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    I am seeking a savvy digital marketer to increase the visibility of my rental chalets and drive booking rates. The marketing campaign should target platforms like Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, with a special focus on reaching out to families. Key tasks will be: - Developing and managing ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat - Optimizing the visibility of our chalets on Google Maps - Creating engaging content that appeals to our target audience: families The ideal freelancer must have a successful track record in using these platforms for marketing purposes, along with experience in the tourism or hospitality industries. They should be capable of analyzing social media trends and tweaking campaigns accordingly. Strong skills in SEO and geotarget...

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    im looking to start a dayz server, no coding skills at all i believe its required to do this from time to time when i start this. basically fishing for price to see whats its all going to cost I...original game files or have previous experience in DayZ weapon modification. - Modify gameplay mechanics: I am keen on tweaking the core gameplay, hence, candidates with knowledge on the ins and outs of the DayZ game engine and mechanics will be appreciated. - Customize Map: My aim is to create a distinctive experience through map customization. If you've had experience in designing or modding games maps, this would be a plus. Overall, the timeframe isn’t a constraint in this project - quality takes precedence. I look forward to working with someone to make this DayZ jour...

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    I'm seeking a specialist in Astronomy Engineering with expertise specifically in designing Ref...seeking a specialist in Astronomy Engineering with expertise specifically in designing Reflecting Telescopes. You should be able to: - Help in crafting a high-quality reflecting telescope, taking into account all the necessary specifications and parameters for optimal functionality. - Generate a basic layout drawing of the moon showcasing its major features. Prior experience in astronomical cartography would be beneficial. Skills & experience required: - Extensive knowledge in Astronomy Engineering, specifically in telescope designing. - Proficient in Astronomical Data Analysis. - Able to create high-quality astronomical illustrations. - Detail-oriented with excellent problem...

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    As someone passionate about geographical data, I'm seeking a specialist to provide a detailed analysis of specific features. This project calls for an inquisitive and knowledgeable analyst with a sound understanding of maps, particularly pertaining to: - Land use classifications - Water bodies Candidates with a background in geography, cartography or GIS will be best suited for this project. An eye for detail and the capacity to deliver a detailed analysis of both land use and water bodies are invaluable for success in this project. Proficiency in related software and tools, interpreting and drawing conclusions from complex data will also be beneficial. I look forward to your proposals and insights.

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    Mobile App Developer Needed 6 days left

    Our company is looking for a proficient mobile app developer who can create a multi-platform (iOS & Android) application. The app will revolve around integrating Google Maps, where users can access and utilize its features seamlessly. Actually similar to this App in Play Store, really please check before you bid and state your budget for this fixed price project. Key Requirements: - Expertise in developing cross-platform mobile applications.

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    72 bids purchases. - Real-time Notifications: The app must keep users up-to-date with real-time notifications, enhancing engagement and user experience. - Google Maps Integration: To best support the app's functionalities, it should integrate flawlessly with Google Maps. The ideal candidate for this project would have a robust background in mobile app development across both iOS and Android platforms. A sound understanding and proven experience of in-app purchases, real-time notifications and map integration are necessary. Knowledge of user authentication processes and their proper implementation is also required. Familiarity with Google Maps API and its integration would be advantageous. In summary, I'm looking for an expert who can deliver a high-qualit...

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    Needing an built using FlutterFlow and Firebase. Here's a breakdown of the functionalities: Target Users: * Service Providers (Plumbers, Electricians, within the app. * Job Tracking: View job status updates and communicate with the provider. * Review and Rating System: Leave reviews and ratings for service providers. * Push notification of service tech on the way. Tech Stack: * Frontend: FlutterFlow (for rapid development and UI design) * Backend: Firebase (for user authentication, database storage, cloud functions, etc.) * Maps: Integration with Google Maps for location services. * Payments: Integration with a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal.

Once complete would simply be shared with me in FlutterFlow so I can test. O...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Laravel developer with proficiency in Vue3, JavaScript, and extensive experience in Google Maps SDK. Key Tasks: - Backend Development: You'll be responsible for developing the backend system of my project. Your expertise in Laravel and PHP is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of our application. - API Integration: Your task will include integrating various APIs to enhance our project's functionality. - Database Management: Proficiency in managing databases is important as you will be handling data management tasks. Google Maps Integration: - Geolocation: A fundamental feature of our project is the use of location services. You are expected to implement geolocation services. - Directions and Routing: You will be tasked with imple...

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    ...installed in vehicles to report data to the server every second, with acknowledgment-based communication protocol. - Geo-fencing Capabilities: Ability to create and manage geo-fences to monitor vehicle movement in specified areas. - Fleet maintenance and repair management: A system for keeping records and scheduling maintenance is required. - API Integration: Integration with APIs, including Google Maps, to enhance functionality and features. - Mobile DVR: Integration of Mobile DVR functionality for video surveillance and recording. - GPS Tracker API Integration: Seamless interaction with various GPS tracker APIs to fetch necessary data for fleet tracking. Integration with multiple tracker APIs to accommodate different fleets and tracking requirements. - Email Scheduler for Repo...

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    I have an urgent need for someone to review and standardize my Aruba 9012 controller's configurations. The main aspects of the Aruba controller that need to be verified and standardized are: - Network settings - VLAN configurations - Access control policies - Heat maps This project is time-sensitive, requiring completion ASAP. Ideal candidates must have: - Proven experience with Aruba wireless controllers - Strong knowledge and experience in network settings and configurations - Ability to understand and optimize access control policies - Experience with heat map configurations - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet the ASAP deadline. Your expertise and quick execution is crucial. Please reach out if you're confident in your ability to complete this task ...

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    ...experience Our mission is to be the best customer centric catering booking platform to integrate the latest fabulous food items into these trends and present it in a way that embodies the uniqueness and flair+ Specifically, your task will revolve around the development of a food catering application. The functions required are: -Login With OTP Management- -Location Management - Implementation using Maps - Menu management: Implementation of a well-organized and easily navigable system where meals and pricing can be updated seamlessly. - Order tracking: Users should be capable of keeping tabs on their order's status, from preparation to delivery. - Payment integration: The application should gracefully incorporate multiple payment methods for customer convenience. The project...

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    I am in need of a seasoned freelancer who can restore my Google Business account. It's currently available on Google Maps, but missing in Google searches. Google listed the disapproval reason as 'Inaccurate business information'. Google Business account was listed in Google Maps after successful video verification but not in Google Search I booked a complaint and after that, my account was suspended I submitted an Appeal but it was not approved with no specific reasons. Key tasks will include: - Diagnosing and rectifying the inaccurate business information - Dealing with Google to facilitate re-approval - Ensuring business visibility in Google searches I am particularly interested in freelancers with demonstrable experience in resolving similar issues. You...

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    ...competitors, market trends, and regulatory changes. Identify opportunities for product innovation and differentiation based on market demands and user feedback. · Utilize quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques to extract meaningful insights from user interactions and market research. Translate data into actionable recommendations for product enhancements. · Create user personas and journey maps based on research findings to facilitate empathy-driven product design. Ensure that product features and functionalities align with the needs and goals of target user segments. · Collaborate with product managers and designers to prioritize features and enhancements based on user needs, business goals, and technical feasibility. Advocate for user-centric...

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    The goal of this project is to create a compelling data visualization of my business data. This requires an expert in the field of data analysis and visualization. The project will be focused on: - Visualizing business data in the form of heat maps - Extracting the necessary insights out of it - Making it understandable and actionable The perfect match for this project will have profound expertise in: - Heat map generation - Business data interpretation - Creating actionable business strategies out of data. I can't wait to see our business data in a new and exciting way.

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    I am currently running a business and in need of a uniquely designed web application, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This app should implement the Google Maps API to display the locations of independent bookstores across the US. Key Features: - User Login: Users should be able to create their account and log in at their convenience. - Geolocation Tracking: The app must use Google Maps API to let the users track their location and find bookstores close to them. - Proximity Alerts: The app should also alert users when they are close to an independent bookstore registered in the app. - Visit Bookmarking: Users should have the functionality to bookmark a store after visiting it or if they wish to visit it in the future. - Custom Map Marker: Users should be able to...

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    I require a specialist in Grafana dashboards to assist me in visualizing captivating metrics related to CPU usage, memory usage, and network latency from Prometheus data sources. I intend to have these data displayed in the form Grafana dashboards to assist me in visualizing captivating metrics related to CPU usage, memory usage, and network latency from Prometheus data sources. I intend to have these data displayed in the form of histograms, line charts, and heat maps, enabling easy interpretation and quick reference. Consequently, significant expertise in Grafana, proficient understanding of Prometheus as a data source, familiarity with performance metric analysis, and the ability to design unique and practical visualisations using histograms, line charts, and heat maps...

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    ...about app updates. - **Integration of Google Maps for Offers:** Utilize Google Maps API to display location-based offers, enhancing the user experience. - **Use of Phone Number as Primary Authentication Method:** I'd like to shift from an email-based authentication system to a phone number and OTP system. This is to streamline the user experience and improve the security of the app. Subscription Model: - I'm planning to implement a **Free Trial with Monthly Subscription** model. The app should be able to handle this tiered subscription effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in updating and enhancing app source code - Proficient in integrating push notification functionalities - Previous experience in implementing Google Maps API fo...

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    Help me in solving scala leetcode problems of data structures.

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    ...and highlights of each travel itinerary. - Image selection: You are expected to include 1 or 2 images with each page. These should be chosen to complement the content and make the page visually appealing. - Attention to detail: The travel itinerary pages must be live and dynamic, so that users can interact with them. There is no need for extensive interactivity like user reviews or interactive maps. Simply having an itinerary with images and the ability to include and exclude from the itinerary is the core requirement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in content creation: You should have experience in writing engaging, SEO-friendly website content. - Image selection: Ability to select and incorporate relevant images that enhance the user experience. - Web development:...

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    I need a proficient developer to de...booth with options for displaying a mix of multimedia content. - Incorporate live chat functionality to facilitate real-time communication among attendees. - Feature interactive maps to assist users in navigating through the exhibition halls. - Deliver background music or sound effects for enhancing ambiance. - Have an external link option for an existing chat system we use. Desired skills and experience: - Proven track in designing mobile-responsive websites/apps - Solid understanding of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design - Experience with integrating multimedia content, live chats, and interactive maps on a platform - Knowledge of sound design and integration. - Ability to work with third-party APIs for the external ...

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    I'm in need of a GIS specialist to assist with modification of existing GIS maps, as well as geodatabase management. Key Requirements: - Experience with GIS: You should have a solid background in GIS practices, particularly in mapping and visualization, as well as geodatabase management. - Proficiency in working with polyline and text files: Your expertise with these file types is essential for successfully modifying the existing maps. Tasks: - Modifying existing GIS maps: You will be tasked with making changes to our current GIS maps, ensuring accuracy and functionality. - Geodatabase management: Maintenance and organization of our geodatabase is a key component of this role. If you have a keen eye for detail, a solid understanding of GIS practices, and...

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    ...real-time tracking technology. This application should be intuitive and accessible, designed to engage a community of users who can assist in the search and tracking of lost pets. Core Features: •User Registration and Profile Management: •Secure sign-up and login functionality. •Profile management for users to add and manage information about their pets. •Real-Time GPS Tracking: Integration of Google Maps or a similar API to track the user's movements. Ability to display and follow paths taken by community members during search efforts. Photo Upload and Verification System: Functionality for users to upload photos of found pets. A system for pet owners to approve, reject, or mark sightings as potential leads. Search Alerts and Notifications: Mechanism...

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    I am seeking a highly skilled AI developer to create a smart helmet camera system. The core capabilities should include: 1. Real-time Object Detection: - The system should be able to accurately detect people and vehicles in real time. 2. Automatic Emergency...Real-time Object Detection: - The system should be able to accurately detect people and vehicles in real time. 2. Automatic Emergency Alert: - In case of emergencies, the system should notify me immediately through SMS. - The emergency alert should also include plotting of my current location on offline maps. Experience in image processing, AI algorithms for object detection and developing emergency alert systems will be highly regarded. A robust understanding of offline maps integration is vital ...

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    I have a Google image and I'm looking for an expert who can overlay a detailed road layout on it. The primary goal of this project is to...of the road layout on the Google image. - The overlay should include the traffic flow and a legend for better understanding. - The traffic flow should show the direction of traffic, while the legend should indicate the locations of the traffic signals. Ideal skills for this job: - Proficient in Google Maps or other similar mapping software - Knowledge of traffic flow and road layout design - Attention to detail for an accurate overlay - Previous experience in creating navigational maps from images Please note that the project requires an efficient and precise execution, and the final output must be clear and easy to understand fo...

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    I am looking for an experienced Google Map Citation Specialist who specializes in loc...Specialist who specializes in local SEO and Google My Business rankings. Key Tasks: - Focusing on city and state to target for local SEO and GMB rankings - Improve the visibility of our business on Google Maps and local search results The freelancer should have in-depth knowledge of Google Maps and SEO strategy for local businesses. Previous experience with Google My Business accounts and search engine optimization is a must. Your role will involve maintaining the GMB profile to ensure high rankings and visibility. Skills Required: - Local SEO -Trusted Platforms -NAP Consistency - Google Maps Citation - Google My Business management - Outstanding understanding of search engine ...

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    Hello, We look to persons who can create/edit maps from SVG files in vector editor. We will give you the map in SVG vector format (look attachmant 91556_Saint-Hilaire-15000_60deg_R) Your task will be to increase street and farm names on map and make a map to match our final format design If the map is a big city, you have to align all the streets with thick boundaries. And after cut sectors in separate files. Ready (deliverables for payament) maps must be - Format A4 with frame (will be provided once map is approved) (PDF format- save as-smallest size) - all street names should be present on the map (After you have increased in on all the street names, check with Google maps/OSM or you haven't missed any street name) Payment per one map depends on the number...

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    I am seeking a skilled developer to create a taxi booking application for both iOS and Android platforms. The application's features should facilitat...for an enhanced user experience are: - User Reviews and Ratings: A feedback mechanism for users to rate and review their rides. - Push Notifications: Important operation notifications like ride updates, promotional offers etc. - Integration with Google Maps: For seamless navigation and accuracy. Considering this project's complexity and user-centric approach, the perfect candidate should have substantial experience in mobile app development, specifically with taxi booking applications. Java, Swift, Python, alongside experience with Google Maps APIs and Payment Gateways are essential. Past examples of similar work w...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a unique map for a GTAG fan game, specifically developed for the Meta Quest 2 VR platform. Ideally, I'm looking for creative minds with experience in VR game development, specifically for Meta/Oculus Quest 2. Knowledge of GTAG fan games would be, specifically developed for the Meta Quest 2 VR platform. Ideally, I'm looking for creative minds with experience in VR game development, specifically for Meta/Oculus Quest 2. Knowledge of GTAG fan games would be a huge advantage. Key Requirements: - Experience in developing games for VR, specifically Meta Quest 2 - Understanding of GTAG fan games - Ability to design distinct, intriguing maps. Please include samples of previous VR game development projects, especially if t...

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    I'm looking for a skilled native Android developer with a deep understanding of GIS technologies. This project involves creating a GIS app that targets GIS professionals and field workers, so it's crucial...information. - Mapping and data visualization: The app should be able to handle a large amount of spatial data and present it in an intuitive and useful way for users. - Routing and navigation: The app should be able to navigate users from one point to another, taking into account any specific constraints relevant to GIS professionals or field workers. Your experience with ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps, and Nmea will be essential for the successful completion of this project. Please bid if you're confident in your ability to meet these criteria. I'm looking for...

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    ...for the SEO optimization of our business listing. Key Requirements: - Listing Optimization: Highlight 'Cat Boarding' as the primary service - Location Tagging: Ensure the physical address is accurately displayed - Business Verification: Help me to verify the business on Google (CRITICAL) Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in Google My Business listing management - Proficient in local SEO and Google Maps optimization - Familiar with verification processes on Google - Understanding of the pet care industry is a plus - Indians would be preferred, but qualified candidates from other locations can also be considered Please propose your action plan and timeline for getting my business listed on Google. Start your application with "I love cats" so I know you've ...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to create two detailed and aesthetically pleasing physical maps of Africa and North America. Your task will be to accurately delineate the tropical climate zone within each region. Requirements: - Demonstrable experience and skills in cartography or related field - Proficiency in using design software suitable for map creation Expectations: - The tropical climate zone should be distinguished from other areas but used in a black & white scheme - Attention to details is crucial to accurately mark out physical features as well as climate zones - The maps should be aesthetically pleasing and suitable for presentations or print This should be a straightforward job for someone with the right skill set. If this is something you c...

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    ...Transfer (when needed) AI Generated Content (We supply ChatGPT or Claude PRO) Create Google Search Console Verify & Upload sitemaps Create Google analytics account Create Google Tag Manager Account (connect analytics tag and trigger) Create Google Business Gmail Account Create Google Developer Account (we supply credit card) Create Google API with OAuth and proper credentials for: - Embedding Google Maps - Google Gmail API - Google Reviews and Rating plugin Install WP Mail SMTP (or comparable) Create ReCAPTCHA key Integration Install Recaptcha via Kadence / Astra Plugin Install GTM on website Install and Set up Rankmath Pro (General setup, No schema) Install Reviews and Rating - Google Reviews Our goal is to partner with someone who understands the importance of these ...

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    Hi I have a woocommerce website that I need some functionality changes made to it. Currently my deliveries are limited to a radius of 15KMs from my store, any addresses outside the radius cant not get deliveries. To get customers' delivery information I use the Google Maps API on my register form that checks if they are in my radius, then if they are in the 15KM radius they are able to create an account on my website then they are able to shop and place an order, if the customer is not in the radius then they see a error message and they can not create an account and cant place an order. Currently customers are only able to create accounts from the register page, if a customer is not logged into their account they can not add items to their cart, this is done on purpose to a...

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    ...information shall be validated from both private relevant association and governmental sources. - Financial Information of the companies. - Key Management Information for potential contacts An ideal freelancer for this project would have prior experience as a business analyst, especially within the technology industry. They would also need to demonstrate the ability to create effective process maps and have a knack for details when it comes to gathering requirements. Solid experience in industrial sector analysis would be beneficial. Sources: - Usually the private sources might be the list of companies in the key association relevant to the industries' targeted. - The government sources would be on the company registration and especially the validated financial sta...

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    Seeking a GIS expert to produce high-resolution maps of a specific area, showing a comprehensive breakdown of the different land uses. The key features to be mapped include urban areas, agricultural lands, forested regions, barren landscapes, and water bodies. A total of 14 maps are expected. - Desired Skills and Experience: - Extensive GIS knowledge with a demonstrated history of producing high-quality detailed maps. - Experience in working with land use and land cover categories including, but not limited to, urban, agricultural, forest, barren, and water body classifications. - Ability to deliver the full project scope in a timeframe of under a month. This is a detail-oriented assignment requiring an individual with a keen eye for detail coupled with a co...

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    ...comprehensive delivery service tracking application with integrated maps functionality. The application will serve as a centralized platform for managing and tracking deliveries, staff assignments, and real-time delivery status updates for customers. Key Features: Delivery Initiation: Users (administrators) should be able to initiate delivery requests within the application, specifying details such as pickup and delivery locations, delivery items, and delivery timeframes. Staff Management: The application should include features for assigning delivery tasks to staff members, tracking their availability, assigning delivery routes, and managing their status updates (e.g., available, on route, completed). Integration with maps should provide real-time tracking of delivery ...

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    I'm on the lookout for a proficient virtual assistant having adeptness in data entry and Google Maps. Main responsibilities include: - Data entry tasks - Gathering information from Google Maps This assignment is not time-bound but based on a rate of pay per 100 data entries. It's a heavy workload; as I require over 500 entries, so strong attention to detail & consistency are imperative. Ideal Skills: - Strong data entry proficiency - Mastery of Google Maps - Dedicated & detail-oriented If you excel in these areas, I'd love to hear your proposal!

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    ...Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane , Gold coast, Sunshine coast , Cairns , Western Australia, Broome, Tasmania, ACT - excluding Adelaide and Northern Territory. You’ll use Google Maps as the main resource for gathering verifiable information. You will click on the link and go to the website , obtain the email, company name and state from there, if they dont show email but they show facebook , go to that and get the email The database should include: - Email addresses - Company names - State information Format Excel The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Excellent research skills - Good knowledge with Google Maps or similar - Attention to detail - Experience in data collection and database building - Knowledge of the solar installation industry is ...

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    ...the general public, so user-friendliness is crucial. - The application should interact seamlessly with various GPS tracker APIs, fetching the needed data to track our fleet. The application needs to be able to integrate with other trackers as well for different fleets. - Strong integration skills with Google Maps or MapBox Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven proficiency in web application development - Experience with GPS tracker API integration - Familiarity in working with Google Maps API or MapBox API - Experience building user-friendly interfaces for the general public. Functionality: The web application should allow a map to be embedded on a website and include the following features/ information: A route line on the map showing the bus route Customizable icons...

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    I am currently running a WordPress site and it seems like I've encountered a major bug with my WP Go Maps plugin. The issue is that my custom icons are not displaying even though I'm updating and modifying them in the backend. I haven't made any recent plugin or theme updates, so I believe this issue pertains directly to the WP Go Maps plugin or a compatibility issue. Here's what I'm looking for: - A WordPress expert proficient with the WP Go Maps plugin - An ability to troubleshoot and fix plugin issues - I have changed the Category Icons, but it won't change the icons on the front end - Experience in dealing with icon display issues Your task will involve going through the plugin configurations, identifying the issue, and implementin...

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    I'm in need of an expert in cartography, who can help with the addition and removal of landmarks on a street map, primarily for a car share app. It would be great if you could: - Add new landmarks to increase the app's functionality - Remove any unnecessary landmarks that might clutter the map - Provide suggestions for suitable landmarks to enhance user experience - Have previous experience with map editing or similar projects Collaborative skills are also a bonus as your ideas are welcomed.

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    I'm looking for someone to make me a 2D map for a platform game, this map must be extrapolated from my description that I wil...artist to create a detailed 2D platform game map based on the description I will provide. I attach an example image to give you an idea of what I'm looking for Key Features: - Character representation including spawn points - Specific item locations - Different obstacle representations Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding and experience in pixel art - Prior experience in creating video game maps - Excellent communication to accurately translate verbal descriptions into visual elements Project deadline is within a month. I am excited to see your amazing interpretation from my description into display pixels. Let's create a memorable ga...

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    ...Conduct an assessment and create a thorough drainage report (see below with comments included). The report needs to ensure that my small, sloped rural acreage complies with our local drainage regulations (link below). Cover sheet with project name, applicant information, engineer information. Project engineer's certification with seal and signature (if licensed). Table of contents. Maps including basin map, work map(s) - Can provide a very detailed topography in Excel with 3D visual representation of the lot. Work map showing drainage areas, pipes, and structures (none- this is undeveloped property). Drainage report sections: Proposed project description: Type of permit applied for (clearing the land for hay pasture - no livesto...

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    I'm seeking an experienced iOS developer to assist in the design, development, and maintenance of a user-centric mobile application. The app will include user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. The ideal candidate for this position will be able to identify and...third-party libraries and APIs The selected candidate will have: - Expert level experience in iOS development - A strong understanding of the iOS ecosystem, design guidelines, and best practices - Proven experience in building and releasing iOS applications - Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills - Experience with integrating third-party services and APIs, particularly payment gateways and maps/geolocation services If you think you're the right candidate for this project, ple...

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    Looking for specialist for Word of mouth marketing especially for google We have 4 locations in Poland - we need to improve our opinions also local seo for google maps for 4 locations of beauty salons (we need to be first and more visible) check: J'ADORE INSTYTUT You can do it both, or just one thing - depends what kind of specialist are you

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    ...have been informed that we should subscribe to Google API or other service in order for such a feature to work. Please clarify this for us with more details and/or tell us what the extra costs would be. Requirements: - Expertise in creating regional maps, with a focus on accurately depicting client distribution - Proficiency in incorporating basic demographic data onto the map - Ability to create an interactive digital map that allows for easy navigation and exploration of client distribution - Experience in designing printable static maps that can be easily printed and shared - Attention to detail to ensure accurate representation of client distribution and demographic data - Strong communication skills to understand and meet our specific requirements - Ability to deliv...

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    ... suggesting it is a simple formatting error of the URL but I am none the wiser. I have managed to add many other layer types such as the free "OS Vector Tile API" with a style url. It looks good but is low detail. Has anyone had any success adding the NGD vector tiles layer and if so, how have you managed it? I am trying to use this URL with the project key appended to it: Ideally I'd be able to use this and a styles URL and configure with 27700 CRS but have not had any luck. I have managed to get the NGD URL to work via the OS Code Playground but not QGIS. Thanks for considering my project!...

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    As a client, I'm looking for experienced developers with abilities in both Android and iOS platforms to craft a mobile application for me. Here are the detailed requirements: 1. Voice-Based Chatbot Mobile App: Specialized in conversation for mental health well-being. Backend it will be integrated with a custom GPT 2. Sign-Up: Mobile O...of user, pulling information (contact details, address) from Google business listings. 7. Option to Direct Contact: Provide the ability to connect to service providers on call by clicking the contact number, which opens the phone dialer for calling. 8. Option to get Directions: Provide the ability to show directions to the service provider's address by clicking the address, which opens Google Maps for directions. 9. Help: To understan...

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