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Add content to an existing Expression Engine Website - Add content to Clipper coupon website add content to costum theme - Add content to existing website... Add content to existing wordpress website - Add content to humor website -- 2 Add content to joomla - Add Content to Joomla, Upload 10 Products to Virtuemart, Organize Modules Add content to label template - Add content to my website Add content to my website - add content to pages Add content to pages - Add content to stock theme Add content to the custom shopping cart - Add Content to website Add Content to website - Add content to Wordpress & style contents Add Content to Wordpress (HTML Skills required) - add content to wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Repost - Add Content to WP Page, Add Slider Image(s), and Names To Photo(s) Add content to wp site - Add contents and Maintenance Add Contents and Post - add contents to website Add contents to website template - add contribution to OScommerce site Add Contribution To Site - Add Conversion Tracking Code Add conversion tracking code on Wordpress - add cookie to javascript popup add cookie to javascript popup - add coppermine gallery to phpnuke website Add copun system to OScommerce site - Add correct Topic Name Add CORS to a dedicated virtual server on MediaTemple - add counter to products Add Counting to Flash Cards Script - Add coupon code feature to PayPal Checkout Page Add Coupon Code Field to Website (PHP, MySQL) - add coupon to shopping cart Add coupon to website - Add Craigslist screen scrape to Joomla RD Autos component Add Craigslist XML to my Website - Add Credit Card dropdown to checkout process + enable GUEST checkout Add Credit Card dropdown to checkout process, enable GUEST checkout, simplify user registration - Add Credit cards (to accept Visa, Master, American Express) payment mothods in our web portal Add Credit Payment Feature To Mobile App - Add cropping and resizing to already existing image upload php page Add cropping function for our upload image process - Add CSS and Javascript/JQuery to some HTML Add CSS and make some changes in my website - ADD CSS to ACCOUNTPLUS Add CSS To Asp.Net Web Application - Add CSS to Website Add CSS to Website, add in graphics to site - Add CSV Servlet to existing Struts2 BIRT web application Add csv to file to my website - Add currency conversion in Shopify shop - Repost - open to bidding Add currency conversion to my Virtuemart 1.1 site. - Add Custom Animation to Existing Design Add custom API payment pages to XFILESHARING - Add custom CSS Mouseover Code to Magento website Add custom css to a javascript Hubspot form - Add custom facebook friends Add custom feature / link to my big commerce store - Add custom field and button to wordpress theme Add Custom Field Column to Admin Area - Add Custom field to prestashop Add Custom field to prestashop -- 2 - Add Custom Fields to current form wordpress Add Custom Fields to current form wordpress -- 2 - Add Custom Fields To Quote Request For Customer To Fill Out Add custom fields to the default Joomla registration forms - Add custom functionality to a NopCommerce Project Add custom functionality to an existing PHP-Homepage - Add custom icons to my google maps. Add custom image field for module - add custom menu item Add custom menu to Magento site - Add custom page to Word Press Add custom pages to an existing Wordpress Template (Frontend & Backend) - Add custom Product Price Formula in opencart Add custom product pricing in Woocommerce Superstore - Add Custom Submit Form at Wordpress blog Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app - Add Custom URL field to WordPress feature add custom user filed in sugar crm - Add customer info to Magento site from WordPress database file Add Customer Login Page.. - Add Customised Aweber Form - repost add customizable lightbox to product page - add custum user name and password on hiden mode to login page Add cut/paste/copy functions to EXISTING file listview (Delphi) - Add data entry to an existing list Add Data Fees to my Online store - Add data from scanned file to excel Add data from Spread Sheet to HTML doc (get quick 10 rating) - Add data into magento shop Add data into magento shop - repost - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar -- 2 - Add data to excel from web search Add data to excel sheet - Add Data to spreadsheet Add data to the admin panel of our software - Add Database Caching to ASP.NET MVC Open Source Project Add Database Connectivity and Programming to Admin Template - Add DataBase to iPhone barcode reader Add database to page - Add Date Filter to supplier enquiry Add Date Gmail Subject - Add db to app and website Add db to app and website -- 2 - Add default prestashop pagination to actual prestashop template Add definitions and sample phrases to common English words. - add delivery date to checkout and pass to periship api Add delivery options to a CS Cart e-commerce site - Add description to shopify products Add descriptions and pictures to PLR site - add Design Element To Magento Site and Implement Add design elements to existing webpage - Add design to flynax website. Add design to flynax website. - Add desktop sharing to existing flash conference application Add Destinations on Website - Add diacritics to arabic words in a Word Document Add dialog - Add diffrent sound for diffrent levels of game C & SDL2 Add Digital Download Files For Vbulletin Website - Add Directory & Article Scripts to our Sites Add directory admin and content management - Add discount code option to basket page Add discount codes to 2-areas - add disqus at the bottom of all our blog pages and articles pages add disqus code to my magento website comment section and few changes on text - Add DNS managment to registrar module on WHMCS Add DNS Record to CPanel - Add Donation Page Add Donation widget in Wordpress - Add download button functionality to a music streaming service Add download button functionality to music website - Add drag sorting to XML Editor in PHP - Rehire add drag&drop arrows to existing script - Add drop down menu Add drop down menu - Add drop down menu to template and remove flash menu
Add drop down menu to top bar of wordpress site - Add Drop-down Lists to Word Document Add Drop-down Menu - Add Dropdown Menu to Website Add dropdown menu using pure CSS to Wordpress site - Add DTV to an Android box Add Dual Slider and some CMS setting - Add dynamic field to Gravity Forms on Wordpress Add dynamic fields to event espresso plugin - Add dynamic news to flash site (PHP/MYSQL/Flash) Add dynamic news to flash site - PHP/MYSQL/Flash - Add E-Commerce functionality to Premium Wordpress Theme Add e-commerce on my freelance wordpress website - Add E-Mail Feature to Member/User Dashboard Add e-mail on VPS (Webmin) - Add Ebay Products to Wordpress Site(use woocommerce) Add Ebook Store to Existing Website - Add ecommerce function to website Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site. - Add Ecommerce to existing site Add Ecommerce To Existing Website - add edit button for events on meeplace and payment system add edit button to select design idea - Add effect to our logo Add effects on webpage - Add electronic signature to pdf docs Add ELEGANCE to the Logo - Add elements to MS Access Database Add elements to page - Materialize Design - Add Email Autoresponder Delay add email button to android app - Add Email Image Signatures Add email importing functionality into existing project - Add Email Opt-in to Landing Page Add email option to website - Add Email template to my WooCommerce site. Add Email template to my WooCommerce site. -- 2 - Add emails into existing drupal system Add Emails Sent Per Minute Controls to Mailer Script - Add Embedded YouTube Video Website Add embossing to HTML text via CSS - Add encryption to sqlite Add end date to wordpress tribe events calendar for wordpress - Add Enhancements to my iPhone App Add Enlarge Feature in Flash Gallery - Add EPUB Support to previous project Add error handling and tool tip features to a website. - Add Event on Google Calendar in PHP add event page with search options - Add events from websites Add Events in Website - Add Excel Data to Datazen Publisher Add Excel data to existing .pdf file - Add existing dropdown menu to html pages Add Existing Header and Footer to Site Forum - Add existing team with vacation rental website, add existing text to existing website - Add expiry date for existing Pdf and epub file Add expiry date on WP Rentals - Add extension mcrypt in plesk pannel Add extension number to voice mail messages in voice - Add external widget to Wordpress Add External XSLT Stylesheets to our Google Mini - Add extra feature to existing wordpress website - open to bidding add extra feature to firefox addon - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost Add Extra fields and captcha to Registration forms builded in theme - ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link Add Extra form fields + Output on post - Add Extra Functionality to WordPress Travel Agency Theme Add extra functionallity to a wordpress site - Add extra page to existing Wordress site & add HP Wallart API Add Extra page to my website - Add extra user level ! Add Extras and Make Changes to Joomla Site - Add Facebook 'Like Button' and Addthis Functionality Add facebook 'like button' to xcart productpages, and to main page. - Add Facebook and Twitter login to a system Add Facebook and Twitter Register and Sign In to my site - Add facebook comment social plugin in wodpress sidebar for my website Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme - Add Facebook event Going Add Facebook Events to User's Wall - Add Facebook features to a finished game Add Facebook features to a flash game - Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted! Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted!! - Add Facebook integration to Joomla 2.5 site Add Facebook Interface to - Add facebook like button to app Add facebook like button to app within few hours - Add Facebook likes Add facebook likes - add facebook login ability to my website Add Facebook Login abiltity to website - Magento - Add Facebook login to my iOS Pirates game. Add facebook login to my website - Add Facebook page like and counter to wordpress site Add facebook page like button into my Android and IOS apps - Add Facebook SDK to an existing iPad App Add Facebook SDK to iOS/Android App - add facebook vote Add facebook votes to page :) ! - Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site! - Add FancyBox functionality - Debug jQuery issue. add fancybox popup to my php script - add fans to facebook page Add Fans to Facebook Page(repost) - add fatures to url redirection checker and proxy solutions Add Favicon - Add FB link as agreed to order checkout page Add FB link, fix meta tag descritpion, add ROBOT files for SEO - Add FCK Editor to link catelog indexu Add FCKeditor to a PHP application - Add Feature for Community Add feature for EA. - Add feature of providing reference Add feature on ASSOCIATES ON website - Add feature to a javascript on the WP blog Add feature to a javascript on the WP blog - open to bidding - Add feature to App you have been working on Add Feature to ASP Affiliate Software - Add feature to existing Files/Documents Management Software VB.NET, PHP and MYSQL Add Feature To Existing Firefox Addon (2) - Add Feature to Google Form Add feature to IOS app - add feature to my .fla flv player in AS3 Add Feature to my admin - add feature to oscommerce stores Add Feature to our chat system Drupal Developer Urgent - Add feature to Project add feature to run vbscript after screen capture - Add Feature To Website (Wordpress) Add feature to website similar to ( ) - Add feature Webservice answering GPS coordinates. Add Feature: display image when post link in status form - Add featured to my Android App Add Featured Video and Video Page / Fix Site Files - Add features + design for panels Add Features + Design. - Add features and fix bugs for PHP reverse auction script Add features and fix bugs in an IOS multiplayer game - add features and update an existing iphone app Add Features and Updates to iPhone application - add features in demo examples Add features in existing Django project - Add features in existing Project