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    ...activities of a local government. To help us, we have a very simple database operation written in Access 97. A user indicates an interest in a variety of job titles and provides us with his mailing information on a piece of paper. We have our staff enter this information in an Access 97 database. They enter the titles a person was interested in, and

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    I have designed a client/server application with SQL Server 2000 on the back-end that is likely going to be purchased by a fortune-500 company very soon. I am looking for a MS SQL Server DBA local to the Toronto, Ontario area. I need a way to deploy the back-end database to offices around the GTA without allowing employees within the company access

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    We require a simple corporate site to provide information about our business to potential customers etc. We are currently considering several options, depending on other related factors eg finance issues, strength of the business need, that we are weighing up: 1. Basic static 5 - 10 page website with text and images plus contact form, work required

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    Hello All Coders, I&'m looking for an IP Messenger application (written in VB6) that will allow me to send both single messages and broadcast a single message to an IP range. It will be used primarily by Help Desk employees to notify clients without having to use Email (which involves? matching IP to MAC Address to Jack to locate client names to

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    I need a control panel that allows the creation of users. These users will need to be able to login and administer their DNS zones and resource records. The application is for a co-location/managed hosting environment, where we will provide self-service DNS services for our users who wish to offload DNS tasks to another server. A user with

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    ...need a Simple WAP application that pulls data from our SQL Server and displays the current values in a database table. We have a list of approx 26 Stream Gauges that populate a database. We need a User friendly EASY to operate WAP interface that will allow a user to select the Station they want to see the values on then provide a simple menu of

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    To design and code a package, called DBManage, that implements a simple in-memory database manager, and design and code application, a Student Registration System that uses this package. This application is to be developed in Java. Exact specification is available on the following website which requests for a design which is available http://bsd7

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    ...interested in learning JSP. However, I am one to learn by example, instead of a book, so I am looking for a simple address book written in JSP. One which includes all database functions such as insert, delete, modify, search, etc...I would like the application to use tomcat webserver, and SQL Server 2000 DBMS. Again, I am a beginner here, and am willing to listen

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    ...the project, we need construction of a web-enabled application which will interface with a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. Database has only 2 tables: projects and tasks, with all task records belonging to a project record. Application will have two primary forms. 1) First is a simple list view which shows all active projects. 2)

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    ...need to find a programmer for my project in creating a e-commerce site using ColdFusion for a prototype I will be presenting to my class. 1) E-commerce type functionality with simple shopping cart. Products page that will have a thumbnail of images products that the customer can scroll through. 2) Ability to provide login and registration page for new and

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    I need a 2-way synchronization conduit for my palm application database. The application is built using PDAToolBox and the database format is attached. The database may be synced with an Excel file or a simple text file (CSV) on the desktop, whichever is easier for you ??" I am okay with both the ways. The conduit may be written in Java, C/C++ or COM

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    ...volume data entry application. The project will be a Compiled .Net (or similar technology) front end, with a SQL server 2000 back end. I would like someone to be able to work on site or at least be local for meetings as the details for this application are very intricate. The front end will be a compiled self updating .Net application that will be a login

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    A prototype application to write and maintain complex documents composed of a cover page a table of content one or several chapters a cover page for each chapter each chapter can include one or several attachments (typically doc, xls, jpg, txt...) files A typical document may include about 100 pages and 10 chapters Constraints : The document must be

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    ...checked. We also want to write a simple test non-data-aware multi-threaded client in Delphi to make sure the server worked correctly. The application is called by a another application. It does a couple of simple queries on a MS SQL Server database, and then returns a phone number. It was written as a single-threaded application, and works fine. However...

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    I am looking for a fairly simple php/mysql application. I want to be able to have users specify the name of a company, their zip code, and then rate the company on a few different things (i.e. customer service, billing, etc.). This information would then be stored in a database. If a user came to the site looking for information on the company they

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    17 bids be captured in online .asp databases, set up according to my (simple) design requirements. Needs interface with password protection. Also need capability to totally delete old info from system. 2. Results from one of the forms captured in HTML format, automatically creating a simple "home page." Needs to include method to upload a photo to that home

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    Technologies to be used: Flash interface and VB 6.0, compatible with Parlay i4i switches, over ISDN. Description: The application is used inside so-called phone-shops where people go to a shop and can phone using cheap rates. They go to booths and simply dial a number. The shop owner has a central pc with a program running giving him all the information

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    ...a web application that parses a SQL database and creates a downloadable file output in either CSV, Excel document or Access database. The system works great until we added acouple more fields to the SQL tables. Now the Field names and data are not in the right order and we don't know why. For other applications we can not change the Database structure

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    ...develop a new modern updated system. This DOS application is no longer supported by the developer. This is what we know about the application... 1. The DOS application is written in C++. 2. The database is stored as .HDB and .RDB files, for this project I created a TEST database. The files for the TEST database are available to download below. 3. THERE

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    ...for all the responses so far. ************************************* I would like to develop small application for Palm Pilot OS 3.0 and above. There will be two pars of the application. 1. One will work on PC, where template for data entry application can be developed. I need to define, fields, type of data, legth etc. Type of inputs will be text, number

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    ...seeking an "existing" web based Appointment application along the lines of the images I have created and enclosed. Whatever you have should be able to be modified to look like this - or close. 1) It is an application for individuals to use. These people would come from my database so there must be a simple way of plugging this into my DB. 2) Each person

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    We need a simple asp application that will pull data from an SQL 2000 server to create a monthly precipitation report. This application will include an administration form where and admin can add/edit/delete values from the database ## Deliverables We would like a very user friendly application that is visually stimulating as it is functional. We

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    I've had someone develop an application that allows users to upload zip files to the server. I've modified that form to populate a hidden field value with the logged-in username, and thus I can now track how many uploads each user has made. I now need a method to track how many downloads each user has made. Right now, the downloads page consists of

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    ...Target date: Two weeks from assignment Project is now urgent due to inability to deliver by first assigned Coder. Synopsis: THE CODER The project is a simple one for an experienced commercial application Coder with prior experience in programs of similar nature, Motel Management, Hire Companies, but ideally with this type of exact project, due to time

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    ...a little so feel free to re-bid. We need an application that will run on a Windows 2000 Server as a service that will read an Access 2000 database and port the values every (Selectable from 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min , 5 min, 10 min intervals) to a SQL 2000 Server database. ## Deliverables The Access database is continuously adding values and will purge

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    ... The student needs to enter the name of the college they are attending or plan to attend, and then must enter at least one major out of four. Because we want to keep things simple and easy to search in MySql the college name field and each major field will have a link of click to choose from list next to it. A new window will open and the student will

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    I need an application written or an existing one modified which will allow web users to upload .zip files to a protected folder on my server, via a simple HTML form with the obvious input field that browses their drive. The form should have the following fields, which will correspond to a SQL server table with datatypes of your recommendation (I will

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    Programming for a content management tool and search function ## Deliverables We’re looking for a server-side software application. Here’s what’s necessary: XYZ Company wants a website that has a "Job Listings" section that will be accessible by the general public. XYZ Company wants a select handful of their employees to be able to update this section

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    ...stand-alone application to extract daily company filings via FTP on the SEC site and store data in a database in a pre-define categories. Application must have an alternative scheduling capability for the extract frequency. Data mapping of each form is to reside in a separate location or external file where it could be updated using simple tool ranging

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    ...someone who knows it. I want a someone to give me a small application in VB or ASP which will generate an RTF file from a 5 fields entered in a form and then apply some standard formatting and then save the data as an RTF file at a predefined location. There is no database involved here the simple form will the textboxes Name Title Extension Fax Mobile

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    We need a front end application to Insert/Update/Remove records in a MySQL Database. There are 10 tables to do this editing. Tree of the tables are special: 1-Insert/update/delete images on MySQL (BLOB), also the ability to view the image in the application and do edit(using an external program) 2-Insert/update/delete HTML table. And small

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    An entire file drawer in my office sits filled up with old paper forms that I wish to turn into a searchable Access database . . . all of that has already been set up and designed in Access. There is a table of all the raw data and a form view to view and enter the data. The form view is the ONLY part that I want the rest of the office to see in order

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    Develope a VB Application based on our MS Access Database program This is a Multi-Location Inventory Management & Tracking System. The Distributor stores the list of Customers or Accounts that he sells to into the system. The Distributor would then setup the inventory items that are currently stocked at this location. There are two ways to accomplish

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    I need an Visual Basic application that runs in WIN98 and does the following: 1) Let the user choose and Access Database 2) Let the user choose a table from within that database 3) Look for these three fields from that table: URLOne URLTwo Verified 4) Open an browser or similar to it as follows: see attached PDF or Word file 5) Show URLOne in the bottom

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    Develop a simple Accounting application. The application must use the following database - Accounts Table Column Name Type Comments Account_Number Integer Primary Key Account_Name String(25) Account_Balance Integer Transactions Table Column Name Type Comments Transaction_number Integer Primary Key Account_Number Integer Foreign Key Transaction_Type

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    ... ------------------------------------------------------- Detailed features this program should have: - The program should have an always on top feature. - Program can look simple but professional. - Would be nice if program can be minimized to Windows system tray to be hidden from view. - Program will receive messages on average of 250 - 500 characters

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    ...Project seems simple to me, but I don’t know much about this type of development. In a nutshell, I have a simple embedded scripting language on my hands that has about 12 basic command types. It should only do one thing: Parse process and insert information to and from a MySQL database. The Command Types: 1. Query Strings 2. Basic Application Variables

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    ...horizontal menu instead of vertical), and have it well commented that I would be able to add features to it at a later time. I would also want everything based off of a SQL Server database. A site that I would like to mimic a bit (would like it a bit nicer than this) is: [login to view URL] The site is not laid out that nicely, but has a lot of functionality

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    ...Q: Using the database I supplied, and assuming you have written your code correctly, when I run the program and I select '1002' from the pulldown, how many records are there, and what are the values of 'Part Number' and 'Qty' displayed for each row? ************************************************ I have a few problems with my application that I need

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    Development of a custom list server using asp/com and SQL server 7. A large user database is already in exsitence with the user data in it. All interaction through a secure web interface. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all

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    ...with text in a user-designated font. The size and spacing of this text will be determined by a simple yet non-trivial series of rules we will lay out upon acceptance of your bid. These rules will be governed by a set of parameters stored on a SQL database server which your Xtension will access programmatically. The typesetter should have the option

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    I need a simple calender application written in coldfusion and MS Access. I have seen a few online but they all have too many bells and whistles and I don't have time to change the code to what I need. This is what I need. The application MUST do the following and nothing less: -Display the current Month with a box for each day -Have a link on either

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    Contact management software for direct sales. I want a simple interface. (of which I can provided graphic mock ups) The application needs to manage up to 1000 contacts (simple address book form) and generate follow up call reminder lists based on appointments set in calendar. Would also like a simple to do list section. This project will start development

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    I want a simple application that will allow users to create tailored Palm and PocketPC applications designed for mobile/remote sign-ups and petitions. Once installed on an individuals Palm/PocketPC it would allow them to gather e-mail addresses from friends, petition signers, etc. via their handheld and have the results sent to a specific server determinied

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    Creation of simple two column database with multiple sorting capabilites. Database is then used to create pie chart in multiple slices with text inside and rotated in line with each pie slice (not horizontal or vertical text). Text must be scalable font in order to assure text appears INSIDE the pie slice. Output file must be accessible to printing

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    This project will be a simple address book which should be able to use most standard address book features but with a few added extras. It will be able to ues a MySQL database or a Microsoft Access Database and also have import & export functionlity. It should also be multi user with basic user administration via an admin account. The field for input

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    Develope a VB Application based on our MS Access Database program This is a Multi-Location Inventory Management & Tracking System. The Distributor stores the list of Customers or Accounts that he sells to into the system. The Distributor would then setup the inventory items that are currently stocked at this location. There are two ways to accomplish

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    Need as soon as possible a simple application to do the following for a small non-profit organization: Need screens with full functions for: 1 ??" Welcome screen with label and text field for: FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress Include Submit button to verify information Include Exit button (close browser) -------------------------------------------------------

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    I need a simple application which I can enter client information (contact information and other small information) and then I would like for this to update the database. I would also like for the database to be accessible through the internet, so I was thinking maybe there could be a web page on which I could search the database for my clients’ information

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    139 bids create a quiz application to be placed on a private network. The applicaton is fairly simple and I think can be done in no time for a seasoned prgrammer. I would do it myself but I have run into some problems and would like to get this finished within the next couple of weeks. Please use ColdFusion 4.5 and MS Access for database. I will need all

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