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Add Email User Button and function to c# .net site - Add Emails to My Autoresponder - repost Add embadedd code in wordpress - Add Empty Category Function to Wordpress Site add empty line after every week in overvieuw of objects - Add English subtitle to Chinese 7 min video clip Add English subtitle to short video - Add entries to tourism website -- 2 Add entries to website - Add Estimote iBeacon on App Add Ethernet Support For Android App - Add event tracking to wordpress slider links ADD EVENT VIEWED COUNTER - ADD EWAY PAYMENT MODULE AND OTHERS TO AN OSCOMMERCE ONLINE SHOP Add ex VAT & inc VAT prices to front end product pages on Shopify store & fix minor Subtotal glitch in basket - add exes to flash GUI flash 9 needed Add exhisting hotmail contact importer script to site - Add existing magento form to external page with ajax validation of user. Add existing post list with thumbnails functionality & look to WordPress theme search & archive results - Add Expedia search engine to existing website Add expenses to Quickbooks from an Excel file - Add export/import functionality to VB Express 2008 add extension - Add External Interface Calls to Flash App Add external WebServices Login to Wordpress - Add Extra expenses and Refunds in Products and Reports Add extra feature to existing wordpress website - Add Extra Field in OpenCart for iframe add extra field into registration page on my website i am using chameleon dating script - Add extra file upload to my Admin interface Add Extra Filter to WooCommerce, Fix a Page, Update - Add extra functionality to Modded Oscommerce Platform add extra functionality to my existing app - Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost 2 Add extra module in php probid - add extra tags to current flash player... Add extra template to software - Add Facebook ''like'' and Google +1 functionality to existing php script. Add Facebook 'Like Button' and Addthis Functionality - Add Facebook and Twitter login to a system Add Facebook and Twitter Register and Sign In to my site - Add facebook comment social plugin in wodpress sidebar for my website Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme - Add Facebook Events to User's Wall Add Facebook Fan Page Likes - Add Facebook Friends Add Facebook friends - Add Facebook Gallery to Website Add Facebook Gallery, Like Button and Embed YouTube videos to my HTML site - Add facebook invitation on existing game. Add facebook invitation on existing ios project. - Add Facebook Like Button to Website Hosted on GoDaddy Website Builder Add Facebook Like Buttons - Add Facebook likes - open to bidding Add facebook likes and credit card payment to existing webshop - Add facebook login button Add Facebook Login feature to Medical related Web site imple - Add facebook login to website... Add Facebook login to wordpress site and select who can access the site - ADD FACEBOOK PIXEL TO LANDING PAGE Add Facebook Pixel to shopify store - Add Facebook share to ionic app - callback when shared success Add facebook share with score to construct 2 / html5 game - Add Facebook, and Instagram logo and hyperlink to web header and footer Add Facebook, and Instagram logo and hyperlink to web header and footer - repost - Add facility of upload product of supplier on magento Add Fade Effect to Text and Enable Touch / Swipe on Supersized Slider - Add fans Add fans - Facebook page - ADD FANS TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE Add Fans to my Facebook Page - Add favorites in classic asp - Rehire Add Favorites Link to Navbar (Super Easy) - Add FB Share to web pages & Posts with Excerpt to FB Add FB Share to web pages & Posts with Image Excerpt to FB - Add Feature Add feature - Add feature for using acccerometer and gyroscope Add feature from one wordpress theme to another - Add feature on front and back end of Smarty PHP CMS Add feature on my site - Add feature to a python code Add feature to a RoR application - Add Feature to Camera App Add Feature to Chris Translation Webiste. - Add feature to existing IOS app - open to bidding Add feature to existing iPhone app - Add feature to javascript based photo gallery Add feature to javascript code pretty-printer - add feature to my php script add feature to my PHP/Mysql blog - very easy job - Add feature to php site Add Feature to PHP Website - add feature to startftp and make it working(repost) Add feature to streaming flash player - Add Feature to Wordpress Theme Add feature to wordpress theme - Add Featured Images Wordpress Posts Add featured job banner image upload field. - Add Features & Edit Android application Add features & improve the ecommerce website - Add Features and Customize Buddypress Wordpress theme Add Features and Customize my WP Based Price Comparision Site - Add features and modify existing e-commerce website Add features and recode parts of a Delphi app - Add features in Adobe connect system version 9 add features in an existing mobile app - Add features into G-mail and G-calendar Add features into poker app only unity 3D developers - Add features to a .NET existing system. Add features to a cart for me - Add Features to a Jquery/PHP/MySql Report ADD features to a Laravel 5 School System - Add Features to a ping pong game thats made in java Add features to a pre-existing PHP website - Add Features to a Web shop Add Features to a Website - Add features to a WPF application Add features to Add-Art Firefox extension - Add features to an application using its API Add features to an Arduino sketch - Add features to an existing Flash Game Add features to an existing Flash Game (1744222) - Add features to an existing website Add features to an existing WEBSITE developed with Kohanna, mySQL and Json - add features to android Taboo game Add Features to Android Video Player - Add features to Booked/PhpScheduleIT Add features to buildbox based project - Add features to current software Add Features To Current Survey Script - Add features to exhisting script Add Features to Exisiting iPhone App - Add features to existing custom php / sql adult website - open to bidding Add features to existing django app - Add features to existing PHP over YII framework project Add features to existing PHP website - Add features to existing site Add features to existing site - Add features to existing WooCommerce site Add features to existing wordpress template - Add features to html5 javascript online drawing application Add features to html5 javascript online drawing application. - Add features to iPhone Game Add features to iTrader - Add Features to Link Cloaking Script(repost) Add features to Magento Plugin - add features to my codeigniter site2
Add Features to my current app - Third Party Tinder Client - Add features to my site Add features to my site - Add features to my website. Add features to my WordPress Online store. - Add features to OpenGTS/ GPS tracking Add Features to OSC store - Add features to penny auction, similar to Swoopo Add Features to Photo Sharing Iphone App - add features to php/mysql music script Add Features to PHP/MySQL Upload Script - Add features to Ruby on Rails platform. Add features to Ruby on Rails website - Add Features to Social Networking Site Add features to socialkit script - Add features to Unicenta (New Module) Add features to Unicenta (New Module) - add features to website Add features to website , subscription fee, online training - Add Features to Wordpress Theme Add Features to Wordpress Theme - Add features/Enhancements to Existing PHP Website Add features/fix bugs (PHP& BOOTSTRAP) - Add Feedburner/Digg/Stumble on blog Add Feeds to 3 Sites - Add few features in my iOS game add few features in vbulletin mod - Add few feture for homework project add few fields while adding product and fetch that on invoice also - Add few new features to Windows 8.1 app - repost Add few options in flash player - Add field search m2o on E-commerce Odoo add field CodeIgniter - Add field to form, Copy design of form add field to history order opencart 2 - Add field validation and nice image uploader to page Add field validation on 2 forms - add fields in stripe checkout add fields in the reservation page of phpscheduleit. - Add Fields to Custom CMS add fields to custom report in magento - Add fields to our ASP mail form Add fields to our web app and implement a password change functionality - Add Fields to Woocommerce Order Export Button Add Fields to WordPress Business Directory Plugin - Add file structure management to Smultron Add file transfer protocol to my Remote Desktop application. - Add file upload to a form with validation Add file upload to an html form - Add files to web page Add Files, Folders to MySQl DB Recursivly from a Directory With Auto Scan! - Add filter to dynamic table Add filter to EA - Add filters to an embedded Google Calendar - repost Add filters to certain Images - Add finishing touches to website Add Finishing Touches to Website Draft - Add Five Technology Logos To Frontpage add features for selling services to a themeforest theme for ecommerce - Add flags to cars overtaking -- 2 Add flair to one page on a WP site - Add Flash Banner to Commerce Site (Simple) Add flash banner to myspace - Add flash games to a wordpress blog with some SEO Add flash games to blog - Add Flash Subdirectory Add Flash to a Banner - Add FLAT RATE shipping to Zen Cart website Add flavor labels to bags. - add floating text to existing wordpress / customizr site Add FLOCK to Edit Perl Script - Add flyer templates to my PHP MYSQL web site Add flyer templates to my PHP MYSQL web site(repost) - add fonctions and fix html design Add font "proxima nova" + change hover color add to cart - Add Food Order into My App and web api -- 3 Add Food Order into My App and web api -- 4 - add forced matrix to traffic exchange script Add Foreign Language Features like Chinese and Japanese to my Php Smarty Website - Add form fields/buttons to existing web page Add form for a horizontal table for eyeglass prescriptions - Add form to existing web page button Add form to Joomla - Add form to wordpress site Add Form to Zencart Checkout Process - Add forms to my OsCommerce site Add Forms to osCommerce Products - Add fortumo payment button to website add forum - Add Forum To Website Add Forum to Website - Add Free / Premium user payment on my website Add Free Calls - add friend Add Friend and Private Messaging Script - Add Friends on Facebook from Man United Page Add Friends on Facebook from Man United Pages - add friends to my space Add friends to MySpace - Add Front & Back Bumpers to 5 Videos + a bit of editing add front and back mucis to audio clips - Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application - open to bidding - Add fullwidth template to wordpress site Add fully working one page on Magento Site - Add function for sub directory type Add Function Gif Animated In My Project Wallpapers Online - Add function to a ready made script (EASY) Add function to a WebGL script - Add function to existing Chrome and FireFox extension that uses Amazon API to get best product matches Add function to existing iPhone application - add function to opencart rental extension Add Function to parse C++ - Add functionailties to custom admin panel -- 2 Add functionalities Part 2 - Add functionalities to magento web site Add Functionalities to My Shopify Website - add functionality - urgent Add functionality  to poorly documented existing software - Add functionality in existing PhotoGallery (AS3) Add functionality in Magento Website. - Add functionality to a node.js webapp Add functionality to a phonegap app - Add functionality to a Wordpress theme to import and map CSV file to existing custom post type Add functionality to a Wordpress Website - Add functionality to an existing driectory Add functionality to an existing HTML/CSS/Javascript page - Add functionality to Dating website Add functionality to Digital Access Pass membership script - Add functionality to existing ASP .Net MVC 5 Project Add functionality to existing ASP .Net MVC 5 Project - Add functionality to existing Opencart Extension Add functionality to existing opencart website - Add functionality to exxisting App 2 Add Functionality to File Sharing Website - Add Functionality to JROX E-Commerce Management(JEM) Shopping Cart Script -- 2 Add Functionality To Laptop Repair Quotation System - Add functionality to Ninja Forms / Ninja Forms Addon. Add Functionality to OneBox App - add functionality to prestashop website Add functionality to previous photo program. - Add functionality to the opensource cms (js and php) Add functionality to this Form - Add functionality to Wordpress Plugin Add functionality to wordpress plugin - Add functionality to wordpress website