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I need someone to design and program a website that manipulates PDF files for our members. Basically, the site has 2 functions. First, marketers will be able to create their own accounts, upload a photo of themselves, a description, and upload brandable PDFâ?'??"?s that members will be able to customize with their own affiliate links. Marketers will have the ability to update and change their account info at any time. The second function is for affiliates to be able to create their own accounts (different from the marketers) that lets them login to the site, choose a PDF they want to brand based on the categories available (which marketers can create on the fly â?'?“ but is moderated by myself), and then brand the PDF with their own affiliate link. Once they brand a PDF, itâ?'??"?ll be put into their â?'??"Filesâ?'?? â?'?“ which will hold all of the PDF files theyâ?'??"?ve branded as a member. Of course, theyâ?'??"?ll be able to delete PDFâ?'??"?s from their files folder whenever they wish. For this project, Iâ?'??"?ll need a good designer AND a good programmer, so it may take a team of 2 or more people to complete. This is an important project for my company â?'?“ so weâ?'??"?ll only select a company that has proven success of creating systems similar to this. This is NOT just a design project. It must include seamless, easy-to-use and operate functionality that works well for both marketers and affiliates. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to open a PMB with me and Iâ?'??"?ll be happy to clarify. If you need an example, I have copied and pasted a powerpoint presentation that explains everything. This is NOT the way you should design the site - it should be more modern, up-to-date code, cleaner site, better graphics.. [url removed, login to view] Thanks, Kit

## Deliverables

Interviewer yes I've got the basic idea of what you are looking for .. its basically a brandable pdf generation right? Answer yeah Interviewer and three kind of users Answer who are the three? Interviewer affiliate, marketers and customers Answer right and the customers can turn into affiliates because affiliates are going to be branding them Interviewer okay .. so mainly it will be marketers and affiliate then? Answer right marketers provide PDF fiiles promoting their products with a link to their product affiliates brand the PDF file with their affiliate link affiliates take the branded PDF file and pass it out and they make more sales Interviewer Okay.. the layout for pdf will be designed by marketers? Answer that's right they can upload as many PDF files as possible and the site auto formats it to their 'profile' page Interviewer Okay.. do you have an example pdf with you? auto formats can you explain that a bit .. i mean the process? Answer no i don't.. because I think that marketers are going to need instructions on what to place as the link inside the pdf file for example Online Answer if the branding script calls for (BRANDINGBUDDYPLACEMENT) to be placed where the link would go .. then the marketer would need to know this info before uploading his pdf file so the site will need to teach the marketer what marker to use inside the PDF file Interviewer . Okay so there will be tags inside the pdf that they can place and it will get replaced when the affiliate generate their version. right? Answer that's right I'm not sure since I'm not a programmer how the script would work.. i'm just guessing Interviewer . What kind of modifications or tags are you expecting to provide to marketers? Answer none the site will teach them what to do based upon what you need for example if you build the script and it only works with (((((((XXX))))) in the place of the link then they HAVE to put that in the file before uploading it Interviewer . Okay.. so only images and link will be brandable ? assuming the author wants them to be brandable. Answer whatever you want.. the more creative .. the better but yes here's the basic function of the site Author creates Profile Author chooses category that he works in and builds a profile creates the PDF file based on info he gets from you the site then uploads it Affiliate creates a profile searches for author Left Answer types in affiliate code and it brands the pdf stores it in the tab marked My Branded Files there is a logo of BranderBuddy and a link included in the files for free advertising I have a CRM database that we can use to collect their information so I can followup with them in the future Joined mgikit or it might be cool for the affiliates to receive notifications Interviewer . Okay... notifications from admin? Answer like: Rosalind Gardner just uploaded a PDF file titled blah blah that you can BRAND now with brander buddy when affiliates sign up they can receive notifications (they can specify what categories they want to receive notifications that authors have uploaded pdf files) that's a cool feature Interviewer . Okay.. so kind of subscrition to specific categories of their interest whenever new file gets uploaded they will get notificatino of it Answer yeah yeah Interviewer . what will comprise of author profile? Answer Picture.. Description.. Links to Websites.. and PDF files Interviewer . Okay and affiliate will only be intersted in pdf files for that matter? Answer i hope so.. can you think of anything else that they would want? Interviewer . basically it will be like list of pdf files on the profile page alongwith a button in front of each pdf file (brand now) pressing this button will take the affiliate to branding process Answer right I envision the site being very clean and hip with colors like [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] and the code is very clean on all three of these sites Interviewer . since when the author creates a pdf file it might already be having information about him so affiliate might not be needing other info apart from pdf but profile will just show it for viewing purpose Ok sure.. so you need the design for it as well right? Answer yes right the author creates a PDF file for self promotion and it has to look good.. think about it: if I were an author.. i would want the site to run smoothly before I created a profile Interviewer . yes I agree.. just to thing the author will provide the pdf by himself and we don't have to provide pdf designing functionality onsite to authors right? Answer do you have that capability that would be amazing where they type in their report and click create PDF file and it saves it Interviewer . yes thats possible but every author might have his own design thoughts and their own way of designing the pdf.. It can be done through flash Answer right but if they just imported text and graphics and clicked create PDF .. that wouldn't work? kind of like a WYSWYG Interviewer . yes but then what about they create it in .doc format and upload it and it gets converted to pdf. may be user find it easy to work with MS Word Answer that's fine that would work they probably would like that better as long as the conversion looked the same i have seen it come out differently or off and the links don't work so that would need to be worked out Interviewer . yes thats the problem .. with different version of MS Word it really can become a problem nterviewer . Now over to the admin side of it what kind of functionality are you looking for over there? Answer on my end when I login? what do I need to see: new affiliates new authors.. new uploads.. just so I can review them.. In terms of great looking site: [url removed, login to view] this one is dynamic as well Interviewer . yes when you login Answer i see.. what all do I need to do? moniter any new categories that were created by the authors just so one doesn't put inappropriate category like Cusswords Interviewer . Will author be creating the categories or admin? Answer author so that way i don't have to be on the site 24/7 it should run on autopilot with very little technical Interviewer . Okay.. so no pdf approval is required at admin side. right? Answer no but I probably need a list of new pdf files just in case I want to review for a couple of months to see if they follow the rules i'm sure the affiliates will turn the authors in so I think an easy admin thing Interviewer . Ok sure thing.. Answer would be New Affiliates New Authors New Categories New Uploads anything else you can think of Interviewer . So mostly the site functionality will be done from the admin side and we will take care of anything related to that.. do you need any CMS functionality? Answer do you think i would need to edit any of the pages? or change any of the wording Interviewer . As from the .ppt file that you've sent .. you dont' have that many pages Answer i know i don't Interviewer . if you know basic editing you can go without it Answer but let's say I wanted to change the homepage.. i could just pull up that page in my frontpage and edit Interviewer . yes thats right

## Platform

If the price is right, I would want a dynamic feature also that allows a copy and paste feature.. where you can copy and paste and format text.. and then click create pdf file.. from the actual site. If the bid is higher than the others, I expect this kind of service. The powerpoint is just an example.. Too many times programmers and designers need to copy that exactly. If you have the function of the website down, then the design needs to be NEW and UP TO DATE. Please see the design of: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Those are exciting .. new fresh designs.

Skills: Embedded Software, Engineering, Game Consoles, Game Design, Microsoft Access, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture, Software Testing

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