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C - c # & quick training C # - Line / Bar / Pie chart code - C # project for NinjaTrader Platform C # project: translated from Italian to English - C ++ / C Sharp programmer required ASAP C ++ 2 questions - C ++ programming C ++ Programming ( Maze game) - C - Project C - Reverse Engineering - C / HTML Website C / python parser script - c and linux programmer required C and mips coding - C assignment C assignment - C binary tree. C Blackjack Program - C code - Nginx: add support to Nginx upload progress to track multiple files upload C code analyses, writing summary and detailed explanation document - C code for recording screencasts / 2 C code for recording screencasts / 3 - C code to Matlab code C code to PHP translation [[VERY EASY]] - C coding peice C Coding Required for Small Moving Toy based Project - C development C development for P2P pDHT module - C Expert Programmer C Expert required for quick complex task - C Guru needed C guru needed for 2 hours (Easy and long term work) - C in Linux demo c in mingw - C L POSTER WANTED C L poster wanted - C Language !! C language - internal application - network related - C language Programming C Language programming of Excel Spreadsheets for a Standalone Apllication - C Library for Linux App C library for NXP RTCC - c mon band C MPI + paralellel programming expert - C or C++ person for immediate hire C or C++ program - C PIC Speed Control C plugin development - C prog to poll parport C Prog trainer - c program c program - C program - operating system C Program - Read and Write to an Image file - C program code C program coding (basic) - C program for solving Runge-Kutta 4th order C program for temperature profile - C program of a small job for University -- 2 c program of operating systems - C Program Simple c program simple - C program to simulate disk scheduling algorithm C program to write a proxyserver creation along with cache websites listed in file. - C Program..... C program...simple Network - C programing Bİ101 Lessons assignment C programing computer assignment - C programmer C programmer - C programmer for semantic text functions C programmer for some help with basic program - C Programmer to 'Convert' Python Network Code and Add Multithread C Programmer to hire - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - c programming . C Programming exercises ( Urgent) - C Programming (Zombie Infection Outbreak) C programming + microcontroller - c programming - open to bidding C programming - operating system - C programming _ Algorithm and data structure C Programming _Project - C Programming Assignement #8 C Programming Assignement #8 - repost - C Programming Assignment 3 C Programming assignment : Digital signal processor audio filter - C Programming code reviewer and tutor C Programming code reviewer and tutor - C Programming First Year Assignment C Programming for a MCU chip - C programming Help C programming help - C programming in Visual studio C Programming in Visual Studio Project - C programming number 6 C programming number 8 - C Programming project C programming Project - C Programming Project 1. C programming Project 11 - C Programming Project16 C Programming Project17 - C programming questions (2 hours) C Programming Quiz - C Programming Task - 2 copies required C programming task - 3 - C Programming Tutoring C programming tutoring - C programming with svn C programming with valgrind - C programming- GCC C Programming- Simple program - C programmong on a Unix platform C programms - c project (scheduling specific) C Project , Easy $50 - C Project Number 3 C project of Networking - C r a i g s l i s t sale car by owner ads needed C R A I G S L I S T (Verizon number) - C sharp 2010 Send email application C sharp 2010 Voice Project - c sharp find and replace Application c sharp find and replace Application - c sharp script c sharp script - C small project with report C socket application - c store business proposal C Store Solution logo - C to Mathlab C to Matlab code - c work need today -- 2 C work! - C# C# - C# Interfaces
C# job/modules Application - C# & SAML 2.0 Single Sign On IDP Assistance C# & sql school assignment - C# + SQL developer needed c# + SQL help small easy - C# - .Net - OpenStreetMap Project(repost)(repost) C# - .NET Software Developer - C# - CSV import to MSSQL database C# - CsvHelper to run in Silverlight 5 - C# - Modify WebRequest/WebResponse wrapper class to be asynchronous c# - MonoTouch camera app and photo manipulation - C# - User Control for Displaying Contacts / Business Directo C# - User Setup APP (using Oracle DB) - c# .dll to OEC's API c# .msg file reader Extension - C# .NET application C# .NET Application assist require - C# .Net Desktop Software C# .Net Desktop Software (pinger and log into forum) - C# .NET Expert SQL Server C# .Net extend existing vst host - C# .net mvc completion of website: 3 days -- 2 C# .NET MVC MS SQL SilverLight - C# .NET to C InterOp Assistance C# .net to fix bug and add a module - C# .NET Windows Client Design C# .NET Windows Desktop Developer - C# / .NET SIP Soft Phone with custom features C# / .Net Task - C# / MS-SQL / Facebook OAUTH Web Application with Bootstrap & JQuery. C# / MSSQL Advanced Application - C# 2.0 / C++ Super fast Image thumbnail generator C# 2.0 Add-in Express 4.4.1913.2005 developer (Repost) - C# 2.0, Windows Service App Bug C# 2.0/3.0 component Image merger - C# : Connect / disconnect to a network printer with option(repost) C# : Disable/Enable WiFi if LAN link is up - C# Accounting Software Source Code C# Accounting Software Source Code - C# Algorithms Needed for Marker-less Hand Tracking with RGB WebCam. C# Amazon Project Needs Updating - C# and c++ applications development. C# and C++ expert required for 1 days work ASAP - C# and JavaScript Programmer Needed To Build A Design Software C# and JavaScript Programmer Needed To Build A Design Software - c# and VS 2015 MVC developer C# and Wordpress fixes - C# API to DDE Server C# API to grab option price from CBOE web site - C# app modifications C# app modifications (2) - c# applicatio C# Application - C# Application / Web Service C# application 1 - C# Application Is Freezing i have windows Dump file, Need to open this File in Visual Studio To Check Issue C# Application Management System, POE-USB to Z-Wave - C# application to create dot (MS Word) file, then populate and print several filled templates C# application to drag/drop programs into - C# Application, MVC,.NET C# Application: migrate from MS Access to SQL Server / possible AJAX modifications - C# ASP.NET 2.0 Developer - 20 hours C# ASP.Net 2.0 SQL Server - C# input mask c# javascript - C# ASP.NET MVC developer - 20131112 C# ASP.NET MVC Email-Like Messaging Feature - C# ASP.NET SQL Server 05 App C# sql2005 coder Today - C# Assembly Server and SMTP Server C# assesment - C# assignment and a quiz C# assignment completion - C# Automaticaly Get HTML Code of a Website c# automation - C# basic assignment - simple console application C# basic assignment 3 and a quiz - C# Bot C# Bot - Experienced Bot Programmers Only - C# call mtmanapi.dll C# call to Delphi DLL - C# chess game c# chrome selenium) get html table and send a button click - C# class library to c++ com library C# Class Library to Generate Image - C# Class to Login and navigate in my account pages in Amazon(repost) C# Class To login and Place Orders in Mt4 or mt5 - C# ClickOnce app requiring debugging C# Client (Outlook Extension) for Rest API implementation - C# code FIX / Redesign c# code fixes for video software (ffmpeg related) -- 2 - C# Code Reader Software C# Code Required - Download MSAzure Blobs - Quick, Easy - C# code to get current URL from IE6,IE7,FireFox C# Code to Log on to a web site and Get (scrap) some content - C# code version error debugging c# code with SharePoint API - C# Coding C# coding on visual studio 2010 - c# com server project C# COM+ Component for File Uploading in VBScript/ASP 3.0 - c# concurrent http searches C# Connect to Dynamics CRM 365 Site Using Sample Code - C# console program C# console program - C# Convert XML to text searchable PDF and HTML C# Correlation Library - C# crystal reports editor. C# Csharp project but we have just exe/dll.Size414K.Program is cashregister.We need decompile and want to run it on another PC to test if we can save the infrastructure when things on main PC go down.It uses a SQLServerDB.Can u setup and teach me? - C# Data Access Layer C# data access layer components - C# Database Development - repost C# database management portal - C# Dependency Walker C# Deployment on AWS / Linux Cloud - C# Desktop Form Designing Only C# Desktop Managment Agent *RELIST* - C# Developer C# developer - C# Developer for compiling and testing C# developer for mono app on Mac - C# developer needed for short term project -- 2 C# developer needed for some .NET projects - C# Developer Required - Only Freelancers C# developer to create a TRADE BOT for us - C# Developers ( zona Retiro) URGENTE!! - 115445 C# Developers ( zona Retiro) URGENTE!! - 121741 - c# development for umar c# development help small routines this is not ogoing help any work would be done via team viewer. - c# directshow sample required C# DirectShow.NET API for Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder - C# Dot Net Architect C# dot net Field Validation - C# Ebay wrapper C# ecommerce - C# Enhancement project for Matiur C# Entity Framework Code First - Searching - C# Expert for chat app development C# Expert for Long Term Project - C# Expert Required C# Expert Required - C# Face Sheet C# Facebook API - C# file sharing program C# File System Scanner - C# FIX program(repost) C# Fix software freezes when program is executing - c# form application to application