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Creat Web Page ( Website) - Creat wordpress site from PSD creat wordpress site. - Create Create - Create 4 in existing program created and mody to work in store databases create 4 page theme for magento 1.9 rwd - Create a computer aided learning system that is used to teach primary/elementary school English langugae Create A contact Form - Create a pop up questionaire on my mobile website Create a process wire template - Create a Website NSFW create a website psd from the sketch - Create Android application to collect data create android ios app like skout, badoo - create design template for an ad website Create Designs - Create iPhone application create joomla site from existing 16 images in 2 days - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Showcase website create simple contct form and install - CREATE VPS .OFFICE VIA SOLUVM+config create vps linux windos bureaux - Create "coming soon" website + 2 graphics + automatic email reply Create "Contact Us" Page on my website - Create "shop" tab on my website + shop page with products Create "sign up with Startpeeps" social network API - Create & Design a Plumber Referral website Create & design a small private website - Create & Host Website - open to bidding Create & Illustrate Pizza Menu - Create & Manage Affliliate Banner Ad Campaign for Software Product Create & Manage Affliliate Banner Ad Campaign for Software Product - repost - Create & Update WP site similar to current one Create & write a bi-weekly e-commerce sales newsletter - Create & Upload 1 Video Per Day to YouTube for 30 Days Create & Upload Drupal / CivicSpace CMS - Create ''How to'' online docs for ISP Create ''huver'' Ad for current website and link to video and pitch letter - Create 'Product Image Slider' on Shopify Create 'sales' homepage within existing wordpress template website - CREATE (BLACK & WHITE) b/w version of logo. Create (Clone) A Websites Functionalities - Create *Unique* Social Media Iconsets Create *Very Creative* Titles for Our eBooks - Create .BAT File that removes list or "A" records or "PTR" records for multiple DNS server Create .BD whois checker script/tool/whois server. - Create .eps file from image Create .eps files out of design - Create .JPG files (fixed size) from large photos Create .jpg from psd - Create .net program create .net project + mysql in one instalation file - Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# -- 2 Create .wav or .mp3 from mix of pre-recorder and text-to-speech - Create / delete admin logins Create / Delete two logins - Create / Manage a PPC Campaign Create / Manage a PPC Campaign - Create / replicate 3D models with a different photo inside create / rework mechanical contractor web site - Create 1 Custom Slider-Carousel like Netflix Create 1 database from multiple database design structures - create 1 HTML page Create 1 HTML page - "How it works" - for my site - Create 1 min animation for tutorial Create 1 min Explanier video - Create 1 page advertisement for e-Campaign theme Happy Easter Create 1 Page as a template - create 1 page site. Create 1 page template with Image Gallery/Movie Gallery components - Create 1 Template simple html Create 1 three-dimensional render of a packaging design - Create 1,000 accounts - email verified Create 1,000 email address for me - Create 1.000 backlinks with provided list of sites Create 1/4 Page Ad - create 10 backgrounds for iphone game Create 10 backlinks pointing to - Create 10 eerie photoshopped images Create 10 election technology articles for - Create 10 Instagram Accounts with 10 email accounts. Create 10 Instagram Accounts with 10 email accounts. - Repost - Create 10 one way links to a website Create 10 orignial Articles--Must be high quality - Create 10 second intro Animation video Create 10 second video into with my logo - Create 10 thousand accounts create 10 tier 2 backlinks - Create 10 x DVD COVERS with DISC DESIGN Create 10 x keyword rich articles for websites - Create 100 Article Directory Acc's - Post 2 Articles on Each Create 100 articles of 750 words each - Create 100 Facebook Profiles Create 100 facebook profiles with new emails - Create 100 gmail addresses Create 100 Gmail addresses - Repost - create 100 pR3+ permanent links Create 100 PR4+ Backlinks - Create 100 Tattoo Related Slide Shows Create 100 tattoo related slide shows - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding - Create 1000 apple ID at once Create 1000 - Create 1000 Emails Create 1000 Emails - Create 100s of seeders and leechers on a torrent Create 102 apng animations from vector files (and provide grouped layers of animation in Photoshop) - Create 11,000 product descriptions Create 110 backlinks related to content given (High Quality, high PR, Accepted by Google) - Create 12 Photo Collages for Calendar - A3 size Create 12 png's 1920*1080 from provided logos. They should all be the same design and text with only the logos changing. - create 125 wordpress pages for US construction website Create 125*125 Animated gif banner - Create 14 Web 2.0 Blogs - repost Create 140 Individual PDF files from a master file - Create 15 Obfuscated Macros Create 15 Pixel Art Characters - Create 150 coupon in my website backend Create 150 coupon in my website backend - Create 15000 medium quality and stable DoFollow Backlinks with max 300 loss within 3 months Create 1500x1500 of these images - Create 18 Flash Videos Create 19 amazing emojis based on the provided sketches. - Create 2 *.cur (cursor) images - only if you know how to deal with small cursor images / icons: 30 min job Create 2 *PROPER* Squidoo Lenses for SEO purposes - Create 2 amazing UNBOUNCE landing pages for wedding planner in SPANISH Create 2 Amazon API's - Create 2 banners for bridal website Create 2 Banners for Facebook Timeline! - Create 2 Complete websites with ongoing SEO and Management Create 2 Complete websites with ongoing SEO and Management - repost - create 2 dielines Create 2 different flash galleries with the same set of photos in the next 5 hours - Create 2 flash animations Create 2 Flash headers - Create 2 Graphic Images with SmartDraw Create 2 graphics/illustrations - Create 2 Images Create 2 Images - Create 2 landing pages for 2 PPC adverts Create 2 landing pages from templates - Create 2 macros in Excel 2010 Create 2 Magento stores under one domain and modify colors - Create 2 more images
Create 2 more images - Create 2 page brand guidelines from supplied template for corporate logo create 2 page document from powerpoint brief - Create 2 patterns (vectors) for textile. Illustrator Create 2 Payslips - Create 2 professional e-commerce templates for selling multiple/unlimited products both physical and digital and intergrate it so that it functions with Easy Member Pro software for both E-commerce online stores and membership websites create 2 programs for Akhter - Create 2 short videos (45-60s) Create 2 Sided Cards in InDesign from XML feed - create 2 simple security softwares for browsers and pdf Create 2 Simple Single-Page Websites from Template - Create 2 survey forms on a Wordpress site, send the results to an admin with PGP Create 2 SVG images based on existing images - Create 2 videos - explainer videos - 30 seconds each Create 2 Videos 15 Seconds Each - create 2 website banners Create 2 Website landing pages - Create 2 WordPress pages with Visual Composer Create 2 WordPress Plugin - Create 2 x Explainer Videos for my 2 companys that I have in Australia. Create 2 x Marketing Postcards - Create 2-page A4 full colour brochure within 24 hours Create 2-page fillable pdf form - Create 20 color ways of sunglasses & Export 3 views and OBJ files Create 20 color ways of sunglasses & Export 3 views of each color and OBJ files - Create 20 Health Articles Create 20 Health Topic Articles - Create 20 PSDs from existing Wireframes Create 20 PVAs - Create 20 web-blogs for my website Create 20 WebSite - Create 200 email accounts on a Free EMail service (gmail, hotmail,, etc) -- 3 Create 200 Email addresses and RA Accounts - create 200 youtube accounts(repost) Create 2000 - 3000 Article in Fitness Niche - Create 21st invitation (design provided) Create 22 colorful (24 inch by 36 inch) posters of 22 Spanish speaking countries - Create 25 empty HTML / CSS cores based on wireframes. Create 25 files using supplied photoshop file - Create 250 simple and 250 jpeg craigslist ads Create 250 social media profiles - repost 2 - Create 2D Animated Character for Android Game. create 2d animated commercial for my studio facebook page - Create 2d animations (Backgrounds and animations characters, no need music, nor scripts) Create 2D Animations Characters - High Qty - Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) -- 2 - Create 2D-3D HD Whiteboard Animation With Background Music and English Female Voice Over Create 2min Video with photos - Create 3 Additional Magento Stores Create 3 Ads for college - create 3 banners (just imagea) Create 3 Banners and photo shop 2 photos - Create 3 Credit Card Icons Based on Existing Icons Create 3 cron jobs on a CentOS 7 server - Create 3 extra HTML pages for project & adjust existing HTML Create 3 Eye Catching Email Newsletters - Create 3 Hi-Res images..... verry quickly! Create 3 high quality levels for a Unity3D Adventure Game - Create 3 Joomla Web Templates Create 3 Kickass Childthemes for Wordpress - Create 3 minutes of animation of my book, \"The Darling Street Detectives\" - repost create 3 minutes Youtube video for a new job consultancy - Create 3 page ad in Adobe design Create 3 page flier for small marketing project - create 3 printable high res vector files with outlines form low res jpeg originals Create 3 Product Demo videos - Create 3 short press releases Create 3 short videos of animated text for instagram - Create 3 step form - repost Create 3 step guide - Create 3 videos from videohive (AFTER EFFECTS) projects (Files provided with tutorials) Create 3 Videos from VideoHive templates - Create 3 Wordpress site Create 3 Wordpress sites. - Create 3-5 different Real Estate Template Ads in JPEGS Create 3-5 minute videos about League of Legends (youtube as source) - Create 30 English lessons for ESL Create 30 escorts blogs account with content (ASAP) - Create 30 PowerPoint slides in network Create 30 Profiles for our Office - Create 30 unique names for my Farm/Pet Supplies Business (Ebay Business) Create 30 unique trellis style fabric patterns - Create 300 Gmail Accounts Create 300 google account. - Create 301 redirect and solve logo link issue Create 301 Redirect code - bbPress to Xenforo - Create 34 accounts Create 34 AI Graphics. - Create 385 Wordpress Posts From Soundcloud Tracks Create 3D (canvas wrapped) high-res images - Create 3D Animation of Upper Cervical Spine Create 3d animation of walkthrough of home - Create 3D animation video for our products Create 3D animation videos - Create 3D Bottle Create 3D Bottles - Create 3d character model / creación de personaje en 3D -- 2 Create 3d character model / creación de personaje en ·D - Create 3D ebook and Hi-Resolution Physical Book Covers and Other Graphics Create 3D effect on Billboard - Create 3d Game for Android Create 3D game models of buildings - create 3D images Create 3D images (2 versions) of 3 bottles **ImageBOS $75 - Create 3D Martial Arts Video Create 3d mesh image - Create 3D Model for Solidworks Create 3D model for use in Unity 3D - Create 3D Model of a Mouse Create 3D Model of a novelty Jug with a lid - Create 3D Model of Room Create 3D Model of Room - Create 3D Modelling and its respective animations Create 3D Modelling for contemporary Villa's in spain, incl. lay out and swimming pool - Create 3D models of eyewear from 2D CAD drawings Create 3D models of furniture and other objects - Create 3D Plans Create 3D prespective image - Create 3D Rendering of stone walls and pillars for a patio from AutoCAD file Create 3D renderings - Create 3D text titles for Video project Create 3D Texture (VRAYforC4D) - Create 3D walkthrough Video of floor plan Create 3D Weapons and Armor for game - Create 4 additional SEO articles for online link building Create 4 additional symbols for web font - Create 4 competition posters for instagram and tumblr Create 4 concepts for rear windows - Create 4 Gift Certificate Poster Create 4 Google Analytics Goals (Event Tracking) - Create 4 Joomla registration forms and an admin view/edit of data Create 4 Kaleidoscope graphics - Create 4 page A5 brochure Create 4 page brochure - Create 4 Realistic Homeless Figures Create 4 Regular Expressions regx in PHP to Strip Media ID's from URLS - Create 4 to 6, Web-Ready Articles On Amino Acid Science, Careers, & Trends Create 4 top10 lists (simple articles) - Create 4 Wordpress Template Create 4 Wordpress Templates - Create 40 Christmas greeting card messages (131029) Create 40 diagrammatical/logical iq test questions based on existing sample - Create 40 teacher thank you greeting card messages Create 40 thanks giving greeting card messages - Create 42 Editable Forms from the attached PDF Files. Create 42 hand writing Fonts - Create 45 Articles on Hosting