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Create Cron Job into Webmin on Linux - Create crowdfunding website Create Crowdfunding Website - PHP Custom - Wordpress - Create CSS Of ScreenShots and apply on ASPX Page create css template for Noserub (front-end) recreation - Create CSS for 5 widgets Create css for a background - Create CSS profile pages Create css pure site (for Zdesign only) - Create CSS to match design with HTML. Create CSS to replace lost CSS files for 4 websites - Create CSV extract from website for upload to eBay Store Create csv extraction file from - django, python - Create CSV files using PHP create csv for listing - create custom banner and re- work logos Create Custom Mycred Payment Gateway - Create custom API payment gateways for XFILESHARING (sibsoft) Create custom API plugin for Wordpress - Create custom callout for MKMap Create custom car graphics - Create Custom Contact Form for Wordpress site Create custom content page for existing Drupal theme - Create Custom e-mail Management Create Custom EA - Create custom feilds for WordPress theme -- 2 Create custom field - Create custom forms Create custom Forum - Create Custom HTML for splash page from Word Doc Create custom HTML form - Create Custom Indicator MT4 Create Custom Information Form Integrated with AWeber - Create custom LaTeX class create custom layout in drupal site - Create custom Mailchimp embed form Create Custom Mailit for James Email Server - Create custom myCred hook Create Custom Mycred Hooks and configure S2Member in Wordpress - Create Custom PayPal Pages Create custom PCB design that is more mass manufacture - Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Today - Create custom proposal in NiftyQuoter Create Custom Proxy Script - Create Custom RSS Feeds Create custom RSS feeds - Create Custom Signup & Login On WP Site (Custom PHP) Create Custom Simple WordPress Theme - Create custom stylesheet templates HTML5 Create Custom SugarCRM buttons in Leads Module - Create Custom User Database That Is Searchable From The Front End Create custom user interface for android - Create Custom Website with PHP Create Custom WebView - Android - Create custom Wordpress installation Process Create custom wordpress left sidebar - Create custom wordpress template based on PSD and migrate / upload all old content Create Custom Wordpress Template From Existing Simple Site - Create Custom XML feed for Jooble Create custom XSLTs for a Sharepoint online site - CREATE CUSTOMER TOKEN IN WHMCS ADMIN Create customer's web cms - Create customized images upload script Create customized internal quoting system in Zoho Creator - Create cutcontour in vector file Create cute and creative posters. - Create Daily Report Create daily report through Stored Procedure save in local folder - Create data aggregation php script Create data aggregation php script. - Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - repost - Create Data Set (a single sheet in Excel) out of 533 PDF files Create Data Set (a table in Excel) from PDF files - create database create database - Create database and registration form for website create database and report with actions - Create Database for iOS application Create Database for my mobile app (iOS/Android) - Create database of 2,116 companies' email addresses Create database of 3 fields in CSV or MySQL format - Create database of key websites & contact info for 3 GCC countires Create Database of Law Firms for Marketing - CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE - Create Datadase with Java Create Datadase with Java - Repost - open to bidding - Create Dating Profiles Create Dating Profiles - create db, insert the link results in the database Create Dbase Tables - Create delivery TIME calculator plugin Create Delphi .exe that compiles in delphi 2009 - Create demo project in VB6 with an activex control create demo site - Create descriptions for set of files Create Descriptions of Flash Games - Create Design Decal for Cardboard Ballot Box Create Design Decal for Cardboard Fundraising Box - Create design for new website Create design for Online Store - Create design of CS:GO Case (Requires Blender & Photoshop) Create design of email - Create designs for packaging materials create designs for paper crafts - Create Desktop software that mix 2 videos Create desktop theme for win and mac ASAP - Create Development Server on EC2 and Upgrade WordPress, WooCommerce and Plugins Create development site, update logos - Create Diagrams from Google Maps Create diagrams, testing & more for a website provided - Create different format on Advanced Search widget. Create different functions in a buddy press site - Create digital image of three bags with our labels Create digital images with transparent back ground - Create Direct Mailer Sales Piece for Nutritional Supplement Create Direct Response Advertorials - Create Discount Codes for my website Create Discount Coupon code Project for tomydeveloper - Create DL Size advertisement Create DL size flyer - Create DNN skin from design Create DNN Skin from HTML Template - Create Documentary video Create documentation or Assignments for HND and Degree IT students - Create Domain / Subdomain PHP Script Create domain authority checker using MOZ free API - Create DotNetNuke extension for CopySafe Web create dotnetnuke module by converting an existing user control and code behind - Create Drag and Drop Access Form Create Drag and Drop constructor - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create Drop Down Box and 2 interactive Graphics Create drop down hide and show details panel on program - Create Drupal 7 Theme Create Drupal 7 Theme - Create Drupal Site using Windows Apache Mysql Responsive Create Drupal Template - Create Drupal views with exposed filter Create Drupal Web Service APIs and add a drupal fix - Create duplicate iPhone application from an existing Android app create duplicate of another website see details in zip - create DWG file from pdf plans create dwg from PDf - Create dynamic excel timetable for a tournament
Create dynamic Flash control - create dynamic page on Cre Loaded Create Dynamic Page Titles for an ASP website. - Create dynamic sizing flowplayer (based on video dimensions) using jQuery Create Dynamic Slideshow Presentation framework and Links to Website - Create dynamic website Create dynamic website - Create E-Book Create E-Book - Create e-commerce templates Create E-commerce Tourism Membership in WP or Joomla - Create e-mail design create e-mail list on excel - 1000 e-mails - Hair & Beauty Supply Stores in Canada & Australia - Create EA From Custom Indicator Create EA from EX4 indicator (MQL) - Create easy menu for wordpress theme from images. Create easy script - Create Ebay HTML template & update my Ebay look create eBay item template - Create Ebay Listings With Turbo Lister 2 Create Ebay Lsiting Template - Create eBay Store Listings Pages Create ebay store page listing template - create ebook Create eBook & Video CD Cover - Create Ebook from Indesign Create EBook From Indesign File - Create eBrochure book from loose PDFs Create EC website in Japanese (no need for translation) - Create eCommerce site based on interspire Create eCommerce site Shipping module modification - Create ecommerce website with Content Management System(repost)(repost) Create ecommerce website with magento - Create Editable Documents from Scanned Documents Create Editable Fla from SWF - Create Editable PDF forms Create editable PDF forms - create EDM/Trap Beat -- 2 create EDM/Trap Beat -- 3 - Create Effective Facebook Ads Create effective Facebook ads - Create electrical estimating tool using PHP & MySQL Create electrical estimating tool using PHP & MySQL - Repost - Create email & account and vote indicated profiles each day - repost Create email & landing page - Create Email addresses Create email addresses - Create email excel files from data on websites Create Email Exclusion List - create email list Create Email List (Should take 8 hours, $15) - Create Email News Letter Template for Group Buying Website Create Email Newsletter - Create Email Signature, Word and Mail Chimp Templates create email signatures - Create Email Templates In Mailchimp Create Email Templates in Marketo from Pardot Assets - Create ember data serializer Create emblems for superheroes - Create Encryption Script with Bash Shell - 05/02/2017 06:56 EST Create end to end Android App - Create English Language Proficiency Exam create english language version of iphone apps - create epg and setup dvr for flussonic Create epic music for my video. - Create ERD/EER diagram(Chen) Create eReport + PDF version - create ethnic pattern Create eToro account and deposit money - Create Eventbrite API code to display certain events Create Eventbrite-like Website - Create example for Amazon Simple Email Service Create example MVC layout pages from bootstrap template - Create Excel Contact List from Online Directory Create excel csv file from template and data files. - Create Excel diagrams from PDF files Create excel doc from flat files using PHP - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - create excel file for calculating create excel file from list of addresses - Create excel formula for calculating median on last 6 valid entries Create Excel Formula or Macro - Create Excel Macro or Add in which will be distributed to users in .exe file Create Excel Macro or Formula For File Editting - Create Excel Model that pulls data from API, puts into spread sheets Create Excel Model that pulls data from API, puts into spread sheets - Project 2 - Create Excel sheet from PDF Create excel sheet of all contractors and builders near vancouver BC - Create excel spreadsheet / develop a simple program to display spending -- 2 Create excel spreadsheet and transcribe/input data - Create Excel Spreadsheet to analyze a hydropower project CREATE EXCEL SPREADSHEET TO CALCULATE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT - Create Excel Traders Spreadsheet with Performance Analytics Create excel training templates (strength and conditioning) - Create Excel Worksheet Templet Create Excel Worksheets with Auto Formulas and Autofill - Create exchange Link page Create Exchange Public Calendar for SBS 2008 - create exel file using php and send to email Create Exercise Database of 1300+ images - Create Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4 Create Expert Advisor from Custom Indicator - open to bidding - Create Explainer Videos Create Explainer Videos for Employee Training - Create extension for Magento 2 Create extension for magento to change the way tax works - Create extra payment method Magento with birthdate - lopende werkzaamheden Create extra search functionality (search by Delivery Zone) for food delivery script ( YII Framework) - Create FaceBook Accounts Create facebook accounts - Create Facebook Ads Create Facebook Ads - create facebook and twitter login for my social community website Create Facebook and Twitter Page - Create Facebook Application create Facebook application - Create Facebook Campaign Landing Page Create facebook canvas page/iframe from application stored on heroku - Create Facebook fan page Create Facebook Fan Page + 8.000 fans and like - Create Facebook Like Button For Business Page Create facebook likes - Create Facebook Page for Dating Site Create Facebook Page for Dating Site - - Create Facebook Pages For me Create Facebook Pages For me - Create Facebook Tab and Pull Website content in it Create Facebook Tab to showcase products - Create fairly simple image-based Web site by 9 am tomorrow morning Create fairly simple image-based Web site by 9 am tomorrow morning - repost - Create Fancy Product Designer module for Drupal 7 from Jquery plugin Create Fancy Product Designer Product WooCommerce - create fast tunnel to MySQL db in Create Fast, Simple, Fun, and Profitable MMORPG game. SEE BELOW BEFORE BIDDING! - CREATE FB PAGE WITH 150 K FANS, AT LEAST 70% ARE FROM USA - open to bidding Create fb pages for our requirments - Create feed to import data to Zoopla from PHP website Create Feed with added inventory (70) for: my personal website, Amazon and Sears inventory. - Create few images Create few images for match3 game - Create file HTML from file Image very simple (image on link above), bid now Create File In Classic ASP - CREATE FILES ON SERVER AND SAVE THEM Create fill-able .pdf forms from word documents - Create fillable PDF as per previous forms