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A script/program for - A search centre platform added onto my WP theme - please read full instructions! a search database for emails with tiny community - A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country - open to bidding - A second project for this talented developer A second project for this talented developer - ongoing work - A Security Applicaiton for IPhone(repost) A security Breach - a self employed part time book keeper A Self Help Interview Transcription Project - a sellsheet A Semi Trained Chef for a midnight food delivery - A seo for a specific name A seo for my website - A Series Of 10 Lifestyle Articles. A series of 12 small/short Data Structures projects. - A series of blog posts (1 - 2 a week) on menswear fashion topics A series of bottle labels done - A series of illustrations to accompany/illustrate text on a website A series of iOS Games Apps for finalisation & App Store Submission - A Series of Technical Reports about hacking, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, tools and utilities a series of text buttons for short messages. - A server on minecraft A Server side login system - A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms - ongoing work A services oriented website based on Jommla with CSS manupilation. - a set of banners for google ad campaign a set of basic python projects - A set of names design to be made (or dhikr) A set Of PC - A set of white icons on a blue button for a new database design. A set toward our future - a sharing app A Sharing Website - a shop banner for selling jewelleries A shop like or etsy - A shopping and design submission site A shopping and sales portal - A Shopping Hall - open to bidding A Shopping Hall Entrance - a shopping site and product admin site a shopping site needed. - A short 30 sec 2d/3d demo video with script. I have outline. Eventually I will need 2 more videos. a short 30 to 45 second video commercial - A short and simple video animation to help me with my presentation A short and simple video introduction for a website - A short animation on a history topic A short animation or series of sketches - a short book A short book that I will be distributing for free - A short document of 19 slightly larger than tweet-sized paras. A short Document to be Translated in 3 languages - A short exercise on Racket Language A Short Film - A short flash video for a website. A short form report on a broken laptop's exterior casing and seized lid hinge - A short Java Assignment a short Machinima film - a short report (3 to 5 pages) on "Underwater Acoustic Contemporary Research" A short report on - A multiple linear regression approach to find the relationship between the mileage per gallon of a car with price and foreignness. - A short story about misunderstood love (700-1000 words) (17 years old - high school student level english) A short story about misunderstood love, ending with a good climax - A short summary of an article - repost a short telemarketing script for tax and accounting services - A short video animation A Short Video Clip for Website - A short writing project for Schemz! A short youtube NEW AGE promo video editing 2:30 minutes - a side job A side ways walking animation - a silhouette picture i designed but i need it redone symetrically a silt and mercury filter system for a small one man gold dredging system - A similar snapchat app A Similar Website - A simillar review page like or A Simle PHP Form - a simple ''hello world'' image processing app, using OpenCV or equivalent A simple ''Tee Time'' system: Reservation Database - A simple 2 pages HTML website A simple 2 pages PHP website - a simple 3-activity project A simple 3-page web site - A simple 8.5 size 4 color cover sheet for a presentation A Simple \"ASPX to HTML work\" - a simple affiliate + MLM(combine) intergrate with joomla a simple affiliate tracking software. - A simple and short Business plan to be written A Simple and Short Description Project - A Simple Android App A simple android app - A simple Android application A simple Android application - A Simple Android Partially finished Game Project A Simple Android Project - A simple app (store) to provide a desired selection of AppStore apps and redirects user to appstore then. A Simple App about child - A simple Apple App A SIMPLE APPLE DEVELOPER PROJECT - A simple AR iPhone App using vuforia SDK or other -- 2 A simple architecture design of food products show hall (food products fair) - A simple audio pitch and rate control interface A simple audio recording engine for android - A simple BitCoin trading robot in Excel a simple black and white logo converted to .dts for embroidery - A simple build and updating of Squarespace site A simple bulk seo competition checker - A simple but good looking logo for my new company A Simple but Graphically Rich Website - A simple C# code A simple C# program - A Simple C/C++ Program A simple calcuator (flash or javascript) - A simple Chamber of Commerce website - repost A simple change in my website script - A simple clone website A simple clothing brand logo. - A SIMPLE COMPILER IMPLEMENTED IN JAVA A SIMPLE COMPILER IMPLEMENTED IN JAVA - A Simple CRM Software -- 2 A simple Cron job - a simple data driven website A simple Data editing project - A Simple Database Project A simple database with customer details and 3-4 order forms - a simple design work for a ios app A Simple Designer in WPF - a simple drawing A simple drawing - open to bidding - a simple ea creation with indicators a simple ea in mt4 5 digit broker - A simple email service software A simple email template for marketing our product - A simple Facebook App A simple facebook app - A simple file manager A simple File Manager and File Uploader - written in PHP Scripts - A simple fix of ruby program A Simple flash animation - a simple flash/java game A Simple Flip Flop Counter in Flash Using Action Script 3 - A Simple Game A Simple Game - A simple game inspired by TimberMan but with a different concept
A Simple game needed - a simple google app engine based dinamic site for school A simple grade book program: An introduction to c++ using vectors - a simple homework for my E-commerce class A Simple Homework Problem - A simple HTML5/Bootstrap website (mockups attached for 6 pages) - only modern browsers A simple illustration using either visio or any other tool - a simple inventory system for laboratory A simple invoicing application - Motor Vehicle Service - A simple iPhone app built A simple iPhone app built -- 2 - A simple JAVA Based Android App a simple java console project - A Simple Java Programming Project A Simple Java Project - a simple job -verify the validity of emails on facebook get their age and gender A simple job for all , complet offers - A simple Kinect-based game for Windows A simple lab report - A SIMPLE LIVE WALLPAPER a simple live wallpaper - A simple logo A simple logo - A Simple Logo Design A Simple Logo Design - A simple looking ROOM Mate Finder PHP application A simple looking website where users can send an email to a mailing list for free or charged - A simple mechanical engineering problem A simple medical app - A Simple MIPS Disassembler A simple MIPS Disassembler - A simple MP3 player to integrate into my web template A simple mProjector plugin - a simple node.js website A simple Nokia application - A simple online platform A Simple Online Store - A simple page. Thats fun! A simple pain assessment Facebook App - A simple Photo Manager A simple photo slideshow using iLightBox Jquery - A Simple PHP Project A simple PHP project - A simple Php Website A simple Php Website - A Simple port/USB application - update A Simple POS Program. - A simple profile website is needed. A simple profile website is needed. - repost - A simple program to find out google, yahoo, bing indexed link. a simple program to load ads in five online sites up to 10 times daily - a simple project in java A Simple project in prolog - A simple prolog programm(Logical programming) A simple Property website - A simple quiz game with some background music. - open to bidding A simple racket(scheme) program - A simple report writing project about trichomonas vaginalis A Simple Research About BCG Matrix and Decoy Effect of A Firm In 4 Hours - A simple school project in Java using oracle database A Simple Scrapy spider - A simple search app a simple search form of google videos - A simple single web page. A simple site - A simple social networking app A simple social networking site - A Simple State Machine including Test bench A Simple State Machine including Test bench and memory block - a simple task a simple task $10 budget - A simple tester a simple text app to send messages - A Simple Train Simulator using Java A simple translation from English to German - a simple typing job A simple typing job! - A simple VB application for a Training Company A simple VB Project - A simple Video Motion Editor uses PS3 as controller a simple video needed - a simple weather app for android A simple web app - A Simple web based Script for domain sales a simple web based videogame - a simple web radio page A simple Web Scraping - A simple webbased payroll A simple webbased payroll - A simple website A simple website - a simple website a simple website - A simple Website Design For Reseller Web Traffics Online a simple website developed(design present) - A Simple Website for Town Details. A simple website home page. - A simple website with blog A simple website with CMS - a simple white paper A Simple Whiteboard in Flash - A simple wordpress forum site A simple WordPress function to retain JavaScript in Post Content - A simple wordpress website based on the template provided - Urgent A simple wordpress website needed with awesome design - A simple XSLT question A Simple y86 Assembly Project - A Simplest PhoneGap application Using APACHI Cordova and Ionic -- 2 a simplified Zen Cart - A Simulation in JAVA Using Cloud Sim Cloud Simulator Tool A Simulation modeling for SIP signalling over MANET ( OPNET or NS-2) - A Sing Along Multimedia Application A Singapore based CPA - A singing flash mob A singing website..freelance and wedding singer style - A single home page , A single HTML page for a website - with JavaScript and Google Maps API and AutoComplete Search bar using Plaves API - A single page A4 flyer letter design - i need in 2 hours A single page app with a search page, list page and details page. - a single photo edit A single photo edited - A single view OB calculator A single Web page - A site based on Wordpress/Bootstrap using free agency theme, very small A site build to a client - a site for finding roommates A site for joke, funny pictures and funny videos - A site like A site like - A site LIKE peerflix but NOT A CLONE a site like ratemyproffessor on php/mysql - A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tools A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tools -- 2 - A site similar to A site similar to higear[dot]com - A site similiar to the combination of Digg and A site so my buyer can login and order online - A site to upload files to a server and download them. A site transferred from Joomla to Wordpress - with a twist! - a skecth of a draw working a skecth of a draw working -- 2 - A sketch of wedding dress A sketch of wedding dress - A sketch/mock up 1 page website and basic logo