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We are a new staffing company that currently uses a modified job board program. We seem to have a need for a programmer/team that can assist.

Here's how our staffing firm does it's work:

We run an online job board and drive applicants to our webpage. Applicants apply directly to jobs online.

Employers have choice of two ad types. Traditional one time fee ads that expire on set time schedule (30 days). Or, the pay for performance plan offered by us.

When an employer chooses a pay for performance plan, they determine how much of bonus (minimum of $50) to pay for each hire. That bonus determines the ranking of their job on our featured advertiser page. Obviously, this is simply a pay per click style of advertising but the potential employees will automatically be drawn to the higher bonus amounts.

When an employee applies, notification is sent to the employer along with a brief work history. Admin is also notified. When the employee is hired, admin bills the employer for the bonus amount and a flat hiring fee plus a % of the annual salary for the position filled. The bonus is then paid out to the employee directly by admin once 60 days of employment has been fulfilled. If the employee leaves prior to the 60 days, the employer is refunded the bonus amount.

At this point, all of the billing is 100% manual.

Here's what we need the software to be capable of doing:

1. The same basic job board capabilities currently found at [url removed, login to view]

2. Featured ads located directly on front page. Admin to determine how many ads to list on the front page. Featured ads always listed in order by top bonus amount offered by employer with oldest date first. Jobs posted within the last 2 weeks highlighted in different color with 'NEW' posted near the link. If a job stays posted for 30 days, employer is notified to confirm openings. When the employer logs in and confirms job is still open, it becomes treated as if just posted and is highlighted for the next weeks. If job is not confirmed within 14 days of notification, it will automatically be removed from the system and employer is notified that their job has expired.

3. Ability for users to apply directly online to any ad offering.

4. Employer and admin notified each time an application is made.

5. When employer chooses to hire a candidate, notification is sent to admin and employer for billing purposes. Billing will be sent electronically via admin panel to include a unique, trackable invoice number.

6. The applicant needs to log in and notify admin of hire as well for bonus to be paid later by admin. (this is for tracking purposes in case the employer chose to contact employee directly) 60 days from this point, employee should receive automatic notification to log in and submit a payment request for bonus (should be based upon the same unique invoice number from above.) Employer should be copied and required to confirm current employment so that payment can be made by our firm.

7. All payment and invoicing information should be downloadable into excel or csv format on a monthly basis. This would be done automatically done each month or at any time from the admin panel.

8. Automated email follow-up at registration, job postings, applications, etc. throughout so that constant contact is kept at all times.

9. Need to be able to email all applicants, employers, or both from a newsletter panel in either html or text format.

10. When an applicant registers, I want to see basic job history gathered to include wages, location, company name, duties, skills, etc. When an application is sent to a new job, the employer should be able to click on this application and see all of the employee's information to help in the pre-screening process for their jobs. Applicants should be prompted every 60 days when they log in to update this information. This would be a requirement at every applicant registration and the prompt at 60 days would require them to answer yes or no as to whether their job history has changed. When applying to a job, applicant needs the option to attach a resume in Word format. Site should also prompt applicant for the referring affiliate ID if one exists.

11. All job searches would bring up relevant results with only relevant featured jobs at the top of the list. Relevancy would be based upon job category and keywords chosen by employer.

12. Admin has full capabilities to modify, add, delete, etc to any job posted.

13. Dynamic pages are a must as well so that FAQ, Specials, etc. can be added at any time. They should automatically update in the menu links.

14. Pages must include keywords and meta tags for SEO.

15. Should include affiliate tracking capabilities. Specifically, need to provide registration page for affiliates. Page should ask for email, name, location. Should also provide option to request daily email notification of new jobs posted. Each email should include the affiliate ID assigned by the site. Site should send notification to all affiliates once a day for all new jobs posted that day. Site should track all applications stemming from each affiliate. If an applicant is hired, this information needs to be captured in the affiliates account and affiliate needs an option to be notified via email. Site should prompt admin to pay all affiliates every 30 days.

16. When software is complete, we would need all rights and a packaged version for our use along with a non-disclosure/no-competition agreement .

17. Web design should be included for all pages to include basic graphics and logo integration. (will utilize current logo)

18. Site should recognize IP address of user and direct to regionalized start page with relevant ads.

19. Each week an email needs to be sent to all employers that received applications for the week. This email should list all applicant information. This email should contain a link for each job so employer can confirm hire and process payment. Admin to have ability to customize message.

20. Same email as above should be sent to all applicants for the week. This email should include all jobs applied for. Email should contain a link for applicant to report to admin in the event he/she was hired for a given job. Admin to have ability to customize message.

Modified versions of other software are acceptable, but all portions of site must be totally automated. Payments will use Paypal Pro exclusively and all programming should be designed to accept this as the sole payment method. When payment is made, users should be directed immediately to either post a job without need or mention of credits, posting tokens, etc.

Admin must have full access to changes to site via admin panel (% charged, minimum bonus amount, emails, etc.)

While I may have missed some minor details, this does cover the majority of our needs. Remember that the jobs posting board must have all of the same basic capabilities as those found at [url removed, login to view] with the enhancements noted above. While this website is not fully functional, most of the capabilities can be seen.

Please feel free to PMB with questions. Our company is just getting off the ground, but we need this software fully functional within 30 days of closing this listing.

Skills: Anything Goes, PHP

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