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    I'm looking for an experienced crawler specialist to help me crawl databases, and specifically collect certain datasets. Key Project Requirements: - Crawler Type: The focus for this project will be on databases, not websites or APIs. - Objective: The primary goal is to extract specific datasets from these databases. - Data Format: The extracted data should be delivered in CSV format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in database crawling and data extraction is a must. - Previous experience in collecting specific datasets from databases is highly preferred. - Familiarity with working with CSV data format. Please share relevant experience when bidding.

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    ...high-potential keywords related to the business goals • Optimize on-page elements, i.e., compelling Meta titles and descriptions, including target keywords • Identify technical issues affecting search engine visibility, implement fixes for crawl errors, mobile usability problems and site speed optimisation • Develop and execute a link-building strategy to acquire quality backlinks from authoritative websites/reputable blogs • Monitor backlink profile health and remove or disavow harmful link • Improve the website’s authority and relevancy • Monitoring and reporting on website performance before and after optimization using Google Analytics and other SEO tools • Monitor keyword rankings regularly and change SEO strategy accordingly t...

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    Need after effect animation exactly same like that ribbon style with new text See animation and then placed the bid write " RIBBON " in the bid

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    I need a professional web designer to create a unique design in Figma. The design should be inspired by , , and Key requirements include: - Creation of a design with unique color scheme - The design must be unique, fresh and not a copy of any existing designs. - The style should be based on bespoke designs - a form with fields to get informations about the customer's car - it has to have social proof form google reviews - a stepflow with 3 steps - faqs - and sections containing information about my business

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    I am seeking a developer with intermediate level experience IOS Swift. The task will be to help me get the example code working from the documentation at This is my first time working with IOS and the docs leave out some of the implementation. For example, in this code there is not map function, only "..." Bids under £70 only please. ``` var totalUsageByCategory: [ActivityCategory:TimeInterval] totalUsageByCategory = (…) ```

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    I'm in need of a playful and whimsical icon animation intended for use in marketing materials. - Style: The animation should be whimsical and playful, standing out in marketing collaterals as engaging and dynamic. Creativity and cleverness are highly valued. - Intended ...and capable of grabbing viewers' attention. - Duration: The required length for the animation is between 10 and 30 seconds. - The animation should start of with a male icon (like you would see on a toilet door). After a period of time the male icon will start to suffer from back pain (eg: start reaching around to hold his back, etc) until the point where he can no longer walk. He should then crawl off to right of the screen. - The animation should have a transparent background and the icon should re...

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    ...detailed-oriented professional who is versed in both web development and social media management. The website is already established, but I will need a lot of further development and enhancement done. This is all surrounding financial content and working with news wire distribution partners and downstream partners. ******* Please make sure you respond with examples of sites you have done that are in this field. Due to the nature of the financial markets, it's very important to us that you have previous experience in this field ******* I will need proper posting of news to the site, preferably fed directly into the site once a news event hits the wire, and site maps that are extremely crawl-able. Quality of work, and functionality in the site's design and operat...

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    I'm looking for a proficient developer capable of creating a customized web crawler for eBay and AliExpress. The primary function for this crawler will be to accept a list of keywords of any length and return specific data about those products. Here's what I need in detail: • Find top hot selling products at any given time • Crawl eBay and AliExpress for specific product data based on entered keywords. • The data retrieved should include product names, quantities sold and locations of sellers, images, • The crawler should be capable of providing this information for a variable timescale, ranging from 1 to 30 days in the past. • The results should be sortable. Php or python preferably The task would best suit a freelancer with previous exp...

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    I need an experienced freelancer to replicate the design, layout & structure from an existing website to serve as a starting point for our own site. Key tasks involve: - Implementing the structure or an an existing example website on Wordpress. This includes the pages, placeholders for posts, menu structure, etc. - Utilizing Spectra blocks/Kadence theme, contact form 7 Ideal candidate should have strong skills in Wordpress and Spectra/Kadence theme implementation. Please include examples of past work in your application. You will be working from a clean Wordpress install.

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    106 bids presence and optimizing our website for improved search engine rankings and user experience. While we have made strides in our SEO efforts, we believe there is room for further improvement, particularly in leveraging the full potential of Google's suite of tools. We are looking for an experienced SEO expert who can: 1) Conduct a comprehensive audit of our website using Google Search Console to identify indexing issues, crawl errors, and opportunities for optimization. 2) Analyze website traffic, user behavior, and engagement metrics in Google Analytics to identify areas for improvement and inform SEO strategies. 3) Implement and manage tracking scripts, tags, and event triggers using Google Tag Manager to accurately measure w...

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    II. the task #2 (less important but fast to fix) email notifications do not work for some reason (on server with webUI @159.65...) The email sending works with cron there contains 1 task here /var/spool/cron/tabs/root and 4 here as i understand /var/spool/cron/tabs/serg guess user serg is not configured properly(but it is a full disk copy, so not sure) or cron tasks are not active or lunching.. also i see 3 cron procs on old sever (ps-A|grep cron) and only 1 on new server... you can change email in scripts and test (the email sending is working ok tested it with small /root/) p.s. you can check working details on old server @213.168.... I. the most important but could take more time The statistics section do not work at all on the New server here is active clients on OLD server(s)...

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    I'm looking for an expert to design a web crawler to extract email addresses from specific company websites. The ideal candidate should be experienced both in web crawling and email data extraction. Key Tasks: - Crawl targeted company websites for email data extraction - Ensure the accuracy and integrity of all extracted emails Skills and Experience: - Experience with web crawling and data extraction technologies - Proven track record in email data extraction - Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities - Familiarity with common web interrogatories for more efficient data capture is an asset - Strong attention to detail in order to capture complete and valid email addresses The successful candidate will deliver a list of valid emails extracted from the indicated c...

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    ...therapist joining in the fun.] Narrator: "Now, let's move on to 'Obstacle Course Adventure'." [Therapist sets up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, tunnels, and balance beams.] Therapist: "Obstacle courses provide opportunities for movement and proprioceptive input, helping your child develop balance, coordination, and body awareness. Guide them through the course, encouraging them to climb, crawl, jump, and balance." [Cut to the child navigating through the obstacle course, with the therapist offering support and guidance.] Narrator: "Lastly, we'll explore 'Sensory Playdough Creations'." [Therapist and child sit down with scented playdough and sensory tools.] Therapist: "Playdough is a versatile sensor...

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    DO NOT CONTACT WITH ANY OTHER SERVICE OFFER OTHER THAN THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am looking for a professional who can efficiently fix the indexing and crawl errors that have been plaguing my site's search console. Your task will include debugging the cause of the errors and implementing a robust solution to prevent them from occurring in the future. While performing this task, you will: - Identify and fix indexing errors as per the attached image - Detect and resolve crawl errors - Monitor and ensure that the fixes have successfully resolved the errors A perfect fit for this job would have a strong understanding of Shopify, troubleshooting, and error resolution. Ideally, you should provide detailed project proposals outlining your methods for resolving these issues ...

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    I'm requiring a proficient and experienced freelancer who possesses expertise in data crawling to extract specific elements from various e-commerce websites. Your prime objective will be to efficiently retrieve the following data: - Product titles - Product descriptions - Product prices The website to crawl from is , look at attachment to understand what I need. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Acute knowledge of e-commerce platforms and their structure - Experience with web scraping tools and methodologies - Ability to collate, organize and present data in a comprehensible format - A strong respect for deadlines and project goals Your role will be instrumental in boosting my understanding of e-commerce market trends, so a beneficial, predictable, an...

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    An SEO Expert for a Woocommerce website should be adept at handling the following responsibilities: Keyword Research & On-Page Optimization: -Perform extensive keyword research to identify high-potential keywords related to the business goals. -Optimize on-page elements like titles, headings, content structure, and internal linking strategy. Technical SEO & Website Audit: -Conduct comprehensive website audits to identify technical issues affecting search engine visibility. -Implement fixes for crawl errors, mobile usability problems, and site speed optimization. Meta Tags & Header Tags Optimization: -Ensure all pages have compelling meta titles and descriptions including target keywords. -Optimize header tags for content hierarchy and keyword rele...

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    As the project lead, I'm seeking a highly skilled developer to construct a Scrapy web crawler for multiple sites. Although I omitted website specifics for now, rest assured we will provide the necessary details post-engagement. The ideal candidate is capable of: - Building an optimized web crawler with Scrapy - Extracting text data proficiently from various web pages, accurately and efficiently For the application, please provide: - Detailed project proposals outlining your approach Experience in web crawling design and Scrapy framework are a must for this project. Your technical capacity to generate the explained particulars is critical for success here. This is a golden opportunity to exhibit your proficiencies and contribute to an exciting project. - The sites are di...

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    ...towards adults aged 25-50. Key Elements I want Included: structure it to build anticipation, reveal personal stories, and conclude with a powerful revelation of the agents' identities and contributions. Each scene is designed to hold the audience's attention while unfolding the narrative layer by Timeline:Scene 1: Star Wars-Inspired Opening Duration: 0:00 - 0:50 A classic Star Wars crawl introduces the concept of invisible forces within the Takeda Alliance, setting the stage for a tale of unseen heroes who shape the fate of the galaxy from the 2: The Shadow Operatives Duration: 0:51 - 2:00 Quick, successive introductions to the four secret agents/invisible forces, each scene lasting approximately 17 seconds. Use dramatic lighting and silhouettes to maintain their mys...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer who has expertise in Perl scripting, primarily for file manipulation tasks. Key Requirements: --Gather date from a table in oracle. Based on that date find the records available in a home directory and store it in a .txt file. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Perl scripting is a must. - Experience in handling various file formats, specifically .txt and .csv. - Strong understanding of file operations including renaming, formatting, and sorting (although the specific task was skipped). I need the code done within 2 days and willing to pay 3000 which would be double the cost of what is given .

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    We are in need of a knowledgeable and skillful programmer who can edit on GoLang code. The main task involves Ethereum network crawling. We already have a running code to crawling the Ethereum network. However, we still need to do some changes on GoLang code (designing crawler), such as partition the ID_space into sections, and crawl using multiple crawlers in Ethereum not only single crawler as what we have. In addition, there might be more few changes on the code. The ideal candidate will: - Understand DHT-based network and Kademlia - Knows a little about Ethereum (blockchain) - Have experience in GoLang - Possess a deep understanding of DHT network crawling (p2p) - Have previous experience with crawling networks Your responsibility will be building on top of running code and do...

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    I'm currently using PERL 5.10 system and requires a proficient expert to aid in modifying how passwords are hashed in my system. Initially, we employed SHA-256 but we're looking to switch to PBKDF2. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PERL 5.10 - Familiarity with SHA-256 and PBKDF2 hashing methods - Prior experience in password re-hashing Task Objectives: - Identify current SHA-256 hashing method in the system - Modify hashing method to use PBKDF2 instead - Validate successful implementation of the PBKDF2 hashing method The project necessitates a strict focus on security and confidentiality given its sensitive nature.

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    I've recently been impacted by the Google core update, resulting in decreased organi...recently been impacted by the Google core update, resulting in decreased organic search rankings and indexing troubles on my website, specifically concerning my blog posts. I have attached errors also and graph about the current status. If you want you can check our website For this task, I require a freelancer who can: - Address and resolve crawl errors linked to pages not being indexed - Implement strategies to better my website's SEO performance particularly for blog posts - Monitor and improve organic search rankings The ideal candidate will have strong experience with SEO, the Google Search console, and a proven track record of improving website performance...

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    Script Feature: - Login to a list of SSH servers by domain or IP (from text file) - Use a set of usernames + password (can be multiple passwords) to login to the servers. - Run Bash Script on the connected server (which comes from a txt file on the server running the script, not on the connected to server) - Timeout if SSH server did not answer. - Display results at the end of a run (show which servers the script did not run because of errors). Login simultaneously to all available ssh servers. Not server by server.

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    Project Details PHASE: I – KEYWORDS AND WEBSITE ANALYSIS 1. Keywords Audit & analysis 2. Initial Analysis of the Website in a Document PHASE: II - ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION 1. Title Tag Optimization 2. Meta description Optimization 3. Heading Tags Optimization 4. URL Optimization 5. File Optimization 6. Image Analysis and Optimization of Alt Tags on Required Images 7. Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization 8. External Links optimization 9. Audit of Broken Links 10. Quality of Page Content & Density 11. Checking of Canonicalization error 12. Website URL Redirection 13. Optimized XML Site Map Creation for Google PHASE: III – Google Webmaster OPTIMIZATION: 1. Google webmaster installation 2. Google webmaster analysis and overview 3. Crawl Errors 4. ...

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    More details: What is the purpose of the structures you want to build? Residential buildings How many different design variations do you want for the structures? One design What specific features are you looking for in your residential building's design? Glulam arches and connected roof

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    I am looking for a professional capable of designing structural elements - specifically crawl space foundations - for single-family homes in Rifle, CO. I will supply CAD files to facilitate your workload, ideally speeding up the project process. Key Responsibilities: - Create foundation design and drawings for single-family homes - Stamp designs as approved for construction - Apply professional engineering judgement to develop designs that are safe, functional, and compliant with local codes and standards Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in structural engineering - Knowledge of single-family home construction and specifically crawl space foundation styles - Familiarity with local codes and standards in Rifle, CO - Proficient in using CAD files - Profession...

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    I need to convert the following Perl code to PHP: The expected output is a PHP class that can convert a docx file into text. The attached zip contains a mockup of such class (with demo code) and a test docx file. The task is straight forward. If you place a bid, expect it to be accepted. If you fail to deliver, you'll be subjected to a bad review. This is to avoid wasting my time with autoposters and people who lowball the bid and then try to ask for more money. You have been warned. Read the brief, check the code and place a bid accordingly.

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    Python Script of web spiders to fetch data crawling the web data。familiar with BeautifulSoup or selenium or scrapy ,Request etc What type of data do you want to scrape and crawl from websites? Fbeautiful soup vs selenium vs scrapy The function is easy to design

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    I am facing a problem with my corporate website, which is currently not being indexed by Google as indicated in the Google Search Console. The site has not received any manual actions or penalties from Google and it typically garners less than 10k visits on a monthly basis. I’m interested in hiring a professional who: - Has profound knowledge and experience with SEO, specifically in sitemaps and - Possesses deep understanding of Google Search Console - Has a good track record in fixing indexing problems on corporate websites The ideal candidate will identify the cause of the 'Discovered – currently not indexed' issue and implement the appropriate solution to ensure Google can successfully crawl and index the website. The objective is to im...

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    I'm urgently in search of a well-rounded and outstanding programmer fluent in numerous programming languages. It's essential for you to excel in Python, Java, C++, C#, Scala, Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript, Go, SQL, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, HTML/CSS, and be experienced with NoSQL and LaTeX. Ideal technical expertise includes: - Data Visualization: Proficiency in matplotlib, D3.js, bokeh, or comparable tools - Machine Learning: Familiarity with TensorFlow, scikit-learn, PyTorch, or equivalent - Unit & Functional Tests: Experience using Selenium, Cypress, Mocha, or similar - Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or equivalent knowledge - Containerization: Docker The central task is to perform insightful programming assessments and coding within my enterpris...

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    I am looking for an expert in Google Search Console who can help me troubleshoot and resolve the issues I'm currently facing. Despite having Google Search Console set up for my website, I'm experiencing technical errors primarily in the form of crawl errors. Additionally, I'm also dealing with index coverage issues. I need a freelancer who can: - Identify and fix the crawl errors causing the main technical issues - Provide a solution for the index coverage issues I'm facing The ideal candidate for this project should have an excellent grasp of Google Search Console, a strong understanding of crawl errors and why they happen, and extensive SEO expertise. A proven track record in addressing and resolving these types of issues is strongly pr...

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    # Brief for Developers: Automated Article Creation and Posting System for WordPress **Objective:** Develop an autoblogging system utilizing OpenAI's ChatGP...currently used to build articles via ChatGPT, aiming to save time and enhance content production efficiency. **Additional Notes:** * Prioritize code maintainability and future update feasibility through clear documentation and commenting. * Allocate sufficient time for thorough system testing, debugging, and optimization to ensure reliability and performance. * The system should be able to crawl all kinds of URLs. * I have an openAI account * The autoblogger should be setup to run the newest chatgpt. I'll deliver an API key when ready for testing. * Usually developers use their own staging run locally. But I'...

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    Hi, Today i have created a Scrapy crawler to crawl the website , but i'm not able to crawl the website because when i run the crawler, any request i do to the website, i got the 403 error to me. I just neeed you fix my code to do a request at someway the website return the code 200 instead of 403. I'm sending my code attached. Send me a print screen in the chat showing you received code 200 using the same url, then i will hire you to send me your code.

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    I have a small website running on Zencart that apparently suffered a DDoS attack 3 days ago and the website is still down. Now my clients can't visit the site, I've contacted Hostgator (I have a shared server account there) and I've been told I have "web bots crawling my site at unmanaged speeds"... I tried to set longer crawl delays and installed the CloudFlare but the website is still down... Any ideas how to bring the website up and running again?

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    Project Description: We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced SEO and Link Building Specialist to enhance the online presence of our jewelry website, The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing effective SEO strategies, with a focus on keyword research and backlink development, to improve our website's visibility on search engines and drive targeted traffic. Key Responsibilities: 1. Keyword Research: Conduct thorough keyword research to identify high-value keywords relevant to our jewelry business. The candidate should be able to analyze keyword trends and competitiveness to select keywords that will improve our website’s SEO performance. 2. Backlink Development: Develop a comprehensive backlink strategy to acquire high...

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    I'm seeking an expert to help expert to help create a Dockerfile that runs Perl and DBD::mysql so that I can run a legacy website. This should be a simple task if you have the knowledge. Specific requirements include: - A Dockerfile is the only output required, roughly corresponding to mine - It should build and run in wsl, i.e. docker run -p 8080:80 image_name - It must use Apache, Perl and the CPAN module DBD::MySQL - It should have been tested on a MySql database, the file is provided to run on localhost:8080/ - A screenshot of the above is required to prove that it is working (you just need a MySql Table with fields Id and Name) Candidates should ideally have: - Extensive experience in Docker and a basic knowledge of Perl - Understanding of...

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    5 bids support got the Import buttons on the forms fixed but suggests they may not be able to fix the XML & XML+XSL submission buttons at the bottom of the forms. Here's what they say about that: When the server is upgraded, the Perl modules in the new server might not be fully imported. That's why your website doesn't work because some Perl module dependencies might be deprecated. MochaHost support says: We highly suggest you talk about the error with your Web Developer to ensure they can help you add the missing path on the Perl module. Based on our check, your website form processing is missing pointing to the `File::Spec` module which has been installed on the server. It seems like that might be a fairly easy fix and I have asked...

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    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to revise the typography in my current logo. The specifics are as follows: - Typography Adjustment: This is the main requirement of this project. You should have extensive knowledge and experience in typographical design. It's not required, but if you have any style recommendations, such as serif, sans serif, or script, they would be appreciated. Importantly, this task is time-sensitive and I am looking to have the project completed as soon as possible. Expertise in rapid and efficient work will be an added advantage. Please ensure your bid reflects this urgency.

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    ...performance tuning, sizing and capacity planning, database backup and recovery in a Unix O/S using RMAN and Oracle export/import utilities, administration, and maintenance to provide backup and disaster recovery. • Knowledge of installation, configuration, and maintenance of multi-node Oracle RAC enabled databases, including Oracle ASM and Oracle CRS management. Knowledge of PL/SQL packages, shell, and Perl scripts for task automation, and proactive database monitoring and notification using Oracle OEM Grid Control. • Demonstrated written and oral communication skills reviewing and editing established database policies and procedures and developing new SOPs for database software installation and configuration. • Experience with Cloud(AWS/Azure/OCI) migrations (DB a...

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    ...interactions, and makes decisions is an ambitious endeavor. Let's break down the key components and challenges involved in creating such a system: 1. **Web Crawling and Data Collection**: - The AGI needs to crawl websites to collect data. - Techniques like **web scraping** can extract information from web pages. - Consider using AI-powered web scraping tools that adapt to changing website designs and dynamic content³. 2. **Adaptive Learning and Decision-Making**: - The AGI should learn from the data it collects. - **Adaptive scraping** techniques allow the bot to adjust to website redesigns and structural changes. - Use machine learning (e.g., convolutional neural networks) to recognize visual elements like buttons, fields, and images...

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    $17 - $51
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    I'm looking for seasoned coders that excel in Perl, to reconfigure my current Perl email script. The primary aim is to make it efficient in sending out emails using Google's SMTP. Key Deliverables: - Modify Perl script to use Google's SMTP via the Net::SMTP::SSL or Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail modules - Integrate secure connection to Gmail - Integrate Email authentication No requirement for handling attachments is necessary. Need to understand how the forms work. Proficiency in Perl, understanding of SMTP protocols, specifically Google's SMTP, and experience with Net::SMTP::SSL and Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail modules are crucial for success in this task.

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    ...interactions, and makes decisions is an ambitious endeavor. Let's break down the key components and challenges involved in creating such a system: 1. **Web Crawling and Data Collection**: - The AGI needs to crawl websites to collect data. - Techniques like **web scraping** can extract information from web pages. - Consider using AI-powered web scraping tools that adapt to changing website designs and dynamic content³. 2. **Adaptive Learning and Decision-Making**: - The AGI should learn from the data it collects. - **Adaptive scraping** techniques allow the bot to adjust to website redesigns and structural changes. - Use machine learning (e.g., convolutional neural networks) to recognize visual elements like buttons, fields, and images...

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    ...interactions, and makes decisions is an ambitious endeavor. Let's break down the key components and challenges involved in creating such a system: 1. **Web Crawling and Data Collection**: - The AGI needs to crawl websites to collect data. - Techniques like **web scraping** can extract information from web pages. - Consider using AI-powered web scraping tools that adapt to changing website designs and dynamic content³. 2. **Adaptive Learning and Decision-Making**: - The AGI should learn from the data it collects. - **Adaptive scraping** techniques allow the bot to adjust to website redesigns and structural changes. - Use machine learning (e.g., convolutional neural networks) to recognize visual elements like buttons, fields, and images...

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    Hi there. I need a working example of Square's latest Web Payments form based on their PHP SDK. It came out over a year ago and they gave all these how to convert tutorials, but it's a super confusing migration. I just need a working example where I can paste my API Application ID and Application Secret in and process a real credit card. Simple. I just want an example that I can get working for processing credit cards. And tell me exactly which things to paste over with my own info. Thanks!

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    Monthly SEO package with following: - Backlinks creating - Keywords ranking - Google Analytics - Google my business - On page seo - Google indexed - Site crawl - White hat seo - SEO ranking

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app folder ✔ What is your project named? … profi_file_upload ✔ Would you like to use TypeScript? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use ESLint? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use Tailwind CSS? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use `src/` directory? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use App Router? (recommended) … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to customize the default import alias (@/*)? … No / Yes It's a very simple task; in the already created and empty project, only components for uploading photos need to be made. In the project, a backend endpoint is already made that accepts multipart/form-data. The assignment already includes a repository with the application, so it's really not about creating the whole application; I only need the...

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    I need an expert to diligently crawl and mine data from an ecommerce website. The specific types of data to be handled are: - Product details: This involves descriptions, pricing figures and other related information. Urgency is key; I require the project to be completed as soon as possible. Therefore, a professional who can deliver high-quality work in a quick timeframe will be most suited for this task. Experience in web crawling and data mining is an absolute must.

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    I'm seeking skilled Perl coders to modify my email script. This script currently sends out emails well after a web form submission using the Net::SMTP::SSL module. Success in this project will mean updating the script to instead utilize the Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail module. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Perl coding - Familiarity with Net::SMTP::SSL and Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail modules - Understanding of Google SMTP Key Responsibilities: - Reconfigure Perl script to work with Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail module - Ensure the script remains efficient for sending out web form submission emails - Test script after modifications to verify seamless integration with Gmail SMTP

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    google master seo tool google search console errors

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