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Add tabs to our woocommerce product descriptions - Add Tagging to my website - for my users Add tags and classify question answers in a quiz database - Add Targeted Twitter Followers Add Targeted Twitter followers - Add team member to our Xojo development Add Teamviewer access to support application - Add template module positions and modify a module to use geo-ip add template to existing site - Add Terms & Conditions to the invoice in Magento add terms + privacy to email - Add testpoints on PCB layout Add Text & Image box to existing web page - add text and logo and adjust size for 10-15 images Add Text and Logo Images to a Picture - Add Text Box to Contact Form Add text box to filter grid - Add Text in Video add text layout to application ( directx.capture) - Add Text Scroller - Classic ASP Add text selection feature to VFR PDF Reader (iOS) - Add text to a logo and create proof graphic Add text to a photo - Add text to Business Cards << DEADLINE 7 Oct 1pm EST (New York)>> Add text to - 2 - Add text to header/footer of Office/OpenOffice format using Office and OpenOffice object model Add Text To Home On My Wordpress Theme - Add text to logo add text to logo - Add text to picture Add text to pictures ( Buttons) - Add text to video Add text to video footage - add text/pictures to website Add textbox to filter grid - add texture mapping (Textile) to the custom software Add texture to an existing 3D model - Add the 150 products on my website Add the 2014 to the current IVMAA Logo and 2015 PVMA Logo - add the capability to libavformat libav project for packet-loss concealment into libav's RTP stack Add the cars to my website - Add the finishing touches to the book project... Add The Flavor Website - Add the InAppbrowser to Phonegap application so that users can navigate back to home screen Add the language selector to the home page or ad some tap for the language see the attachment. - Add the plugin for login Add the products from the website to my facebook page - Add the table to MySQL DB and screen Add the threads to my board - Add themed pages to Shopify Add Themed Previous and Next Buttons to Wordpress - Add third field to web2ftp program Add third level to PHP navigation - Add this Sharing fix add this social share plugin fixed and working properly - Add Threading with mutex to C source **READ CAREFULLY** Add threads to pipe remove joint section - Add thumbnail functionality to store items add thumbnail generator and filename generator for roxyfileman file browser and uploader - add tier pricing attribute under custom options in magento Add Tiles To A SharePoint 2010 Site - Add timer and prevent screen lock in simple Android app feature Add timer event to flash movie - Add Tiny Bit of PHP Add Tiny_mce editor to Wordpress front end - Add Titles and Increase Sound in Video Add Titles, Description and Keywords - Add to a previously written story Add to a Simple XML Object - Add to an existing an Android application add to an existing app - Add to Bookmarks bar Add to Bootstrap 3 table -> Expand and Collapse rows, and show more rows when a row is expanded - add to cart Add to cart -- 2 - Add to Cart bot for a website Add To Cart Bot for Art Posters - add to cart button and quantity on collection page Add to cart button disappeared for variable products in Woocommerce - Add to cart dialog box - open to bidding Add To Cart Feature - Add to cart not working in Magento. Add to cart not working in Prestashop... - Add To Cart using HttpWebRequest Add to cart woocommerce issue - Add to database and php/frame script work Add to database using AJAX - Add to existing program Add to Existing Project - Add to Favourites feature, PHP, Cookie Add to favourites funtion on my magento site - Add to list script Add to listbox - add to my iphone/ipad app finger flair fix some bugs Add to My Library in batch with Rhapsody account - add to my website a entry log which allows my clients the option to log in using an generated user ID allowing clients to record their training data. ie; runs, food and general ie; weight, body fat. The data stored will be analysed using graphs. Add to my website! - add to php script. Add to php web site - Add to shortlist Add to Shortlist Script - add to website add to website - Add toggle buttons to my php program... Add toggle switch to Silverlight app - Add topic-targeting to my OpenX Ads on my website Add toplist code and ad codes on youtube template - add tour booking functionality to existing website Add TPS data to exsisting system - Add tracking to Bulk Email System Add Tracking to my website - Add transitions and design powerpoint Add transitions Jquery to slider - Add transparency to background of small JPG photo Add Transparency to Images - add tropical pool area to 4 photos Add True Monaural (Mono) to DSMixer Component - add Tweetmeme button Add tweets &amp; facebook comments to phpfox v2 event section - Add twitter feed Add Twitter feed and Stat counter code to google site - simple - Add twitter followers Add twitter followers - Add twitter to keyword stat Add Twitter to my websites - Add Two Checkout Fields' Content to Admin New Order Email - WooCommerce add two code fragments to webpage - Add two features to an existing ASP.NET website Add two features to C / SQL program - Add two forms to the yellow report Add two functionalities to an existing lightbox-Script - Add two new services Add two numbers in PHP - add two searches Add two seperate images/ideas into one design/logo - Add two values to a Wordpress product search rule Add two variables on the playlist of - Add udid add udid of my flash app adobe flex which is ios - Add ukraine language to existing English software Add undercuts to snap components together. - Add unique page titles and descriptions to site (jade, node.js, express.js) Add unique provider pages to Fringe Benefits website - Add up to 1000 installs for my android app and 5 star rating Add up to 1000 installs for my android app and 5 star rating - Add upload audio option to Magento add upload button - Add upload functionality to cfx_file
Add Upload Functionality to Existing Android Webview Application - repost - add uploading input in the product pages Add uploading timeline counter - Add URL - Site Submission Add URL link to SWF files - Add urlĀ“s to excelspreadsheet for 16.500 companies add urls into website below - Add user and password login to my app Add user and password login screen to my app - Add user interface to a code using Window Builder-repost Add User Interface to Google Spreadsheet Lookup Script - Add User Photo And Wall Post On User Profile - CodeIgniter Add user profile and profile management pages to a PHP website - Add user uploadable photos &amp; a few Items to Purchase Add User using Listbox and then email - Add USPS to VirtueMart Add USSD Communication To Simple Web App (USSD Simulation) - Add validation to form fields Add Validation to online form - Add Variables quantities buttons in a woocommerce site with dynamic price change Add Variables to PowerShell Script - Add VBulletin Forum onto my joomla 2.5 site Add vdo advertise in my app - add verification page and update registration page Add verification to a traffic surfing script - Add Video Advertising module and take backlink off my PhpVibe site Add video and audio template to a Joomla site - Add video chat functionality into a website for arranging of online-lessons Add Video Chat on existing Apps (IOS & Android) - Add video coversion abilities to my Flash Video Downlaod Software for Ipod, PSP, and Pocket PC Add video designer (Freelancer) - add video gallery on this project and other functions Add Video Gallery to wordpress theme Fuji - Add Video Player to a WordPress page Add Video Player to Drupal - Add video sites to script(repost)(repost) Add Video Source to Wordpress Theme - Add video to a site Add Video to a site. - Add Video to my Squarespace size Add Video to my squeeze page and Website (For linuxfreak1985) - Add video to replace parallaxing images. Add video to replace parallaxing images. - repost - Add video upload to my website Add Video Uploader To Geodesic - Add videography to whatsapp -- 3 Add Videohive Effects To Video With Music - add videos to my site on daily basis Add videos to my website + fix bugs as certain sections stopped working - Add Vimeo Player to website Add Vimeo support to existing webpage - add virtualhost to server Add virtuemart conditional discounts - Add VLC Player &amp; controls to an existing project. Add VLC support to Streamplicity - Add voice over to videos Add Voice Over Video - Add Volusion Products to Existing Store add vote function and tweek site - Add wake lock into an android app Add walkthrough overlay to existing Android project - Add watercolour to my pencil sketches in Photoshop Add watermark and start and end graphics to 50 videos - Add Watermark to all the images Inside a folder, using PHP on Joomla Site // grup0k4 Add Watermark to Image and Display on click - Add WC Vendors Plugin to my site and remove WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Add WCF service to PHP script (for forrestwang) - Add Web Page and Menu Button to Existing Website. Easy Work Add web page to web site - Add webcams to a webcam portal Add Webformmailer.php Script To CSS Template - add webrtc mutli connection to chat room which is php/mysql chat script Add WebRTC Voice & video call functionality to the existing app - Add Website Images, Descriptions to Website add website innside html page - Add website to facebook Add website to Facebook apps - Add weekly view to "Booking System PRO" WordPress plugin Add weekly, monthly highs, lows and pivot points - Add white border to logo image Add White Label Options to Plugin - Add Widget Functionality to a Site Add widget or box to main page of site - Add widgets to footer menu & Get video working Add widgets to footer. - Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Featur - Add wizards to websiten English/Spanish Add WMV link to Flash site - add woocommerce images add woocommerce module to wordpress site - Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress website Add Woocommerce to existing WP Site (incl Theme) - Add wordpress and a wordpress template Add Wordpress Articles section to existing HTML website - Add wordpress blog to our site add wordpress blog to startlogic site - add wordpress in skills Add wordpress Language Selector in a landing page ( Using jupiter theme) - add wordpress shortcode in template php Add wordpress sidebars - Add Wordpress Website Features Add Wordpress-'Post' to PHP pages - Add working field validation code to HTML Amazone Mechanical Turk HIT Add working navigation around Gravity Forms (Wordpress) - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost - Add WP Favorite Posts custom icon to WooCommerce Product Grid View Add WP Front-end Short to WP Admin Plugins - Add WYSIWYG editor in Drupal Add Wysiwyg Editor in my Page - Add Xmas tree to background Add Xmas tree to background - ongoing work - Add XML files to Zen Cart using Easy Populate or similar Add xml Files webservices to Open Cart V - Add XP and leaderboard to my pate Add XPS files moudel to excel file - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - open to bidding Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 - Add youtube iframe to basic html site add youtube movie to a web page outside my domain and using bookmarklet [jquery, css, javascript, json] - Add Youtube Views Add YPN stats to SiteStatisticsWeb - Add zip code field to php file Add zip code search/radius function to wordpress site - Add zoom to a page flipper Add zoom/minimize/maximize effects on a PowerPoint slide - ADD+ (Iphone application) add, "featured videos" to sidebar of my site using existing code. Quick job for individual. Should be done within an hour or so. - Add-in For MAC Microsoft Word Add-in for Microsoft power point - Add-In UI enhancement Add-In/add-on for MindManager with GUI - Add-on Development for Atlassian Platform Jira/Confluence Add-on Domain Creator Script - Add-on for an existing website. Add-on for Apple Aperture - Add-on for PHP Script Add-on for Poker clients like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker - Add-on Oscommerce Gift Certificate/Coupon/Discount Feature - Repost - open to bidding Add-on Oscommerce Gift Certificate/Coupon/Discount Feature - Add-on to a current logo add-on to community site - Add-On to Windows Explorer/IE/Firefox and all browsers Add-on to wordpress plugin - Add-on web pages