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Android Take a photo and Recording Video -- 2 - Android Task 3 - Repost Android Task 4 - android tasks for picture to show up in gallery Android Tax Application - Android Taxi Booking and dispatching apps -- 2 Android Taxi booking app - Android Team Required Android Tech Lead - Android Templete Modification Android Tennis App with UI - Android Test Project 11142016 Android Test Project(repost) - Android Testers Needed - New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad ONLY Android Testers needed for emergency - Android testing in brazil - open to bidding Android testing needed - Android TextView arc animation Android Thai Payment Gateway Integration (SiamPay, 2C2P, etc) - Android Ticketing App Development Android Ticketing App Development - repost - Android Tips App Android To a MAC application - Android to iOS conversion android to IOS conversion 3 - Android to PC communications via Bluetooth - repost Android to pc video chat - Android Touchscreen Shutdown Android tour guide app. Must develop app, server database. - Android Tracking System android trading analysis app, tablet - android trainer Android trainer -- 2 - Android Training app - Project for amantmax Android Training for college students - Android Treasure Hunt App android tree-based app which get web updates for content - android tutorial android tutorial - android tv android tv & digital signage - Android TV Application needs creating by an experienced Android APK developer / programmer Android TV Box - Android TV Schedule App Android TV Template Messages - Android UDF reader(editor) Android UDP not getting packets - Android UI creation Android UI Desighner - Android UI Design Developer Needed for a Game/App Android UI design for an existing app - Android UI Developer Android UI developer - Android UI for event application Android UI for Internet TV - Android UI revisions Android UI revisions -- 2 - Android UI/UX designer needed Android UI/UX development/upgrade - Android Unlock Screen Protection Android unmanaged in-app issue fix - android upload download view multimedia data android upload image to php server example - Android Usenet/Newsgroup App android user activity recongition and location (google api) - Android using google API Android Using GridNews - Android V2 Android V2 -- 2 - Android Version iOS application Android Version Mapview Problem beseitigen. - Android version of an iPhone app - open to bidding Android version of an iPhone program - Android version of Fishes: East Pacific iphone app Android version of Flash Application - Android version of Maskerade Android Version of my app Maskerade - Android version of Android version of pspdfkit - Android video and chat app Android video and training app conversion from iPhone - Android Video Based App Android Video Broadcaster - ANDROID VIDEO COMMUNICATOR Android Video Compression/Downsampling library - Android Video Engineer Android Video Engineer - Update - Android Video player Android video player - Android video player to play HTTP live streams Android video player to play HTTP live streams(repost) - Android Video Recording Basic Framework Sourcecode Android Video Recording FFmpeg Delete Video Segments - Android video upload application Android Video Wall - repost - Android Virtual Tour Application Android virtual tour file .swf - android voice call program android voice changer - Android Voice Record and Play Back App Android Voice recorder + file sender - Android VoIP App written in C# using Xamarin.Android Android VoIP App written in C# using Xamarin.Android - Android Voip Soft Application - open to bidding Android voip softphone - Android VPN App Android VPN App - Android Vpn Server Android VPN software - Android Wallpaper Android Wallpaper - Android Wallpaper App - Android Wallpaper App - open to bidding - Android wallpaper Live Android Wallpaper Project - Android water ripple effect live wallpaper Android WaterFall Live Wallpaper - Android wear development for custom android watch Android wear flappy bird game - Android Weather App Android weather app - Android web application Android Web Application with Webview - Android web server setup Android Web Service - ANDROID webform auto fill - auto populate Name/Address Etc.. Android Webpage & Locking Application - Android website transform Android website transform - repost full-time project - Android WebView App Android WebView App - Android Webview Application android webview application - Android webview or similar application in Android studio ANDROID WEBVIEW PROJECT - Android Webview Wrapper for Android WebView Wrapper with background geolocation - Android wheel like iOS Android Wheel of fortune - Android Widget Button. Android widget description - Android WIFI auto switching and related logic -- 4 Android WIFI auto switching and related logic -- 5 - Android WIFI Tethering APP android wifi tethering app with captive portal - Android Wikitude Enhancement