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    I am in urgent need of a developer to help me delete some crucial files from my server's database. The files in question are related to both orders and affiliate data. Key details: - Urgency: This task needs to be completed within 24 hours. The files do not involve any specific criteria for selection. The process is straightforward, and all relevant files need to be removed. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in database management and SQL - Experience in managing ecommerce and affiliate systems - Ability to work under tight deadlines - Good communication and collaboration skills

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    I'm seeking assistance with a data cleanup project using MS Excel. - The task involves deleting specific rows and columns from spreadsheets. - The data to be removed should meet particular criteria, which I'll provide. - For rows, the criteria will be either empty cells or certain values. - As for columns, the criteria will be the same. No urgent deadline, so you can work at your convenience. Ideal skills for this job include: - Advanced proficiency in MS Excel - Strong understanding of data handling - Attention to detail - Experience in data cleansing in Excel Looking forward to working with a skilled and efficient Excel freelancer.

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    I'm seeking a proficient data analyst to help with an upcoming project, primarily focusing on data cleansing, visualization and statistical analysis. Tasks involved: - Data cleansing on multiple datasets including customer data, sales data and social media data. - Creating engaging visualizations to convey complex data in a simple format. - Interpreting data through statistical analysis to extract valuable insights and trends. The ideal candidate needs to be skilled and experienced with Excel, as it's the primary tool we'll be using for these tasks. A deep understanding of data cleansing procedures, visualization techniques and statistical analysis methods is critical. Demonstrated experien...

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    I need an expert who can use the Pentaho tool for a data integration project. My main goal is data cleansing and transformation. Our data sources are diverse - we are dealing with relational databases, flat files, XML, JSON, and manual entry. The tasks include: - Data filtering - Data sorting - Data aggregation - Data validation - Creating dimension and fact tables The ideal freelancer should be skilled in Pentaho and have a solid background in handling various data sources (relational databases, flat files, XML, JSON). Familiarity with data transformation tasks, particularly creating dimension and fact tables, is key for this project. Experience in data validation is also crucial.

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    I am in need of a talented Data Engineering specialist with expertise in Azure Databricks. The main tasks will involve data integration, transformation, cleansing and data governance. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Python as the preferred programming language. - Previous experience with Azure Databricks. - Ability to handle data from multiple sources including cloud storage and databases. GDPR data governance and data protection policy

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    I need assistance with cleaning and validating some spreadsheet data. About the Data: - The size of the data falls between 500 and 1000 entries. - The data format is primarily comprised of Spreadsheet files. Key Tasks Include: - Reviewing Spreadsheet entries to ensure accuracy. - Cleansing data to remove errors or duplicates. - Validating data to ensure it's correct and relevant. Ideal Experience and Skills: - Experienced in handling, cleaning, and validating large datasets. - Excellent at working with Spreadsheet files. - High attention to detail and accuracy.

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    As a business, we're experiencing some issues with our candidate data stored in our CRM system. We have specifically identified two main problems: - Duplicate entries: Our CRM appears to contain multiple records for the same candidates. This issue can often lead to inconvenient situations including duplicate communication, customer service mishaps, and confused reporting. - Incomplete profiles: Many of our customer records seem to have missing information, making it difficult for our team to conduct targeted marketing or properly service these candidates. We need a professional with: 1. Outstanding data cleansing skills: To help us rectify these issues and ensure that our CRM data is reliable and efficient to use. 2. Experience handling CRM systems: Yo...

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    ...with a background in high-level data processing and meticulous copyediting skills. KEY TASKS: - Data cleansing and validation - Efficient data extraction and entry - Organizing and categorizing data effectively In addition, there will also be a significant amount of copyediting and proofreading involved. I'm looking for someone with an eye for detail that can help polish and perfect existing web content. IDEAL CANDIDATE: - Excellent attention to detail is a must - Prior experience in data management - Proven track record of copyediting and proofreading - Comfortable with a variety of data management systems. Please highlight relevant experience in your application. Your success in this role will hinge on how effectively you...

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    Are you in need of a meticulous Excel expert to tackle your data cleaning challenges? Look no further! I specialize in: Cleansing text data plagued by inconsistent formatting. Managing numerical data riddled with unwanted zeros. Assuring correctness and consistency in date/time entries. My proficiency in Excel data management and keen eye for detail make me the perfect candidate for your data cleaning projects. Let's discuss how I can contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of your data analysis.

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    I have a demand for skilled individuals to assist in the process of cleaning up and gathering data from our CRM. The project's focal point is contact information, which needs to be effectively curated and refined. Ideal skills and experience for this job would be: - Prior experience with CRM data management - Proficient in data cleansing and algorithms - Meticulous attention to detail Your responsibility will be: - Accurately cleaning up the contact information - Gathering and refining the data from the CRM - Ensuring the accuracy of the refined data set. Fast turnaround and efficiency are on top of the requirement. The ability to work with non-disclosure agreements is also important.

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    I am in need of an experienced data professional with stellar expertise in data mining, data cleansing, and data validation. Your role will primarily involve: - Extracting requisite information from chosen sources (Data Mining). - Correcting errors and inconsistencies in the data (Data Cleansing). - Making sure that the data is accurate and valuable for my business (Data Validation). All of the data to be handled will be in the format of an Excel spreadsheet. However, as a requirement, you should be proficient with Google Sheets, since this is the tool we'll be using for this project. Please note that attention to detail, efficiency and accuracy are paramount for this role. Experience in similar pr...

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    I am in need of a skilled data entry specialist to assist with several specific tasks: - Data input - Data verification - Data cleansing This project will deal with a small volume of data, up to 1,000 records. I will provide the data in digital formats, such as Excel or Word documents, so adeptness in working with these platforms is crucial. Understanding of data accuracy, attention to detail as well as discretion for the sensitive nature of information that will be handled is also key for a successful partnership. Experience in data cleansing practices will be highly advantageous in the desired outcome of this task. As we embark on an exciting data organization project, I look forward to engaging with dedicat...

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    I am seeking an expert to scrape specific data from Website This includes retrieving details such as company names, contact names, addresses, phone numbers, website address and email addresses. Key tasks include: - Scrape all necessary information - Format scraped data into an excel file - Rigorously remove any duplicate entries The ideal freelancer for this project would have a vast amount of experience in web scraping and data mining, as well as a deep understanding of data cleansing to ensure we are only left with unique data points. Highly proficient in Excel and familiarity with Website A's structure would also be advantageous. ----- note there are two parts for each record: Scrape : date: / name of show/ and location on this page:

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    We 3d scanned around 50x objects using various photogrammetry Apps and while the end result exceeded our expections, it still requires some fine tuning. Specifically we are looking at someone able to improve both the topology of the m...objects using various photogrammetry Apps and while the end result exceeded our expections, it still requires some fine tuning. Specifically we are looking at someone able to improve both the topology of the models and parts of their textures. The ideal candidate should be highly proficient in 3D modeling software. A strong background in topology optimization and deep understanding of texture cleansing are indispensable. The desired results should enhance the overall modeling quality, primarily emphasizing details and texture while also optimizing e...

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    ...individual who can handle large quantities of data entry for my project. This task involves: - Typing from handwritten documents: Your keen eye for detail will be crucial here as you will be transcribing more than 500 records. - Copying and pasting data from one source to another: Speed without sacrificing accuracy will be key for this task. - Data cleansing and formatting: I need someone who can discern patterns, correct errors, and standardize our data to our specific format. The style is fairly traditional, and the data is currently in the form of handwritten documents. Therefore, previous experience with handwriting transcription is an advantage. I'm looking for a diligent worker who is comfortable handling and organizing large amount...

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    We are currently replatforming our e_commerce website to Adobe Commerce 2.4 and see...e_commerce website to Adobe Commerce 2.4 and seek an experienced developer's assistance to prepare and upload catalogue data. The initial task is to prepare and upload the catalogue for one supplier with approx 800 products, together with associated images. The data is in the form of csv and excel files with the images in various formats. ## Short summary of the task - cleansing the data to work with Amasty module - creating upload files - uploading data & running diagnostic tests to ensure correctly loaded ## Ideal Experience and Skills - Adobe Commerce 2.4/ Magento - Experience of Amasty data upload module for adobe - A solid understand...

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    ...linear regression) to predict startup profits (). The following steps should be done and need to be explain the code using # comments 1. Read the dataset from the csv file and put input data in X and output data in Y. 2. Deal with missing and categorical data (Data cleansing, even if there are no missing data) . 3. Divide data into four subsets (X_training, Y_training, X_test, and Y_test). 4. Train the learning model using (Linear regression algorithm) 5. Make a list of predictions Y_pred and compare it with Y_test. Explain what do you remark? 6. Make a prediction for a given data sample. 7. Without using "predefined functions" Find the following: 7.1. Total deviation of the regression line 7.2. The equation of the M...

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    I require a professional with vast experience in data cleaning using Excel. My numeric data, currently less than 1000 records, needs some tidying. Key tasks include: - Removing duplicate entries. - Handling any missing values. - Correcting any inconsistent entries. Proficiency in Excel data tools and understanding of data cleansing methodologies are important. Candidates who have worked on similar projects will likely provide a faster turnaround.

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    68 bids by employing state-of-the-art data analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning techniques. The project will involve the creation of a robust system capable of collecting and analyzing customer data, segmenting audiences, generating customized marketing content, and providing product recommendations based on user preferences. Key Project Phases: 1. Technology Selection: Identification and selection of optimal technologies, including Large Language Models (LLMs), NLP frameworks, and data analytics tools to ensure scalability and efficiency. 2. Data Collection and Preprocessing**: Implement techniques for extracting relevant customer data from CRM systems and databases, emphasizing data quality through thorough ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient expert in Excel, SQL, and Python for data analysis, data visualization, and automation. The data complexity is moderate, so a good understanding of data manipulation and cleansing techniques is required. IT IS A TIMED TASK - please only reach out if it’s okay Main Responsibilities Include: - Analyzing the given data - Visualizing analyzed data - Automating tasks that involve data manipulation

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    96 bids clean up and standardize a significant amount of mixed data (text and numbers). Specifically needed is help to: - Remove duplicate records: We are experiencing an issue with duplicated data. Your key task will be to effectively identify and remove these to ensure our records are unique and reliable. - Standardize data format: As the data is mixed, consistency in its format is vital for our operations. Efforts will be focused on uniformly formatting this data. The data volume expected to be addressed is between 1GB and 10GB. Ideal applicants for this project would have proven experience in data cleaning, especially with mixed data types, and a keen eye for detail to spot and address discrepancies. Familiarity with large-scale...

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    I require a proficient product designer who can bring my vision to life. My intention is to design a 3D silicon beauty product specifically for skin cleansing. A specialist who has significant experience in designing beauty products would be a perfect fit for this task. Your task will involve: - Designing a silicon-based beauty product. - Ensuring the design facilitates a hand-held device for easy operation. I'm particularly focused on: - Creative and innovative design solutions. - Comfort and ergonomics in hand-held device design. Skills and experience desired: - Strong background in 3D product design. - Experience in beauty product design, ideally silicon-based. - Excellent grasp of usability and ergonomics in product design.

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    18 bids looking for a seasoned Data Scientist, with considerable experience in extracting and interpreting categorical data. Your ability to efficiently maneuver this kind of data within a broad context and your experience in the field are the primary considerations for this project. Your responsibilities will include, but aren't limited to: - Creating and implementing specific models for predictive analysis from categorical data - Performing data cleansing and processing activities - Interpreting and analyzing results using statistical techniques. Past work or detailed project proposals aren't necessary for this particular project, your experience in the field will be the deciding factor. So, when applying, I ask that you focus more on ...

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    I'm looking for a data professional who can systematically clean and analyze a dataset containing numerical values. Specifically, here are the tasks expected of you: - Cleanse the data using Python or Excel based techniques to ensure it's error-free and organized. - Conduct an in-depth analysis of the cleansed data. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Proven experience with data cleansing and analysis. - Proficiency in Python and Excel. - Strong understanding of numerical data manipulation.

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    ...than 1,000 data points, destined for an academic sector application. Key Functionality: - Implement Logistic Regression, Random Forest, and K-Nearest techniques - Manage small-sized datasets effectively - Understand academic sector applications Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in ML predictive models - Proficiency in Logistic Regression, Random Forest, and K-nearest techniques - Understanding of ML models with small datasets - Prior experience in academic sector projects is desirable. Successful completion of this project requires a precise mix of technical knowledge, practical experience, and an innate understanding of academic project requirements. If you possess these qualities, your application is highly anticipated. The project requirements are: ...

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    ...include: 1. Data Cleaning and Transformation: I need assistance to clean and transform my data ensuring its integrity, relevant, and useful for further analysis. 2. Data Merging and Consolidation: I have different datasets that need to be merged and consolidated. The goal is to improve data accessibility and usability in analysis. 3. Data Modeling and Analysis: After cleaning and consolidating, I would like the freelancer to insights from the data through data modeling and analysis. 4. Custom Functions: Alongside the tasks above, I require help in creating custom functions in Power Query to make the process more streamlined and efficient. The data source in use for these Power Query tasks is Excel Spreadsheets. Pro...

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    I am in need of a freelancer equipped with skills in managing and manipulating CSV data files. My task involves cleaning up and merging 4 different CSV files into a single, consolidated CSV file. Key Requirements: - Consolidate 6934 contacts from 4 distinct CSV files - Must be proficient in recognizing and removing duplicate entries - Address partial entries - some contacts may only contain phone numbers, some include full details. Specific Instructions: - Eliminate all duplicated records. - In instances where distinct contacts share a similar email, retain one entry and merge all associated details. - The final single CSV file should be compatible for uploading into Xero, Mailchimp and Roundcube webmail contacts. As a bonus, I require a second CSV file be created exclusive for...

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    ...requirement for data cleansing across several types. This includes customer data, product data, and financial data. These sets are not overwhelmingly large; they contain fewer than 10,000 records. However, they all need substantial cleaning. Key tasks include: - Correcting inaccurate data: There are inaccuracies that need to be identified and rectified. Having a keen eye for detail and being proficient in error-detection is crucial for this task. - Standardizing data formats: The data sets do not conform to a particular structure or format. I need someone who can streamline and standardize these without loss of data integrity. Ideal skills and experience for this job would be: - Demonstrated experience in data c...

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    I need meticulous data entry specialists ideally residing in Argentina or Mexico. You'll be mainly involved in data verification, cleansing, and migration. • You must have command over Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and be able to quickly adapt to industry-specific data entry software as part of the project requires. • I have no preference about your past work history or experience, but your ability to follow instructions will be crucial. Motivated beginners are encouraged to bid. • Dedication, attention to detail, and high accuracy are the required skills. • Please include in your application how you excel at following instructions and details of any similar projects you've accomplished.

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    I'm launching a cleaning business, SparkleHome Cleaners, and I need a creative logo to represent my brand. SparkleHome Cleaners is our consumers' trusted partner for creating a clean and refreshing living environment. We specialize in thorough house cleansing services that go beyond the surface to bring a renewed sense of cleanliness to your home. Our professional team is dedicated to providing meticulous and personalized cleaning solutions, ensuring every nook and cranny shines. Style: - Be open to play with different styles from Modern to Elegant to Playful. - Prioritize a design that truly captures the essence of SparkleHome Cleaners. Color Palette: - I'm open to all colors but have a slight inclination towards Blue, Green, and Purple. - Feel free to ex...

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    This project is centered on my research work in the field of medicine, specifically focusing on dental studies. I am looking to put together a powerful and professional manuscript discussing my latest findings on denture QR coding and its inertness vis-à-vis various denture cleansing methods. Key aspects: - Dental research experience preferred to highlight the nuances of the subject - I need someone who can present complex findings in a succinct and coherent manner, aiming to make the content accessible for practitioners and researchers in visualizing and understanding the impact of this study. - Ideally, prior experience in manuscript or academic writing related to dentistry will be appreciated Having a background in medical research will be a plus. This task will requir...

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    I am seeking an expert in Power BI and Power Query to provide their expertise on critical data analysis. Your tasks will involve: - Data visualization: interpreting complex data sets and turning them into actionable information. - Data modeling: moving beyond mere data collection to provide predictive insights. - Data cleansing: verifying the quality and the quantity of the gathered data and readiness for analysis. Your work will be instrumental in informing business strategies and decision making, dealing with diverse data sources like Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, and CSV files. The key performance metrics or indicators you will track and analyze will include sales revenue, customer acquisition cost, and conversion r...

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    ...Stairs: Elevators and stairs must serve all apartments to ensure accessibility and convenience for residents. Wellness Facilities: Gym: A well-equipped gym facility should be provided for residents to exercise and stay fit. Sauna: A sauna room should be incorporated to offer relaxation and promote circulation. Hammam: A hammam or Turkish bath facility should be included for therapeutic and cleansing purposes. Ice Bath: An ice bath area should be provided for residents to cool down and rejuvenate after sauna sessions. Natural Light and Ventilation: The design should prioritize maximizing natural light and ventilation throughout the apartments and wellness facilities, enhancing the sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. Aesthetic Appeal: The architectural style should...

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    ...project, our chief focus will be upon assessing and improving the overall quality of a particular data profile. Our goal is three-fold: - Assess the quality of the data - Cleanse the data if necessary - Identify any duplicates within the data set Although specific aspects of data quality and specific data sources to focus on have not been outlined, interested freelancers should ideally possess the following skills and experiences: - Proficiency in data profiling and data cleansing - Experience in identifying and removing duplicates in large datasets - Comprehensive understanding of different aspects of data quality, such as consistency, accuracy, and completeness - Ability to work with diverse data sources lik...

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    ...Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. This impressive literature details the unjust Hindu religious and cultural discrimination of outcast castes experiences that were sad for the Author's life and his conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. The Author leans with arrest, imprisonment, and eviction of Bhutan's cleansing toward the enamored into a life of mental and spiritual slavery. However, his migration to the United States of America changed everything, and he began to learn more about God and his words, as well as conceived a Divine vision to spread the Good News of God by the best means possible. My vision for a book cover. The front cover image of "The Journey to the C...

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    ...revolutionizing how we process and analyze data through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) models. This project aims to leverage Python, harnessing its powerful libraries and frameworks geared towards AI development. Here’s a snapshot of what I need: - **Natural Language Processing (NLP):** Develop algorithms capable of understanding and generating human language from text data. Experience with libraries like NLTK or spaCy is advantageous. - **Machine Learning Models:** Construct and train models to analyze and learn from text and image data. Familiarity with TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar frameworks will be critical. - **Data Handling:** Work with text and image data sources. Efficiency in data preprocessing, ...

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    I require an experienced data analyst to cleanse my customer data which exists in the form of Excel files. The primary issues anticipated are incorrect entries that need to be identified and rectified. Ideal Skills: - High proficiency in Excel - Detail-oriented and meticulous in data cleanup - Previous experience in customer data cleansing Your role would be to: - Identify and correct inaccurate entries in the data files - Ensure the corrected data is consistent and reliable for usage I look forward to a meticulous and in-depth cleanup of this data to improve its usability.

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    I'm on the lookout for a talented freelancer who can handle both data transformation and creative design to make my information not only more accessible but also visually compelling. Your expertise will bridge the gap between raw data manipulation and creating engaging visual content. **Data Entry Needs:** - Skills in data cleansing and conversion are crucial. - Experience in processing and organizing data to make it visually appealing and usable. - Proficiency in using software tools for data management. **Design Requirements:** - Create stunning presentations and infographics using Excel, PowerPoint, and Canva. - Ability to deliver designs that are not only functional but also captivating. - Must be proficient in graphic design wi...

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    ...urgent need of a meticulous and experienced data entry specialist to assist me in transferring a significant volume of data into a database. My project is vast, exceeding 500 entries, which means attention to detail and the ability to handle large datasets efficiently is crucial. **Key Requirements:** - Experience with data entry into databases. - Keen eye for detail to ensure accuracy in data entry. - Ability to work efficiently with large volumes of data. - Familiarity with data verification and cleansing to ensure data integrity. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in database software or data entry platforms. - Strong organizational skills to manage and oversee the progress of data entry. - Prior expe...

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    I am in need of a professional to help with the extraction of both text content and images from a designated in need of a professional to help with the extraction of both text content and images from a designated website. Here are the details of the task: * The extracted content should be delivered in a JSON format. * Only text content and images need to be retrieved, links can be disregarded. * I don't require any cleansing or manipulation of the data post-extraction. The raw data is completely suitable. Freelancers need to have experience in web data extraction, web scraping, and data mining. Additionally, knowledge in JSON formatting is crucial. Understanding of copyright rules regarding text and image extraction will be a plus. Your atten...

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    I need an expert proficient in Excel who can create a program that accomplishes the following tasks: - Data analysis: The primary function of this program will be to conduct statistical analysis. You'll write formulas that can properly separate, organize, and analyze complex data. - Automation and macros: The program will automate data cleaning. It'll detect unnecessary or repetitive information and remove or correct it autonomously. Additionally, it should be able to generate comprehensive reports based on the cleaned data. Your skills and experience should include advanced knowledge of Excel, statistical analysis, and programming macros. Understanding of data cleansing techniques will be pivotal for this job.

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    ...focused on data management and design. The right candidate should be proficient in using Canva for various design tasks and have a solid background in data handling. Your role will involve a balance of creativity and precision, ensuring data is handled efficiently while also creating visually appealing designs when necessary. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Expertise in Canva for creating and editing designs. - Strong data entry skills, including but not limited to transcription, cleansing, and mining. - Excellent command of English for effective communication. - Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. **Responsibilities:** - Manage and organize data effectively. - Use Canva to create and edit visual content. - Ensure the...

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    I have ventured into the fascinating and diverse arena of health supplements, which are not just for fitness junkies but anyone seeking detoxification, parasite cleansing, or an energy boost. To amplify the benefits of these products, I need someone who can: - Effectively sell these products - Build an impactful network in my MLM scheme This task could be a cakewalk for someone who: - Has a knack for identifying the right audience - Possesses exceptional networking abilities - Understands health supplements and can articulate these benefits to potential consumers The ideal candidate would have experience in multi-level marketing and selling health products, and a determination to reach anyone who might need a health boost.

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    ...capable of translating business requirements into technical specifications to support accurate data exchange. - Experience in data validation and cleansing to guarantee the integrity and reliability of the data flow. **The perfect candidate will:** Article wring on IBM sterling Integrator and sterling file gateway issues and solutions based on that I need someone to write articles on given topics based MFT Environment. - Demonstrate previous experience with Sterling Integrator projects, emphasizing their role and contributions to successful outcomes. - Exhibit a keen understanding of various integration patterns and the flexibility to adapt to new challenges. - Show a history of working with data-intensive environments, illustrating their capability t...

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    ...subsequent search engine warnings marking my site as unsafe, my digital presence is significantly compromised. To address these critical problems, I need a skilled professional who can navigate through the intricacies of WordPress, security protocols, and SEO optimization with ease. **Requirements:** - **Diagnose and Remove Malware:** Without specific trojans identified, a thorough examination and cleansing of the site are mandatory to eliminate potential threats hidden within. - **Fix Site Security:** Implementing robust security measures to prevent future attacks is non-negotiable. Experience with WordPress security plugins and website hardening techniques is a must. - **Resolve SEO Flags:** Due to the site being flagged as unsafe by search engines, necessary steps to r...

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    ...for data scraping and manipulation (such as Tweepy for Twitter API interaction and Pandas for data frame handling). - Experience with using the Twitter Developer API to extract tweet data. - Ability to apply filters based on keywords and locations to the data extraction process. - Competency in saving the collected data into a CSV file format while maintaining data integrity and structure. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in data scraping and web scraping projects. - Previous experience with Twitter data extraction and analysis. - Expertise in handling large datasets and performing data cleansing and formatting to ensure usability. This project is perfect for a freelancer who is detail-oriented a...

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    ...professional who is skilled in Salesforce to clean up the data in my account and add clean data. While there are less than 1,000 records, they contain duplicate contacts, incomplete records and inaccurate data, which need an expert’s touch. Here are the task specifics: - Add 4 contacts per account: CFO, CEO, CHRO, Director of HR, Vice President of Human Resources are all acceptable. data needed is email, phone, linkedin url - Identifying and merging duplicate contacts - Filling in incomplete records - Flagging the inaccurate data and correcting it As the volumes are small, a focused and thorough approach is necessary to ensure no data is unintentionally lost or altered. Significant Salesforce experience is necessary, with particular refer...

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    ...freelancer to handle regular data entry tasks and assist in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records. The primary goal is to ensure the integrity of our data and support various departments in their information management needs. Scope of Work Data Entry: Input data accurately into spreadsheets, databases, or other designated systems. Verify and update existing data to maintain accuracy. Data Cleansing: Identify and rectify any inconsistencies or errors in existing datasets. Ensure data quality through regular audits. Document Management: Organize and maintain electronic and physical documents. Create and manage filing systems for easy retrieval. Data Migration: Assist in the transfer of data between systems wh...

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    I'm seeking an expert proficient in data organisation for a report creation project. The job will entail effectively cleaning up and arranging data in a spreadsheet for creating concise monthly reports. A Python-Panda script should be used to remove ambigous data from a particular row and replacing with the correct data by matching to other datasets in alternate rows. Then, a consistent naming convention will be needed so that a clean pivot table can be produced. Areas Of Focus: - Spreadsheet organisation - Data cleansing - Ensuring accuracy of report production. Ideal candidates should have: - Excellent attention to detail - Proficiency in Excel Python integration - Experience working with undefined datasets. While some data anal...

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    $32 / hr Avg Bid
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