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A Simple Opinion Poll Andriod App - A Simple Perl Script a simple Perl script - A simple php based website A simple PHP Database - A Simple PHP Script A simple PHP Script - A Simple PHP Wordpress Script a simple PHP+XML code server installation - A Simple POS Program. a Simple post auto publish (by time event) WordPresss plugin. - A simple profile system for users using NodeJS, MongoDB and Express A simple profile website is needed. - a simple program to enter ads in online papers such as craigs list A simple program to find out google, yahoo, bing indexed link. - A Simple project For The Experienced PHP Programmer A simple project for the experienced windows (C++, Visual Basic, etc) programmer - A simple project with restrictions A simple project with software using design patterns - A simple query page A simple query program - A simple real time clicks calculation peace of code. No design needed. A simple recruitment website based on provided template - a simple rider website A simple ringtone app for our new video song - A simple script that runs on linux web host -40 USD A simple script that runs on linux web host -40 USD - repost - A simple seed tutors software (chinese) - repost A simple send email script - A simple site for sharing lecture notes in core PHP A simple site for submitting tweets - A simple Socket Class in C++ A simple sockets application using C and Java - A Simple Static Structure a simple static website - a simple task A Simple Task - Android Studio - a simple text app to send messages A Simple Text based mobile game application to be developed on IOS + Android with a complete admin controlled backend and fully designed control panel - A Simple Train Simulator using Java A simple translation from English to German - A simple typing job a simple typing job - A simple utility app A simple utility application written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript - A simple video cleanup A simple video e-learning software - a simple VOIP SOFTWARE to Develop -- 2 a simple VOIP SOFTWARE to Develop -- 2 - A simple web application - repost A simple web application for a small shipping company - A simple web form a simple web form that will pass a number to a command line - A simple web site (hopefully!!) A simple web site build with ASP.NET - A simple webshop/marketplace with a few additional functions A Simple Website - A simple website A simple website - a simple website (3-4 pages) in jsp or java bean a simple website (3-4 pages) in jsp or java bean - A simple website do integrate with my IoT project A simple website do integrate with my IoT project - A simple Website immediately a simple website in html - A simple website with CMS A simple website with good security. - A simple width modification in HTML needed A simple WinCE application - A simple WordPress function to retain JavaScript in Post Content A simple wordpress home page - A simple wordpress website based on the template provided - Urgent A simple wordpress website needed with awesome design - A simple Xcode, Cocoa, Mac OS X app/utility to draw rectangles on a 2D XY canvas, like a scatter plot. A simple XML program - A simple: Android application (apk) a simpler box fo an electronic device - a simply vb program w SQL2000(repost) A simpple application with push message function - A Simulation Project-2 - repost A Simulation Project-3 - A singer website, creative preferably WordPress A singer website, creative preferably WordPress ( By Taylor ) - A single EXE file which send a left mouse click in "Hardware level" A single flash\html bio page - A single javascript-html based webpage that produces a database driven, editable table A single job who can pay me daily some money. - A single page product website that accepts Paypal payments a single page template creator site to use in ebay - A single php script to return html table/CSV file from mySQL database with user name/password verification A single picture aimed for comic books but to look realistic - A single web page template for internal use a single web page that will alternate between live ip camera feeds in a fullscreen mode. - A site builder - Drupel a site built with shopping cart for phone repairs and unlocking - a site for finding roommates A site for joke, funny pictures and funny videos - A site like AirBnB with customization - modification (e-commerce, marketplace) a site like but only selling digital music and ebooks (possibly physical CDs and Books too) - a site like my free cams a site like required - A site like - repost A site made similar to wordtracker keyword search tool - A site search engine with PHP and MySQL A site similar HotUKDeals - a site similar to A site similar to - A site that shows the traffic on other selected sites A site that will garner daily revenue through ads or affiliates - a site with e-commerce capability A site with features similar to - A sketch a sketch artist - A sketch of wedding dress a sketch or a painting done of my girlfriend - A Skilled Drupllar Requird a skilled electrical enginer. - A skilled writer who can organize my narrative into a coherent brief A skillful php developer wanted - A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching - A slogan for website A slogan that tells everyone how cool I am - A small (approx. 5 template) Wordpress site A small .NET program to modify a specific SWF resource in a SWF player file. - a small accounting assignment A small adaptation to an already existing javascript - a small Android application A small Android Application for our web application - A small application for offline process A small application for PHP, MySql programmer - A small assignment a small assignment - A small buddy press website A small bug fix on website - A small C# game A small C# script to populate a Emgu.CV.Mat with data int or float data. - A small change in dropdown menu feature!! A small change in dropdown menu feature!! -- 2 - a small connected android app a small connected iphone app - a small design a small design work - a small edit A small edit of the logo #46 you made for me - A small essay on Children & Families. Witer must know about the English legal system A small excel job - A small excel job--2
A small excel job--2 - A Small Flash Interactive Animation A small flash Lucky Draw game - A small game is required a small game project - A small home network utility a small home page design(repost) - A small issue a small issue in website which made aspx - A small java project for PC A Small Java using Suffix Trie - A small Joomla Project again A small Joomla project need expert person only - a small logo that will be used as chapter separators A small logo to print on t-shirts - A small network database of around 50 active female webcam models (India/Bangladesh) A small network database of around 50 active female webcam models (India/Bangladesh) - open to bidding - A Small Part Of My Site Needs Fixed a small PCB design for medical purposes - A Small PHP Program A small PHP project - A small PHP/MySQL application matching offers and requests(repost)(repost)(repost) A Small Picture Managing Software Needed! - A small program for the iPhone & ipad A small program so solve a problem and deliver a solution - a small project a small project - A small project from class A small project in parallel computing on open mp/mpi in c/c++ - A small project using javascript and RoR A small project using opengl, c++ - A small recording and action product A small recruitment agency system - A small retouching of one photo A small rewrite project - A small search engine which crawl 10-15 websites A small SEO about wordpress. - A small simulation using OMNET++ (consulting, very quick example) A small simulator (in HTML5 + JS) - A small software in VB6.0 & MS-ACCESS for creat office forms, sanction order increment, increment arrear calculation, pension paper prepration in Orissa Govt. Teachers A small software needed designed and tested on wireless toolkit - A small task done for me a small task for paraphrasing: urgent - A small token toward a bigger number A small tool for home business - A small class to scrap data a small project - A Small Web Based Lead Distribution System A small web form - a small website a small website - A small website to showcase places of interest for the public. A small website translation from English to Lithuanian - A SMALL WORK TO BE DONE ON MS EXCEL A small working assignment to create one Excel add-in (Should be very basic) - A smart designer having every thing smart a SMART DNS blueprint - A smooth, flat, responsive WEBSITE, Css, JS, HTML5 incl. Check Analyze Document Before Bid, knowledge of JSP, MAVEN, SPRING important A sms sending and receiving app by a modem connected on a computer - A Soccer Blog that is autofeed with material. A Soccer Blog that is autofeed with material. - repost - A Social Footbal Network A social game application for iPhone/iPad - A social media app very similar model to twitter. A social media blogger for all my sites - a social net working site A Social Network - A social network for autistic parents, friends, and people A social network for designers - A social network website not working - open to bidding A social network! - A Social Networking site A social networking site - A social networking template A social networking template - open to bidding - a social networking website work (12 task (half complete/half want improvement) and 12 mistakes A social networking website, similar to - A Social Website A social website - a software A software (an app) that is adaptable to an iPad or android that allows people to select their language and complete the entire electronic form in that language. - A software designer/programmer a Software developement for a parts program(motorcycle parts) - A software engineer is needed for a growth hacking project. -- 3 A software engineer is needed for a growth hacking project. -- 3 - A Software like Ammyy Admin A Software like Ammyy Admin or Teamviewer - A software program A software program for organisation (by category) of a database of song lyrics - a software that can maake viedos and audio products for clients a software that reads handwritten telephone numbers (and one of 6 words) into a database from a picture - A SOFTWARE TO MANAGE MY NEWSPAPER STAND A software to parse website and do screenshot - a softwarre to control entire company contacts A Solar Array Calculator - A solo hummingbird design needed for my logo A solution - A song A song - A sort of small batting cage - smaller than a regular one.. a sorting and filing software that self adjust for a price comparison site - A spanish (guatemala) to english translator A spanish (guatemala) to english translator - A special alarm app for android A special bushiness cards - A Special Project for Brainiacs Team A Special Project for Helen - A special Website Project a Specialist in Microsoft Excel Program - A specification sheets on a new home being built A specification sheets on a new home being built - A speech to text conversion application with emotion recognition application a speech written - A sponsorship proposal written up A sport club website - repost - A sports nutritionist A sports related iPhone application - A spread Sheet designed to caculate compound intrest A spread sheet to formulate draw down and draw up and risk to reward - A Sql Stored procedure A square space business site built - A stand alone program needs to be written that will take finnancial data which is in both Excel (.csv) & windows notepad format from a folder located on my C; drive. Then Convert it to METASTOCK formated data and place it into a new folder on my C; drive A stand hostess-assistant for an exhibition in World Trade Center-Dubai - a start-up business plan A start-up charity looking for grant writers. - A State of Fiction in the US Report a state of the art lms able to learn share create and connect.. - A static library using OpenCV A static map with 25 points, that when mouse rolls over, small amount of text appears - A Statistic project to be explained in MS-words & Analyse data using Excel software. A statistic project! - A statistical work for Karen A Statistician - A Type of Site A Steganography Application - A stock control database A stock gallery - A story a story - A story/beat board for a cartoon, Artist. A story/Novel from a boy that came from Mexico and made it successfully in the USA - a streaming video website like A streaming website - A strong Drupal developer A Strong duck logo - a structure which functions as both maximum tree and as binary tree search. A stub for an investment application - A student entrepreneurship platform