offering compact, agile electronic operations. - Components: The PCB must be capable of integration with various essential components such as camera modules, and attachment of battery battery components and transmitter to a viewing controller. There is no need for motors or actuators. Only need to view camera. - Size/Shape: Unlike conventional rectangular or square circuits, this PCB needs to b...

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    In need of an expert in Electronic PCB design who can help develop a high-level flight controller for multirotor drones, specifically quadcopters. The project aims to create a highly advanced and customizable flight controller that comes with ESC and Radio integrated. We can build upon other open-source available flight controllers. The controller must also support GPS navigational features. Ideal skills/experience for the job: - Extensive knowledge in Electronic PCB design - Prior experience in designing flight controllers - Deep understanding of quadcopter functionality and technology - Experience in integrating GPS navigational features into flight controllers. This project demands expertise and precision, so only those who have proven experience in similar work should c...

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    I need a talented video editor who can create a captivating appeal video for my Y...enhance my channel branding. To do this, I envision a mixed style video utilizing both real-life footage and animation. The content for our appeal video will mainly include channel highlights. The ideal freelancer for this project should possess the following skills: - Proficiency in video editing and animation, able to seamlessly blend real-life footage and animated elements - Creativity to recap and highlight the essence of the channel in an engaging way - A strong understanding of YouTube algorithms and trends to make the video appealing to a broader audience - Prior experience producing videos for YouTube channels will be a plus. I look forward to working with someone who can bring my visio...

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    ...understanding of priorities and the ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently. Professional and personalised communication skills, both written and verbal. High level of numeracy and proficiency in English, with exceptional attention to detail. Proven experience in social media management, showcasing adaptability in tone and maintaining consistency. Meetings and Expectations: Weekly face-to-face recap meetings (virtual) lasting 1-1.5 hours. Discuss improvements, successes, and challenges from the week. Expected commitment of 15-20 hours per week across both roles. Available for multiple conversations throughout the day. Benefits: Long-term contract with a regular salary. Bonus structure and incentives for a successful, long-term collaboration. How to Apply: If you are an e...

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    ...ground-breaking Australian rover design. This phase will seek submissions that concisely summarise unique and creative insights drawn from the winning solutions, judges’ feedback, open testing, and your own research in a visually appealing way. Submissions will be in the form of a one-page infographic illustrating insights and design recommendations for future regolith acquisition systems. Phase 1 Recap In Phase 1, we invited solvers to design a Lunar Regolith Sample Acquisition System, a critical component of an Australian lunar rover design tasked with collecting lunar regolith for use in In-situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) facilities run by NASA. Parameters for these designs were provided, and included size, weight, durability and scalability requirements. Further de...

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    I'm in need of an efficient and knowledgeable manga script writer to recap short manga series (1-10 chapters) for any genre - action, romance, fantasy, etc. Your main responsibility will be to: * Read the short manga series. * Write recap scripts I'm particularly interested in working with writers who have: * An excellent understanding of manga across several genres. * Experience in writing concise summarised content. * Strong ability to identify and write about key events. Please make sure your proposal clearly showcases your previous manga-related works.

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    ...unique selling points. - Utilize motion graphics to create a dynamic and engaging storyline. - Use Aerial/drone shots to provide a fresh perspective and highlight the product in action. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in video production and editing. - Experienced in conducting interviews and directing subjects. - Capable with motion graphics creation and integration. - Licensed and skilled in operating drones for aerial videography. Project Goals: - Engage viewers and stimulate interest in the product. - Convey key messages effectively through a mix of visuals and interviews. - Deliver a polished final product that stands out in the marketplace. With your expertise, I'm confident we can produce a compelling and visually stunning commercial that resonates with audiences and st...

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    ...Various terrain scenarios,Accurate mapping results,Photography, landsurveying, real estate over haed shots and interior; etc. :loc-190&qs=drone%20assimilation&lp=80809&li=&nw=o&nts=1&tdid=8942652

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    Hi! In short, the essence of the task is to edit a video on the recap of manga and manhwa in a english! An example of such a video: The average duration of the video is from 30 minutes to 1+ hour If we work together, I hope for a long-term job! You will need to edit one video in 1-3 days, depending on the length. Editing is simple, even easy, but it takes time. note: It will be ideal if you are interested in the culture of manga and manga, anime. BUT THIS IS NOT NECESSARY!

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    I'm looking for a professional who can create a comprehensive website for my SaaS company. We offer drone and artificial intelligence services specifically for the forestry sector. • The website should showcase our unique offerings – particularly our AI-powered analysis tools • Apart from the main website pages, this project also includes the production of our company logo and business cards. Source files for the website, logo, and business cards are expected upon project completion. • Ideal skills for the job would include web development, graphic design, and copywriting specifically for SaaS businesses. • This project requires creating not just a visually appealing website, but also an informative and functional platform that effectively communicates our ...

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    Looking for a passionate video editor specialized in the popular anime One Piece. You should be able to create 10-13 minutes long videos focusing on storyline analysis, character breakdowns, and scene explanations. The editing style should be fast-paced and energetic, similar to the example provided here: :// THE ANIMES YOU"LL BE EDITING IS ONE PIECE! For all videos. The editor will be getting following: -The written script(with citations) -Voice over narration Please do not bother messaging me if you cannot match the quality. Thank you and have a good day! NOTE: RECAP AND AMV work examples will be IGNORED!

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    Project: simulate Drone for Delivery packages The project will be developed on a simulated drone environment, where there will be a region or country that is the drone's flight range. There will be multiple coordinates that the drone system manager can send to the drone, so there is no human control of the aircraft. The drone will...delivered to the customer with the order number and the order coordinates. The notification will be based on the secret code that the customer enters when opening the package. After delivery, the drone will return to the departure point. We want to have a special logo for the drone, which will be provided to you by us. Ideal candidates will have experience in simulation development, specifically for drones, and knowledge of drone mechanics and de...

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    22 bids image. After, I will get a few images done with a larger budget from the winner. I have included a video below which will give you an idea of the banner of the website which the graphics should in some way reflect. It is for a clean tech venture capital fund based in Australia. We have companies in the electric vehicle space, electric vehicle chargers, flying vertical take-off and landing drones etc. I am seeking an experienced and creative illustrator for my website who can bring to life our products and services through graphic images. This job does not require a specific art style, I am open to artistic input and would like to see a range of possibilities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient with Adobe Illustrator or similar software - Prior experience with crea...

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    I'm looking for a talented video editor to create a video that recaps my past fishing and diving trips. This upbeat, joyful video will be set to vivacious music and should be imbued with a sense of exploration and excitement. - Skills Needed: Video Editing, Transitioning, Sound Editing. - Key Requirements: - Implementing fade transitions for smooth scene changes - Ensuring the music selected perfectly matches the upbeat theme. - Paying particular attention to the rhythm and timing of the video so it fits with the music. Prior experience in creating similar recreational or adventure-themed videos would be highly appreciated. I'm excited to relive these treasured memories in a creative new format. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Example video previously...

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    I require an expert in OpenGL to develop a customized, interactive 3D project for me. The project will encompass a small map filled with a few specified objects including: - Buildings - Drones - Targets These objects should mirror real-world counterparts however they don't need to be hyper-realistic. Bidders with the knowledge of creating a good balance between realistic and artistic styles will be appreciated. The project's functionalities should include: - Smooth movement - Efficient collision detection - Dynamic animation Ideal candidates will have established experience with OpenGL, 3D modeling and animation, and game development. Skills in creating realistic but not overly detailed models would be preferred. This project is more about function and lifelike interac...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled and creative videographer, based in Chicago, who can capture my journey as an entrepreneur and Olympic triathlete in a cinematic style. This project will require: - Capturing key moments of my day-to-day life, training sessions, business meetings, and events. - Posse...meetings, and events. - Possessing a keen eye for capturing the essence of my entrepreneurial journey. - A beginner in videography looking to grow alongside with me. The ideal freelancer would be someone who has is looking to grow along with me. You will get access to office space for all of your creative endeavours. Looking for quick clips & will discuss a youtube series. I have my own camera & drones that you can use. It's a panasonic s5 with a 14-24 2.8 & a ...

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    I'm seeking a talented designer to create a modern, sharp, and impactful logo for my c...colours Ideal candidates will possess the following skills and experience: • Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or similar software • Proven experience in logo design, particularly in the apparel industry • Demonstrated ability to create modern design aesthetics The selected designer will incorporate feedback and ensure the final design aligns with our brand and appeals to our target customer. Recap of job requirements: • Technology-savvy with a sense of modern design style • A keen eye for details • Experience in designing monochromatic logos. This project offers an exciting opportunity for creative individuals who are adept at translating brand identities ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a 30-45 second recap video of our company's milestones in 2023. The ideal candidate should have experience in 3D animation with a cinematic vibe. Specific Requirements: - The video should be between 30-45 seconds in length. - I will provide a list of specific milestones and events that I want to include in the video. - The style of the video should be 3D animation with a cinematic vibe. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D animation and cinematic video production. - Ability to create visually stunning and engaging videos. - Strong attention to detail and ability to bring ideas to life. - Excellent communication skills to ensure a smooth collaboration. If you are passionate about creating captivating videos and have the s...

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    I'm looking for an experienced CAD designer to create a custom STL file for 3D printing. The object to be created is a non-working drone frame. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in CAD design and 3D modeling - Experience in creating files for 3D printing - Previous work related to drones or similar mechanical parts This is a specialized task, so experts in drone design or mechanical engineering will be given preference. Deliverable should be a high-quality, printable STL file for a drone frame.

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    We seek a skilled and reliable individual to help us manage our small animal rescue foundation and, s...updates and changes, which may vary from daily to every few days, especially during contests. Example: If you are detail-oriented, have excellent time management skills, and can deliver high-quality work consistently, we would love to have you join our team. Please provide examples of your previous work and explain how your skills align with our needs. To recap, we need someone reliable who can work quickly on a recurring basis. Think of this work as many small assignments spread over time rather than a significant assignment. I prefer if you are available as part of a team so someone is always available to respond to my email messages promptly.

    $25 - $41 / hr
    $25 - $41 / hr
    58 bids