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A stunning new webdesign for an existing web site - repost - A Subcription based encrypted PPV Movie Portal A Submission form - A SugarCRM-esque Application A suggestion - a summary response A summary writing - A superb forum, blog Ecommerce website template on wordpress A superb graphic designer - Mobile App - A surgeon required to review the USMLE question a surprise flash mob dance to one song - A Survey Site A Survey Software - A Swift2 Coded App will be integrated with Chartboost Interstitial Ads A swimming costume - A synthesizable implementation of Compression engines A synthesizable implementation of ECC engines - A system like a system modelling simulation and a report - A system to submit and display audio files in embedded google maps A system web based form site it is like a waze application. - A t-shirt customization module A T-Shirt design - A T-Shirt Designer for Stand Out Apparel A T-Shirt Designer Website Clone required - A table not showing the same in firefox and chrome A table script - A talented and skilled photo editor and retoucher for weddings A Talented Copy Writer Who Can Design as Well - For Social Media Creatives - a talk show script A talking dog / bird like app. Read requirements - A Taxi Application for Android Phone A taxi booking module - A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English - A team of excellent writers needed to write 10 product reviews within next 5 hours. a team of experts of buliding website, seo and content writing - A TEAM of writers needed A team of writers needed - A Tech Blog On Wordpress. A Tech Blog On Wordpress. - open to bidding - A Technical Essay on JPEG2000, JPEG Baseline, and Wavelet Image Codings A Technical Essay on US Digital TV Standard - A technical step by step how to Wordpress content A technical web designer who knows CSS - a telecom logo a telecommunication projecy - A template A template of a nsw australian drivers licence with the hologram - A Template Graphically Designed for a PDF Document a template in an Excel file - a temporary job A temporary lawyer - A Test Iteration A test PHP project - A Testimonial and acting skit for a new company a testimony necessary for a marriage annulment - A Text-Mode Monopoly Game A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - A theme for 2nd hand car website A theme for wordpress blog - A thing of seconds: Add 6 LINKs to a simple JS slideshow - repost A ThinkorSwim Algorithm - a ticket sales automation A Ticket Selling website - A timer application run on iphone A timer question - a tiny WordPress plugin for pdf attached A TinyOS project - A to Z SAAS Option and CRM and HRM Clean and Scale-able A to Z SEO for new e-commerce website - a tool that can help A tool that extract results from Internet and display on the website - A tool where user can see their 2D model and try clothes on it A tool/info to duplicate wordpress pages with unique URLs with the same content but the URL is from a list of biz names eg - A topic A topic Ebook about UFO - a touch screen mini lcd tv A touch-triggered animation in javascript for HTML5...To incorporate into an ePub3 document. - A Tours and travels project a tower maked in archicad and artlantis photos - A traffic reporting app a Traffic Signal Control System-RTOS - A trainer specialized training customer support executives on product, process and softskill. A BPO experience expericed is preferred. A trainer to conduct Excel and PowerPoint trainings - A transcriber A transcript of a French audio file (23 minutes) from mp3 to. Doc ; odt - a translation A translation for a video script - A translation from English to Portuguese (word count less than 2000) - 持续工作 A translation from English to Thai - a translator a translator - A translator for interviews as part of a fieldwork project A translator for interviews in Indonesia - A translator to accompany me to collect case studies A translator to accompany me to collect case studies in Zarqa- Arabic to English translations - A transport Limousine Hire website -- 2 A transport managert - A travel guide site A Travel lifestyle blog - A Travelling Website. A tree design - A Trivago clone website A trivia iOS app - A Tshirt Design A tshirt design - a turtle logo A turtle mascot for a web site - A tweeting bot A Tweets monitoring tool - A two minute music cartoon video A two page letter to my Chinese mother (approx 1241 words) into Traditional Chinese characters (prefer Taiwan), to be done by May 8 2013 - A typest to type my new book A typest to type my new book - a typing job online A TYPING JOB OR COPY AND PASTE JOB - a typist a typist - A typist who types English at a good speed; knows MS Office; and has an experience in handling huge data in excel. a typist with speed and excellent telephone manner to work 10-20 hours - A UI designer is needed for a modular UI design project. A UI developer - A Unique and New Resource for college Grads and Companies combined A unique android game development - A unique font change for my Tee Shirt verbiage. A Unique Gaming Video Intro - A unique Sound. A unique tattoo design - A Unitu C# Game Developer a unity 3d programmer - A URL Shortener that includes a widget/bar on every link shared. A US English speaker needed to record 11 poems in English - a user app to rate and take a photo of business visited A user can login from facebook to my wordpress site - A ussd application A USSD functionality for Phone Book backup - A VA to help my business A VA to help my business - A variation of the Logo you made for True Fitness please for a supplement store a varied mix of small web jobs - A vb program to print a barcode with laser printer A Math program for kids - A vector based .ai or .eps file A vector based design of a children's museum with cartoony graphics that are fun and easy to read. - A Vehicles Sales Accounting System [VSAS] is required as a ready made or development: a vemdor database and request for quote system (inhouse needs) - a vertical scrolling racing game (dubbed RallyRacer)
a veru small flex project - A very basic phone number extractor Urgently - ongoing work A very basic python project - A very easy and simple web page A VERY Easy Book Cover - A VERY easy project. A very easy school assignment focused mainly in Flash - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job - Repost A Very Easy Typing Job - Repost - A very energetic declamation speech wanted A very fast chatting module exactly like - A very good team needed for mailing station project A very good webscraper (for yellow pages) - A very Muddy website template for off road sales Website. CSS A very new and innovative outdoor dog toys, tools or accessories - A VERY RELIABLE DATA ENTRY PERSON a very reliable writer needed - A Very Simple 1 Page Redesign A very simple 300 words article in Australian style - a very simple app. I just need to convert a pdf book into an app with search feature A very simple application for the Iphone - A very simple dummy GUI for real time video snippet generation A very simple e-commerce website - A very simple geometry analysis A very simple homepage - a very simple job for resident bangladesh or Pakistan a very simple job for resident poland - a very simple one page advertisement a very simple one page website needed with logo as well - a very simple project a very simple project - a very simple similator A very simple SINGLE web page, that has already been designed, re-coded - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A very simple view page from model in django admin interface A Very Simple Web Bot Needed - A very simple wordpress web site. A very simple wordpress website - A very small clean pdo db image php script A very small CRUD application - A very small MATLAB code required a very small modification to the osCommerce FedEx module - a very small tweak on a existing wordpress site A very small Unity 3D game(yet polished) for platforms of iOS(iPhone & iPad),Android(phones & tablets) and most importantly WEB(mainly for FACEBOOK) - a very strange program.. A VERY STRONG online marketing needed - A Vetizon or Time Warner landline phone bill A VFX for my website - A video and photos for women's day on the 09August. A video animation - A video commercial for Start-up in early stage - open to bidding A video commercial of a 30 Seconds 2D (20$) - A Video edit a video edited for my website - A video game description for a fighting/action title A video game description/copy - A video in MOVIE TRAILER style, compiled from video and photo materials which we supply(~4min) A video infographic, two brand logos, and a landing webpage - A video or animation to present our product - open to bidding a video photographer that will do a 7,8 or 10 day hunt with me - A video shooting from making process to shooting a product ( Student Project ) A video shorter than a minute and thirty seconds. - A Video Tutorial A video tutorial of some remote control toys - A videographer A videographer - a videographer and sound technician for this Monday (13th June) in Cheshire a videographer and video editor - A videographer to record a video of me for website a videographer to shoot some simple footage - A videotaped greeting from Famous places around the world -- 4 A vietnamese C++ / PHP programmer in Hanoi - a virsual basic 2d avatar moving chat with multiple users chat and multiple rooms a virtual airline website including hosting and domain and upload for me the system and design the website and create a phpvms modules - A virtual Assistant A Virtual Assistant - a virtual assistant needed asap A virtual assistant project for adelynespino - A Virtual Classroom - Web Based. A Virtual Dataroom - A Virtual-Reality based Street-Crossing Software A Virtual/Personal Assistant - A Visual Novel Engine A visual reminder mobile application - A Voice Talent - open to bidding A voice-over artist for 2 short intro to a video - A VPN app for iOS iPhone and iPad A VPN APPLICATION FOR ANDROID AND IOS - a wallet system A wallpaper app - a water damage website & logo a water damage website & logo - a way to show brand logos on category pages with info A way to simplify a technical floor plan in PDF - A web app (hopefully for google app store?) A web app by JAG - A web application a web application - A web application that can search via LinkedIn People Search API A web application that do Monitoring of keyword for specified website - A Web Based Application A web based application for a mobile distribution company - a web based invoicing/billing and accounting system A web based lottery - A web based tutorial system for science A Web Based Video for our Startup - A web database analysis A Web Design - A Web designer - open to bidding a web designer for sunday 15th of may - A web developer based in London A web developer for a business website - A web developer. - open to bidding A Web Development - a web interactive video that you can do simple drawings, text. A web interface solution / Dashboard which will interact with 3 different ERP systems - A web page designed to add onto our current website A web page designed to make a page for my blogs. - A Web portal A Web portal - A web programmer a web programmer of sorts - a web scraping work A web scrapper is urgently needed - A Web Service for sending emails A Web Service for sending emails - a web site a web site - A web site coded