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Capture facebook like event capture facebook, whatsapp, twitter data on iphone, android and windows Capture Facial Expressions from live video Capture feeds from NSE Terminal Capture Finnish streaming video online Capture FireWire and Write DVD Capture First Page of file as Image Capture flash video and convert it to wmv or mpeg (so I can edit it) Capture FLASH video file from site Capture Form Capture form info for emailing and autofilling a checkout Capture form info for emailing and autofilling a checkout(repost) Capture Forms Created on New Landing Pages capture four 2 hour long web videos Capture Frame from QuickTime movie capture from phone and upload to web server capture from phone and upload to web server -- 2 Capture full email messages that are being synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server.
Capture GIF animations & render as SWF. Capture Google Map KML input to Google Form/Fusion Table Capture google search keywords on target site Capture Google UTM codes from the URL in hidden fields in a Wufoo form. Capture Google UTM tracking codes in a Wufoo lead form Capture google videos and other funny videos Capture GPS and AIS sentences to Database Capture GPS Coordinates for Bank Branches Capture Graphic Capture Gravity Forms data and post to URL Capture great headlines, slogans or catchphrases from company websites Capture High Definition Video Clips in Several Public Locations Capture high resolution camera / webcam images from browser Capture highlighted text and open it in a the application dialog (iterate over text word by word) Capture Historic Fonds Information Capture historical images of a property and changes to the buildings roof. Capture HTML Documents Service