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Deliverying Email to Yahoo and Hotmail account - Dell digital banner for NZ Breakers Dell Driving School - Dell Outlet Laptop Scanner Dell Outlet Laptop Scanner - Dell Server Administrator - Hardware Troubleshooting Dell server DRAC disaster recovery - Deloitte Online Test Deloitte, Big Data Solution Architect (Consultant /Developer), Analytics Barcelona - Delphi Delphi - Delphi FireBird Project DELPHI PROGRAMMER - Delphi - Access Framed URLs in Firefox - Only for REAL coders... Delphi - Add functions to cheque printing software - Delphi - Create a project prototype for cover special need Delphi - Create delphi component video streaming client - server - Delphi - ffmpeg encoding Delphi - ffmpeg screen capture sample project - Delphi - Make changes to Delphi Application R1 Delphi - Make changes to Delphi Application R2 - Delphi - Plugin for our software(repost) (964759) Delphi - Project - Delphi - Update my global keyboard hook Delphi - Upload picture with HTTPSend.pas POST - Delphi / Delphi Pascal Programming CAPTCHA Recognition DLLs Delphi / EchoSign development - Delphi 2006 Tutorial Examples delphi 2007 _ connect an Mplayer stream to un4seen Bass in order to get a spectrum visualization - Delphi 2010 - MailChimp integration Delphi 2010 - API integration - Delphi 2010 project - DevExpress Mail Client demo Delphi 2010 project - DevExpress Mail Client demo - repost - Delphi 2010/Firebird - sync with MySQL tables Delphi 2010/Firebird - sync with MySQLi tables of Joomla 2.5 website - Delphi 2010/Firebird/DevExpress OrgChart project - simple Delphi 2010/Firebird/FastReports - 20-30 follow up projects - Delphi 3d development Delphi 3d development 1 - Delphi 6 Firewall Delphi 6 Form for data entry - Delphi 7 -- Minor Changes to App Delphi 7 / Apollo 6 Maintenance Project - Delphi 7 Coder to Enhance Screensaver. Delphi 7 Component - Generate Graphic Interface from DOS Commands - Delphi 7 patches needed . . NOW! Delphi 7 plate recognition - Delphi 7 Windows desktop application modifications Delphi 7 wrapper for DLL containing C++ objects - Delphi : Separate 1 form into 5 -- 2 Delphi : String to Base64 and base64 to string - Delphi and CEF3 (Chromium) Delphi and DBISAM - Delphi app - Asset Allocation for Asset Locker Delphi App ADVANCED HTML PHP WYSIWYG EDIT PROBLEM - Delphi application Delphi application - Delphi Application to process .csv files - repost Delphi Application to search for files - Delphi Based A* Class with Test Harness Application Delphi based OCR / Captcha Project - DLL Programmer Needed - Delphi Cards Compoents Delphi Cashflow Analysis Component - Delphi Code Expertise (SetFocus issue) Delphi code find and replace - Delphi coder for fixing screensaver Delphi Coder for minimum 3 month - Delphi coding plus small written analysis Delphi Com object + Simple ASP.NET webpage - Delphi Component TEditCheckListBox Delphi component to ActiveX Control(repost) - Delphi Cryptography Project Delphi cue printers component - Delphi Database System Delphi Database System -- 2 - Delphi Developer Delphi Developer - Delphi development delphi development - Delphi DLL to hook another window's message queue and paint to its main window Delphi DLL to use from VB - Delphi Estimating Database APP Modify Existing Code Delphi Estimating Database APP Modify Existing Code(repost) - delphi expert needed for 1 line change DELPHI EXPERT NEEDED FOR BUGFIX - Delphi File Searcher for Windows CE (Windows Mobile) Delphi File Transfer Module - Delphi FMX expert Delphi FMX myDac Android and IOS example - Delphi function IsSuspended(my.exe) Delphi function returning Firefox current URL - Delphi green screen application Delphi green screen engine to atrity - Delphi https assistance Delphi HTTPS Hello World - Delphi Inventory Software DELPHI invoice Comp. (NAP_2005-11-8) - Delphi List and kill running processes 32 and 64 bit Delphi localhost resolver - Delphi Mouse_event() proc to Kylix Delphi Mouse_event() to Kylix - Delphi OCR Converter - repost Delphi OCR Converter - repost - Repost - Delphi or C++ USB Autorun mini app: Simple to use internet,messenger,chat blocking.. Delphi or C++ USB Autorun mini app: Simple to use internet,messenger,chat blocking..(repost) - Delphi PHP Database 2 Delphi PHP programmer - Delphi professionals in South Africa Delphi prog- Capture TCP/IP for SMTP and POP traffic for anti-spam product - Delphi program to read Windows SNMP Traps. Delphi program to read Windows SNMP Traps.(repost) - Delphi programmer Delphi programmer - Delphi programmer for developing work(repost) Delphi Programmer for File Downloader Needed - Delphi Programmer Required Delphi programmer required - Delphi Project Delphi Project - Delphi project - Remote Delphi project -- convert to unicode - Delphi project... delphi project... - Delphi Radius project Delphi Radius project(repost) - Delphi REST Web Services Integration Delphi RESTfull Server - Delphi shoutcast client Delphi simple binary file string extractor - Delphi Software Developer Delphi software developer - Delphi Spell Checking application minor changes Delphi Spider - Delphi Task Manager Style GUI(repost) Delphi Tasks - delphi to c# delphi to c# - repost - Delphi to VB Conversion of small public domain code Delphi to VB.NET conversion - Delphi TWebBrowser - click on Flash object Delphi TWebBrowser - send click action - Delphi utility to send email with attachemt file Delphi utility to send SMS via twilio - DELPHI WEB APP Delphi Web App using KADAO component to modify .mdb database - Delphi Windows Application Delphi windows Application - Delphi X7 for Android, UDP for MotoX
Delphi XE - Upload to YouTube - Delphi XE2 FIREMOKENY MEDIAPLAYER delphi xe2 firemonkey component - Delphi xe5 recognize words and numbers without internet - open to bidding Delphi XE5 XML parser. Read data from an unicode XML - Delphi ZIP Code application with MDB files Delphi ZLib decompression - Delphi-Update DELPHI. analyse source code and extract some function - Delphi/Kylix Code to be changed 2 Delphi/Lazarus service to filter/block drive and file access - Delphi5 Coursework Delphi5 ERP system move to .NET plattform - Delphi: Create a system restore point Delphi: debug a booking entry application - Delphi: Save a registry key to .reg file Delphi: scan to pdf/a - Delphix Fireworks Programming Delpho Softphone - Delta Robot Workspace Analysis by Matlab Delta Robot Workspace Analysis by Matlab (Direct Kinetmatic) - DELTEK Bookeeping and Accounting help (DCAA experience preferred) - repost Deltek extraction project - DeluxeWebsite - Logos - DEM Interpolation DEM Lower Complete Transformation - demand forecasting case analysis - repost Demand Generation Section of our Website - Demand-ing Talent Website Build Demand-ing Talent Website Build - ongoing work - demande de traduction demande de traduction - open to bidding - Demandware Help Demandware Integration and Extension - DEMENTIA TASK - 250 word abstract and a brief ~20 minute presentation (Ref Abdaziz) Demery physiotherapy - Demo / Intro Flash Video Needed Demo / Intro Video for a Project - Demo android app for nightclub reservations Demo Android App with Database Integration - Demo App using UART Data for Windows PC, and Mobilie App (Android & Apple) Demo app video - Demo browser game ilustrations&icons - open to bidding Demo Builder compilation/export - Demo de un Juego para Ipad demo demo demo demo demo demo - Demo for a Cross Selling offer in an call center agent help desk setting. Demo for a Firefox Outlook Plugin - Demo game for a crowdfunding experience Demo game for ipad - Demo iPhone application Demo IT Application - Demo Network Discovery between Android and Windows demo OCR application (HTML5, JavaScript , Cordova) - Demo Ordering System - Andriod Platform demo page like we discussed - Demo program(s) for one of our SDK products Demo Programs needed for PIC16F877A development board - Demo Reel and property showcase 2 vids Demo Reel Editor - Demo shopping website Demo Short eLearning Course - Demo template demo template - DEMO VB6 HTTPS connect and POST and GET XML MESSAGE Demo Vege Patch Planning Site - Demo Video - Motion Graphics Expert Demo Video - Needs to be completed in 3 days - Demo video for Saas product landing page Demo video for SAAS product on landing page - DEMO VIDEO: 90 second animated promotional video for website Demo Videos - Demo Web Solution Like Freelancer Demo Webpage - Demo-app(iPad) for beginners in Chinese, two features: 1. Chinese character Stroke Order recognition and 2.Chinese character recognition DEMO-Version of Andriod Application (I-net Shop) - democratic cartoon Democratic Decision Support System - Demographic Project Demographic Research - Demolition1 Demon - Demonstrate an ability to use Excel to build simple decision models. Demonstrate Android Studio - Demonstrate the use of Speech by applying Compression Algorithm Demonstrate to me how to setup Admob in Unity through TeamViewer - Demonstration of data communication on TelosB Motes Demonstration of data transmission on Telosb Motes - Demonstration Video- Shoot and Edit demonstration videos - Demos for Drum Sample Packs - repost demosaicing shader - Dems Abroad Viet Nam T-shirt Dems Abroad Viet Nam T-shirt 2 - deneme proje Deneme1 - Denial Of Service Program Needed For TESTING ONLY denied Delivery - Denkar Buyer Project Denkovi Relays and IP - Denmark search for taxi, minicabs, limousine services Denmark Website Traffic - Dense Module Enumeration Project Dense Module Enumeration Project -- 2 - Dental Admissions Test simulation software Dental advice - Dental Articles - Repost Dental Articles / Blog Writing - dental blog artices dental blog artices - open to bidding - dental celluloid strip crowns form maker machines Dental Chart - Dental Clinic Logo Dental Clinic Logo - Dental clinic web site SEO Dental clinic web site SEO needed - Dental cosmetic simulation software dental curriculum - DENTAL HOLIDAY(repost) DENTAL HOLIDAY(repost)(repost) - Dental Industry Web Research Dental Insurance Articles - Dental Links - 5x2 Dental links 5x2 - project2 - Dental Medical writing Dental Newsletter Articles - Dental Office website Dental Office website - Dental Post-Operative Instructions Rewriting Dental Practice - Dental practices in Hyderabad and Bangalore Dental Practise website - Dental Site Dental site copywriting #2 - Dental Supply Website with ECommerce Dental surgery - dental tourism Dental Tourism - Turismo Dentale- Looking for affiliates for a dental office - Dental web interface Dental Web Site - Dental Website Builder with templates for vishalweb Dental Website coded for Wordpress (existing website) - dental work consultation Dental writing - dentalworks 2