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A Multi-threaded program - A multiplayer IOS/Android game prototype a Multiplayer Platformer game on android - A music / sound editing for my poem A music and video sharing platform - A Music Producer a music producer - A music site needed A Music Social Media Site - A Music Website A music website - a myspace site A like project for Exhibitors - A name and logo design A name for a cool movie company - A Native American Female voice over (duration 2.5 Mins) in an american accent is needed (Urgent) A native android app for - A native English speaker to have 1-2 hours converstion A native English speaker who has a degree in literature or MFA. - A native French speaking for financial related content writing A native German speaking for financial related content writing - A Native Romanian Translator for Proofreading of a Website a native speaker to correct a paper (3 pages) - A need a buyer for Zeepad Tablets and Gadgets In Bulk A need a custom ajax filter for Prestashop Ecommerce - A need a Unique Box, where now are 2. A need a very simple android tool - A need to modify some existing PHP scripts A needed TORRENT / FILE - A network Lifetime Enhancement method for Sink Relocation using Wireless Sensor Networks A network monitoring system based on the working theory of network monitoring needs to be implemented with the help of Vmware and network monitoring tools. Results will show all the information gathered using the network monitoring system and the metrics - A networking website for a university A networking website for a university - open to bidding - A new advice website A New Algorithm for Breast Segmentation in Digital Mammographic Images - A new blog site a new book cover. - a new chatroulette for a different website A New Church Website - A New company website A new company website (BUDGET: NO IDEA) - A New Database A new Database with a nice GUI design. - A New Design Needed for a Php Script a new design no 20 layout for riseofaryan - A new ERP from scratch A new ERP from scratch - A New Financial Application A new flash project for Beko - A New GPS App A New Graphic - a new improved build of an existing library using LinkedIn API A new Infographic - a new joomla website A new keyboard - A new logo A new logo - A new Logo (will be posted soon) A new Logo (will be posted soon) - open to bidding - A new logo for another division of our busines A new logo for my business - A new logo for True Fitness - open to bidding A new logo for web project - A new look for my site A new look on a business card - A new modern design for my website. A new modern Japanese restaurant in London - A new phone application with buttons that control wether its off or on with a battery A new photography logo - A new professional sales powerpoint A New Professional WorkExchange Website - A new project for wmtoolsnet -- 4 A New Project From - a new rock group called the Penguins--who are actual Penguins a new school logo - A new Site! a new site. - A NEW SYSTEM A new system - A new ukulele brand name(not a slogan) A new unique font created for a new chocolate brand - A New Web Page A new web Page - A new website A new website - A new website A new website - A new website (BUDGET: NOT SURE) A New Website (CMS + E-commerce) - A New website Design a new website design - A new website for ourselves , A new website for Real estate - A New Website using WordPress Platform A New Website using WordPress Platform - Repost - a new wordpress blog and some fix of an old WPress site A New Wordpress Overlay Plugin - A New York attorney licensed in state court -- 3 A New York Times article (Feb 24/2015) states that -- 2 - A NEWS BLOG A NEWS BLOG - a news site with django in Android A news ticker - a nice benenr design for out website A nice app - A Nice Passport / Headshot picture A nice search box design needed - A nike shoe bot A Ninja to Write a High Quality Android App in Very Short Time - A node.js service to keep users logged in A node.js service to keep users logged in - repost - A non-template style Website required - A non-template style Website required ASAP - A notebook app with synchronization for iPhone A Notes like article on computer software based on syllabus - A Novel Indexing Technique for Web Documents using Hierarchical Clustering - open to bidding A novel intuitionstic fuzzy c means - a number of 3D models a number of blog entries and articles in the legal area - A NUMERICAL ANALYSIS ON TWO WHEELER SHOCK ABSORBER -- 2 A Numerical Methods Problem in MATLAB - A onde pessoas vai ser informado sobre as melhores ofertas. a one level 16bit 2d platformer that shows off my product (lifewearclothing) etc imagine mario collecting tshirt templates instead of coins - A one page image upload site A One Page insertion form in php/mysql - A one page website with design created in dot net nuke a one page website, basically a an online billboard - A one-pager CMS website for a software company A one-sided essay about the reasons of applying Management Science MSc - a online job a online job - A online store a online store - a opportunstic network - open to bidding A optician complete website - a p&l and balance sheet A P2P E-commerce site with SEO - A Page for configuration product - see the link A page for crowdsourcing and funding on the devolopement of a site based on the construction of a city. - a page to display profile's most recent visitors - SE v3.20 A page to fixed and two pictures that must be mixed - A paintball team logo A painted mural for a childs nursery - A painting done of three people A Painting done on a board of wood - A panel for customers staff and admins.
A Panel for Transcoding live streams using FFmpeg - a paper based on a Monte Carlo simulation study use R language- a paper describing a college history and impact on a country - a paper in physics -- 8 a paper in physics -- 9 - A Paper on Roman Empire A paper on social hierarchy in prisons between 3500-4000 words - A paper written A paper written - A paperback A4 100 - 120 page Battlefield Guidebook with 4 colour maps and images. a paragraph of gardening - A part of the book to be edited/proofread in such a manner that the flow remains and the publisher accepts the work a part of the java portal - A part time home based online job - open to bidding A part time independant contractor for telemarketing - A Part time job - open to bidding a part time job - open to bidding - a part time online job - open to bidding a part time or full time web content writer - A Part-Time Virtual Assistant is Needed to Support CEO. -- 2 A part-time, self-motivated, organized assistant. - A partner to inovate a great idea A Partner To Work With - a patch drawn a patch to a basic cataloguing program - a pattern modified for cutting with a steel rule die - ongoing work A pattern to be photo shopped onto stock dog bag photos - A Paypal Advanced Customized Page A Paypal Advanced Customized Page - open to bidding - a pcb for power bank A PCI-E x16 3.0 to thunderbolt 2.0 - A Peer Review Essay Needed A Peer to Peer App Controlled by a Mobile Device that Streams from a Camera to the Mobile Device, Youtube Live, and Facebook Live - A Penny Auction Site Development a perfect clone of - A Perl Script Fixed a perl script to send SMS from a modem pool device - A person from ARAb Countries A person from ARAb Countries - a person or group who can make a social networking site . A person part time to pinrest and other social media - A person to help implement Cisco modems and maintain units via remote support a person to help me maximise SEO on my website - A person to work on our ideas - open to bidding A person to write me a java code program - A Person who can turn my concepts into a reality A person who can write code in java bluej scripts and codes - A person who worked on compare theme from power themes before A person willing to turn our play into a movie - A personal assistant A personal assistant - a personal assistant with office skills A personal assistant with some business knowlege - A personal essay on what the American Dream means to you a personal fashion designer - A Personal Logo For Me A personal memoir - A personal virtual assistance A personal web page, made in php/mysql - A Personal YouTube Thumbnail Maker a personale project - a pest control techicain a pet website - a phd thesis typed a phd thesis typed - A phonegap app for ios and android A Phonegap App for Travel Site - A Photo Editing A photo editing website - A Photo Printing Utility A photo props - A photo turned into a vector graphic for silk screen A photo upload and slide show function in .NET1.1, C# - A photographer A photographer - a Photographer a photographer - a photographer a photographer - A photographer for 6 hours engagement shoot and after photo edited image files a photographer for a 21st party - A photographer for a small, easy wedding - repost A photographer for a small, easy wedding - repost - A photographer for Saudi Arabia a photographer for Seoul Fashion Week backstage - A photographer that will take full length shot,head shots ( smiling and not), 3/4 shots, and a swimwear shot A photographer to capture pictures on my girls's 5th year birthday party - A photographer to take pictures of marriage. a photographer to take pictures of wedding pictures - a photography for a 16th birthday party for nov 15 2014 A Photography Logo Designer - a photoshop based photo album designing tool A photoshop Design - a photoshop image of a uk driving license with the name and address i give you a photoshop image of a uk driving license with the name and address i give you -- 2 - a PHP and zendframework related job A PHP application - a PHP CMS and MySQL Custom Module a php code to insert XML data to MySQL - A PHP DEVELOPER ABLE TO DEAL WITH RED5 FLASH CHATROOM A PHP developer is needed - A PHP expert. - open to bidding A php File That Checks For Proxies - a PHP library to interact with Whatsapp a PHP library to interact with Whatsapp | PHP - A PhP programmer A php programmer - A php script fixed to work with a different site. A php script for a blog/articles website - A PHP script to open IMAP account and forward new mails, mark read a php script to receive mail and re-send it - a php telnet class to interact with a quescom GW A PHP utility function - A PHP, MySQL & Flash script. Cookie stuffer A PHP-CSS-MYSQL Application Integrated with Joomla - A physical 3d model mold A Physical B&W picture (35mm) converted to a quality JPG or equivelent - a picture a picture added to a flyer - a picture mood board with deeplink to websites a picture of a dogs butt - A picture of my mom and dad photoshopped a picture of mybhusband and I! - a picture to use for my kids lemonade stand (unisex) preferably a picture transfered from photio to online art - A pig picture for my website a pilot made for a childrens book I wrote - A pivot animation - using Pivot Animatior A pivot animation - using Pivot Animatior - open to bidding - A plan with cross sections of existing terrain and final working surface and 100m berm 3-4 m high. a plane fare - a platform for apps+App A platform for college students - a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. - open to bidding - a plug-in for Zotero Standalone A plug-in to resize the picture at mobile customer end - A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to switch keyboard language A Plugin for Windows(32-bit & 64-bit) and MAC - A POC using MongoDB A pocket menu designed for my restaurant - A Point of Sale and Inventory managment software for a small shop A Point Of Sale Solution - A polling website A polo shirt design for a diving club - A pong game + quiz