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create 2 - 5 logo every month for graphic design firm - Create 2 animated banner Create 2 animated banners for co-working center in Moldova - Create 2 banners, each banner need to be 5 sizes Create 2 Basic HTML5 Mobile Website for CPA Campaign - Create 2 Concrete 5 Blocks for my website Create 2 Concrete 5 Blocks for my website -- 2 - Create 2 Dreamweaver Template Pages Create 2 dynamic stamps for Adobe Acrobat - Create 2 floor plans in Visio - repost Create 2 Flyers - Create 2 HiveMail skins from .psd files Create 2 home page samples - Create 2 images as similar as possible to the original Create 2 images in Photoshop (from 2 samples) - Create 2 landing pages, I supply images. Create 2 Landing Website Landing Pages - Create 2 Marketing Forum Accounts Create 2 Marketing Videos for my marketing company - Create 2 new categories, add 20 new products to Magento Site Create 2 new components - Create 2 pages and code them in PHP - database already exists (timlead) Create 2 Pages and Save Values. ASP.NET Forms, ADO.NET, MSSQL - Create 2 Photo Portfolios Create 2 Photo Portfolios using existing Layout - Create 2 Responsive / Mobile Music Project Websites and other changes Create 2 Responsive HTML FORM - Create 2 simple 5 page html websites - all files provided create 2 simple ad - create 2 simple websites Create 2 simple websites. PSD to HTML. - Create 2 Typography Portraits Create 2 Uber for doctors app: Android + iOS + Admin Panel - create 2 videos related to financial market Create 2 ViewController Page with Swift - create 2 websites Create 2 websites (5pages max) - Create 2 Wordpress Sites and Create Logo Create 2 Wordpress Sliders Advertising 2 YouTube Demo Videos - Create 2 XML files: 1 for Adzuna and 1 for Indeed Create 2 year old facebook profile - Create 20 1D Book Images (Lots of Work!) (1955384) Create 20 accounts at 20 social bookmarketing sites - Create 20 different T-Shirt designs Create 20 different Twitter accounts - Create 20 HTML5 animated banners using Sizmek and GDN formats Create 20 Icons - Create 20 schemes of varying styles with the digital decorator online tool Create 20 second introduction video for my business - Create 20-40 Second Facebook Video Ad Create 20-Minute Facebook Marketing Training Video - Create 200 inspirational quote PSDs using a provided template and sources - repost Create 200 link in french directory - Create 2000 backlinks within a week Create 2000 ebay listings - Create 23 Social Network Profiles Create 23 social profiles and configure APIs, APPs, them - Create 25 Leather Images Create 25 One Page Wordpress Landing Pages - Create 2500 questions on tourism Create 2500 Words Of Content In The Baby / Childcare Niche - Create 2D animated videos Create 2D Animation - Create 2D Art for the Idle/Clicker Game. ( Make More, Tap Tycoon, Tap Titans) Create 2D asset for simple game - Create 2D floor plan from existing sketches *ASAP* - Repost - open to bidding Create 2D floor plan out of 3D .OBJ file - Create 2nd logo from the Afruiggies Farm logo Create 2nd Magento Store - Create 3 After Effects Templates Create 3 agreements - Create 3 Banners using Photoshop (Need it in 6 Hrs) create 3 bare bones web pages that display the results of a php/mysql query. Nothing fancy... - CREATE 3 CUSTOMIZABLE PROPOSALS IN HTML FORMAT TO BE USED WITH Create 3 customized Joomla 3.1 Oculus Template websites including virtuemart. - repost 3 - Create 3 flash banners from photoshop design Create 3 Flash banners from ready made .psd templates - Create 3 HTMl Template with Inner and homepage Create 3 HTML/CSS Pages - Create 3 Logo Concepts (LPC) Create 3 Logo Concepts (RJ) - Create 3 Neto API Scripts Create 3 New eBook Covers for Historical Novel Trilogy - Create 3 Pages and Save Values. ASP.NET Forms, ADO.NET, MSSQL Create 3 Pages for Website - Create 3 programs using only C# Create 3 Proposal Sheets and 3 Invoice sheets - Create 3 simple images for a website Create 3 simple images/graphics - Create 3 themed suites (6 ads each) of Display Ads (18 ads total) for (FMI). Create 3 TIer 2 Guest Posts on PR1 site (I will provide Content) - Create 3 Web Pages create 3 web pages -- more work to come - Create 3 wordpress websites Create 3 wordpress websites - CREATE 3-D BOTTLES OF SUPPLEMENTS (5 TOTAL) Create 3-D Google Map of Small Village - Create 30 flash based ads, with a form in the ad Create 30 Forum Profiles & Write 1 Post on Each - Create 30 sec video product presentation (mp4) (Avaliable assets : logo, product psd, datasheet psd) Create 30 second 2D animated music video - Create 30 WordPress themes for Our Existing Theme Business Create 30 YouTube accounts. - Create 300 member profiles for escort website Create 300 page book - InDesign Project - Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) - repost create 301 redirect list - Create 35 online calculators from an existing .html file Create 35 slide shows and submit to - Create 3D Animated Size Estimator Software for Joomla Website Create 3D Animated Video - Create 3D Animation video Create 3D Animation video -- 2 - Create 3d animation/flash house module Create 3D Animations for an Avatar (example provided) - Create 3D brasil flag fluttering on the wind Create 3D building envelope from 2D drawings and partial Sketchup model - Create 3d characters static jpegs as well as animation CREATE 3D CONFIGURATOR TOOLS - Create 3d fantasy Landscape for my Android game Create 3D file from 2D pdf sketch. - Create 3D Graphic Design For shopping malls Create 3D graphic of airport terminal in Unreal Development environment. - Create 3D iOS Game Create 3D iOS Games - Create 3D model Create 3d Model - Create 3D model from object Create 3D model from Photos - Create 3D model of Dental Unit based on 2D CAD, some 3D and pictures -- 2 create 3d model of detailed 2d apartment floor plan - Create 3D model of sunglasses create 3d model of tessellated beg - Create 3D models and textures for a video game Create 3D models for 2D icons, you have some creative freedom doing this. - Create 3D module in Xamarin Create 3D Motion - Create 3D Real Estate Floor Plans with fast turn-around (12hours) Create 3D realistic concept images for a small electronic device - Create 3D scene from reference image Create 3D Secure system - Create 3D Vector Art for apparel packaging Create 3D vector artwork from Word and Paint file - Create 3D/CGI animated video for commercial branding purposes Create 3DMax Model from Flat Images - Create 4 App footer icons and around 20 "achievement icons" create 4 article and rank 2 for new site - Create 4 different Email templates in Active Campaign -- 2
create 4 different styles for website - Create 4 homepage banners (1024 x 768) and edit 50 photos Create 4 HTML Emailers - Create 4 Logos Based On Current Logo Create 4 Logos Based On Current Logo - create 4 page slider banner for WP site Create 4 page wordpress site - Create 4 Sex Animations For Unity 3d Create 4 shareable images - Rehire - Create 4 variations of my landing page using Instapage Create 4 versions of simple logo layout for box design - Create 4 x IOS & Android eCommerce Mobile Applications Create 4 x Unique, Funny, Engaging, Original YouTube Videos for 4 x Different Canadian Website Businesses - about 2 minutes long each - Create 40 forum profiles backlinks - easy 10 $ Create 40 funny birthday greeting card messages - Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages FROM PARTNER Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO HUSBAND FROM WIFE - Create 43 accounts on 43 websites Create 43 easy webpages with all the suburbs for each city - Create 5 1-2min. videos and post to YouTube Create 5 300x250 Banners ($20 Budget) - Create 5 blog posts 2 Create 5 blogging sites. - Create 5 Excel Spreadsheet Templates Create 5 Explainer Videos - Create 5 Hubpages a week, 1 day using our content Create 5 Hubpages a week, 1 day using our content(repost) - Create 5 min long video tutorial for our page Create 5 min whiteboard animation - Create 5 pages HTML WebSite Create 5 pages in my ZEND application. HTML tempaltes already done. - Create 5 SAT tests Create 5 screenshots and 1 panel - create 5 small apps with android studio Create 5 small banners to be used as \\\"Discount packages Tabs\\\" for a beauty salon - Create 5 vector images from 5 sunglass photos Create 5 video on Youtube - Create 5 x 500 Word Articles in 48 Hours (I) Create 5 x animated GIF flags - Create 50 Adult Videos and Upload Them Onto Youtube Create 50 Animated GIF Files - Create 50 GIF's / Animations Create 50 Gmail - Create 50 Money Saving Tips Create 50 new email accounts - Create 50 Tribal Designs Create 50 Twitter Backgrounds - Create 500 Back Links Per Month for my Site Create 500 Backlinks A month - Create 500 myspace Accounts Create 500 Neopets Accounts - Create 5000 Gmail addresses -- 2 Create 5000 links to 1000 different pages - Create 6 Banners (open exclusively to IMTHEZORRO) Create 6 banners and logo according to new site design - Create 6 icons (PNG format) Create 6 icons representing levels of difficulty - create 6 sets of email templates on wordpress mymail1 Create 6 sets of emails - Create 6 wordpress blogs Create 6-10 page booklet about text marketing - Create 60 Social Media Analysis Reports Create 60 storey Hexagrid office building in sketchup - Create 7 Banners for Site Homepage Create 7 banners for website - Create 7 versions of attached illustration Create 7 x 10 minute promo videos - Create 8 editorial images from 3D images Create 8 ezine articles and 3 spin articles(kv2) - Create 8 Slider Graphics (5 for Muscle Supplement site + 3 for Healthy Lifestyle Site) create 8 sports session plans/diagrams? - Create 86 200 word Blog Posts with Titles Create 86 banner ads. All the same dimensions. - Create 9 Windows TrueType Fonts create 9 x 700 - 800 original articles - create \"add user\" function Create \'Exit Full-Screen\' function for jPlayer video on mobile devices - Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin Create a Custom Wordpress Theme - Create a iOS app with real db connection based on our detailled requirements and exisiting graphical design Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI and calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Create a PPC Campaign message Create a PPC Campaign or adwords for my website - Create a Text to Graphics Web Based Create a theme for a drupal website - create a wordpress website Create a "Booking Process Animation" - Create a "LOGIN AREA" for my website -- 2 Create a "Lookup" Java script - Create a "spin to Win" application with odd custumization Create a "Store" Page in WooCommerce - Create a ''Donate Now'' button Create a ''fill in the blanks'' online program - Create a (small) wordpress website Create a (WHITE BOARD) Animation - Create a .net assembly using hocr2pdf, cuneiform and tesseract open source Create a .NET calender based on a currently functioning php calender - Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want Create a .PSD for me - I've already drawn out what i want - Create a 1 min Video with stock footage Create a 1 min Whiteboard animation & Explainer Video - Create a 1 minute video animation to explain how a website works Create a 1 minute Video ASAP - Create a 1 page website to sell product Create a 1 page word template based on this picture - Create a 1.5min demo Video Create a 10 - 15 seconds 360 - 3D animated video for a VR application - Create a 10 Second Video Create a 10 second Video - Create a 12 page Wordpress website using the layouts we give Create a 12 question personality test for website built on weebly - Create a 15 Second Instagram Video x 20, 1000 x 1000 Create a 15 second Intro Animation using GoAnimate or something similar - Create a 1min fun professional explainer video Create a 1min after effect / 3d medical animation - Create A 2 Minute Animated Explainer/Sales Video (Motion Graphics) Create a 2 minute animated video - Create a 2 Page Website to include Audio, and Video. Create a 2 page Wordpress site, similar to this example - Create a 2-minute animation - Arabic speakers required Create a 2-minute Animation for a Canadian non-profit - Create a 25 page color catalog Create a 25 second video with Logo's changing - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D Animation vedio - repost Create a 2D Animation Video - Create a 2D explainer animated video for our company website. Create a 2D Explainer Video - Create a 2D Video Create a 2D Video - Create a 3 minute animated video with sound effects Create a 3 minute Animation - create a 3 tier messaging system Create a 3 videos, one of them animated - Create a 30 sec video for our orthodontic practice Create a 30 Sec Video in 2D Animation - Create a 30 Second Video for Youtube / HD Create a 30 Second Video Intro - Create a 33 Minute Video / Animation or Whiteboard create a 35 X 350 Image - Create a 3D Animated text Create a 3D Animated Video - Create a 3D Animation for a dental procedure Create a 3D Animation for a driving training Tips - Create a 3D App Icon for iPhone App