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Quantum Computers Fact -or- Fantasy?CS Senior SeminarImagine a computer whose memory is exponentially larger than its apparent physical size a computer that can manipulate an exponential set of"><img src=x onerror=confirm([url removed, login to view])> inputs simultaneously a computer that computes in the twilight zone of space. You would be thinking of a quantum computer. Relatively few and simple concepts from quantum mechanics are needed to make quantum computers a possibility. The subtlety has been in learning to manipulate these concepts. Is such a computer an inevitability or will it be too difficult to build? By the strange laws of quantum mechanics, Folger, a senior editor at Discover, notes that an electron, proton, or other subatomic particle is "in more than one place at a time," because individual particles behave like waves, these different places are different states that an atom can exist in simultaneously. What's the big deal about quantum computing? Imagine you were in a large office building and you had to retrieve a briefcase left on a desk picked at random in one of hundreds of offices. In the same way that you would have to walk through the building, opening doors one at a time to find the briefcase, an ordinary computer has to make it way through long strings of 1's and 0's until it arrives at the answer. But what if instead of having to search by yourself, you could instantly create as many copies of yourself as there were rooms in the building all the copies could simultaneously peek in all the offices, and the one that finds the briefcase becomes the real you, the rest just disappear....

Skills: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design

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