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The mean, median, range, mode and standard deviation are some of the basic numerical approaches that can be used to help convey and compute data based on each variable. The approaches tend to look into the three major attributes by looking at the three major characteristics which include: dispersion, central tendency and distribution. The mean or average is usually computed by dividing the total sum of items in the list by the total count of all the items. The median on the other hand is requires that all items on the list be rewritten in a numerical order and the middlemost value out of the ordered list becomes the median of the whole population. The mode refers to the value that occurs with the highest frequency on the list of items and if there is no value appearing more than once in a given population then the deduction is usually that there is mode in the list. The range refers to the difference between the largest and the smallest values on the list under scrutiny (Coolican, 2014

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