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    Hi Designers, I need characters for my personal project, characters should be banana which can be funny/serious/confused/genius I need 3 characters Stage 1: You can create one character first and get approval then proceed with remaining 2 characters, please check image 2 for the idea how I want my characters to look like Stage 2: Create environment similar to image 1, instead of beans I want bananas, please check image 3 on how my environment will look like Stage 3: You need to create around Max 5 Secs small animation which can be in loop similar to below website Once you done with first character rest all going to be the same not much difference. Happy Designing The quality and color I need same as image 1, if you can create similar quality in Blender 3D that

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    ...paragraphs. The first is Reading and Viewing, the second Listening and Speaking, and the last Writing and Creating Eg: By the end of Foundation, students listen to texts, interact with others and create short spoken texts, including retelling stories. They share thoughts and preferences, retell events and report information or key ideas to an audience. They use language features including words and phrases from learning and texts. They listen for and identify rhymes, letter patterns and sounds (phonemes) in words. They orally blend and segment phonemes in single-syllable words. They read, view and comprehend texts, making connections between characters, settings and events, and to personal experiences. They identify the language features of texts including connections between ...

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    Project Description: We are seeking a skilled freelancer to design a captivating billboard advertisement for our mobile home community. The goal is to attract mobile home owne...within the design. Final Product: The final design will be printed and placed on a billboard facing a highway to attract potential residents to our mobile home community. Additional Notes: Please refer to the images produced by ChatGPT in this project description as a visual guide for the desired aesthetic and design elements. The billboard design should be suitable for outdoor display and able to catch the attention of passing motorists. We are open to creative suggestions and welcome input from experienced designers to ensure the advertisement effectively communicates the unique appeal of our mobile home ...

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    I'm on the hunt for an expert copywriter with a knack for raunchy, vulgar yet humorous language. Your task will be to create hard-hitting and engaging content for a new meme coin project, "Trumps Army". - Fluent in crypto degen lingo is a must. We want authentic, engaging content that resonates...limiting your creative expression - you have the entire creative freedom. Surprise me with how well you can adopt this tone of voice. - The primary platform is Twitter, but the content should also be adaptable for other social platforms. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience in crypto copywriting - Understanding of meme coin, crypto degen lingo - Demonstrated ability to write raunchy, vulgar yet funny content. Let's shake things up in the crypto universe. Looking forw...

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    I'm searching for a talented Trump impersonator to infuse energy into our project for a Memecoin called Trump's Army. - Voice Characteristics: The ideal freelancer can skillfully mimic Trump's accent, offering an authentic ...skillfully mimic Trump's accent, offering an authentic sound for our content. - Application Requirements: To ensure you're the right candidate for the job, please include relevant past work in your application. This will allow us to better understand your capabilities and experience in Trump voice mimicry. - Tone: We're looking for a fun and engaging tone - something that leans into humor. We want a "funny and raunchy, vulgar version of Trump". Remember, engaging and humor-filled impersonations are key to this proj...

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    I need an expert writer to craft a 5-minute best man speech for an upcoming wedding. The speech should be comedic in tone while incorporating stories about my longstanding friendship with the groom. Skills & Experience Required: -Prior experience in speech writing, preferably comedic. -Ability to capture unique personal experiences in an entertaining way. Deliverable...Skills & Experience Required: -Prior experience in speech writing, preferably comedic. -Ability to capture unique personal experiences in an entertaining way. Deliverables: -A completed, write-up of the best man speech that fits within a 5 minutes speech slot. The ultimate goal of this project is to create an enjoyable, memorable moment for all wedding attendees, especially the groom through a funny an...

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    Tiktok Campaign for a Fintech 6 days left

    I'm looking for a social media expert who can manage and create TikTok content for my fintech brand. This is a multifaceted project and requires a combination of educational, entertaining, and promotional content. - Content Creation: You'll be responsible for creating and posting a variety of content, including educational videos about finance, funny and entertaining finance-related videos, and promotional videos showcasing our products and services. - Audience Targeting: Our content needs to resonate with a wide range of audiences, including teenagers, young adults, finance professionals, influencers, retirees, and business owners. - Key Message: The key message we want to convey through our TikTok campaign is simplifying finance for everyone. This means creating enga...

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    I'm a food producer in need of a packaging redesign aiming to make my products look more futuristic and stand out on shelves. Key points: - The current packaging looks outdated and I believe a more modern, futuristic design will help attract more customers. - I'm particularly interested in engaging bright and bold colors in the new design, that will make the products pop on shelves and catch the attention of potential buyers. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in: - Graphic design, preferably with experience in packaging design. - A good understanding of consumer behavior and design trends. - A portfolio of past work demonstrating proficiency in the use of bright and bold colors to create modern and futuristic designs.

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    I am looking for a creative and engaging scriptwriter to help me create content for my YouTube channel. I focus on comedy sketches and I need scripts tailored specifically for teenagers aged 13-18. The ideal candidate should have: - Ex...YouTube channel. I focus on comedy sketches and I need scripts tailored specifically for teenagers aged 13-18. The ideal candidate should have: - Experience in writing comedy content - Understanding of the teenage audience and their preferences - Ability to write scripts that are 5-10 minutes in length - Strong grasp of YouTube trends and best practices It's important that the scripts are not only funny but also suitable for the younger audience. If you have a good sense of humor and can write compelling and entertaining scripts, I'd lo...

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    I'm in need of a 3D anamorphic video that will be used for advertising purposes targeting business professionals. This video will be displayed primarily at a physical event, so the quality and impact of the video is crucial. Key Points: - The video should be designed specifically to catch the attention of business professionals. - It should be engaging and visually appealing, to draw in the audience at the physical event. - Prior experience with anamorphic video creation or similar projects in advertising will be highly regarded. - On delivery, the video should be ready for display at the event, so it's important that it matches the event's theme and technical requirements. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in creating 3D anamorphic videos for commercial purposes. -...

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    Only apply if you have experience about Cryptocurrency and memecoins. This will be started from scratch, still no members or followers. This is an ongoing position. -Create funny content and memes -Comment about other projects. For this you must understand the meme crypto world -Follow other accounts in the same niche -Moderate telegram group

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    Only apply if you have experience about Cryptocurrency and memecoins. This will be started from scratch, still no members or followers. This is an ongoing position. -Create funny content and memes -Comment about other projects. For this you must understand the meme crypto world -Follow other accounts in the same niche -Moderate telegram group

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    I am in need of a developer to create a desktop application splash software for Windows. The main functionality that the software should bring is: - Setting up initial user configurations Specifically, the configurations would be for the application's interface settings. This will require proficiency in Windows app devel...Windows. The main functionality that the software should bring is: - Setting up initial user configurations Specifically, the configurations would be for the application's interface settings. This will require proficiency in Windows app development, programming, and understanding of user interface design and configurations. A great understanding of splash screen software will be advantageous to catch user attention. Please bid if your skill set match...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a minimalist album cover art for my latest project. Here, simplicity is key, yet it should stand out and catch the eye. Key Details: - The album cover should primarily revolve around the album title. - The design should be minimalist, clean and impactful. - Preferably, the color palette should be bold and vibrant to make a statement. Ideal Skills: - Experience with minimalist designs - Knowledge of using a vibrant color palette effectively - Strong understanding of visual compositions in album covers. Please include a few examples of your work with your bids. Anyone with experience in album art designs will have an advantage.

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    ...qualifications from resumes and job postings using basic text analysis techniques. Matching: Develop a matching algorithm that compares the extracted keywords from resumes with those in job postings. NLP-Based Algorithm: Advanced Analysis: Use Python's NLP libraries to analyze the text's context and semantics. Feature Engineering: Extract features that capture the deeper meaning and relevance of phrases and terms. Semantic Matching: Implement an algorithm that evaluates the semantic similarity between resumes and job postings, beyond mere keyword matches. 3. Algorithm Testing and Evaluation Test Setup: Create a testing framework to evaluate the algorithms' performance using the 50 resumes and 50 job postings. Evaluation Metrics: Define metrics like accuracy, pre...

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    Tasks: Data Preparation: Create a dataset with anonymized student resumes and faculty project descriptions. (I will provide you 50 resumes and 50 job descriptions) Ensure the dataset reflects a variety of academic disciplines and project types. Develop Algorithms:(This is the core) Keyword-Based Algorithm: Develop an algorithm to match explicit keywords and phrases from resumes and project descriptions. NLP-Based Algorithm: Utilize Python's NLP libraries to create an algorithm that analyzes text context and semantics for a more nuanced matching process. Algorithm Evaluation: Test both algorithms on a micro job portal for academic collaborations. Use quantitative metrics like match accuracy and processing efficiency for evaluation. Collect qualitative feedback through surv...

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    I'm looking for a motion designer armed with exceptional visual effects and graphic design skills. The central task involves creating a compelling announcement for social media with the aim to enhance brand awareness. Key Aspects of the Project: 1. Brand Awareness: The primary purpose of the announcement is to not only catch the viewers eye but create brand awareness. Your design needs to be intriguing and effective in this regard. 2. Company Logo: The design should incorporate our company logo. It's crucial that the logo is incorporated visibly and creatively. Ideal Skills and Experience: 1. Previous work involving both visual effects and graphic design in motion design 2. Extensive portfolio in creating engaging social media announcements 3. Proven record in enhan...

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    D-BMB Answering App 5 days left
    VERIFIED and some more functionalities. Our target is to have from you a draft of the applications where the main functionalities will work fine as indicated. At the end is needed the source code that we can complete. This is an essential part or rather last money will be released when we can open and see that we can work on the code. MAIN FUNCTIONS: - The app must work in background mode and catch and check any telephone call arriving to the device - Settings: the app must have a view where is possible to set some settings like: a) Accept all (default) b) Only My Contacts. The second option Only My Contacts must have additional settings or rather for how many hours/days this setting will be active before coming automatically again “Accept all” This means that the us...

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    Bold, Large Signboard Design 5 days left

    I'd like to commission a design for a large, over 4 feet, signboard for my store. The aesthetic must be bold and vibrant to catch attention from afar. The main elements to include in the design are: - Store's name - The logo - Address - GST number -elderly care and assisted living The final design must be clean and organized despite its many elements, and keep the overall look colorful and bold. Ideal candidate will have experience with graphic design, particularly for signboard design, and a portfolio showcasing this skill. Familiarity with adding text in a design while keeping it visually appealing will be useful. Creativity and a knack for choosing eye-catching color combinations is a must.

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    Hi Naimish M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    As an outbound partnership manager, I'm seeking a professional who can specifically target the disability industry and establish referral, and co-marketing partnerships in Australia. Role Overview: -Reach out to support coordinators and key stakeholders to establish partnerships. -Utilize phone, email, and meetings to engage with potential partners. -Arrange catch-ups to foster relationships and build trust. -Leverage sales experience and CRM understanding to drive partnership development. -Ideal candidate will have experience in NDIS and disability support services. Requirements: - NATIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE OR HIGH LEVEL NO ACCENT LANGUAGE SKILLS ARE A PREREQUISITE. -Previous sales experience, particularly in partnership development. -Proficiency in CRM systems for effective...

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    8 bids engaging and appealing for this broad audience. Key Project Details: - The storybook will contain around 8 to 12 pages in total. - The illustrations should be in a realistic and detailed style, rather than cartoonish or overly simplistic. - The theme of the storybook will revolve around Christmas that needs to include items from an outdoor retail store like ATV, fishing gear, boats, Santa, hunting, etc. so the artist should be proficient in creating festive and outdoor scenes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in children's book illustration, particularly for a multi-age audience. - A strong portfolio that demonstrates proficiency in creating realistic and detailed artwork. - Understanding of the Christmas theme and ability to translate this into enga...

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    ...craft a short children's story that is related to Christmas. The ideal freelancer will have experience writing for children and a keen understanding of what captures a 4-12 years old child's imagination. This needs to be an adventure story that includes the outdoors. Animals cannot be humanized as this is for a hunting/fishing retail company. Santa should also be included in the story as they host an event each year for Christmas where Santa visits. Think outdoor gear-fishing, hunting, boats, ATVS, Santa, wild adventure. More Info: - My audience is children aged 4-12 years. - The story should include a mix of well-known Christmas characters and original characters. - The story should be less than 500 words. Skills & Experience: - Child-focused writing -...

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    I am in need of a comprehensive SEO service for this website: My primary goal is to improve search engine rankings and specifically, on Google. I don't have the specific keywords or phrases in mind yet, so I will require a professional who is able to conduct efficient keyword research to drive the SEO strategy. I want results in 2-2.5 months. if you can guarantee the results after auditing then only bid. Here’s what I am looking for in a freelancer: - Proven experience in increasing website rankings on Google. - Advanced abilities in keyword research and selection. - Proficiency in on-page, off-page and technical SEO. - Strong knowledge of the gardening and landscaping sector would be beneficial. - Ability to monitor, track, and report on performance using

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    62 bids the child exploring the sensory bin, with the therapist offering encouragement and suggestions.] Narrator: "Next, we have 'Bubble Play'." [Therapist sets up a bubble machine or prepares a bowl of bubble solution.] Therapist: "Blowing and popping bubbles is a delightful sensory experience that promotes oral motor skills and visual tracking. Encourage your child to blow bubbles, reach out to catch them, and pop them with their hands." [Cut to the child joyfully interacting with the bubbles, with the therapist joining in the fun.] Narrator: "Now, let's move on to 'Obstacle Course Adventure'." [Therapist sets up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, tunnels, and balance beams.] Therapist: "Obstacle courses provi...

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    ...on it. Here are some key details: - Key Elements: The banner should include realistic photographs of both our frappes and smoothies, prominently displaying the Coffee Time café logo. Additionally, it should feature a text that reads "Frappe & Smoothies" in a creative and eye-catching way. - Color Scheme: I'm looking for a design that uses vibrant and bright colors. These colors should not just catch the eye, but also be appealing and appetizing, further enhancing the visual allure of our beverages. - Style of Imagery: To maintain a sense of realism and authenticity, I prefer realistic photographs over illustrations or graphic designs. The images should look so inviting that customers are tempted to grab a cup right away. Ideal Skills and Experience: ...

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    ...___ No (If no, fix it.) o Is source materials quoted/paraphrased and cited (with signal phrases and in-text citations)? ___ Yes ___ No (If no, fix it.) o Does this paragraph have a solid concluding sentence that relates to the topic sentence and details and transitions to the next paragraph? ___ Yes ___ No (If no, fix it.) · Body Paragraphs o Examine each body paragraph individually with the following series of questions. § Does this paragraph have a solid topic sentence? ___ Yes ___ No (If no, fix it.) § Do the details in this paragraph directly relate to the topic sentence and leading question? ___ Yes ___ No (If no, fix it.) § Is source materials quoted/paraphrased and cited (with signal phrases and in-text citations)? ___ Yes ___ No (If no,...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer who can assist...responsible for uploading and managing the SKUs for these products on Amazon USA. - Self-Fulfillment Management: As these items will be self-fulfilled, you'll need to have a reliable system for inventory management and order processing. Ideal Skills: - Amazon Listing Expertise: You should have a solid understanding of Amazon's listing requirements and be able to create product listings that catch the eye of potential customers. - Inventory Management: Experience with self-fulfillment inventory management on Amazon is highly desirable. - Detail Oriented: Attention to detail is a must. The accuracy of product listings and inventory management is crucial for success. Your assistance with basic listing creation wil...

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    ...administrative tasks as needed to support the team and program launch. Requirements: * Minimum of 2 years of experience in social media management and digital marketing. * Proven track record in content creation, brand management, and lead generation. * Experience with online coaching platforms, Canva, video making, and editing tools. * Proficiency in using click funnels and conducting organic lead hunting on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. * Excellent organizational and project management skills. * Dependable, with a proactive approach to work. * Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. * Prior experience as a Virtual Assistant (minimum 2 years) with verifiable references. * What We Offer:The opportunity to be a part of a forward-thinking team launching a...

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    This project requires a talented and experienced ...project details: - Size: This statue exceeds 24 inches, requiring careful attention to detail on a larger scale. - Accentuation elements: Focus should be given to masterfully painting the color scheme, and intricately detailing facial hair and clothing style. - Placement: The finished product will be a central piece in our Bar/Man cave. Therefore, it should be crafted with the intent to stand out and catch the eye. Ideal Skills: - Exceptional painting abilities - Strong attention to detail - Experience working on larger art pieces. Please submit your bid if you meet these requirements. Also, provide examples of similar projects you've executed in your portfolio. We value quality artistry and look forward to seeing your tal...

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    ...interesting ideas regarding the description I'll write below, choose the most cool ones and, of course, the prize will be for that candidate. My app already has a preliminary version of "Loopie" (that I like quite a lot), when you start a new timed test, you'll see the animated "Loopie" walking faster as time goes by, like indicating the user it is running out of time, and for the moment it looks quite funny, but I wonder if I could go further and create something even more engaging. The idea of introducing an animated character arises from being used "Duolingo" for a while, a very popular app for learning languages full of very engaging animated characters that I like very much. Not to make this feature intrusive, I'll set it as op...

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    I'm seeking a professional proofreader for a less than 1,000-word chapter from my fiction novel. The successful freelancer shou...a professional proofreader for a less than 1,000-word chapter from my fiction novel. The successful freelancer should be experienced in proofreading and have excellent language skills. The job would suit someone with a keen eye for detail. Required Skills: * Extensive proofreading experience * Passion for fiction works * Attention to detail * English language proficiency Expectations: * Catch typographical errors * Check formatting * Correct any spelling or grammar errors * Provide feedback, if necessary Let's see how the proofreading for this sample chapter goes, and if we both enjoy the process, there could be an opportunity for a ...

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    I'm searching for a talented video creator with gaming expertise to bring life to a series of Phantom Forces gameplay videos. The primary content should include game highlights, tutorials, montages, tips and tricks, and general YouTube-style gaming videos. Key Responsibil...montages from engaging gaming moments - Create general YouTube-style gaming videos to capture viewer attention Essential Skills: - Excellent video creation and editing skills - Deep understanding of the Phantom Forces game - Ability to generate engaging and informative content - Capacity to maintain consistent video length, preferably 10-15 minutes per video. Looking for a candidate who can catch gaming highlights and weave them into captivating stories that engage both novice and advanced Phantom...

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    ...create funny Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels or TikTok Videos to drive traffic to our store. The Reels do not need to show or promote the products, so long as they generate traffic on social media and build a following. I envisage that if we have enough traffic to Youtube, Instagram and TikTok that people will naturally find their way to our Amazon page via the link in bio. Furthermore, a page that pushes cute and funny content, rather than overtly trying to sell products will gain more followers. The brand currently has an Instagram page and Youtube channel but neither of them are used. If successful, you will be responsible for creating and posting the content to these social media channels and reporting on key metrics. I’m looking for someone to create and p...

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    ...the M inside didnt really say we where realtors, but for me just the original logo does work in both languages. Example (French) Logo with the M inside means Aime = Love'M The hart (in french) = Love = Aime Both of our last names start with the letter M and we are both in Love, so it work's. Love'm your realtors, etc. M vendre, M acheter, M ses clients etc. (Naturally just the letter M in our phrases would always have the hart with the letter M inside whenb writing publicity's so we think the logo, the main logo would be the hart with the letter M inside... so maybe a deconstructed logo could be used ? And the new logo could be used without it being deconstructed on our business cards, stationairy's letter head's etc....

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    I'm keen on finding a talented illustrator who's proficient in producing cartoony-style drawings. This project entails creating a unique, funny, adult coloring book approximately 40 - 50 pages long, aimed at motivating our audience. The dimensions for a similar book on Amazon are 21.59 x 0.43 x 27.94 cm. Key responsibilities: - You'll be working on designing the pages of a coloring book, meant to be humorous while promoting a sense of motivation. - Provide your own creative interpretation towards the motivational themes of the book, also I will have some specific ideas for several pages that can be discussed. - Thematic elements I wish to incorporate within the book will include animals and motivational quotes. Skills required: - Mastery in cartoony-style illustrat...

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    I require a 10-second After Effects animation focused on text messages. The aesthetic should be minimalist and clean, enhancing the content rather than dominating it. The animation needs to be fluid and engaging, drawing the viewer's attention to the text phrases. Ideal freelancers will need experience in minimalist animation design and proficient knowledge of Adobe After Effects. Deliverable will need to be in a format compatible with most media players. Key Elements: - Animation of specific text phrases - Minimalist and clean style - 10 seconds length Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Adobe After Effects - Experience in minimalist design - Attention to detail - Efficient communication and timeliness

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    53 bids

    I'm looking for an expert in graphic design to help me create an abstract-themed poster for promoting an event. Ideal skills of the freelancer: - Proficient in various graphic design softwares - Experience in creating abstract-themed designs - Knowl...various graphic design softwares - Experience in creating abstract-themed designs - Knowledge and understanding in event poster design Responsibilities: - Develop an abstract and visually appealing poster layout - Ensure the design effectively promotes the event - Deliver a completion that meets the required timeline. I value creativity and uniqueness, so I want a fresh, original concept that could catch the audience's attention and make the event stand out. I look forward to seeing your portfolio, especially those relate...

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    $3 / hr Avg Bid
    29 bids

    I'm hunting for a talented Laravel backend developer with sound knowledge of PHP. The role requires configuring our website's third-party social media sharing platform to allow key elements to be shared across Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube. Key Responsibilities: - Setup and configure share functionality for the above-mentioned platforms. - Enable the fetching of title, description, image, URL, and video when a share action is triggered. -Redirect guest who click on the content to the specific social native app if install on their phone for example facebook app What I expect: - Proficient in PHP and Laravel backend,frontend Tailwin css,vue.js - Understanding of dynamic and static content delivery - Accomplished at collecting and delivering the specified data...

    $236 (Avg Bid)
    $236 Avg Bid
    91 bids

    Lead Generation Rockstar (Instagram) Do you live and breathe Instagram? Are you a master at sparking conversations and building relationships online? Job Hunting U, a Toronto-based leader in career development, is seeking a passionate and results-oriented Lead Generation Expert to join our team (remote freelancer). In this role, you will: - Develop and execute targeted outreach strategies on Instagram to connect with high-level decision-makers. - Craft compelling and engaging messages that capture attention and initiate conversations. - Build rapport and qualify leads, nurturing them towards a desire for our services. - Schedule appointments with qualified leads for our dedicated closers to convert them into new clients. - Stay up-to-date on Instagram trends and best practices fo...

    $24 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $24 / hr Avg Bid
    48 bids

    ...on their phone a sentence in French with the Russian translation, a recording of the French sentence (to ensure correct pronunciation), a few grammatical indications and colors to clearly identify which French word corresponds to which Russian word. The aim is to enrich vocabulary and grammar. The sentences in French and Russian as well as the recordings would be created by me. In detail: - Phrases are stored in the user's personal space, so they can be reviewed and replayed at any time. - Next to each phrase, there's a button for sharing the phrase and its translation, but not the recording (to listen to the recordings, you need to be a subscriber). - Users can download sentences in PDF format from their personal space, but recordings are not downloadable (to pre...

    $13004 (Avg Bid)
    $13004 Avg Bid
    110 bids

    ...Conduct an SEO audit and suggest corrections - Develop and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy - Improve website's Google ranking Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in SEO and digital marketing - Excellent knowledge of Google ranking factors and search engine algorithms - Experience in web analytics, marketing, and business development While I'm unsure about particular keywords or phrases for my website to rank for, I'm hoping you could assist with this as well. A deep understanding of SEO best practices to drive traffic to our site is essential. Your expertise and recommendations will play a crucial role in the success of this project....

    $131 (Avg Bid)
    $131 Avg Bid
    68 bids the child exploring the sensory bin, with the therapist offering encouragement and suggestions.] Narrator: "Next, we have 'Bubble Play'." [Therapist sets up a bubble machine or prepares a bowl of bubble solution.] Therapist: "Blowing and popping bubbles is a delightful sensory experience that promotes oral motor skills and visual tracking. Encourage your child to blow bubbles, reach out to catch them, and pop them with their hands." [Cut to the child joyfully interacting with the bubbles, with the therapist joining in the fun.] Narrator: "Now, let's move on to 'Obstacle Course Adventure'." [Therapist sets up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, tunnels, and balance beams.] Therapist: "Obstacle courses provi...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    2 entries

    I am seeking a talented speech writer who can craft a hilarious, slapstick-style comedy speech to bring laughter and merriment to a wedding celebration. this is the grooms speech and should thank everyone and still have all the sentimental stuff. Key Requirements: - The tone should be funny and light-hearted without crossing into vulgarity or inappropriate humor. - Experience in comedic writing, particularly slapstick humor is essential. Knowledge of creating memorable wordplays and ridiculous situations would be advantageous. - The speech should serve as pure entertainment, therefore must be devoid of any educational or persuasive intents. - Experience in writing for radio or other spoken formats would be a plus, as speech will be delivered orally. Ideal Skills: - Comedy Writ...

    $272 - $817
    $272 - $817
    52 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced anime artist to create a 30-minute adult comedy cartoon. This creation will be targeting a mature audience and should carry the fun and entertainment aspect typically associated with adult humor. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in anime cartooning. - Strong understanding ...preferred. Details: - The project requires an anime art style. - The cartoon is targeted at an adult audience. - The genre of the cartoon is comedy. - Close collaboration is necessary to ensure the comedy aspect is not lost during animation. This project will provide an excellent opportunity for those who love creating comedic animations for adults and have a passion for anime-style art. A unique, funny and entertaining anime cartoon is the ultimate goal o...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Avg Bid
    7 bids

    ...better) (UPDATE #2: Madea's character is a man dressed up as an old lady... the cartoon image cannot look too feminine) where the "U" and the "C" is replaced with character Madea from the bust up with the a gun to replace the "U" and "C" The image of Madea is attached... the character must have that likeness... I'm looking for an exceptional graphic designer with strong skills in creating funny, cartoonish designs. My project's main focus is to develop a graphical design for a t-shirt, which incorporates a playful caricature of a fictional character. - The Ideal Candidate: You have experience in both caricature and typography, and you know how to blend these elements to create captivating designs. You understand the bal...

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    Hello ? I'm currently seeking a skilled developer with a strong background in C programming and OpenCL for a specialized project involving cryptocurrency address generation and data processing. The project entails rewriting an existing JavaScript-based script that generates Bitcoin addresses from mnemonic seed phrases into an OpenCL-based application. This new application must not only maintain the original functionality but also include an enhanced feature to efficiently compare the generated addresses against a large (25GB) database of existing Bitcoin addresses to identify any matches. The ideal candidate will possess an in-depth understanding of parallel computing concepts, experience with OpenCL’s execution model and memory hierarchy, and the ability to optimize ...

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    ...smartly utilizes the chosen color scheme and manages to highlight our company logo. - Color Scheme: Yellow - Key Element Highlighted: Company Logo - Style: Abstract The ideal freelancer for this project possesses an expert understanding of branding and has a creative knack for abstract design. It's vital that you can work with yellow and can create an abstract representation of our logo that will catch people's eye, particularly when the bus is in motion. Experience with vehicle graphics design is a definite plus, and a strong portfolio showcasing similar works will be highly favored. Your creativity and branding know-how will help our company bus to stand out on the road and increase our brand recognition. Our Company has been in service for over 60 years. Being ...

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    ...given time how much cash should be in the petty cash account. Would like to have a space for a weekly balance in order to identify losses or un recorded income/expense in a timely manner. At the end of each week, the keeper of the account will enter the actual amount of cash on hand. This should be subtracted from the recorded expenses and income and a + or - sum generated. (This allows us to catch and correct possible typo's and/or unrecorded income/expense in a timely manner) We want it to generate monthly totals to include Total Cash income Total Cash expenses. The cash expenses should be subdivided into each of the categories of expenses (Payroll, Landscape, Containers, Day Labor, Vehicle Repair, and Misc. So that at the end of each month, it is easy to see th...

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    ...experienced mobile game developer to create a simple, yet captivating iPhone game. The game will prominently feature an existing 3D avatar (with rigs) made in Maya. Game mechanics: - The avatar is an animal that is in a standing position. - It is standing in the nature or in a house (to be defined). - Bones are dropping done from the top. - By tapping on the bones the animal jumps up and tries to catch the bones (there is no 3D model for the bone yet). - If the animal catches a bone the player gets points. - If bones are being catched without mistakes, the player gets a bonus. - if three bones are not catched the game ends. -afer the game ends, the play can play with the dog, the same game mechanics apply like in the bone game, the dog jumps were the player taps. Or restart anot...

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