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Add Feature to our chat system Drupal Developer Urgent - Add feature to Project add feature to run vbscript after screen capture - Add Feature To Website (Wordpress) Add feature to website similar to ( ) - Add feature Webservice answering GPS coordinates. Add Feature: display image when post link in status form - Add featured to my Android App Add Featured Video and Video Page / Fix Site Files - Add features + design for panels Add Features + Design. - Add features and fix bugs for PHP reverse auction script Add features and fix bugs in an IOS multiplayer game - add features and update an existing iphone app Add Features and Updates to iPhone application - add features in demo examples Add features in existing Django project - Add features on an already working export module for Magento 1.9 Add features on an existing app - Add features to a custom ecommerce framework Add features to a custom plugin - Add Features to a Macro Enabled Spreadsheet Add Features to a made plugin in .NET - Add features to a python code! Add features to a Python/Django application - Add features to a website add features to a website #2 _ jam87 - add features to ajax chat room add features to ajax chat room(repost) - Add Features to an DVDPlayer Component (COMDll) Add Features To An Excel Work Sheet - Add features to an existing game Add features to an existing iOS game - Add features to an existing WordPress Plugin [URGENT] Add features to an existing Wordpress site - Add Features to App Add features to app - Add features to c# program Add features to calendar scheduling system - Add Features To Current Survey Script Add features to current website. - Add features to exhisting script Add Features to Exisiting iPhone App - Add features to existing custom php / sql adult website Add features to existing custom php / sql adult website - open to bidding - Add features to existing PhoneGap application Add features to existing PhoneGap eCommerce App based on woocommerce - Add features to existing Real Estate script Add features to existing script using Smarty PHP - Add Features to Existing Website - Add Features to Existing Website Platform Using PHP - add features to google mashup add features to google mashup- v3 - Add features to iphone and make changes to Iphone and Adroid app add features to iPhone app - add features to jquery drag drop web app Add features to jquery plugin - Add features to my app Add features to my app. - Add features to my screen-corder ADD FEATURES TO MY SCRIPT - Add features to my website -- 2 add features to my website -- 2 - Add features to online Card game (repost)(repost) Add features to online Card game (repost)(repost)(repost) - Add features to our Python website Add Features To our site - Add features to PHP Textbased RPG add features to PHP tool - Add features to Premium Wordpress Theme Add features to PrestaShop theme - Add features to shopping cart checkout Add features to simple SolidWorks part file - Add features to the 4 Reporters Add features to the activity page of BuddyPress - Add features to wallpaper app (iOS and Android) Add Features to Web 2.0 Site - Add features to website via API integrations Add features to Windows based photo watermark sofwtare - Add features to wordpress website. Add Features to WP Plugin - Add feautes to magento webshop - repost Add feautured image, and splitt div in to three, hide one for mobile. - add few banner to my website Add few best indicators in MT4 iphone application - add few features PHP site hosted on Linux Add few features to chat app. - Add few functions to my script - PHP AJAX EXPERT ONLY Add few functions to program - Add few pages to existing site. add few paragraphs - Add Field in Table and upload format Codeigniter Add field Joomla registration - Add field to invoice that exports into sales report and modify sales report - open to bidding add field to joomla page - Add Field Validation to Form Add field validation to FormTools script - add fields in the reservation page of phpscheduleit. add fields in the reservation page of phpscheduleitt - Add Fields to Custom CMS add fields to custom report in magento - Add Fields To Oscommerce Products Pages &amp;amp; Database Add fields to our ASP mail form - Add Fields to Webform Registration Add Fields to Woocommerce Order Export Button - ADD FILE SHARING TO MY EXISTING SOFTWARE Add file storage to our admin interface (PHP) - Add FILE UPLOAD support for webview android application for android smaller than 4.4 -- 2 Add FILE UPLOAD support to WebView for Android < 4.4 - Add files to be downloaded in com_seminarman Add files to my digital textbook - add filter function (isotope.js) to a masonry layout Add filter in Scraping website (RoR) - add filters in the search (custom fields) Add filters to .asp page that displays table results. - Add Find/Replace Box (Regex) enabled + Status bar (line/word count) Add Finger-Swipe Support to my photo gallery - Add first image in post to RSS feed for Add First Name to list - Add fixes to new CMS + Data import+ Few bug fixes Add flag icons to the language selection menu - Add Flash animation to Drupal homepage Add flash animation to existing SWF file - Add flash effects to image Add Flash Effects to Video - Add Flash Preloader to Existing .swf Add flash preloader to existing swf - add flash type banner to Joomla template Add flash upload to my site - Add flipbook to html5 website for publication of a 2 page brochure Add Flippa Code to Website - Add Flsh MP3 player to website Add Flsh MP3 player to website(repost) - Add follow/unfollow user relationships to YII PHP Script Add follower to twitter - Add FONT to an OCR scanning software Add Font to Apache Fop project (Java PDF library) - Add Footer row in RDLC report Add footer to a web page - Add Form Cookies to Codeigniter Form - ongoing work Add form element button to Yootheme Zoo Products - Add form submission to live chat Add form submission to scheduling plugin - Add Form to PDF using JS Library Add form to PHP site - Add formfield to (2) 1 PDF documents. add forms and make some changes in SQL database - Add forms to Wordpress site
Add forms to wordpress site - Add forum software to a website Add Forum to an existing osCommerce Site - Add forum, restricted login, and customized scheduler plugin functionality to Wordpress site add forums - Add free listings to 13 x websites Add free shipping code - Add friend function for chat system add friend request in a chat app - Add Friends on my youtube account! Add friends on Myspace - Add friends to MySpace Add friends to MySpace account - Add Front & Back Bumpers to 5 Videos + a bit of editing add front and back mucis to audio clips - Add full name to members profile page Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application - Add Fulltext Search And Photo Upload option for Apartment Site Add fullwidth template to wordpress - 2 - Add Function for MetaTrader 4 EA Add function for sub directory type - Add function to a WebGL script add function to a wordpress plugin - Add function to existing iPhone application Add Function to Existing Software - Add Function to parse C++ Add function to php script: Allow Manual Override of Unit Price in Basket - Add functionalities Part 2 Add functionalities related to location - Add functionalities to nopcommerce store Add functionalities to ROR app - Add functionality and clean up web page. Add functionality and clean up web page.(repost) - Add functionality in OSCommerce Add functionality in select areas - Add functionality to a node.js webapp Add functionality to a phonegap app - Add functionality to a Wordpress Template Add functionality to a Wordpress theme to import and map CSV file to existing custom post type - Add functionality to an existing captcha form Add functionality to an existing competition application - Add Functionality to Custom AJAX Map Script add functionality to custom iOS library (display image from server) - add functionality to existing app - ongoing work Add Functionality to Existing Art Website - Add functionality to existing jquery interface Add functionality to existing jquery plugin. - Add functionality to existing website Add functionality to existing website - Add functionality to Joomla website Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) - Add Functionality to MVC Application add functionality to my android app - Add functionality to phonegap plugin Add Functionality to PHP Code - add functionality to site Add Functionality to Site's Map Functions - Add functionality to website Add Functionality to Website - Chandigarh/Pune Developer Preferred - Add Functionality to Wordpress Site Add Functionality to Wordpress Theme - ADD FUNCTIONNALITIES TO AN EXISTING BILLING SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED PLUGIN -- 2 Add Functionnality to existing Project Under development. - Add functions in already running website Add functions in Android App - Add functions to a website add functions to a website - add functions to Delphi backup-software Add Functions To Dll - Add functions to java program add functions to java program - Add functions to photo editing app Add functions to php script - Add Functions to Web Distribution add functions to website - Add functions/Fix bugs for competitve gaming website - repost Add Functon to Existing App - add furniture page with search options Add further export options to Yii app + small bug fixing - Add galleries to Word Press site Add galleries to Word Press website - Add Gallery to Drupal Page add gallery to each product (right col) - ADD GameCenter and Fix Bugs for my Swift iOS Game App Add gameplay mode to visual book - Add GCM Notification to App Add gcm puch notifications and loading screen to ionic app - Add geo location map to a drupal search Add geo pricing functions, website clean up via MAGENTO - add geolocation to java applet Add Geolocation to Wordpress Theme - Add GetResponse Optin code to my Html Squeeze Page Add Gettext calls for Rails views - Add Gift Registry Image Upload and Display Option to 3D Cart Ecommerce Site Add Gift Registry Image Upload and Display Option to 3D Cart Ecommerce Site -- 2 - Add Global Shout to buddy zone Add global tabs and category tabs options to opencart website - add Google (google earth) map of vendor on dynamic page Add google +1 votes button to website code - add google adsense ads to 4images gallery script Add Google Adsense and Pinterest HTML code to website -- 2 - Add Google Adsense to the website Add Google AdWords code to Magento shop - Add Google Analytics &amp; AdWords Conversion Code Add Google Analytics - Add Favicon - Add Google Analytics code to Joomla site Add Google analytics code to my existing site - Add google analytics on a simple website Add Google Analytics Script + eCommerce Script - Add Google Analytics to Joomla Add Google Analytics to my iOS App - Add Google analytics User-ID Feature on log-in page + more Add Google analytics,and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Links to my Wordpress site. - add google check out cart Add Google Checkout and fix some issues - Add google docs exporting capability to our iOS app. Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento - Add Google Location Auto Suggest add google map - Add google maps capability to the existing website Add Google Maps functionality to app (iTunes & Android) & website - add google notifications to an existent app -- 2 Add Google OAuth to a couple pages - Add Google reCAPTCHA to to a website register form and email validation Add Google ReCaptcha to Web Form - Add Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress v2 Final to my Wordpress Blog Add Google SiteMap To Website - Add Google Trusted Stores to Virtuemart Joomla 1.5 Add Google Trusted Stores to Virtuemart Joomla 2.5 - Add GPIO Expansion PAd Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 3 - Add grading ruberic to testing site Add graph comparison &amp; topology statistics to existing PERL project - Add Graphic to Cell Background Color add graphic to shirt - Add graphics to Jomla site Add Graphics to one PHP page - Add Grey Background to Images - Need Fast Turnaround Add greyscale bubbling liquid and bubbles to flask - Add group/ungroup features to JavaDrawing Application Add Grouping to Multi-Select drop down boxes - Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo add h.264 support to vc++ application - Add header and background image to myspace band site add Header and Footer onto the Website - Add header widget to existing wordpress template Add Header with links to pages/add 1 additional image to website - add headline into iframe page