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START NOW, WORDPRESS EXPERTS ONLY Create Custom Post Template -- 2 - Create Custom Real Estate Website Create custom registration page - create custom screenshots of msn adcenter/bing ads showing traffic Create Custom Script Windows 7 (Custom Auto Action) - Create custom skin for our instance of LimeSurvey Create custom skin for telerik controls - Create custom Tabs for Fanpage (FB): Shop Now and Instagram Create custom Tabs for Fanpage (FB): Shop Now and Instagram -- 2 - Create Custom Video Player Create custom video player that changes speed via mouse cursor - Create custom widget for wordpress responsive theme Create Custom widget friendly Wordpress Theme - Create Custom WordPress Page Using Advanced Custom Fields Data Details Create Custom WordPress Plugin - Create Custom Wordpress Theme Create custom WordPress theme - Create custom YQL (Yahoo Query Language) Open Data Tables for us Create Custom ZOHO Templates - Create customised eBay Store and Ebay listing templates Create customised Facebook Page using PAGEMODO - Create Customized Map Annotation and Annotation View Create Customized Mediawiki Skin - Create cute and creative posters.
Create Cute Icon - Create Daily Report Create daily report through Stored Procedure save in local folder - Create data aggregation php script Create data aggregation php script. - Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant Create data feed from my ecommerce site to Google Merchant - repost - Create Data Scraping Macro Create Data Scraping Software - create database create database - create database and install phpmyadmin create database and link it to the website - Create Database for Event Management Company Create Database for existing C# project - Create database model for iOS application Create Database Model for MySQL Database - Create database of games for users to interact with (Wordpress Site) Create Database of General Contractors - Create database table and integrate it in a php site create database tables in sqlserver for about 50 tables - Create database/SQL dump file automatic import into database Create Database/Web Site Integration - create dating / people searching site Create Dating App - Create db query in asp & add password retrieval function to asp page Create DB schema in Google Firebase - Create Deep Link 301 Redirects for my site Create Default set of shirt/pant/jacket images with depth. Re-texture set to Alter apparent fabric of shirt. - Create Demo Content For Kid's Website Create demo Dashboard - Create Deposit/Withdraw guide for 6 online casinos create dermatholofists and aesthteics DB - Create Design and Slice into HTML/CSS Create design and then wordpress template for a business - Create Design for drink label, brochure Create Design For EKM Powershop - Create design for YouTube channel (Intro, Images etc) Create design from premium wordpress template - CREATE DESIGN/EXTENSION FOR MAGENTO ECOMMERCE WEBSITE Create designed videos out of already existing video files - create desktop and mobile language processing and machine learning application Create Desktop App - Create detailed media lists Create Detailed Product Descriptions - Using The Provided Excel Template. Good English/Grammer/ComputerSkills - Create DFX files based on existing design Create DFX files based on existing design - Repost - create dicussions in a forum create die cut shapes in pdf using php - create digital story (movies) Create digital and print assets for marketing campaigns - Mid-weight experience only! - Create Digital Signage (Pricelist + Commercials Rotation) Create Digital Signage System - Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories Create Directory Of Local Businesses under certain categories - repost - Create display stand to showcase small bags of candy Create dissectors for wireshark - Create dll same as other dll. Create dll to interpret and create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or .. (prototype and example available, easy implementation) - Create Docker Containers Ready for Deployment Create docker image for - create documents from PDFs - Repost create documents from PDFs - Repost - open to bidding - Create Donation Form Linked to Database Create donation interface for a charity's website (WordPress) - Create double-database PrestaShop or OpenCart Create doughnut shaped UI - Create DragnDrop UI for product promotions C#/Javascript Create DragonPay Payment Module for WooCommerce WordPress - Create drawings of buildings for flash game Create drawings of collection of kitchen cabinets - Create Drop-Down Menu System Create Dropbox web interface - create drupal cms site Create Drupal Commerce Payment Gateway Module - Create Drupal Templates -- 2 Create Drupal Templates for Church groups and individual members, with filter. - Create Drupe Like slider for my android app Create drwaings - Create Duplicate Website (Exp. Web Designer Only Please) create duplicate website in ASP - Create Dyeline for packaging create dynamic banners adds in some different sizes - Create dynamic forms builder using ASP.NET MVC / AngularJS / WebAPI2 / MS SQL -- 2 Create dynamic forms builder using ASP.NET MVC / AngularJS / WebAPI2 / MS SQL -- 3 - create dynamic PDF files Create Dynamic PDF Form - Create Dynamic Table Create Dynamic Table and Tree Map from API Pull - Create dynamic word report Create Dynamic Wordpress Menu (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) - Create e-BOOKS FOR e-BAY SHOP(repost) Create E-Books from website blog articles. - create e-commerce website Create e-commerce website and provide advice on hosting requirements - Create e-mail system Create e-mail Template - Create EA to send SMS Alert When All MT4 Indicators Confirm. Create each parts to the music for Only you by Yazoo - Create easy service selling/reselling sites Create easy SOAP wrapper client for WSDL web service - Create eBay Listing (Copy/Paste description from product's website) Create eBay Listing / List using SixBit Software - Create eBay product feed from online store catalog Create eBay Sales Letter - Create Ebay store template and product page tempalte Create ebay store template design - Create eBook (DIY Website Research Links) Create ebook (in Indesign) then to pdf - Create eBook from PDF Create eBook from PDF and HTML Files - Create EC2 AMI of DIGITS installation by following tutorial instruction Create ecards with hilarious messages ($2/card) - Create Ecommerce Site that also has social networking Create Ecommerce site using Play Framework - Create ecommerce website with Magento community Create ecommerce website with multi-vendor marketplace in prestashop - Create Editable function on existing prestashop backoffice table base on transaction module Create Editable Grid with DevExpress ASP.Net Grid Control - Create editable PDF forms that can be saved Create editable PDF from 9 page word document - Create eDms in campaign monitor create edtitable PDF - Create effective Google Picture ad Campaign Create effective Independent Representative Agreement - Create electrician info and contact website with elegant design Create Electron app stub with Angular 2, Foundation 6, Sass, ES6 - Create email & landing page create email (HTML) campaign for Campaign Monitor - Create Email addresses Create email addresses - Create email database with 10,000 entires Create email excel files from data on websites - Create email list create email list - create email mkt design + html Create Email News Letter Template - Create Email Signature in HTML with interchangeable magazine image that links to websitepage when clicked Create Email signature in HTML/CSS. PSD will be provided. Small task, needed ASAP - Create Email Templates Create Email Templates for Sales and Promotion. - Create embedded software in a website Create embedded video player and gallery - Create Enable or disable functionality to Wordpress plug-in for posts Create encoding script from API - Create English course (words learning) Create English Dictionary - Create English subtitles for Spanish movie