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A cation deionization technology unit based on PIC18f2525 - A certified php coder wanted A CGI artist - A change in a .exe file A change in an id - A Character A Character & animation video - A charatcer hero Trinity wired for success for facebookand twitter A charatcer hero Trinity wired for success for facebookand twitter - repost - A chat application for a java program A Chat application with feautures similar to Facebook chat - a cheap photographic student A Cheap plain white zip up hoodie - A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people - A chess game with minimumsdk 14-21 A Chess-like Multiplayer iPhone Game w/ RPG Elements - a children's book Illustraiter A children's book illustrated - A children's picture book illustrated A children's short story about morals - a chinese head chef a chinese head chef -- 2 - A Chinese Website in Mandarin on Word Press A Chinese/English intrepreter - A christmas themed project A Christmas Video- After Effect Template supplied - A Churchill Fellowship A cigar logo - A City Portal Website A city that you can go inside - A civil engineer who is also an quantity surveyor to work in Bahrain for a construction company owner is Dutch. A Civil Engineering Job - A Class with an Array: A stack A classic Tetris game for Ipad (Arcade) - A classified website for a rural community in Zambia (Africa) A Classified website like (in Arabisch and Engelisch) - A clean and modern website A clean attractive light weight CMS Website - A Cleaning Agency Booking Application A clear box to fly at least 1000ft high and suspend itself there for periods of up to 6 months or a year. - A Clientside (javascript + imacros) Script/Program For a Facebook Bot That Does The Following A climbing based platform - Android / iOS - A clone of a program for Andorid A clone Of A Real Estate Site - A clone of A Clone of Hotmail with Messenger App - a clone of A clone of Teespring site and all its current functionalities in wordpress site - A Clone site a clone site - A clothing designer A Clothing inventory database - A cloud-based attendance monitoring system A Cloud-Based Framework for Agriculturists on Mobile Platform - A CMS for a current HTML5/CSS 3 website A CMS for a letting agency - A cnet download type web site a co typer for my projcet - A code in R that helps to estimate the parameters of the model A code in SAS or R for Compustat data - A coder A coder - a coding assignment in C A coding expert - A collaborative writing project. Are you in? A Collage assignment on First-order logic, Propositional logic. Find the file. only bid if possible from you - A college assignment needs to be done in C language. A college assignment on signal processing in matlab in 24 hours only - a color in poster a color poster/presentation - a Combobox in a datagrid A comedy script writer for a movie - A Comic/Editorial cartoonist needed A Comics poster - A commercial text for my website A commerical with indian public people - A Community Newspaper A community newspaper / news / discussion portal in Russian - A community/dicussion forum a compamy logo and bussiness cards samples - A Company Logo A Company Logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a Company Logo design a company logo design - a company profile A Company Profile - A company to manufacture my project a company to maufacter my product - A company website..... A Company which specialist in packaging and shipping for my online shop - A comparison of C++ and Java A comparison of Drug Trafficking in Spain into Andalucia and Galicia - A competent, low-cost blogger A competition flyer made - A complete Affiliate working website, with all coupons, deals, tips n tricks... A Complete Air Conditioner Simulation Using MATLAB HVAC - A complete copywriting for a travel website A complete copywriting for a travel website - A complete e-commerce website for my comopany a complete ebook on permaculture, moon phase farming and biodynamic agriculture - A COMPLETE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DATABASE for Service Industry A complete Mangento webstore - A complete redesign of our oscommerce site a complete registration process of a partnership deep with TIN number - A complete site A complete Squeeze Page System Design - A complete website A complete website - A Complete Website Redesign with some Added Features A complete website revise. - A complex finance peer to peer lending website A complex finance peer to peer lending website - repost - a composite numerical integration approximation by using composite Simpson’s rule A composite rendering - A Comprehensive Strategy to Eliminate Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Liberia. a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools designed to help run my laundry pickup and delivery business efficiently and profitably. - A computer game/simulation in UE4/Unity A Computer Graphics Project - a concept mp3 A concept of deadlocks in c - A configurator in Adobe Flash A conistent job writing, technical, travel, cooling - A consultant in ISO9001 documentation A Consultant Needed who can find me leads - A contemporary fiction book translated A content article with minimum 1000 words about surfing and airport transfer - a content writer who can write content for my ads a content writer/blogger - A Contract Management software A Contract Project/Process Manager - Help with Service Management process control and implementation - a cook for a camp A cookbook - a cool looking index page A Cool new site - A copy of an existing website A copy of - a copy of that blue Marbow design (attached) a copy of the script you wrote that will auto post ads to - a copy writer A copy writer and designer - A copywriter to correct and improve my content of my website A copywriter to help summarise banking roles. - a corporate finance dissertation A Corporate Identity - A Corporate Web Site
A Corporate Web Site Design PSD to HTML - a costum product, will discuss in PM a costum product, will discuss in PM - open to bidding - A couple changes to my Grunt.js file A couple color variations for logo - A couple of bits and bobs on a website a couple of buttons need quick design match. - A couple of lines of JSTON code for Google Sheets A couple of lines of Perl (I think) - A couple of website designs A couple of website edits - A couple small fast changes A couple small graphics for Mobile Video Game - A course booking marketplace a course for nail beauty treatment - A cover letter for an ERASMUST application A cover letter for PhD application - A create a travel webpage a creativ game thats colerfull and deep - A creative designer with new and refreshing taste for everyday clothing (Mainly Men's apparel) a creative developer of visual basic 2010 (urgent) - A creative logo need to be created for webspidey solutions A creative logo need to be created for webspidey solutions - repost - A Creative Site A creative video as an advert for a small hotel - A creative writer needed for a dog owners guide project. A Creative Writer Only. - A Crest designed for an Elite Fraternity A crest logo - A critical assessment of Kali as a hacking tool and auditing tool for each individual in the group using ISO31000 risk management framework. A critical comparison of different global perspectives to enterprise. - A critique A critique of the literature - A cross platform app for uploading media to a server A cross platform app needed urgently with a month and half - A crowdfunding press release A Crowdfunding Site - A CS:GO Jackpot site. A cs:go wagering and skilled gaming site - A Css guru (alekka) a css guy who can clean some css of wordpress - A Currency Converter a current issue on cyber security (Ransomware as cyberweapon) - a custom calendar and coding on Shopify store A custom calendar for users in my wordpress website - a custom ecommerce (marketplace) A custom Ecommerce shop - A custom form and report A Custom formatted Excel Spreadsheet - A CUSTOM KODI FORK BUILDER APPLICATION ONLINE A Custom Layout along with the coding for the most of the components, - A custom marketplace A custom marketplace store - A custom online exam website in php A Custom OS - A Custom Project A Custom Project - A Custom Social Network A custom sports team logo design - a custom website - just the back end-no design A custom Website - open to bidding - A custom Wordpress theme that has some html 5 animations. A custom Wordpress theme that has some html 5 animations. - open to bidding - a customised online forum A customised painting - A Customized Community Website A customized cutter - A Customized WP Comments/Link Submission Plugin Needed, Please. A customized youtube banner. - a d20 dice a d20 dice - open to bidding - A dash board for managemnent information tracking the status of various equipment as they are being repaired. We have various steams of repairs taking place some of which are from the same item. We work with a job number but nothing is electronic. Need a A dash board module for monitoring engineering plant and machinery - A data communications/networking/structured cabling website A Data Driven Menu Example needed - A data entry job on or offline a data entry job online - A data file is breaking the pop-up script A data file output template creation program (C#) - A databage project with multimedia A Database - A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query A database established and data entry all from scratch - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - A Dating and blogging sites for Nigerian Students a dating app - A DATING WEBSITE A Dating Website - A DC stove for use in houses/huts in developing countries. Solar powered A dcoument reader - A decent online job where I can work comfortably at my home all the time! - open to bidding A decent programmer with lots of available time needed - A definition of of unfavorable behavior among children A Degital Drawing for me - A demo video for a site builder product A demonstration word press site to show how sales records are stored - a design A design - A design fit for Palm oil gallon. A design for a "trophy" award - A design for a polo shirt A design for a pullup banner - A design for hat A design for hat - a design for residential apartment project A design for some shirts - A design of a Motel from concrete blocks A design of a new crypto coin and a corporate branding - A design, sufficiently removed from Kickstarter to not attract plaigirism claims her in the Western Australian jurisdiction, yet with similar functionality to the kickstareter site A design/logo for daycare business - A designer for Ad needed a designer for banners - A designer to help in a start-up a designer to help me design my ideas into attractive well ballanced t shirt design - A Designer with fresh Ideas a designer with good copy writing, branding and concept development - A desktop monitoring software needed A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER - A detailed 3D rendering of a new charging technology A Detailed Analysis of the Children's Wear Retail Industry in UK - A detailed, web site creation project planning Gantt chart - open to bidding A detailled document describing a project - A developer that has knowledge in MapBox A developer that has PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, some JSON and AJAX. 10 years minimum experience residing in Colombia South America - a developer to take on and redesign my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. -- 2 A developer to train me to write (basic) Plug-ins for MS CRM Dynamics - A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 3 A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 4 - A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. - open to bidding A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. - open to bidding - A DHCP server /client in java/C# with some modification - open to bidding A Diabetic E-book - A dictionary crawler in Java 2 A dictionary crawler in Java needed - A difficult webpage conversion from design (PART 3) A digg type featured site using Wordpress - A digital IR counter / Specific Tracking Counter w/reset A digital logo for my advertising/recycling service - A digital world cup wall chart A digital world cup wall chart - open to bidding - A Directory website and app a directory website built - A dishwasher manufacturer a disiner - A Distributed Data Sources Plugin for Flash / Silverlight A Distributed software Project On-line Quiz Game (Using Java) - A DJ looking to get targeted followers