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    Project Title: Macro Automation for PC Video Game Overview: I am seeking a skilled freelancer to develop a macro based on images from a PC video game that I have created. The macro will primarily focus on automating repetitive actions within the meny of the game. Requirements: - Proficiency in creating macros for PC video games - Strong understanding of image recognition and automation techniques or OCR - Experience with scripting languages, such as AutoHotkey or similar - Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate on the project Specific Tasks: - Develop a macro that can automate repetitive actions within the PC video game menu - Utilize image recognition to identify specific in-game menu elements and trigger corresponding actions - Ensure compatibility of the macro with...

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    Hello, I am currently in need of an experienced web designer to overhaul my current website. The primary goal of this project is to cater to a wide range of individuals seeking accounting and tax consultancy services. Key Elements: - Integration of a sophisticated, modern design that appeals to professionals from various industries. - Highlighting informative blog articles to provide valuable insights to our diverse audience. Skills and Experience Required: - Demonstrated success in designing websites optimized for lead generation across different sectors. - Proficiency in creating user-friendly, accessible blogs and articles. - Strong understanding of web aesthetics tailored to appeal to a professional audience. - Proven expertise in SEO strategies and Google Analytics impleme...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned web developer to design a browser-based mentorship program tailored for professionals. Key Features: - The platform's main functionality should center on Textual Communication. It should facilitate efficient, organized, and seamless interaction between the mentor and mentee. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in creating similar platforms is highly desired. - Familiarity with professional career development and mentoring processes. - Strong expertise in creating user-friendly, intuitive web platforms.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer with experience in game advancement, specially in the area of 2d MMORPGs. I'm looking for someone who can enhance and streamline my beloved game from the 2000s, currently running on DirectX 7 with DirectDraw wrapper. The three main areas of focus would be: - Smoother Movement: Players in the game should experience smooth movements across the game universe. Any jerkiness or lag is unacceptable and needs to be ironed out. Also get rid of collisions and bumps - Uniform Movement Speed: All characters within the game should have equal movement speed, ensuring fair game play for all players. - Resolution & Window Mode: The game should operate in 800x600 resolution and feature a windowed mode. Importantly, I need the game to allow its window...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelance writer to create captivating blog articles in the field of business and finance. If you have a knack for turning complex financial concepts into layman's terms, this is an opportunity for you. Here's what I need: - Articles that cater to a general audience, with an engaging tone while remaining informative. - A personable writing style that encourages readers to explore and understand finance topics better. - A working knowledge of business and finance to provide accurate information to readers. Key Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing blog articles. - Proficient in creating content that attracts and retains reader’s attention. - Ability to simplify financial jargons for a broader audience. - Basic knowledge...

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    PLEASE REPLY READ ALL: I WILL DELETE ALL REPLYS THAT DO NOT START WITH THIS: THANK YOU I'm seeking an experienced SEO specialist with a keen eye for technical details to urgently resolve specific errors in my Search Console, which are negatively impacting my site's visibility and search engine ranking. This project requires a mix of technical SEO skills, familiarity with web development basics, and a thorough understanding of Google guidelines. **Key Tasks:** - **Diagnose and Fix Index Coverage Errors:** Address issues such as 'Submitted URL not found (404)', 'Submitted URL marked 'noindex'', and 'Submitted URL seems to be a Soft 404'. - **Remove ‘Noindex’ Tags:** Thoroughly review the website to identify and remove an...

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    ...desirable: * You are a member of Github, , or any other programming platform where you have been posting OR *You already have a programming blog OR *You have written programming content earlier for anyone and have samples to show. New freelancers are welcome. We are an on-demand website where hundreds of programming-related topics need to be covered every day. We are seeking programmers (Students/Freshers) who can perform writing on programming problems and topics. We will provide Topics/Keywords to write upon. All programming languages are welcome. This project for: Programmers (students/freshers) Who are willing to learn and contribute to the community and want to build their profile and earn a good review/reputation This is how you will work & earn: You can work

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    Hello, I am looking for a skilled individual who can facilitate connections with owners of browser extensions that have a user base of 10,000 or more. This is an opportunity for someone with excellent networking skills and a strong understanding of the digital marketplace, especially in the area of browser extensions. Key Requirements: Ability to identify and establish contact with extension owners who are interested in selling their products. Strong communication and negotiation skills to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. An understanding of the browser extension ecosystem and what makes an extension valuable to both users and potential buyers. Compensation: I am offering a commission of 10% for each successful purchase transaction. Additionally, I value each user at $0.20, ...

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    I am in need of a proficient translator who can smoothly convert advanced, legal material from English to European French with scrupulous precision. Key requirements: - Expertise in advanced legal terminology in both languages - Prior legal translation experience is vital - Cognizance of and proficiency in European French dialect - Ability to handle complex, specialised texts Your role will entail translating legal documents while maintaining the sense of the material, its integrity, and confidentiality. I expect a high level of accuracy and a meticulous approach to the task. If your translation skills meet these specifications, consider bidding for this intriguing project. The only issue is that the 2 files are scanned documents.

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    Please apply only if you are willing to work on Zoom screensharing only. This is long term project lasting for years. Must have good skills in Javascript, PHP, Mysql/Nosql database and API integrations. As the person in charge of this project, I am seeking a skilled PHP/Javascript developer to handle various tasks, including: - Database integration: I anticipate needing to ingest, organize, and manipulate data regularly. Therefore, you'll need strong database skills with a focus on integration points between the site and the back-end databases. - Custom coding: We anticipate some unique challenges in the development of our website that will call for custom codes. You should be a problem-solver who can think on their feet and write custom code as required. For this project, ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced illustrator with a knack for cartoon styles for a special project. The theme of this particular job is centered around nature, with a focus on flora. Key Responsibilities: • Create a stunning and engaging cartoon style illustration. • The illustration should primarily incorporate elements of flora and plant life. Feel free to be creative within this theme. • Adapt the illustration to fit a frame, taking into account composition and balance. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proven experience in creating cartoon style illustrations. • A strong portfolio that demonstrates understanding and execution of nature-themed art. • Creativity and problem-solving skills in order to integrate flora elements into the design in an eng...

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    For this project, I am seeking a talented individual skilled at creating 3D wall models using SketchUp. The purpose of these models is for interior design visualization. Key Characteristics: • The 3D walls should incorporate basic texture and approximate measurements, making them medium-detail. • No specific wall features (like windows or doors) are needed at this stage. • No special texture, finish, or lighting effects are required at present. The ideal candidate should have experience in SketchUp, 3D modeling, and interior design. Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will be highly appreciated. Detail-oriented and creative problem-solving skills are a must. Looking forward to your bids.

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    **MUST BE UK BASED** I'm seeking a skilled digital artist with experience in realistic styles. The end project will be for commercial company event in mid June. I expect the artist to produce a portrait of the booth visitors face with a fair level of detail and accuracy that matches the person who comes to our booth. We would like to know how detailed you could get the drawing with a timeframe of 10-12 minutes per person. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in digital art tools (Ability to draw on an Ipad is crucial) - Strong portfolio showcasing realistic digital portraits - Ability to work with commercial usage rights.

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    I am seeking a AR/VR developer to integrate an interactive 3D model into my website's webXR experience. We will provide you the model with animation. Key Features Required: - Image Recognition: The camera needs to recognize specific images and Model Pops up. - Interactive 3D models: Tapping on the model triggers next animation. Interactive rotation to be enabled. We just need the WEBAR module done effectively.

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    I'm seeking to establish a dropshipping business, dealing specifically in electronics and gadgets, aimed at the student market. - Business Model: I've identified dropshipping as the type of business I'll venture into. This will allow me to manage the business without heavy investments. Therefore, I will need assistance in creating a robust and efficient dropshipping model. - Product Focus: The primary products will be various electronics and gadgets. I believe these are items that are in high demand amongst my target market, and will have considerable potential for growth. - Target Market: The primary target audience for the business will be students. As such, the business strategy and product mix will need to be tailored to suit their preferences and purchasing p...

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    4 bids Polish and Danish. These texts will be used on include Facebook and Instagram. Requirements: - The translations should maintain the formal style and tone of the original written content. - A basic understanding and familiarity with marketing terminology are ideal as the texts contain a certain level of industry-specific jargon. Ideal Candidate: - The ideal candidate should be an expert translator with fluency in Polish and Danish language. - A background in social media translations would be a significant plus. - Familiarity or experience in marketing could be beneficial due to the specific jargon used in our texts. - Attention to detail is key as the texts should maintain their style and tone completely after translation. I hope to find professionals who will ensure our t...

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    Hello! For my Shopify blog, I am seeking an expert who can create HTML code for an estimated read time feature. This feature should be capable of calculating the read time of blog posts, expressed in minutes, and capable of displaying this estimation on the preview of the post in the grid layout of my site. MAIN REQUIREMENTS: - The read time estimate should be shown on the post's preview on the blog's grid. - This time estimation feature should express the read time in total minutes. - The design and styling of the read time feature should seamlessly match the existing styling of my website. IDEAL FREELANCER SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: - Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. - Extensive experience with Shopify. - Demonstrable experience creating similar features. - A k...

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    I am seeking a highly skilled professional who can assist me in conducting a molecular docking study on protein-polysaccharide interaction. The primary objective of this project is to conduct molecular docking studies, with a specific emphasis on understanding the interactions between proteins and polysaccharides. I aim to utilize molecular docking techniques to unravel the intricate details of these molecular interactions, shedding light on potential binding sites, affinities, and structural insights. The identified professional will be responsible for the following project tasks: Conduct molecular docking studies using specialized software, with a specific focus on protein-polysaccharide interactions. Analyze and interpret the results, providing insights into the binding affin...

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    In this exciting project, I am seeking a skilled and creative freelancer to create an interactive timeline representing 14 significant design movements. The movements to be included are: - Gothic - Renaissance - Baroque - Rococo - Georgian - Victorian - Art Nouveau - Bauhaus - Art Deco - Modernism - Mid-Century Modern - Pop Art - Postmodernism Each movement should be visually represented through images, and I would like a brief overview written for each. This overview will include influential designers from that period and the key principles of each movement. Ideal Skills: - Infographic creation - Timeline design - Knowledge or experience in Art/Design history - Excellent writing skills Experience: - Freelancers who have previously created interactive timelines or infographi...

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    I am seeking an innovative and experienced digital marketer with a knack for social media marketing. The right person for the job will know how to strategically utilize Google Ads and Meta Ads (Facebook/Instagram) to generate leads and conversions. Key Tasks: - Create and implement effective campaigns on Google Ads and Meta Ads - Monitor and analyze data to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI - Develop strategies to convert leads into clients Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with Google Ads and Meta Ads - Proven track record in generating leads and conversions - Strong analytical and strategic thinking abilities I look forward to hearing from you if you find this project is a good fit for your skills and experience.

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled software developer to build a website for an engineering project. The professional I am seeking should have extensive experience in: - Python - HTML - CSS - SQL - Javascript - Node.js The main goal of this project is to deliver a user-friendly, practical and efficient website that can facilitate project management and monitoring for engineering tasks. The end-users of this website will be individuals working on an engineering project. Your expert touch on this will help to streamline their work, enhancing productivity and communication. Please, only apply if you have a proven track record in these programming languages and the capacity to meet strict deadlines. Your portfolio showing completed similar projects will be a plus. Thank you.

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    I'm seeking a professional and highly experienced writer with a background in ophthalmology to create a top-notch research article. *Topics:* The research article should delve into key areas of ophthalmology, including: - Cornea and External Diseases - Retina and Vitreous - Glaucoma - Trauma *Experience and Skills:* Ideal candidates should have: - An in-depth knowledge of ophthalmology. - A proven track record in medical research and article writing. - Excellent written communication skills. - Ability to reference and compile data accurately. *Details:* The exact word count and the main objective of the research article have not been defined yet, therefore the writer should prepare to be flexible in these areas upon assignment. Please include examples of previous work wit...

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    I'm seeking a proficient freelancer who can effortlessly navigate WeChat, the prevalent social media platform in various countries including the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and beyond. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and incorporate me into WeChat student groups from the designated countries. These groups can pertain to Undergraduates, Graduates, and PhD students. - Efficient monitoring and reporting on the groups' effectiveness. Skills and Experiences: - Extensive knowledge of WeChat functionalities, with a bias toward student groups. - Proven track record in similar projects. Applicants should include details of their past work related to these tasks. You're encouraged to share your success stories and the tactics you applied. In essence, I expect prominent,...

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    ERC20 Token Contract Creation 6 days left

    I'm seeking a qualified blockchain developer who can assist me in creating an ERC20 token contract with specific attributes. Here are more details about the requirements: * Token Transferability: The token created should be transferable between addresses. * Supply Limit: The contract should specify a fixed supply limit for the tokens. * No Supply Adjustment: There will be no mechanism for the controlled increase or decrease of the token's supply limit. * Tax Function: There should be a flat tax rate on all transactions. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in Solidity, the primary language for writing smart contracts in Ethereum. * Experience in creating ERC20 tokens and implementing tokenomics. * Good understanding of blockchain principles, specifically relating ...

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    I am seeking an experienced Azure DevOps extension developer to create custom extensions, predominantly focusing on customization of work item tracking and workflows. Scope of Work: • You will be required to work mainly with customizing extensions to create functionality not provided by MS out-of-the-box. Opportunity for multiple projects for the right candidate. Necessary Skills and Experience: • Proficiency with Azure DevOps extension development. • Extensive knowledge in customization of workflows in Azure DevOps is necessary. • A strong background in automation and DevOps. • Understanding and experience in integrating third-party tools and the implementation of custom rules for work items is a plus. Please only bid on this project if you have th...

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    JUNIOR DIGITAL ASSISTANT at NEUROPRENEUR LLC At NEUROPRENEUR LLC, we are seeking a junior digital assistant to join our team. Your main role will be to manage the company's Instagram account, creating content that converts, engaging with the community, and collaborating on the design and implementation of digital processes. Responsibilities: Managing the Instagram account, creating viral and high-quality content. Writing persuasive content that drives conversion. Actively engaging with the community through text and voice messages. Participating in the automation and digitization of internal processes. Demonstrating a passion for writing and creative skills for idea generation. Possessing basic knowledge of video editing and tools like Canva and Cap Cut. Showing interest in ...

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    I'm seeking a website developer who can build an informative website about Menopause. This site will serve as an essential resource for those seeking to understand more about Menopause, including symptoms, treatments, and support. Key Features: - An informative platform that discusses all aspects of Menopause - A clear and user-friendly layout optimized for ease of navigation - The ability to update content as new information or research becomes available Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in website development - Strong knowledge of user interface design - Experience with SEO best practices to ensure site visibility - Knowledge or interest in women's health, specifically Menopause, is a significant plus You will be responsible for both the ov...

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    Seeking a diligent freelancer for a data entry task. Your responsibilities include: - Transcribing text data from scanned documents: This will serve as the primary source of the data you will be working with. The attention to detail is essential as it is necessary to ensure the accurate input of information. - Organizing the data alphabetically in the final output: Once the data transcription is complete, all entries should be laid out alphabetically. It's crucial to keep the order consistent to enhance readability and utilize the data effectively. The ideal freelancer for this task would have: - Excellent attention to detail: It's important to prevent errors as they may have significant consequences. - Strong organizational skills: The information has to be arranged al...

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    I'm seeking a proficient web designer for creating an engaging, consumer-based informational website. The project demands: - Outstanding expertise in contemporary website design to attract a consumer audience. - Proficiency in presenting clear, concise information about service offerings. - Ability to tailor design and content to effectively engage and inform consumers. The ideal candidate will have experience designing informational websites, specifically those targeting a consumer audience. Creative and consumer-focused design skills are key to achieving the desired end. Equally important is an understanding of how to best layout service information for easy consumer comprehension.

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    I'm seeking a seasoned website developer who can help me set up an e-commerce website (OR 2!). Here's what you need to know about what I require: - I aim to sell 100 products+ on the website (similar to ). Knowledgeable about creating and managing a comprehensive inventory system would be ideal. Quality products, second-hand. - The site needs to have an online payment system. You should be experienced in integrating secure and reliable payment gateways. - I also want to implement a product review feature. You should understand how to design a user-friendly and effective review system, encouraging customer interaction. - In addition, the site should have a wishlist option. Experience in this kind of user-friendly design would be advantageous. -If its possible for

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    I'm seeking an experienced Financial Planner who specializes in serving small businesses. My primary objective is to offer budgeting and forecasting services. The ideal bidder should demonstrate: - Expertise in financial planning, particularly budgeting and forecasting. - Previous experience serving small businesses. - Ability to communicate complex ideas clearly to non-experts. - Proven track record of successful financial planning outcomes for clients. This project requires deep knowledge of various financial planning strategies and tools, as well as an understanding of the unique needs and challenges of small businesses. Bid with confidence if you have the skills and experience to help these businesses thrive.

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    I'm seeking a dedicated professional to launch a comprehensive campaign focused on increasing the traffic to my landscaping website and generating more leads. This role requires the implementation and coordination of several strategies, including: - Organic Search (SEO): Maximize the visibility of our site in search engine results pages. Familiarity with keyword research and SEO tracking tools is a must. You should know how to enhance our site's metadata, improve URL structure, create engaging content, and link building, among others. - Paid Advertising (PPC): Create and manage effective ad campaigns that reach our target market. The ideal candidate has experience in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC platforms. An understanding of setting up, testing, managing and o...

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    As a forward-thinking online shop offering personal loans, I'm seeking a Google AdWords expert to design a national campaign. The primary goal is to generate more leads, hence, your intuition and technical know-how in reaching a vast audience is key. Here's what I need: - Campaign Setup: Create an effective AdWords campaign targeted at national customers. - Keywords Research: Identify high-intent keywords to target customers interested in online personal loans. - Ad Copy & Creative: Craft compelling ad copy to engage potential leads and illustrate the value of our personal loans. - Continuous Optimization: Regularly refine and optimize the campaign strategy to improve our lead generation. Essential skills for this project: - Direct experience in crafting and manag...

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    34 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled Drupal developer with specifically deep-rooted proficiency in module development. Your core task will revolve around creating an e-commerce module that has a well-structured product catalog. Skills and Experience Required: - Profound knowledge in Drupal, particularly in module development. - Prior experience in e-commerce module development would be a definitive plus. - Able to structure an efficient product catalog within the e-commerce module. - Demonstrable experience in Drupal theme customization and website migration, although the focus is e-commerce module development. Role and Responsibilities: - Develop an e-commerce module in an existing Drupal setup. - The module should include a well-organized product catalog. Ideally, the freelancer should ...

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    13 bids

    I am seeking a pillow designer who can help me create a unique and safe design for a baby pillow. The ideal freelancer would be one who understands the comfort needs of babies, understands the unique properties of different materials and has a knack for innovative designs. The essential tasks for this job will include: - Designing a baby pillow that is both functional and stylish. - Incorporating the use of a new material in the pillow - airfiber, which is known for its breathability and support. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have: - A portfolio of previously designed product(preferably have experience in baby product area) - Experience with designing products for babies, understanding the safety measures and comfort needs - The ability to ef...

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    43 bids

    As an expanding business, I'm seeking a partenership manager (KOL) coordinator who's proficient in also managing daily content on YouTube, TikTok, and websites. Key Responsibilities: - Daily content creation and uploading on the specified platforms - Establish a balance between encouraging engagement and driving follower growth - Find and collaborate with key opinion leaders. - Affiliate outreach - Contacting websites interested in using an affiliate marketing program . - Handle multiple social media platforms, aiming to boost our online presence. Ideal Candidate: - Capability to manage multiple platforms concurrently - Skilled in creating engaging content that also attracts new followers - Excellent time management skills to ensure daily posting - Proven experience i...

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    I am seeking a proficient freelancer who can assist in setting up WhatsApp Business API through GupShup on my platform. Your expertise in conversational messaging platforms would be put to best use here. Key Tasks: 1. **Integration with Existing System:** Incorporating the GupShup API into our existing system, ensuring a seamless integration and smooth operation. 2. **API Configuration:** Adjust the necessary settings within GupShup and WhatsApp Business to make the API functional. This includes managing endpoint URLs and setting up webhooks. 3. **Platform Setup:** Accurate configuration of both WhatsApp Business and GupShup API on the target platform. 4. **Testing and Troubleshooting:** Validate the functionality post-implementation. Identifying and rectifying any operational...

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    2 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled developer with experience in game advancement, specially in the area of 2d MMORPGs. I'm looking for someone who can enhance and streamline my beloved game from the 2000s, currently running on DirectX 7 with DirectDraw wrapper. The three main areas of focus would be: - Smoother Movement: Players in the game should experience smooth movements across the game universe. Any jerkiness or lag is unacceptable and needs to be ironed out. Also get rid of collisions and bumps - Uniform Movement Speed: All characters within the game should have equal movement speed, ensuring fair game play for all players. - Resolution & Window Mode: The game should operate in 800x600 resolution and feature a windowed mode. Importantly, I need the game to allow its window...

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    1 bids

    Seeking Experienced Algebra 2 Tutor (American Curriculum) I am seeking a highly experienced tutor to help me improve my understanding and confidence in Algebra 2 following the American curriculum at the high school level. The sessions will primarily take place remotely, with the goal of building a strong foundation in the subject. Ideal Candidate: Proven experience tutoring high school students in Algebra 2. Demonstrated mastery of Algebra 2 concepts aligned with the American curriculum. Patient, encouraging, and passionate about creating a positive and stimulating learning environment that fosters student interest and engagement. Skilled in creating personalized lesson plans tailored to individual learning styles and needs. Responsibilities: Conduct regular tutoring sess...

    $36 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $36 / hr Avg Bid
    14 bids
    Article Copyediting 6 days left

    I am seeking an experienced copyeditor who can work on my 1250-word Story/article about Epicurus's life and philosophy. Your Duties: - Correcting grammatical errors and punctuation inaccuracies - following style guides (based on 12 Hero’s Journey Stages) - Ensuring consistency in writing style and tone - -Since my target audience is the general readership, your duty will be to enhance my article's clarity, flow, and engaging appeal to accommodate a wider, non-academic readership Simply put, I am expecting a timely, error-free, and engaging copy of my article after your intervention. I want this for my YT channel. if I am satisfied with your work, we can manage to do more (2 or 3 articles per month)

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    54 bids

    As the developer of a Utility Application, I'm seeking a talented Facebook Ads manager to increase user downloads primarily among teens and young adults. Key Responsibilities: - Design and manage engaging Facebook Ads. - Monitor performance and tweak for optimization. Ideal Candidate: - Experience with youth-centric advertising. - Prior success in boosting app downloads. - Knowledge of creating ads for application.

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    15 bids

    I'm seeking a qualified mobile app developer to create an iOS application for Rice Sourcing. The primary functionality should be: 1- User Registration and Profile Management 2- Rice Product Listings with Detailed Descriptions 3- Search and Filter Functionality for Rice Products 4- Secure Payment Gateway Integration 5- Real-time Market Insights and Pricing Information 6- Messaging and Communication Platform for Buyers and Suppliers 7- Order Management System 8- Admin Dashboard for Managing Users, Products, and Orders 9- Push Notifications for Updates and Alerts 10- Live rates update We're open to any tech-stack but would love: Frontend: Open to suggestions Backend : Node.js with for building the server-side application logic Database : MongoDB for storing app ...

    $2117 (Avg Bid)
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    103 bids

    I am seeking a freelancer experienced with IBM API Connect for a significant scalability improvement project. The primary purpose of this job is to integrate IBM API Connect with a desktop application to improve system scalability. Key Job Details - The IBM API Connect integration must be performed with a desktop application. - Ideally, the candidate will have in-depth knowledge about various API protocols despite the chosen one in this context is not specified. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience with IBM API Connect. - Proven knowledge working with desktop applications. - Problem-solving skills with a scalable mindset. Please provide examples of previous IBM API interface scalability work you've done. Looking forward to improving my s...

    $238 (Avg Bid)
    $238 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    I'm seeking an experienced Google Ads specialist who can help me generate leads for my service business. The requirements for this project include: - Setting up an effective Ads campaign suitable for a limited budget of less than $500 - Being knowledgeable in tailoring Ads to service-based local businesses - Strong understanding of local city or town targeting within Google Ads Your expertise in local lead generation and small budget management will help drive desired results. Your work will be crucial to my business's growth in the local space.

    $158 (Avg Bid)
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    22 bids

    I require a skilled translator to convert a scientific paper from English to Arabic. The subject matter is Environmental Science and the translation is for academic study purposes. - Potential translators should be well versed in both English and Arabic with a strong understanding of scientific terminologies. - Experience in translating scientific papers, particularly in the field of Environmental Sciences, is highly desirable. - The successful applicant will be able to maintain the academic tone of the original text while ensuring absolute accuracy in translation. - Fluency in translating academic papers will be an added advantage. I look forward to seeing your bids and working with a professional translator. Please include any relevant experience in your proposal.

    $1590 (Avg Bid)
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    27 bids

    I'm seeking a seasoned professional with proficiency in integrating payment gateways, specifically Phonepay, into Android applications and Laravel backends. Important skills and experience for this project include: - Extensive knowledge of Android application development, specifically in payment gateway integration. - Experience working with Laravel, especially integrating payment gateways. - Proficiency in troubleshooting API issues and ensuring smooth operations. Although I currently don't have the necessary credentials or API documentation, I'll acquire these myself. Your role won't include obtaining this information. To apply for this project, please highlight your experience with similar projects.

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    12 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to create detailed structural drawings for a building. This project requires an in-depth understanding of architectural design and a meticulous eye for detail to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Key Requirements: * Develop detailed drawings for the structure of a building. Skills and Experience: * A strong background in architectural drawing. * Proficiency in CAD or similar design software. * Excellent understanding of building construction, materials, and methods. If you're detail-oriented, experienced in creating building structural drawings, and have the expertise of working with concrete, I invite you to bid on this one-of-a-kind project. Your technical skills and creativity will be invaluable in this project. Looking forward to y...

    $186 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a minimalistic logo for brand recognition purposes. While I've a precise style in mind, I've left the color choices open for creative input. Key project requirements: - Create a sleek, minimalistic design - Design should enhance brand recognition - Color scheme can be chosen by the designer, must be appealing Ideal skills: - Proficient in graphic design - Experience with branding - Creativity in color selection.

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    I am seeking a professional to handle various responsibilities involving Medicaid and Medicare claims and nurse education. 1. **Claims Processing**: - You will be in charge of processing new claims derived from Medicaid and Medicare coordination. - Additionally, you will review and validate these claims to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. 2. **Nurse Education**: - You will design and implement patient education programs. - You will also create and oversee medication management education for nursing staff. Ideal candidates should have experience in health insurance claims processing, specifically Medicaid and Medicare. Knowledge of medical coding is essential. You should also have a background in nurse education, specifically in patient education programs and med...

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    I am seeking a creative and experienced packaging designer for food products. The focus should be on producing a decorative design that catches the eye – making our products stand out on the shelves. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in packaging design, especially for food-related products. - Ability to generate creative, decorative designs which can elevate the product’s appeal. - Understanding of packaging function, safety, and quality standards. Application Process: Applicants are requested to provide detailed project proposals, demonstrating how they would approach this project. Proposals should outline initial ideas, provide a timeline, and give some insight into the applicant's creative process. This is your chance to really shine and show off your...

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