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    ...MOVIES (id number(12) primary key, -- movie id title varchar2(400) not null, -- title of the movie category varchar2(50), -- movie genre year char(4), -- year of production cast varchar2(4000), -- names of actors director varchar2(4000), -- director's name story varchar2(4000)

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    ...click on link it will go to above link. a. Unique id is some random code 16 char that is associated with request id. We don’t want to use request id in string. b. And this page will be accessible by public but unique id is not valid that redirect user to home page. c. Once survey has been completed unique id will become invalid. d. You have to

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    ...current application errors out with: Exception thrown at 0x00007FFDE9FC3C58 in [url removed, login to view]: Microsoft C++ exception: [rethrow] at memory location 0x0000000000000000. Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFDE9FC3C58 in [url removed, login to view]: Microsoft C++ exception: [rethrow] at memory location 0x0000000000000000. when it reached the follwing code: size_t

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    ...manage Transaction - id (uuid - char(36)) - user_id (uuid - char(36)) - transaction_date (date) - description (text) - amount (decimal[10,2]) - type (varchar[100]) - created_at (datetime) - updated_at (datetime) Tag - id (uuid - char(36)) - user_id (uuid - char(36)) - name (varchar[200]) - color (char[6]) - budget (decimal[10,2])

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    Hi Julia L., I noticed you are experienced on Comsol software. Would you be interested in a few task on Comsol? We can discuss more datails over a char.

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    ...profile (like: age,sex,contact(needed only for oferer), height, weight, body type, colour of hairs, skin and eye) also text field with short description is required(aprox 3000 char.). - each profile needs to have possibility to set his own location each time he is logged into app and location should be downloaded by user request when he is looking for

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    ...evaluate il2rl [1,2,3] you should get [1.0,2.0,3.0]. 2.) write a function ordlist of type char list -> int list that takes a list of characters and returns the list of the integers codes of those characters. For example, if you evaluate ordlist [#”A”,#”b”,#”C] you should get [65,98,67]. 3.) Write a function squarelist of type int list -> int lis...

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    ...second The output file only has one value - The main function must follow the template: int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) { //content … return 0; } - The extension of the input file of the programming problem is “inp” (ex:[url removed, login to view]), NOT “[url removed, login to view]” (ex: [url removed, login to vi...

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    Requirements: C++, shared libraries (windows: .dll / unix: .so) knowledge. Objective: - A plugin system for an existing source code which has many classes / functions / enums. - The shared library's functions must be used in the main app and vice versa. - The main app's functions must be used in the shared library. - There has to be a folder (windows

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    ...in DQ. output: k. reverse (): requires: None. input: none. results: Reverse the order of elements in DQ. output: none. Example 1. If DQ : A; B; C; D; E, then calling [url removed, login to view]() results in E; D; C; B; A. 2. Write a class called Expr. In this class, you should implement the following static methods: (a) public static DQueue<Character>[] readExpressi...

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    ...from infix to postfix will require the comparison of operator priorities. Here's a method that will take an operator as input and retunr its priority: private int priority(char op) { switch (op) { case '^': return 3; case '*': case '/': return 2; case '+': case '-': return 1; default : return 0; } } Ever...

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    ...Username b. Email c. Password 2. Masteruser a. Firm (unique) b. Frim address c. gender d. Firstname e. Lastname f. Username g. Email h. password i. Phone 3. Subuser a. Same fields as master except Firm this is inherited from the master Password rules 10 chars – with one uppercas, one number and one special char. There will be no frontend

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    Hi, making nodemcu server w...nodemcu network. And after connection , web site gets 3 values 1 of 3 is integer(0-99) it shuld be a slide bar 1-3 is integer (0-15) it should be a slide bar 1-3 is string(255 char) it should be a terminal And send them to nodemcu And i will use 3 values in my arduino project, it can be done any time while using nodemcu

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    ...contain a start button in which when I press it the main audio file plays. *the program should also contain a box in which a user can type in a passcode (the passcode can be char or number or a combination of both) when the user presses the enter button if the pass code is correct the main audio file stops and another one plays. if the code is wrong

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    Website updates thsi is 30 char

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    looking for article writers. Immediate hiring. Monthly 300 articles. daily 10 articles upto 300-400 char each Please send your monthly budget

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    ...in C that: 1- takes base, exponent, and modulus .i.e. modular_pow(base, exponent, modulus). The base is binary and it is 128-bits, the exponent is integer and it is 128-bits, and the modulus is integer and it is 512-bits. Since C has no primitive data types that can hold 128-bits or 512-bits, you many need to use char!! then converting char to

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    Developing a new online B2C portal to sell products needs following featur... needs following features implemented 1) Secured Login..OTP via cell phone 2) Email verification and registration 3) Login with rules for password (can not user certain char, length of pass etc) 4) Pay pal features Suggestions welcome and open to options and pricing

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    Hi Gaurav J., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. The details are as per our Skype char - 4 separate email templates with graphics design.

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    ...OpenGL program to read and display a 3D mesh (in .obj format). There is a skeleton code to be used, and these are the parameters. 1. Implement the “bool ReadOBJFile(const char filename[])” function, to read in an obj file and store the elements. 2. Implement the “ComputeBoundingBox()” function, to compute the bounding box, its diagonal axis length

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