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Create/Manage a PPC Campaignttisement - Create/Manage a Google Adwords Campaign (UK Removals Company) Create/Manage a Google Adwords Campaign - Get Leads - Create/Manage a PPC Campaign Create/Manage a PPC Campaign - Create/Manage a PPC Campaign ON FACEBOOK Create/Manage a PPC Campaign on GoogleAdwords - Create/Manage an Adwords PPC Campaign for our new company Create/Manage an Adwords Campaign - Create/Manage Google adwords account PPC Create/Manage Google AdWords campaign for SaaS Company - Create/Manage PPC Campaigns (Ongoing) Create/Manage PPC Campaigns (Ongoing) - UPDATED - Create/modify a Wordpress Template for photograher Create/Modify a Wordpress Template/ - Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts Create/Post News - Create/supply an animation of Betty Boop create/sync table utility for oracle and sql server - Create\Edit Metatrader Indicator & Convert MQ4 files to DLL CREATE_PARALLEL_MOBILE_WEBSITE - created a similar website Created a timed custom posting system - Created logo in Microsoft Word. Need a clean clean Pic of logo. Created map - created XML feed plugin -- 2 created................... - Creater Two Header Images .. Easy Work! CreateRemoteThreadEx API Working Code - createspace formatting Createspace layout for print book - creatine landing page enhancement - part 2 CREATING - Creating Web services project using Java Creating website - Creating .DST file for embroidery Creating .DST file for embroidery -- 2 - Creating 100 usernames on my forum. (Easy and fast) Creating 100 Viral Articles - Creating 2 Wordpress Plugins Related to tags Creating 2 Wordpress Plugins Related to tags - Creating 3 Image of Train /Jungle Theme creating 3 publication series - Creating 3D Model for Single Story House based on provided blueprints Creating 3D model from logo for t-shirt print (3dMax) - Creating 4 web-services using PHP MySQL Creating 4 Wikipedia Pages - Creating \"Backorder\" in opencart. creating \'deals\" and ccavenue integration - Creating a 3 min animated video with voice over Creating a 3 minutes Music video “anime” for upcoming artist. - Creating a 3D shape from layers in Mathematica creating a 3d video explainer - Creating a backend Mysql for an xml file Creating a background for my YouTube channel - Creating a basketball manager game creating a batch file to edit power saving in registry - Creating a blog online. Creating a blog post for a fitness/health product - Creating a brand logo for a new product. Creating a Brand Name - creating a CAD model from an image creating a CAD model from an image - Creating a Citation Report (LaTeX and BibTeX) Creating a Citation Report (LaTeX+BibTeX) - Creating a commercial movie for Facebook Creating a company app - Creating a contact / marketing list Creating a contact / marketing list - open to bidding - creating a css table Creating a CSS web page structure from a design - Creating a Custom Task Schedular Creating a custom Tracking/Analytics/Reporting/Dashboard to use with one-to-one marketing products - Creating a Database Creating a Database - Creating a dataset using tweets Creating a Datawarehouse - Creating a DirectShow Filter for live video/audio stream analysis (black/frozen, silence), writing events to text log file Creating a discount code - Creating a Drupal Theme from .psd-File Creating a duplicate ONE Page For Site - Creating a Fannie Mae 3.2 file Creating A Fantasy Baseball Application - Creating a flash player Creating a Flash Scrap Book - Creating a Franchise Task Manager Creating a Free report for skin care - creating a game map for browser based game creating a game map for browser based game - repost - Creating a GUI application using MySql Creating a GUI for a File Explorer - Creating a Human-Digital Interaction Design in Visual Studio 2010 Creating a Hybird Application - Creating a Joomla 2.5/3.0 template from an existing Design/Layout Creating a Joomla 2.5/3.0 template from an existing Design/Layout - repost - Creating a large jotform Creating a Launcher for a Android TV Box - Creating A Loading Circle Creating a loading page from a design - Creating a logo for a book series Creating a Logo for a fitness center. - creating a logo/header for website Creating a logo/typography for cosmetics company - Creating a mashup (happy birthday / going to the chapel) Creating a mask , eg with excel or powerpoint - creating a mobile app for final year project database Creating a Mobile App for my site - Creating a modul for PrestaShop Creating a module for drawing tarot Wordpress - Creating a new corporate identity from two existing businesses Creating a new couple finding website - Creating a new site creating a new site for pizzeria - Creating a new world user website Creating a news platform - creating a parody instrumental Creating a parser in java - Creating a Photography logo Creating a photorealistic vector image - Creating a php website Creating a PHP website - repost - Creating a point of sale brochure creating a poker software - Creating a Price List in Pdf from an Excel file. - open to bidding Creating a Printer Receipt from zebra android printer - Creating a Professional CV Creating a professional CV. - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - Creating a prototype in photoshop and then converting it in html Creating a proxy server located in Vancouver B.C Canada - Creating a realistic landscape to place on the side of a ski slope. creating a recipe e-book - Creating a restaurant menu -- 2 creating a result page reading from a specific table in the DB - Creating a scrapper and analytical tool Creating a scrapper and data analytical tool - Creating a set of dachshund weenie dog emojis creating a settelment nothing but a spce home shuttle - Creating a similar site Creating a similar site like kickstarter or indiegogo - Creating a simple iphone application Creating a Simple JavaScript Based Game - creating a simple website Creating a simple Website (PHP and MYSQL) - Creating a site similar to Creating a site with a European design for a Russian company - Creating a social student application as well possible website Creating a social time share website - CREATING A SQL PROCEDURE WITH A SUM
Creating a SQL query retrieving products without a specific product feature specified in Prestashop - Creating a subdomain creating a substantial, working mobile application for the iOS platform - Creating a Television Ad to New Zealand Specifications Creating a Template - Creating a Third Party Software for POS SYSTEM Creating a ticket - Creating a UI Guidelines document for developers Creating a UI which downloads prestashop Database orders to it - Creating a Vector image based on an existing JPG image. Creating a Vector image based on an existing JPG image. - ongoing work - Creating a video content Creating a video design website. - Creating a View for Django Creating a View for Django-Simple-History from admin page. - Creating a web cartoon Creating a web dashboard and app prototype using Firebase - creating a Web site Creating a Web site and its service - Creating a Website Creating a Website - creating a website creating a website - Creating a Website Design with HTML,CSS,JS CREATING A WEBSITE FOR A pROPERTY PROJECT - Creating a website for the company creating a website for upload and download speed test - creating a website similar to Creating a Website that Earns $15 - $ 30 Per day - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... -- 2 - Creating a WiFi Captive Portal Creating a Wiki Page - Creating a WordPress Plugin Creating a Wordpress PlugIn - Creating a wordpress website theme Creating a WordPress Website using - Creating A Youtube Channel need coworkers with me. Creating a youtube player - Creating Actions in PS creating active webpage ( landing page ) - Creating Advanced SQL/TSQL Queries and Macros Creating Advanced SQL/TSQL Queries for MS SQL Server 2008 R2 - Creating an accessories collection Creating an accessories fair trade brand - Creating an advanced search function for a website creating an advert - Creating an animated short film creating an animated show for youtube. - Creating an app Creating an app - CREATING AN APPLICATION FULLY (DESIGN+EXECUTION) Creating an application on TIA Portal for s7-300 - Creating an e-mail signature for apple mail Creating an E-Store using MAGENTO - Creating an event handler to print QR Barcode Creating an event invitation business card - Creating an ExtJS 4 component. Creating an Eye Catching Advertizment - Creating an indicator for evaluating account Creating an info Video from provided .png, .jpg and .pptx files - Creating an iOS 7 Application - repost Creating an iOS and Android 2D Game App - CREATING AN ONLINE CINEMA BOOKING SYSTEM Creating an online Comic - Creating an oracle SQL plsql developer CV Creating an oracle stored procedure - Creating an XML file and Flat File Record Creating an XML file and Flat File Record - 07/08/2016 17:40 EDT - Creating and developing a cooperate identity Creating and developing CMS in nette FW - Creating and Maintaining Blog Post To My Personal Blog Creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets and Access databases - Creating and updating press list Creating and updating press list 2 - creating animated flag by flash or gif for header of site Creating animated Gif - Creating API to download catelogue info from flipkart or snapdeal creating apk only by phonegap for android - creating Arabic recruitment site - repost 2 Creating architectural plans - Creating auto joining and posting winform application using C# Creating auto windows desktop app - creating back-end by cakephp Creating backend services of a management system - Creating Banners / Photoshop some images to fit our brand.... Creating Banners and Category - Creating Blog or Website Content Syndication Platform Creating Blog Page for Travel Blog - Creating Buddypress registrations/profiles via webhooks Creating Budget from Scratch - Creating Capture and Template for a Site that matches Farmers with Land Creating car spare tables for import into the Ebay Store - Creating chat app For synapcs creating chat client using jms n rmi - Creating clothes for a game called IMVU Creating clothing for human 3D models by editing textures - Creating complex English sentences in PHP CREATING COMPLEX MULTIPLE QUESTIONS - Creating Content For Teaching Engineering Level Physics Creating content for tequila brand website. - Creating CP for Streaming and Video conference creating cpu scheduing using SJF and RR - Creating Custom Directive Creating custom Email newsletter sidebar Optinmonster - Creating customised portfolio section Creating Customizable E-Commerces website for customers - Creating database FileMaker Pro+Web Scaping - for Creating Database for online book store and bind the data on display page - Creating Design For Swimming Pool and Courtyard including 3D impression and detail for builder Creating design from existing draft - Creating document summaries Creating document templates in Microsoft Word - CReating dynamic pages on joomla website Creating Dynamic PHP Pages - Creating EBAY LISTINGS , ONLY PHILIPPINES ! Creating eBay listings -- 2 - Creating emailers and microsites on wordpress for our marketing campaigns Creating emails - Creating Excel Database Creating Excel database - Creating Exterior Vizualization Creating Extra Members Account Using HTTP GET or POST with the Tips and Tricks HQ plugins - creating fake pokemon - open to bidding Creating family blocks in revit facade consulting - Creating Financial Services Video Creating financial statements for a number of past years - Creating Flyer Creating flyers - Creating Forum Creating Forum - repost - Creating functions for this simple C++ class Creating Functions in R studio - Creating Gigs of Fiverr Creating glasses that can detect metal - Creating Graphs in flash Creating graphs in Google Slides - Creating How-to Presentation Creating How-To Section For a Cloud Based Application - Creating Hybrid iOS App for an existing Android app for Doctors and Hospitals Creating Hybrid iOS App for an existing Android app for Doctors and Hospitals - open to bidding - Creating Images For a Story Book Creating images for art studio - Creating information panels in Flash creating informative booklet on our company and services (content & design) - Creating invoices in PDF using Creating IOS and Android Apps for Room Booking - Creating ISO