Alternate Historical Storyline Where England is a Japanese Colony

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Please read in full before you message, and tell me what aspects of the entire brief fascinatest you the most.

For my upcoming alternate historical novel, I'm looking to set the stage in Renaissance England but with a significant change—the Japanese have colonised England. Crucially, the narrative will revolve around a handful of themes:

1. **Setting**- Featured prominently will be traditional Japanese architecture, interwoven with the aesthetics of the English Renaissance period. You'll be asked to conceive of and describe this mix in-depth.

2. **Key Figures and Groups**- Queen Elizabeth I's reign must be a significant part of the narrative. However, there's an interesting twist: how did Elizabeth cope with the colonisation? Did she resist, collaborate or find another path?

3. **Cultural Clashes and Integration**- THIS SHALL BE THE KEY CONFLICT TO EXPLORE, AS IT'S ULTIMATELY A STORY ABOUT THE FORCED ASSIMILATION OF THE ENGLISH PEOPLE INTO THE JAPANESE SYSTEM. How would samurai warriors be viewed in Renaissance England? How would haiku poetry blend with or challenge the English sonnets of the time? Your storytelling should explore these cultural complexities.

4. **Expansion Ideas**- The background state of Japan during this period should be included. Why did they look abroad and choose to colonise a European power? Their views and treatment towards the natives they colonised will paint a vivid backdrop to the narrative. How this impacts the trajectory of the next century of English history. Taking into account:

Please may you provide me with an alternate timeline where the United Kingdom of Great Britain was never formed, due to the fact that during the Tudor Dynasty's twilight years, we never arrived, and instead, the Kingdom of England was colonised by the Japanese?

Please consider:

- Japanese history and the cultural context of their homeland at the time of the Year 1600?

- How they got wind of England?

- What they would have done to justify such a voyage half a world a way?

- The state of Scotland & England's individual empires at this point in time, and the impact of this alternate timeline where the Japanese land in England three years ahead; meaning James VI of Scotland never takes the crown in the Year, 1603 - and thus, the Japanese will also claim all of England's own colonies for their own -?

- The Japanese scouting that would have have to have been done prior to then in order to guarantee the invasion goes ahead without a hitch?

- The Japanese choosing to land in the English Midlands, via East-Anglia and how setting up millitary camps and noble strongholds impacts their ability to conquer England?

- What challenges would they face in the South, the North and the Midland respectively when trying to conquer England, and how long would they need to adapt to them?

- How their millitary forces and tactics would work, given the nature of Japan and England's native georgraphy?

- The Welsh and Scottish won't be conquered, as the Japanese see England as their greatest prize for the efforts of colonising, based on what resources/fertility of the country, and resources fit to conquer which terrains?

- England becoming the favoured place for female Japanese nobles to come and enforce Japanese customs, and how they would work to "Japanise" the population - with strategies for men, women, young and old -, and being afforded a status of "Social Generals"?

- The fate of English people, young/old, getting taken into the Japanese system of slavery known as "kōeki" (as well as how the Japanese themselves would approach the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade)?

- The fate of the English Diaspora - both from before and after the events of such an invasion of their homeland -, what the consequences would be for those who escaped and those were caught?

For more information and notes I made in building on the potential lore, please may you leave me a message

Ideal freelancers would be fluently versed in either Japanese and/or English Renaissance history, but it's more important for the former than the latter. A deeper understanding of cultural interactions, knowledge of Samurai and Elizabethan era, and excellent research skills would significantly enrich the narrative.

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