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Add new page with login functionality - Add new attribute to existing entity Add new attribute to existing entity (1) - Add new clothing to existing 3d character rig Add new column to order list in the prestashop backend - Add new CRM to exiting Connector Add new CSS class for homepage - Add new design to existed site Add new design to my website - Add New Enquiry Form To Venues Webstie Add New entries to fashion/clothing website - add new feature on alacarteachers -- 2 Add New Feature on Android Apps - Add New Feature To Existing Firefox Addon Add new feature to existing iOS Applicatioon - Add new feature to SelfControl Add new feature to site - Add New Features And Fix Crashes In ChromeCast App(Android Version) Add new features and fix issues - Add new features in software (C#/sql server/crystal reports) Add new features into an existing system: Office Workflow / Business Process Management - Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin. - add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 2 add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 3 - Add new Features to existing iOS App add new features to existing ios app - Add new features to existing wordpress theme Add new features to existing Xamarin forms app - add new features to musicbox(repost) Add new features to my existing plugin - Add new features to Spanish Rental Site Add New Features to SportsFit. - Add new features to WHMCS Affiliate System Add new features to Windows Phone 8 app (C#) - add new field to existing calendar project Add new field to form - Add new files to my VPS! Add new files to pho website and create report for variable - ADD NEW FUNCIONALITY TO USER ACCOUNT AND ADMIN Add new function - Add new function to my website (Wordpress) Add new functional to working website - Add new functionality iOS app Add new functionality to a simple website which uses a combination of java and asp - Add new functionality to the plugin. Add new functionality to the website (ZEND Framework) - Add new functions to an eCommerce Store - MVC, OpenCart, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript required. Add new functions to an existing EA - Add New Furniture Sofa Chair Wordpress Template that is mobile and SEO friendly Add new future on my PHP Software - Add new header to wordpress blog Add new home page and blog page to existing Drupal si - Add new items to webstore, cut pictures Add new javascript functions to existing page - Add new location settings feature to an Android application Add new locations to our website - Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 2 Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 3 - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap).... Add new modules in a existing web site - Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER add new page including photo gallery with updates - Add new page to website, and edit header and footer of the remaining pages Add New Page to Website, plus - Add new pages to existing website, mainly typesetting of existing material Add new pages to my PHP website - Add New Payment Gateway to WordPress Plugin (Event Espresso) Add new payment gateway to WPGroupBuy theme - Add new Product Add new Product - open to bidding - Add new products to my website Add new products to my website 2 - add new registered username automatically to 2 parts of my html on profile field like how tokens work but it does not work fusing this :( drupal 7 profile2 modules and other modules i need this so that new users sign up and there username automatically ge Add new reports functionality to preexisting GAE app - add new section - FBML Add new section to Android App - Add new site to indicator system Add new site to pdf download application in java - Add new Tab to website Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new url to multiple pages on wordpress Add new user class/group on existing site - Add new web page in my existing flash website add new webpages to my website - add news aggregator and filter to web site Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash --( - Add News page to Joomla website including PayPal payment Add News page to PHPMotion Site - Add newsletter xml to signup forms. Add next, previous and random button - Add Nivo jQuery Image Slider to Wordpress (with some design) add no design boxes - Add Notes section to a Contact App Add notification & request feature to web client of public Github project - add notifications with parse to ios cutter app Add NoVNC support to existing WHMCS module - Add oder operation to an indicator Add OE PART field to CS CART product admin and listing so that it can be searched for - Add old functionality to new website Add old invoices into Freshbooks - Add on assignemnt add on cart for richwaytech - Add on features from an earlier project with PhoenixTech add on features in exsisting iPhone app - ADD ON FOR PHP SITE add on for plugin quiz master next - Add on installs for Zen-Cart Add On Integration - Add On or Tool for Browser Privacy Add on page to existing website - Add on to a Python scrip Add On to a Simple Database Project - Add on to existing Android app Add on to existing application - Add on to Project: Add on to site - add on work add on work for Book site - Add one classiffied to Add One Data Field to HTML Code - add one field to my site form Add one field to the existing website - Add one modul for my website Add one more language into my website - add one page in to another page html asap Add one page to a WordPress site - Add one product return form on current web site Add one product to the web - Add Online Booking into my website Add online booking system to website - Add Online Processing To My Site Add online purchasing to one section of wordpress based site - Add only comment on a poll Add only Top Level Directories in FTP - Add ons to PHP Site - RELISTED Add ons to wordpress site - add open source file to my html site Add open source filters to existing iOS app - Add Opt-In email to existing web site Add opt-in form to sales page - Add option to add/edit feedback on member profile feedback page! IPB 4.1 add option to atribute - ADD OPTION TO UPLOAD IMAGES IN CONTACT FORM WORDPRESS add option to upload more picture to a website - add options to my app Add options to my music player app - Add or edit the features in a website.
add or fix csv import into website - Add order form to website Add Order History to user account and fix other issues - Add Oscommerce Module Add OsCommerce Modules / Contributions - Add our app startapp and mosfsdfbile core ad Add our apps to Windows App Store - Add our Link at your websites Add our link in asp, asp .net, software resellers or HR software site in different countries - Add our logo to some bottles Add our logo to the Worldpay payment pages - Add Our Website to Current Wiki Entries Add our widget to WidgetBox - Add overlay page to homepage Add overlay page to homepage - ongoing work - Add packages to Free Ad site Add Packaging Drop-down List in Oscommerce - add page likes for our facebook Add page number to a wordpress website - Add page to drop down menu on Joomla website Add Page to Eclipse Project - Add page to Oscommerce Checkout Add Page to osCommerce Checkout Process - Add Page Transitions to WordPress website Add page turn effect to PDF. - add pages to our site Add Pages & Buttons to a flash website - Add pages and Inport all products to magento - repost Add Pages and Links to web site - Add Pages to a Website Add pages to a website for a small dance school - Add Pages to existing English Website and convert it all into a German Website Add pages to existing mobile site using AngularJs and RatchetJs - Add pages to GV website Add pages to HTML Site - Add pages to our current website in mandarin Add pages to our existing site - Add pages to website, add Map Medium rework of site Add pages to website, medium rework of site - Add pagination and create template for page/2 Add pagination capabilitie to jquery quicksand plugin - Add Pagination to WP Custom Loop Add pagination to Yootheme Widgekit - Add paragraph spacing to product descriptions in excel spreadsheet - approx 300 descriptions to edit Add parallax effect onto site - Add Paramter to articles that already exists for Sections add feature to basic existing app - add passcode to my guestbook Add password check minimum 6 characters in jqBootstrapValidation.js - Add Password to Existing App add password to website - Add pay-per-lead feature to our site - ongoing work Add Payfast payment gateway to WP Rentals - Add payment features on iPhone app Add payment function in current website - ADD payment gateway /FIX some bugs PHP Script add payment gateway alertpay to prestoshop website - Add payment gateway to an orphanage site add payment gateway to angular app - Add payment gateway to website Add payment gateway to Wordpress Multi job theme (6h) - Add payment method and drive more traffic to my site -- 2 Add payment method in Opencart - Add payment processor and debug booking app Add payment processor And recurring billing - Add payment system to Doctor appintment website Add payment system to page ( Paypal , credit card , bank transfer , cash after delivery (italy only) ) - Add payout method with travelo theme Add Paypal - Add paypal and credit card Gateway and fixed all pages to be responsive Add Paypal and Credit card Gateway and fixed all pages to be responsive . - Add PayPal As Payment Method Add Paypal as website payment provider - Add PayPal Cart to Flash Photo Gallery Add Paypal Cart to swebite - Add PayPal Express Checkout button Add Paypal Express Checkout to ASP/SQL Ecommerce Site - Add PayPal IPN to Application Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) - Add Paypal Payment gateway in php Add paypal payment gateway to wordpress website - Add Paypal Pro payment gateway to php cart Add paypal pro payment to my store - Add Paypal to a Website Add Paypal to an existing Webpage - add paypal to our website Add Paypal to PERL script, send to paypal, return SQL EASY - Add Paypal, Adsense and Subscribe Links to Our Word Press Blog Add Payroll module in one of the existing PHP based HRMS - Add PDF Export functionality to existing project Add PDF Feature - Add PDF's and correlated pricing for Suzuki Outboard engines Add PDF's and correlated pricing for Suzuki Outboard engines - open to bidding - Add people on Linkedin Add people on LinkedIn for me - Add Permissions to PHPBB Add persistent checkboxes to HTML pages - Add phone icon to mobile header only add phone icon/close fancybox after email sent - Add phone number to home page and change number throughout website Add phone number to my website - Add Phone Verification to E-commerce website Add Phone verification using an API to existing C# .NET & Angular JS Website & More future work - Add photo capture function to mobile web app Add photo capture function to mobile web app - Add Photo Gallery to Website Add Photo Gallery to Website (Flash integration) - Add Photo Upload feature to Android App with Google App Engine Add Photo Upload to my website articles - Add photos script Add photos script (2) - Add photos to website Add photos to wordpress posts - add php cart to website Add PHP code - Add PHP feeds to doc add php file upload to a web page - Add PHP page and functionality to website Add PHP pages - Add PHP to MSSQL for Cpanel add php to my small website - Add Physical business card data to Excel CSV file ADD PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESSES FOR EMPLOYEES (18a - IC) - add picture to logo HD design quality 10$ bid only Add picture and adjust PHP just a bit. - Add picture to video file Add picture to website - Add pictures to all my products Add pictures to articles and post them into wordpress - Add pictures to my website Add pictures to Open Cart - Add PinIt Button to gallery images within Oshin Wordpress theme add pinpayements to previous work - Add places on google maps Add Plagiarism functionality in my custom php website - Add plays to counter - NEW Music Player Myspace Freelancers Add Plex Channels to a database - Add Plugin - Jquery Bulk Image Upload to Joomla Component - DJ Classified Add Plugin Android - Add plugins to a word press website Add plugins to a zen cart website, and overall check. - Add pointer functionality to Bones compiler Add POINTS AND REWARDS to CRE loaded 6.4 - Add pop out image gallery to site !urgent! add pop unders and banners - Add pop-up for Sign in Vtiger 6.1 Add pop-up form to button on web page - Add pop-up to Shopify site