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Hello, I am desiring to hire an experienced writer, who also researches well for an e-book that I would like to produce. This e-book will be about how to make money online with You-Tube or some other video submission service, or through Myspace or other social community type site that's hot right now. You should know and understand this market (it's demographics, what gets lots of hits, what makes money with this audience etc.) This e-book should reach out to "wanna-be" internet entrepenuers and the experienced alike, and explain (in detail) how to monetize (make money on)sites such as these. A good headline is also something that I encourage, but I have a staff of copywriters who can work it out if you don't have anything. This e-book would have to be well researched with some proven ways that people have made money on these sites before (ie: the average person coming in and posting videos, or how small businesses or INnternet Marketers might use it to drive traffic to their site etc.) The e-book should begin from which sites are best, how to sign-up, how to start (how to post videos, what to do, what gets views etc)...right through toward getting the money stuffed into one's Paypal account. (or other payment providers.) Make the information verifiable and relevent to someone who might want to use these sites to make alot of money and you've written me a winner. The e-book should be 60+ pages (at 300 -400 words per page), no fluff, written by somone with great writing skills, impeccable grammar, and a good command of the English language. (I'm not nearly as concerned about page count as I am about content.) Make it hard hitting and believeable with a positive tone. I do not want some "scraped" or "trolled" garbage that someone has picked up at article submission sites and then cut and pasted together to form an e-book. The e-book must be original, I will receive and retain exclusive Private Label Rights to it, and you must never use the content of the e-book for other articles, sites, or e-books. I'll expect a Word File to come to me on this one. Don't make me laugh and bid $5 on it, because I don't take bids like this seriously. I want a competently written e-book that has good ideas on how to make money through sites with a social community bent, without the hassle of someone "blowing smoke" at me, and then sending me "scraped" junk. If you research well, write well, and do a phenominal job, I am looking to add another wordsmith to my long term stable of writers. Having one more writer that I can turn projects over to and know that I will receive original and well-researched material from is very important to me. Do a great job, and you will probably see lots more work in the future (articles, e-books, and copywriting.) I need to see a portfolio of your previous work on a variety of topics. If you have not done a medium length format like an e-book, you are still welcome to bid. I have the technology to discover whether this e-book has been "scraped" or "trolled" so please don't even bid if that's your game. If you DO use quotes, or bits from other sources, you must provide a well put documented bibliography. I don't mean to come off as ornery (I'm actually quite pleasant to work with), but I seriously want to discourage anyone who is not wanting a long term relationship, and who slams together garbage and passes it off as real writing. My bid is low for this one. I have been told that some "real talent' hangs out at Scriptlance. I'm gonna check out that claim very thoroughly with this bid. If you win the bid, and do a great job, we can work out a long-term relationship. Typical payment for a good e-book is between $500 and $1500 with my writers, depending on content, length and a few other variables. Sometimes even higher. If you have the goods, then NOW is the best time to come out of the "gate" swinging. I'm a player, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I buy good work, and I treat my writers like gold. Any questions, thoughts, or ideas, PM me and we can talk. Don't be afraid to do a revision or two, and be willing to provide me with clean work. And, I've also been told that there may be one or two that laugh at my bid publically and jeer etc. because they have an ego problem, and they think they are worth far more than my bid is. Don't waste your breath. I've endured ridicule before about this, but the writers that I DO work with like that fact that I pay well, and that I am consistant. Thanks for checking out my project. I sincerely hope that I can find someone who's work is solid gold here at Sciptlance! Regards, evan11

Skills: Anything Goes, Article Rewriting

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