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Create Benefit in Kind - Create bid on Dolphin (just an extra message) Create Bid to win Site - Create BIM files from provided materials Create BIM files from Solid Works files - Create Bitcoin Raffle/Lottery Website Script Create bitcoin to paypal wordpress site READ DESCRIPTION - Create Blank User Area in Application Create BLE PCB - Create blog at wordpress Create Blog Based Website, Graphics, Forms, SEO, etc.. - Create Blog page on Wordpress Website Create Blog page, Portfolio page and Newsletter ability - Create Blog Template Create Blog Template - Create Blogging Wordpress Theme create blogpost from different websites based on keyname to - Create Bold Font from existing TTF File -- 3 Create Bollywood Quiz questions - Create Booking Engine Tag etc for Sandos Hotels Facebook Fan Page(repost) Create Booking Form for my Wordpress website - Create Boostrap Admin Panel -- 2 Create bootable copy of Ubuntu linux with applications on external usb drive - Create Cool Website Design (OpenCart template) Create BOT - Create bottom half of page to show featured listings Create Bottom of Vertical Nav in PSD, Slice and Give me Slices - create brand and logo Create brand animation for 5 similar logo - for Ozzomoto - create brand thing Create brandable domain name for my website - Create Bricologe Demo installation Create Bridge between to subnets on 2008r2 - Create Brochure from bought Template Create Brochure from bought Template - Create Browser Plugin Create Browser Search Widget for Firefox/Chrome - Create bulk 301 redirects in Magento Create Bulk Amazon Affiliate/Associate Links From Book List - create Business academic course development -- 2 Create business animation - Create business card, letter head and envelope templates from each of the three winning designs Create Business Card, Letter Pad, Rubber Stamp Design - Create business facebook and transfer information across Create Business Facebook Fanpage - Create business name and design logo Create Business Name and Logo - Create business web page for new franchises business CREATE BUSINESS WEBSITE - Create buttons for my website. create buttons for reblog, like, share in Fb or twitter at TUMBLR - Create c# class for connecting web services 1 Create c# class lib and test it. (i have the code working) - Create C++ class that performs LOCO-I and context/error modeling Create C++ class to calculate entropy and a C++ demo program - Create CAD 3D model of guitar pedalboard create CAD design of simple invention - Create CAD/Engineering files for 6-screen video wall mount design Create CAD/Engineering files for 6-screen video wall mount design - Repost - Create calendar with views, cck, panels, and PHP in Drupal Create Calender using Data Driven Information - Create Candy Crush Videos Create Canned Searches - Create Car Window Sticker create card - Create cartoon Create Cartoon / Caricature of Pluto on a boat - Create cartoon image of 110 animals Create cartoon image of robotic bug - Create cartoons in photographs Create cartoons mascot / character - create catalogue create catalogue - open to bidding - Create category section on sellers shop Create category section on sellers shop -- 2 - Create CD labels from current images Create CD, DVD, Ebook Covers. Will need a header also - Create Chain Payments for Global Cart Create Chairlift terminal in 3dsMax and Vue from Blueprints and photos - Create Characters Create Characters and assets for 2D game - create charts from survey monkey data Create Charts in Adobe InDesign CS4 - create chatting box for my site Create chatting room for smartphone - Create child theme based and original vs modified theme folders Create child theme CSS + Graphics for news site - Create CHIP BAG Packaging Design Create CHM & PDF file - Create Chrome Extension that adds buttons third-party webpages Create chrome extension that auto fetch coupons on aliexpress - Create Cisco VPN Server on GNS3 Emulator program Create Citations from sources - create classified website from scratch Create classifieds ad - Create clean vector copies of bitmap logos Create clean website with price compare as main function - Create Client Checklist in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL Create Client Database - Create clone of OCX dll in c++ Create Clone of PHP website shown below - Best Selling eBay Auctions - Create cloud formation file for a custom multisite wordpress cluster Create Cloud Managed - a web portal for MicroTik Router - Create CMS Memorial Website in PHP Create CMS Memorial Website in PHP (repost) - Create Code For embeddable Custom Music Player Create code for new providers using Existing code format - Create code to put in JCE Edit that will create a rounded border around text Create code to remove sidebar from Mobile - Create collapse/expand list for 5 documents on website Create collapsible Divs in unbounce - Create colour option for opencart products Create Colour Scheme For Poster Design - Create Commercial Simple Flash Audio Output Site create commercial video - Create company identity Create Company In Saasu - create company logo Create company logo - Create company name and tagline Create company name logo - - Create company profiles on my website - for nabila66 Create company services brochure - create compatibility tests Create compatible cart page for theme & woocommerce - Create complete website (php) Create complete website design/template/graphics (PSD) - CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost - Repost - open to bidding Create Comprehensive FAQ and Tutorial List - Create Conditional IF / ELSE Statement For WordPress Single Post Theme Page Create conditional field for a Contact Form 7 contact form on my WordPress site - Create Constant Contact Form on a Website w/integration Create Constant Contact Marketing Emails - create contact form for new register - open to bidding Create Contact form for Simple HTML website with Success message on same page - Create Contact List on Excel Create Contact List on Excel - Create content and build wordpress site Create content and design a brochure - Create content for my website Create Content for Online Courses - Create Content Match AdGroups in Yahoo Create content of CSS Senior quiz with 40 questions - Create contract and invoice template file (editable .pdf) Create Contract File - CREATE COOL DJ VOICE OVER WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS TRANSITION
Create cool infographics - Create copywrite that converts.... create cordova - ionic plugin for ios - create corporate logo Create corporate marketing brochures, graphics, pictures, text for IT company. - Create Count down timer Android App Create Count down timer from database and save the count down to database - create course training Create Course Unit pages in Wordpress site - Create cPanel accounts from list of account details in mysql table Create cPanel accounts from list of account details in mysql table(repost) - Create CRE Loaded Template from our Design Create CreateSpace eBook Cover from Existing Image - ongoing work - Create CRM web-based system for vehicle sales Create CRM website - create cross-browser website from PSD, total 5 pages Create Cross-Platform Mobile TV App - Create Crystal Reports Create Crystal Reports for VB6 Application from Access Database - Create CSS design for video chat. Fully responsive single page. Create CSS Drop Shadow Around a DIV - Create CSS Layout for website Create CSS Layout for website(repost) - create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front page - Create CSS/XHTML pages from PSD Create CSS/XHTML templates from PSD files - create csv file upload images url Create CSV File with Gift Article Database - Create Cubecart v5 skin Create cupon Simple project - Create custom Android firmware/ re-stack and UI Create custom Android kernel for Motorola Moto X Pure to support webcams connected by USB OTG cable - Create Custom Branded Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Webpage Create Custom Browser Extension/Plugin Bookmarklet - Create Custom Computer Packages Create custom confirm dialog for Web App - Create Custom Dreamweaver Extension Create custom drop down menu - Create Custom Favicon Create Custom FB Landing Page (Design & Code) - Create custom form in wordpress Create custom form module/plugin for woocommerce/wordpress - Create custom high-end myspace pages Create Custom Home Splash Page and Implement Into Shopify and Bigcommerce Store - Create Custom Indicator and implement into EA Create Custom indicator by Combining two Forex Indicators and add SMS/EMAIl alert - Create Custom Keyboard Extension for iOS Create custom KODI build ,wizard.apk - Create custom Magento Template Create Custom Magento Template Based Off Another Website - Create custom Mt4 indicator Create Custom Music identification Logging Software - Create custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce Create Custom Payment Notification Scripts - Create Custom plugin for gallery slideshow Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed - Create custom profile pages for our Joomla website Create custom program to auto run Microsoft update file on remote PC - Create Custom RSS Feed For Wordpress Blog Create custom RSS feed that can be used on multiple websites - Create Custom Signup & Login On WordPress Site Create Custom Signup & Login On WP Site (Custom PHP) - Create custom style sheet Create custom stylesheet templates HTML5 - Create Custom User Database That Is Searchable From The Front End Create custom user interface for android - Create Custom Website with PHP Create Custom WebView - Android - Create custom Wordpress installation Process Create custom wordpress left sidebar - Create Custom Wordpress Template From Existing Simple Site Create custom Wordpress template in 2 days - Create custom Yeoman package Create custom youtube art/intro - Create customer's web cms create customised blog - Create customized Joomla 3.0 / Bootstrap theme based on existing website Create Customized Kaltura Player Skin (design spec ready) - Create Cut-out Characters for Animation Project Create cutcontour in vector file - Create Daily Fantasy Sports Permutation Algorithm Create Daily Market Report and trade recomendation - Create Dashboard, Client Portal, Connect to Existing API Create data aggregation php script - Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - repost - Create Data Scraping Software Create Data Set (a single sheet in Excel) out of 533 PDF files - create database create database - Create database and PHP for a travel site(repost) Create database and registration form for website - create database for existing source code on sql server Create Database for financial data - Create database MySQL in php Create database of 1,634 companies' email addresses - Create database of IT startup firms located in Taiwan Create database of key websites & contact info for 3 GCC countires - Create Database to Keep track of Quoting Data CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE - Create Datacenter Network Visio Diagrams Create Datadase using Java - Create Dating Migration Scripts For Skadate Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder - Create DB Tables & Import data program Create db to manage and report 'sponsored links' (similar to google's advertising links at top of search results) Not a search project, just a simple DB. - Create Delivery / Stock view in OS Commerce shop Create Delivery App for Local Market - Create Demo from Full Version Create demo IDEAS iPhone app - Create Description/Instruction of 28 Flash Games Create Description/Instruction of Flash Games - Create design characters Create design dashboard from mockup html - Create design for mobile website based on desktop webiste design Create design for Mouse pad & Wallpaper for iPad - Create design manuel with good marketing ideas for a fitnesscenter Create design material for mobile app - Create designs for basic brand requirements Create designs for drupal website - Create Desktop Screen Captured Video Tutorials for YouTube Create Desktop Service to insert emails into Database - Create detailed user interface for stock trading facebook game Create detailed Wiki article - Create Diagonal Div Separator Classes Create diagram branded for Hyper-Reach - Create different colors of device Create different colours for button images - Create Digital Elevation Model and Digital Surface Models from stereoscopic images Create Digital Elevation Model and Digital Surface Models from stereoscopic images - open to bidding - Create digital version of 7 different paper forms with MySQL storage create digital version of a document base on an old version - Create Directory Website in Codeigniter with full backend control Create directory website listings - Create DIV tags for a web and mobile site banner Create DIV tags for a web and mobile site banner -- 2 - Create DLL to validate keycodes and add security Create DLL to verify keycodes and add security - Create Document from PDF Copy With Enhance Feature Create Document from PDF Copy With Enhance Feature - Rehire - Create Dog Illustrations Create Dokan Pro REST API & ios APP - Create Door Opening animation create doorway pages - create download app ios