Cryptolocker Ransomware Development

by tech1967

Encrypts user files. Potential ransomware. Encryption was produced using unique public keys RSA-2048 generated for individual computers. AES encryption + RSA encryption on server makes it impossible to decrypt files without the unique key that gets deciphered only on my server. I have started and finished this project in 3 days. Hackers use this kind of virus programs to ask ransom to decrypt victim's personal files. According to FBI, the only way to access encrypted files is to pay the ransom.

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About Me

I can automate any task that can be done manually on your computer. I am an individual freelancer, I don't work for any company, and i provide high quality desktop applications. Mechanical trader ✅ Windows Desktop Applications ● MetaTrader4 ● Android Emulator Automations ● Keystrokes, MouseClicks, Image Recognition, Any kind of Macros ● C++ / C# ● VB .NET ● Java ● AutoIT/AutoHotkey ● Batch, CMD ● Excel Spreadsheet ● Data Entry ● TCP Client/Server Applications ● HTML5 - CSS I have worked before with employers from; ● United States ● Canada ● Australia ● Germany ● France ● India ● Ireland ● Malaysia ● United Arab Emirates ● Dominican Republic ● Angola ● Hungary ● Egypt ● Pakistan ● Turkey ● South Korea

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