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Add the word menu to the mobile symbol - add themes to delphi 2007 app add these search fuctions - Add third tab on product page in Magento Add this . com sharing widget with custom API Wordpress integration - Add this theme to my existing website Add this theme to my woocommerce area only - 22/09/2016 10:27 EDT - ADD three image on my homepage with 3D effect Add three buttons to MFC Appwizard Project - Add Thumbnail Image Size to Woocommerce Product Shortcode Add Thumbnail Pics Display w PopUp Display To Current Site - Add time and date to flash banner Add time and date to video stream (Objective C, Titanium) - Add timer event to flash movie Add timer function to existing app - Add Tiny Bit of PHP Add Tiny_mce editor to Wordpress front end - Add title, subtitle and logo in After Effects CS3 movie Add Titles and Increase Sound in Video - Add to a Logo add to a previous project - add to already made website Add to Amazon Associates Project - Add to Basket Add To Basket Woo Commerce Option - Add to cart Add to cart - Add to Cart Bot for 6 sites [Google Chrome Extension] READ Details Add to Cart bot for a website - Add to cart button and photo scroll fixes add to cart button and quantity on collection page - Add to cart dialog box Add to cart dialog box - open to bidding - Add to cart nike service php or .net script project - repost Add to cart not working - add to cart software Add to cart software - Add to current logo using same font Add to current software - Add to Existing Javascript Validation Add to existing list of Agents on Excel sheet - Add to Facebook function for IOS app add to favorites - Add to Images to Magento Slider add to internat post office - Add to More Categories to Sign Add to my 3D environment - Add to my SMM Panel Add to my SMM Panel - Repost - Add to our identity, Presentation Folders & T's Add to our portfolio and join our web design team! - Add to Quote Module for prestashop ADD TO QUOTE THEME INTEGRATION IN MAGENTO - Add to The Hulk Sticker Add to the petition section of my site - Add to Wish list feature in my website Add to wish list, Add to Compare and Email to a Friend buttons in woocommerce site - add tongfang CA into oscam - Repost - open to bidding add too a logo - add total weight and change box size if needed in magento website add total weight and change box size if needed in magento website. - Add tracking code to 2 osCommerce sites Add tracking code to checkout page Magento - Add Tracks to iTunes from Java Add trademark TM to our logo - Add transitions to script Add transitions voice over and music two 5 minute home tour video footage - Add travel affiliate links to your travel blogs or websites Add Travel API to website - Add Tunning verification number to ASP form before submission Add turing # to contact form - Add Twilio sms to a website that was using an older sms service. Add Twilio voice call to our app and website - Add Twitter Feed to Facebook Page Flash Welcome Page Add Twitter Feed to main page - Add twitter followers Add Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes 50K+ each - Add Twitter to my websites Add Twitter Usernames to existing contacts (Excel) - Add Two Checkout Fields' Content to Admin New Order Email - WooCommerce add two code fragments to webpage - Add two features on a Angular.js app Add two features to an existing ASP.NET website - Add two form fileds to index page. Add two forms to a website - Add two more wordpress sites on to a VPS with existing wordpress site Add two new costume menus to wordpress website - Add two sailboats to current image Add two scrollbars to flash - Add two textfields as atribute. Prestashop 1.5.x Add Two URL Strings to WP-Ecommerce Checkout/Registration Process and Migrate WP Site from Linux to Windows Server - Add U.S. State and Country Flag Counter to website Add UART console interface to existing SYS/BIOS project - Add UILabel To ScrollView Programmatically Add UISearchBar with filter functions to my app for iphone, - add unique articles to baby health website add unique articles to baby health website - Add up codes to all my items in magento Add up how many open lots there are in MT4 - add updates and additional features to program in PHP Add updates to website payment page - Add Upload Field into Contact Form Add upload field to a form and validate via JS - Add upload video feature Add upload video feature -- 2 - Add UPS Shipping API Kit into Woo Commerce Wordpress Add UPS Shipping Calculator to custom perl shopping cart - Add URL script or software add url submit site get link - add USA Facebook likes with USA IP Add USA on oscommerce registration - Add user chat To my site Add user Control to Dynamic HTML - Add user login option on existing website Add User Login Section and Update Design with .psd files I created - add user registration and paypal payments to android app add user registration area to joomla - Add username and password wall add username of person who goes on cam spot - add UTF compatibility to 4000 lines of python code add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc - Add Validation to online form Add validation to php forms - Add Variables quantities buttons in a woocommerce site with dynamic price change Add Variables to PowerShell Script - Add vbscript functionality into Excel Add VBulletin Forum onto my joomla 2.5 site - Add verification field for mailchimp subscription Add verification JavaScript - Add Video (PnP) to my YouTube Outro Add video ability to php website - Add Video Capablity to a wordpress plugin Add video caputure and upload to existing app - Add Video conferencing using OpenFire Add video content to our company website - Add video form youtube to index page Add video frame decoding to a published Android App - Add Video Opener to Wordpress Website Add Video Overlay capabilities to existing Video Sharing Web App - Add video record to website add video script x4 to Word Press website - Add Video Thumbnail / Snapshot Add Video Thumbnail / Snapshot - PHP - Add Video to Joomla Article Using All Videos Plugin Add video to Joomla home page - Add video to our homepage Add video to our homepage -- 2 - add video to website
Add Video To website and u tube - Add video,audio and live streaming to App Add video-banner to a website front-page - Add Videos & Photos Section to Classifieds Website Add videos 40 ebooks 70 to my website in 30 days - Add Videos to Wordpress Pages add vidoes to my people rating site - Add VIP Pricing Module Add Virool Video Widget and Integrate to My HTML website - add visitor counter to my page Add visitor rating to my WordPress recipe plugin - Add Voice call features in android app add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5 - add voice to ppts - repost add voice to prochatroom - Add Votes for online voting Contest add votes to uservoice - Add Wallet Payment to Already Source Add Wallet Payment to Already Source -- 2 - Add Watermark Code To Graphics Add watermark in all pictures in a site and add in several other pictures - Add Watermark to Image and Display on click Add watermark to image gallery (script needed) - Add WCF service to PHP script (for forrestwang) Add WDSL Service to website for supplier stock levels - Add Web Page and Menu Button to Existing Website. Easy Work Add web page to web site - Add webcam postings on webcam portal Add webcams to a webcam portal - Add webrtc function to cloud call center software add webRTC multiconference to text chat script - Add Website Features + Design . Add website features ASP .NET 4.0 C# - Add Website to approx 70 online directories Add website to business listings - Add week day name to gravity forms datepicker format Add Week Number on My Android Calendar App - Add white background for Product Images Add white background for Product Images - add widget + password admin in app android Add widget area to wordpress theme - add widget to wordpress template site Add widget to wordpress theme - Add Wiki to existing site Add Wikipedia features to Wordpress theme - Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site - add woocommerce and paypal integration to wordpress site Add WooCommerce Booking to frontend form - Add WooCommerce section on site. Specs and designs provided. Add Woocommerce shopping cart to widget area with auto update quantity. - Add word press blog to adult site Add Word Press BLogs - Add Wordpress Blog to existing site Add Wordpress blog to existing site - Add Wordpress Countdown clock for event time/day add wordpress custom google search plugin - Add Wordpress page using Sqoot add wordpress page/feature - Add wordpress to existing HTML based website Add Wordpress to html site for blog - add words to pdf document Add words to pick list (multi-select) to accounts from several excel spreadsheets - Add world shipping zones to existing OSCommerce site Add Worldpay Plugin To Magento - Add WOW Slider to website, - ongoing work Add wowza live stream into my revolution slider - Add Wp-ecommerce plugin Add WPML to a wordpres site - Add WYSIWYG Editor to CMS Add WYSIWYG editor to Joomla 2.5 - Add xml configurability to flash site Add XML Data Export option to ASP.NET Content management System - Add XML integration to my website Add XML integration to my website - Add Xtube mods to video sharing site Add yahoo APi stock field to Excel sheet and 3 graphs using API data - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 - open to bidding Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v4 - Add Youtube or Vimeo to a WordPress site and a couple of enhancements Add Youtube social link to website - add YT uploader to GUI Add Z (Altitude) attribute to a 2d Shape File. - Add zip code search/radius function to wordpress site Add Zip Code validation to Checkout in Wordpress WooCommerce - Add zoom to a page flipper Add zoom/minimize/maximize effects on a PowerPoint slide - Add'l work on new website needed ADD+ (Iphone application) - Add-in for InfoPath Add-In for Internet Explorer for parsing login pages - Add-in para outlook 2010/2013 Add-in para outlook 2010/2013. - Add-On Coreldraw Excel Program Add-on developer for Concrete 5 - add-on for adding canonical tags to pinnaclecart site Add-on for Advanced Custom Fields: Image Uploader with Custom Crop Function - Add-on for MS Word Add-on For MSN Messenger 5.0 - Add-on module for PHP-nuke Add-on module for Survey software (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) - Add-on project add-on Project - Add-On to Group Buying Website - Smarty PHP Add-On To Group Coupon Website - Add-ons for domain sales database Add-ons for domain sales database(repost) - Add-ons to existing PHPCake project Add-ons to Perl Script - Add/ edit a SQL Procedure Add/ edit appointment booking service on my website - Add/delete photos from html site (ProE) Add/Delete records to a txt file - Add/Edit Coldfusion code for reports and Excel export!! Add/Edit Content on my Home Page and Add Short Form. - Add/Edit/Delete Fields add/edit/delete venue - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/modify some features to application, this is very basuc website. Add/Modify the wordpress website - Add/Setup Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website Add/Setup Inline Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website - Add: W3 Total Cache & P3 Plugin for Wordpess site adda logo into a wordpress title - addd a logo to this videro addd me on skype i need help fix program - Added customize payment gatway Added Data - Email - Added Features(repost) Added fullscreen to my videos embedded on webview - Added Graphics ADDED INFO NJ - Added to back office via code areas, department Added to the website already made - Addenserà expert - open to bidding Adder and Bot - Addicted to vine? Then this gigs for you Addicted2Debt - Addiction recovery copywriter Addiction recovery phonegap app - ADDICTIVE iPHONE GAMES NEEDS PROGRAMMER/DESIGNER Addictive Lightroom - Addin for MS Word and OpenOffice Writer Addin for Outlook - Adding banners to blank space on the left and on the right of my site