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Create basic SIP we have the API - Create Basic E-book Windows Phone via web service Create Basic Educational Tutorial Training Videos on Variety of IT Subjects (for personal use) - Create basic landing page for OSCommerce store Create Basic Laravel Crud Admin Panel using our Theme - Create Basic Template Frontpage Compatible Create Basic Text Animation in Video - Create basketball PHPNuke theme Create batch - Create beautiful form content Create beautiful game assets for a game app - Create best possible backlinks for website Create best vebsite Like AirBnb - create bigbluebutton api in php with forms Create Bigcommerce CSV Import file data formatting, scraping and configuring - Create Bing advertizing account & training create bingo village banner - Create Bizrate and Yahoo Data feed from existing site listings Create bKash Payment Module For WHMCS - Create blocks at website and email us forms Create Blocks for Ardublock - Create Blog Entries and Send me Confirmation Links Create blog entry posts on my blog - Create Blog posts about Indian movies and celebrities Create blog posts about IT security - Create blog with paypal billing Create blog with paypal billing - Create blogs on free blog hosts Create Blogs on wordpress sites - create book cover Create Book Cover - create booking system ( for admin, workers and customers) Create booking system - First quote via email, then proceed to book on webpage - Create bootstrap based page Create Bootstrap CSS template for an existing PHP application - Create bot for google and Bing Create bot for Instagram - Create Box Billing theme for website create box design and 3d render - Create Brand Identity - Logo, Packaging Design for haircare product. Create Brand Identity for the upcoming Food Truck - Create Branding & Brand Identity for an online food store business Create branding Design for chocolate cafe and restaurant - create brochure create brochure - Create Brochure website Create brochure, business website - Create Buddypress Plugin Create Buddypress Social Networking Theme - Create Bulk Sending app or software Create Bulk SEO tools for website (Bulk PR/Alexa/Index checker etc) - Create business card Create business card - Create Business Cards & Letterheads for Accountants Create business cards 2 - Create Business Intro Video create business intro video (top and tails) - Create business plan for my company Create business plan for offline and online platform - Create Button Connect and Popup Create button for to trigger renew Annual Subscription for dating website - Create buyitsellit store Create buzz and boost new product - Create C# interface for native C++/C to be used by Unity3D Create C# Library for Sentiment and Emotion Analysis - Create C++ function for showing images Create C++ Linux Build Environment with Encryption and JNI - Create CAD drawings for a simple house create cad drawings for machining work - Create calculation app Create calculation app. for web and/or exe program for distribution - Create calligraphy Prints Create Callshop Software based on asterisks - Create CAPTCHA Software create captcha to my site - Create carddav and caldav function for vtiger Create Careers page in PHP - Create Cartoon Caricature from Image Create Cartoon Cars From Reference Images - Create cartoon style clothing items (examples provided) Create cartoon style image ads I can use in Facebook... - Create CastIron Video Tutorials for 10 Salesforce integration scenarios; Phase-2 for Informatica Salesforce integration Create Casual Game in C++ & OpenGL - Create catchy website name with logo and tagline. Create Categories - Create Category Pictures Create category template - Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create character for logo Create Character for POSER - Create Chart from Data Create Chart from text data. - create chat client program - ongoing work Create chat component for iphone app - create checkout with amazon payment option Create checks drafts with embedded MICR fonts using Java and iTextPDF - Create Children's book character Animation CREATE CHILDREN'S FITNESS POSTER SIMILAR TO ATTACHED POSTER - create Chrome extension - open to bidding Create Chrome Extension - replace font on page with specific - Create Cinderella style illustrations - a few frames of animals Create cinemagraph of image - Create Classe PHP Zip/UnZip and Send by FTP Create classic invoice software - Create clean professional logo Create clean professional looking logos - create clickworker macro auto hotkey to help maximize productivity Create ClickYes! Clone - Create Clipping Paths For 200 Product images Create Clock Script - create clothes and animations on marvelous designer 5 Create clothes for main character - Create CMS Backend for Computer Company Create CMS Database - PHP Progammer - create CNC file to cut spur gears using laser CNC Create CNC software - Create code snippet in VB.Net 2008 to calculate variables for a power curve trendline/regression curve.. Create Code so that I can upload videos to facebook and they play inline - Create Coffee Mug Image Create coffee Print and Packaging Designs - CREATE COLORED 3D STORE Create colored t-shirt jpgs - Create coming soon page from instructions. (NEED QUICKLY BUILT) Create Command Line C# App to Extract One Slide from PPT - $150 - Create company brand identity Create Company Brochure - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company logo, business card, letterhead, brochure template - repost Create Company Logo. - Create company profile for ICT company Create company profile for ICT company - open to bidding - Create Company WikiPedia Page Create company wikipedia page - Create Complete Event app Create Complete Kiosk / ATM Software Solution - Create Component- Personalised Google RSS Search Interface Create componente and module - Create Concrete5 site from PSD Create Concrete5 Theme from HTML Template - create connector to extract google search statistics to grafana Create Consecutive Up days/ Down days formula in Excel - Create Contact Form - HTML5 / PHP Create Contact Form - ongoing work - Create Contact List from 850 Websites Create Contact List from 850 Websites - Create content create content - Create Content for Commercial Cleaning Website
Create content for Computer Repair Blog - Create Content Locker Create Content locker using a API - Create Contents page for completed recipe ebooks(repost) Create Context Sensitive, easy to use form - CREATE COOL DJ VOICE OVER WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS TRANSITION Create cool infographics - Create Copyrights for two Logos (patent) Create copywrite that converts.... - Create corporate logo create corporate logo - Create Count down timer from database and save the count down to database Create count down timmer for penny auction site - Create Courses With Transcript in PowerPoint 1-2 Hours Long - Subject Examples: Engineering, Science, Software, Tutorial Presentation in English Create courseware for TESDA - Create cPanel for digital ocean Create cPanel Plugin - Create CRE Loaded Template from our Design Create CreateSpace eBook Cover from Existing Image - ongoing work - Create Croatian subtitles in English spoken video!! create cron Backup files to skip Directory - Create crossreference database of internet providers in Ukraine Create Crosstab Recordset from Normal Recordset - Create crystal reports report for ordering Create CS4 Illustrator logo file from a PDF - Create css file and fix formatting on Wordpress site create css file for my template - Create CSS page Create CSS page from image file - Create CSS to convert a website in responsive Create CSS to convert a website in responsive - travail en cours - create csutom url for venues and featured hotel box from csv file create csv - Create csv file, upload to wordpress plugin and check mysql Create CSV files - Create cupon Simple project Create Currency Trading Site - Create custom Android firmware/ re-stack and UI Create custom Android kernel for Motorola Moto X Pure to support webcams connected by USB OTG cable - Create Custom Browser Extension/Plugin Bookmarklet Create Custom Browser Extension/Plugin Bookmarklet - Repost - Create Custom Constraints Validator for changing exiting password on an EAR app. Create Custom Contact Form - Create Custom Drupal Module Create custom drupal module (form with image uploads + more) - Create Custom Featured Place Holder or Slider to Promote Movies/Images create custom feilds for my wordpress theme - Create Custom Formidable Pro Widget Create custom forms - Create Custom HTML for splash page from Word Doc Create custom HTML form - Create Custom Indicator MT4 Create Custom Information Form Integrated with AWeber - Create Custom LAMP Docker File Create custom LaTeX class - Create custom Magento Template Create Custom Magento Template Based Off Another Website - Create Custom Music identification Logging Software Create Custom Music Mixer for Website - Create Custom Payment Notification Scripts create custom payment processor. - Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Today - Create custom proposal in NiftyQuoter Create Custom Proxy Script - Create Custom RSS Feeds Create custom RSS feeds - Create Custom Simple WordPress Theme Create custom single product template? (WooCommerce) - Create Custom SugarCRM buttons in Leads Module Create custom SWF file and place it on the existing website - Create Custom User Database That Is Searchable From The Front End Create custom user interface for android - Create Custom Website with PHP Create Custom WebView - Android - Create custom Wordpress installation Process Create custom wordpress left sidebar - Create custom Wordpress template in 2 days Create Custom Wordpress Template Page - create custom youtube videos 1600 in all Create custom YQL (Yahoo Query Language) Open Data Tables for us - Create customised eBay Store and Ebay listing templates Create customised Facebook Page using PAGEMODO - Create Customized Map Annotation and Annotation View Create Customized Mediawiki Skin - Create cute/kawaii monster design Create cutom .flv for looping video - Create Daily SMS Application Create Daily Task module - Create data Base of tradesmen and send email offer Create Data Base to HTML Theme at a Rental site - Create Data Feeds - Admin (PHP)!! Create Data file - Create Data Validation Utility create data visualisation app with C# - Create database my cpanel create database & entity - Create Database and Search Script from Excel Data Create Database and Search Script from Excel Data -- 2 - Create Database for Training records/Student data create database for vessels. Description of vessel, lifecycle of the vessel. i.e what field, location. availability of vessel. - Create Database of activity providers - repost Create database of all adventure service providers - Create Database of Mobile App Developers Create database of new properties listed on Airbnb - create database using Access or Excel Create Database using adox for Access database - Create Datafeed for Website Marketplace Create datafeed from and integrate with opencart - Create Dating Website Create Dating website - Create Deal Aggregator Website! Create Deal Listing Website in Wordpress - Create Delphi function to select tab by URL in Opera tabbed browser Create Delphi Report without linking to Database using Fast Reports - Create demo video / animation Create Demo Video For App - Create design Create Design for website - Create design for a website create design for a website - Create design for web agency company Create design for web site - Create Design Templates create design theme ready to be converted in wordpress - Create help desk content Create Help Desk technical content - Create Detailed Instructions for SSL on local Windows IIS Create detailed lesson plans - Create DFP Campaign that falls back on Adsense To Increase Ecpm & Earnings -- 2 Create DFX files based on existing design - create dictionary in python create dicussions in a forum - create digg like website create digital story (movies) - Create Digital Signage System Create Digital Signage Templates in Signage Studio program - Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories - repost Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories - repost 2 - Create dissectors for wireshark Create distance calculator via google maps in excel - Create dll to interpret and create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or .. (prototype and example available, easy implementation) Create dll to interpret and create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or .. (prototype and example available, easy implementation). - Create Dockerfile to build ionic/node.js from github Create Doctor Database in Excel spread sheet - create documents in excel create documents in excel 2 - Create donate plugin for question2answer website