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    Expert DBT Specialist Needed 6 days left
    VERIFIED in Data Build Tool (dbt). I need someone who has extensive or intermediate experience and strong expertise. Your responsibilities will include: 1. **Data Modeling**: 2. **Test Creation**: 3. **Data Transformation**: The goal of this project is multi-fold: - **Improved data efficiency**: We want to maximize the use of our data, reducing redundancy and waste. - **Enhanced data analysis**: One of the main objectives is to improve our ability to analyze and understand our data better. - **Streamlined data processes**: We're looking to increase efficiency by refining and streamlining our data processing methods. Overall, I am looking for someone deeply familiar with all aspects of data management who can make a significant impact from day one. Your understand...

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    I am in need of an expert in inventory management systems. The system will be utilized across 1 to 3 departments in my business and will manage an inventory of more than 500 products. The essential functionalities required in this system include: -Re-order alerts to maintain optimal inventory levels without any shortages. -Product forecasting to anticipate future stock requirements accurately based on historical sales data and trend analysis. Ideally, potential freelancers should have hands-on experience within inventory management and product forecasting systems development. Knowledge and experience in supply chain management software for sizable inventories would be advantageous. I am looking for focused, efficient workers who have successfully implemented similar...

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    2 bids through well-written essays. Here, I need you to: - Read and make a comprehensive analysis of the materials I provide about modern history. - Translate your analysis and understanding into articulate weekly essays of around 200 words each. - Maintain that distinguishing touch of an opinionated blog post in your essays. You should be someone who is: - Trained in or have extensive experience with writing and history. - Able to provide a unique perspective on events and figures in the modern era. - An excellent writer who can turn historical facts into captivating content. Your systematic and creative approach to essay writing will be appreciated. Apply with samples of your previous writing work, preferably within similar scopes. Looking forward to exploring ...

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    I need a python Reviews Analysis work at low budget and for long term. I need a serious and hard working person for long term from Pakistan

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    ...experience with Multisim for a variety of tasks involving circuit design, simulation analysis, and PCB layout. The tasks require: - Designing simple circuits - Conducting simulation analysis for these circuits - Creating PCB layouts corresponding to the designed circuits As for the components, you will primarily be working with: - Resistors and Capacitors - Transistors and Diodes Previous experience with these components and in using Multisim is preferred. Strong understanding of circuit design principles, coupled with the practical knowledge of conducting simulations and creating accurate PCB layouts is desired. This project requires diligence, attention to detail, and commitment to the delivering of high-quality work. If these requirements align well with your...

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    With my new enterprise in the works, I am eager to find a capable expert who can bring to life a refined questionnaire website that will enhance our data collection capabilities. Core Requir...user's journey through our website is seamless and fully secure. - Integrating online quiz functionality. The target is Multiple Choice Questions, focusing on rolling out a platform that is interactive, user-friendly and informative. - Incorporating data analysis tools. The ultimate focus is to derive insightful analysis from the collected data. The ideal freelancer would be experienced in developing such websites, knowledgeable in data analysis tools, and capable of creating intuitive, secure and efficient user interfaces. Prior work on questionnaire or survey w...

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    ...project should have demonstrative marketing background with a knack for creating high-conversion advertisements. Key Objectives: - Creating and managing an efficient Google Ads campaign to maximize the ROI - Boosting online sales of my products/services What I’m Expecting: - Proficiency in Arabic language for targeting the right demographic - Comprehensive understanding of keyword research, analysis and management for ads - Solid experience in conversion rate optimization tactics - Consistent monitoring, updating and optimizing the campaign to track its success. The target audience was not specified; thus, I'm relying on your professional judgment to target the most fitting demographic based on the nature of my product/service. I look forward to working with a...

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer to create an advanced email marketing system. The core functions of this tool would be to automate email campaigns, manage an expanding list of subscribers, and provide a comprehensive analysis of campaign performance. Key considerations include: - Expertise in MailChimp platform development - Ability to design a system that can efficiently manage multiple campaigns - Prior experience in email marketing system or tool development The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of MailChimp, automation, and data analytics. By crafting this system, it should empower us to run and analyze multiple email marketing campaigns simultaneously with minimal effort.

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    Google Ads Monthly Work.....................

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    ...personalization. - Choose cutting-edge tools and technologies for project development. - Develop a design that is intuitive, accessible and data-driven. Functions: - Requirements analysis, with a special focus on the integration of artificial intelligence. - Planning and implementation of software architectures with AI components. - UI/UX design, considering best practices and technological innovations. - Coding, testing, and debugging with an eye for automation and efficiency. Database management, systems integration and implementation of AI algorithms. - Performance monitoring and adjustments based on data analysis. Tools and Technologies: - Experience with modern web development frameworks and AI libraries. - Proficiency in version control systems ...

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    As discussed for the continuance of SEO work for the next month.

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    SEO Monthly Work 9 days left

    SEO Monthly Work...........................

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    Develop a sophisticated trading strategy utilizing Pine Script, a domain-specific language used for creating custom indicators and strategies on the TradingView platform. This project requires an expert-level understanding of Pine Script, technical analysis, and algorithmic trading concepts.

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    I'm in need of a skilled market research analyst with experience in: - Competitive Analysis - Market Trend Analysis The task will involve two main areas of research: ## Competitive Analysis For this part of the project, I am interested in gathering: - Pricing data: You would be required to research and provide detailed information on the pricing strategies of my competitors. - Marketing strategies: Your task would also involve understanding and documenting the marketing strategies used by the competition. ## Market Trend Analysis For this aspect, your research should focus on: - Consumer preferences: I'm interested in the current trends, knowledge of what the consumers in my market space prefer. - Emerging market trends: It's crucial to ide...

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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced developer to create a bespoke Mock Interview Software that of the interview process. The video recording feature needs to be seamless and offer excellent playback value. - **Performance Analysis and Feedback**: After every mock interview, the software should offer a comprehensive analysis of performance. A feedback mechanism also needs to be incorporated to provide constructive critique to users. To successfully undertake and complete this project, extensive experience in software development for Windows OS is necessary. A track record in designing interactive and user-friendly interfaces is also a huge plus. Understanding of video processing and data analysis will be core to delivering on the performance ...

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    Hi Manu, i have created this for the extra work you have had to do for the sorter. I have put 10AUD, but can you please adjust to how much is correct?

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    #Opportunity Consultant and Representative - AzulPM (Serbia) Location: Serbia As part of our expansion into Serbia, we are actively seeking a talented and experienced Consultant and Representative to contribute to our growing success. Responsibilities: - Market Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough market research to identify key business opportunities and trends in Serbia, providing valuable insights to guide strategic decisions. - Client Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and partners, ensuring their needs are understood and met effectively. - Consultation Services: Provide expert consultation services to clients, leveraging your knowledge and expertise to offer innovative solutions tailored to their unique challenges...

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    ...experienced mechanical engineer who is proficient in Fusion 360. - 3D Modeling: Proficiency in Fusion 360 3D modeling is key for this project, as the platform will be used intensively for concept realization and design changes. If you dont work wit that software than don't apply. - Design Assistance: I yearn for a keen eye that can spot and rectify design flaws while upholding the innovative aspect of the product. - Technical Analysis: Clear understanding of mechanical product design is crucial, along with the capability to conduct technical analysis, which will help validate the design and ensure its feasibility and functionality. Freelancers with a proven track record in product design, specifically in innovative solutions, would be ideal for this pro...

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    27 bids practices, including optimizing titles, product descriptions, and other relevant content elements. Content Quality Assurance: Review and edit content to ensure it meets SEO guidelines, brand standards, and enhances discoverability on Amazon. Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitor listings and strategies to identify opportunities for improvement and differentiation. Link Building: Assist in the development of effective link-building strategies to improve the overall authority and visibility of Amazon product listings. Data Analysis: Utilize SEO tools and analytics to track and report on the performance of SEO initiatives, providing insights for continuous improvement. Collaboration with Content Team: Collaborate with writers, designers, and other team members to align...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can perform a comprehensive financial analysis of cost structures, specifically organized by project, in my Excel data. Key Responsibilities: - Analyzing and interpreting complex cost structures from Excel data - Delivering a clear and concise report based on the analysis Ideal Skillset: - High proficiency in Excel - Solid background in financial analysis - Experience in cost analysis by project - Excellent data interpretation skills The output of this project will play a crucial role in refining our budgeting and financial planning. Expertise in handling similar projects is a must. Thanks in advance for your interest and bid.

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    ...types of ML models to predict these 7 pattern numbers from the target data set which is the last column of each test sheet. During this process of prediction, we have come across certain observations. We had to solve those observations and improve the prediction accuracy by overcoming those observations with methods or approaches to be developed by expert data scientists. This task named “Data analysis and classification” is for that objective. We have predicted the 7-process number of approximately 50 data sets using these 5 ML models at various test sizes. These prediction results are illustrated in the Excel workbook file named: “Comparison of prediction results of 50 data sets”. How to read and understand this Excel workbook is explained below: ...

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    I...using bar, pie, and line charts. My objective is to identify trends and patterns from our database connections, enabling informed, data-driven decision-making processes. This will allow me to communicate insights effectively to both technical and non-technical members of our team. The ideal freelancer would possess the following skillset: - Expertise in Power BI; - Strong proficiency in data analysis and interpretation; - Excellent proficiency in creating bar, pie and line charts; - Familiarity working with data sourced from database connections; - A deep understanding of effectively communicating insights using data visualization. This project requires not just the technical skills to build charts and models, but also the analytical ability to extract meaningful insights ...

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    24 bids Hand-held Scanners and Systems with an open API The Truck will enter the business premises and the registration Disc will be Scanned in - We need that info to drive back to a CSV file that is loaded on the new system and feed-back info of the truck, its owner etc - the system must also pull info of that truck and owner-company from the Accounting Package with financial results and age analysis so the owner knows the status of that particular business and make decisions on whether to service that truck/company or not Owner/Administrator: Access to all features and functionalities Manage employee accounts View financial reports Manage inventory and supplies Set pricing and discounts Manager: Manage daily operations View and update truck stop status (e.g., available parki...

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    ...perform an in-depth analysis on a list of 80 keywords and comprehensive research on my competitors. We need Keyword Analysis and competitor analysis for an interpreting and translation agency and I need it done ASAP in the next 6-8 hours. I am looking for 100 keywords. (50 for certified translation services, and 50 for general interpreting and translation services. Need local and USA wide SEO our competitors are General Interpreting and Translation Services: , For certified translations our competitors are: , , The Keyword Analysis should include: - Search volume for each keyword - Competitor level for each keyword - Keyword difficulty The Competitor Analysis should include: - Comprehensive

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    I am searching for an experienced developer who can help create a program/bot to automate a specific task. This task involves eliminating unwanted empty spaces in a image and then compressing...primarily in PNG format, is essential. - The program must precisely identify and eliminate empty space in an image and subsequently crop and bring the details together. - No specific preference for the programming language (Python, Java, or C++ are acceptable), however, your expertise in your chosen language must be high. Ideal candidates will have proficiency in programming for automated image analysis and manipulation, and a solid understanding of image file formats. Demonstrated experience in similar projects will be highly regarded. Please include relevant works in your portfolio when...

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    Job Title: Amazon Business Strategist/Researcher - Brand Strategy Department Overview: We a...opportunities, market gaps, and key areas for strategic brand positioning. Amazon Platform Expertise: Stay abreast of the latest updates and features on the Amazon platform. Develop a deep understanding of Amazon's advertising tools, algorithms, and best practices to optimize client accounts. Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitor activities on Amazon and provide insights to stay ahead of industry trends. Recommend strategies to differentiate clients' brands and products from competitors. Reporting and Analysis: Generate detailed reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and present findings to clients. Provide regular updates on campaign performance, market trends, and...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with extensive experience in Excel, specifically in applying VLOOKUP, IF, and SUM formulas. Task will mainly focus on: - Utilizing VLOOKUP to retrieve valuab...VLOOKUP, IF, and SUM formulas. Task will mainly focus on: - Utilizing VLOOKUP to retrieve valuable data from a different sheet. - Employing IF and SUM formulas as necessary to enhance data analysis. The ideal freelancer for this project is expected to have a profound understanding of Excel functions and capabilities, and a proven track record in the efficient use of Excel for data analysis. Experience in data retrieval and comparison using VLOOKUP is highly essential for this role. Ability to cross-reference and perform calculations with accuracy is required. If you fit the descripti...

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    I am in search of an experienced software developer who can design a pocket option binary bot. The bot should possess specific attributes as follows: - It should have the capability of Automated Trading in real-time, taking prompt decisions when required. - The primary automation strategy for trading should be based on a specific set of rules or indicators instead of a pre-set strategy provided by me or learning and adapting from the market changes. Ideal Skills and Experience Needed: - Familiarity with binary bot systems - Understanding of automated trading - Experience in integrating specific rules or indicators, Moving Averages, into bot systems for decision making. This project requires someone knowledgeable about both trading and bot development. I look forward ...

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    Excen Based Analysis Project 6 days left

    looking for an expert of excel to perform few analysis not using the data. a. Base-case analysis b. What-if analysis c. Breakeven analysis d. Optimization analysis e. Risk analysis

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    We are seeking a highly skilled mobile app and web developer to create an innovative educational platform aimed at enhancing the learning experience for students. This comprehensive application will provide users with access to question banks, previous year's questions, and mockup tests across various subjects. Designed to offer immediate feedback, detailed explanations, and test analysis, our goal is to make studying engaging and informative.

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    Need you to develop blockchain where to run multiple Smart Bootstrap ROI generating StableCoins, AMM RWA ERC-20 solidity type. Must develop a video artwork NFT marketplace, for an avatar run holding group of companies. Please understand that this is a coin commitment only project, and, not money will be advance to you whatsoever, but, 8 bucks to hire you here. We don't want an employee in the rat-race from 9-5, but, a super-money-motivated partner. If you have religious problem with interest and those kind of things, let us know, immediately, as, we also, do Islamic finance, under certain circumstances. UNDERSTOOD ??? Check win-rate of our business & logo rendering of Smart Coins attached, please.

    $14 - $53
    $14 - $53
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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Modern Fitness Business Logo Design'

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    I need help with typing data on the Excel sheet. I am seeking a professional who is experienced in working with Excel, particularly with data entry of text. Here's an overview of task requirements: - Data to be entered is text-based. - Data should be organized in separate columns. - The number of columns for data in in each sheet will be less than 5. Ideal Skills Set: - Proficiency in Excel. - Attention to detail for accurate data entry. - Knowledge of organizing data in columns for easy data management. If you have data entry experience with Excel, I’d like to hear from you. Your challenge will be to ensure all this text data is accurately entered and organized in a way that will benefit my data analysis process. Let's collaborate and make this projec...

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    Looking for a meticulous and detail-oriented freelancer for a textual data entry project. - The tasks involve manual typing of data from hard ...freelancer for a textual data entry project. - The tasks involve manual typing of data from hard copy documents into an Excel spreadsheet. - Accuracy is paramount, as the information will be used for critical analysis and may impact decision-making. - It is important that the freelancer is adept at using Microsoft Excel, and has a keen eye for spotting and rectifying errors during transfer of data. - Previous experience in textual data entry from hard copy documents will be a plus. An ideal freelancer for this project would be someone who maintains a high level of accuracy, can work under deadlines and has excellent knowledge of...

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    ...programming languages, topics will be provided by us and how-to-write format will be provided by us. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python - Good writing skills and the ability to explain complex programming concepts in a clear and concise manner - Ability to write engaging and informative blog articles - Proficiency in conducting research and presenting data analysis findings The articles should be well-researched, easy to understand, and provide practical insights and examples. If you have the required skills and experience in any programming and can deliver well-written blog articles within the specified length, please submit your proposal The following is desirable: * You are a member of Github, , or any other programming platform

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    Architecture 6 days left

    We are looking for a highly experienced architect with proven track record of recent high end projects. Tasks are included bot not limited to: - Drafting new floor plans. - market study and site analysis for new projects. - Drafting construction drawings and details. - Providing interior and exterior design. - Providing landscape design and pool design. - Providing 3D renderings of the projects. We do signle family homes, multilevel apartments, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and such projectes. We prefer the candidate to have experience in all the categuries and capacities.

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    40 bids
    Senior Marketing Manager 6 days left

    I'm looking for a senior-level marketing manager with a primary focus on branding and business development. Their primary responsibilities will include: - Developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies - Managing and optimizing our social media presence - Analyzing market trends to guide strategy decisions - Working on business...sales. - Train and mange sales people The ideal candidate should have a robust experience with all the above-mentioned tasks. I'm particularly interested in people who have a proven track record in driving business development through strategic marketing. They should be able to demonstrate successful campaigns they have run in the past. A strong grip on social media management, market trend analysis, copywriting, and press release...

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    As a business looking to harness the predictive power of data, I'm in need of a custom Python project that uses an ARIMA model for time series forecasting. This will involve the analysis of industry data. Successful candidates should possess: - Significant expertise with Python programming and constructing ARIMA models. - Sound understanding and experience in data analysis, particularly relating to industry statistics. - Strong abilities in using Python for tasks such as automation and web scraping. - I will provide a data set of which the model should be created. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to your proposal.

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    I have a business operation that is spread across multiple states in India, with multiple subsidiaries. I require guidance on the following: - The customization and integration of Netsuite with statewise GSTIN in India. - Detailed instruction on reporting with such configuration. This project requires an in-depth understanding of business operation across multiple states in India, familiarity with the Indian tax system, and experience with Netsuite. An individual with a background in accounting would be ideal. It's essential for the freelancer to also have excellent interpersonal and teaching skills as this project involves providing guidance and advice.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
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    My project involves forecasting future values for an industrial dataset using the ARIMA model. Here's what I'm specifically looking for: - A proficient Python developer who has experience with time series analysis. - An understanding of the ARIMA model to forecast future values effectively. - A candidate who has experience handling, analyzing, and predicting industrial data sets is preferred. This project requires an in-depth understanding of the ARIMA model's intricacies and the industrial dataset. I'm looking for an outcome-oriented candidate who can deliver accurate results.

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    22 bids

    ...Industrial Services, located in Saudi Arabia, I am in need of a skilled freelancer who can help in creating our company's web presence. The new company will specialize in the maintenance and service of hydraulic pumps, valves, actuators, and industrial machinery for factories and industrial plants in the region. The services we're planning to offer include: - Troubleshooting and diagnostics - Fluid analysis and testing - Preventive maintenance and inspections - Logo creation Most of our customers will be receiving these services on a monthly basis. The website should reflect all of these points, be easy to navigate, and outline our services succinctly. The hired freelancer would ideally be well-versed in website creation, be able to guide us on the best ways to p...

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    106 bids

    I am looking for a seasoned Data Scientist who will conduct a 2-hour online session with a focus on the following key are...should have an extensive background in data science . Proven experience in practical applications of the aforementioned areas is paramount and should be demonstrable. Applicants are encouraged to: * Highlight their experience, specifically relevant instances where they've successfully applied data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. * Demonstrate their proficiency in Python, offering tangible examples of projects or tasks where Python was the primary tool in data handling, analysis, and visualization. Please note this is an intensive 2-hour session. Thus, ability to break down complex data science concepts into easy-to-understand ...

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    5 bids

    I need an expert in Google Data Studio Dashboard who can help create a complex yet easy to unde...To facilitate understanding of this data, it is important that I have Line charts, Bar charts, and Pie charts included in my dashboard. Proven ability in creating these specific visualizations in Google Data Studio is required. - Data Analysis: The primary purpose of this dashboard is to analyze trends. A clear understanding of data analysis using GDS is necessary to highlight key insights from the data. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in data visualization, particularly using Google Data Studio, as well as a firm comprehension of data analysis techniques. Your proven ability to create insightful dashboards that support data-driven decision-making will be ...

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    10 bids

    I need an experienced freelancer to develop a comparative tool on Excel for use in the general insurance broking industry. The tool should be completed in 3 working days. Main functionalities should include: - Automated quotation generation - Comparative analysis of insurance policies - User-friendly interface The comparative analysis should look into: - Price comparisons - Coverage comparisons - Comparisons of policy terms and conditions The focus will be on Workmen Compensation policies. Therefore, your understanding and experience in this area of insurance would be greatly beneficial. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Excel - Expertise in VBA or Macros - Understanding of General Insurance Broking - Knowledge of Workmen Compensation Policies Please only respond if...

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    16 bids

    I am in search of an experienced social media marketing specialist with proven strategies for organic growth. An integral focus of this role will be expanding our reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram, primarily targeting teens. Responsibilities will include: - Content creation and scheduling - Follower outreach and engagement - Analysis of engagement metrics and adjust content strategy as needed Ideal candidate should have: - Experience growing social media accounts organically - Ability to create engaging content tailored to a teen demographic - High proficiency in using Facebook and Instagram In your application, please provide a detailed proposal outlining your strategy for organic growth on our social platforms. Your proposal should detail previous outcomes you...

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    $76 Avg Bid
    19 bids

    I'm seeking a highly proficient Python trainer to conduct in-person training. My goal is to achieve expertise in Python, focusing specifically on the areas of Data Analysis, Web Development and Machine Learning. This project will require deep, hands-on technical training that will elevate my skills from basic to expert. The potential candidate for this project should ideally: - Have hands-on expertise in Python and an ability to teach others - Have an excellent track record of conducting in-person training - Possess certification in Python, if any. - Be well-versed in Data Analysis, Web Development, and Machine Learning via Python - Be able to create a comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum focused on attaining expert-level knowledge and practical skills From this ...

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    8 bids

    Description: We are seeking an experienced developer or development team to build an innovative legal platform (web-based PWA) inspired by the success of existing platforms such as Casetext, LexMachina, Relativity, Everlaw, LawGeex, and Latch. This ambitious project aims to facilitate access to legal consultation and analysis by integrating artificial intelligence and legislative access, while also providing an intuitive user interface. Inspiration and Objectives: Platforms like Casetext and LexMachina inspire us with their ability to provide deep legal analyses and predictive data that support professionals in data-driven decision-making. Relativity and Everlaw are excellent examples of how technology can improve electronic discovery and case management. LawGeex demonstr...

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    65 bids

    ...of Lairing, to create perfect ads in the Astrology/Manifestation niche on TikTok ads. As someone who’s done over $20,000 a day in sales at some point with my own ads, you can guarantee you’ll learn a lot from me. However, I am also an advocate of continuous learning, and WANT someone who is passionate with their own ideas and systems on researching buyer avatars and creating ads. I am looking to work with a clever TikTok ads expert who is also open-minded and obsessed with the art that is creative! If this sounds like you, read on to see if you’re a good fit– ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Fluent in English, with exceptional communication skills and an ability to connect effectively with a U.S.-based audience. . 2. Demonstrable track record of client succe...

    $1663 (Avg Bid)
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    43 bids
    Digital marketing for website 6 days left

    I'm in the search for an experienced SEO specialist. My primary objective is to enhance my website's traffic, with a particular emphasis on drawing international users. Key Responsibilities: - Formulate and implement an effective SEO strategy - Adapt the strategy to target international audiences - Conduct keyword research and SEO analysis - Generate SEO reports Ideal Skills: - Proven SEO experience - Proficient in web analytics, marketing, and business development - Excellent knowledge of keyword research and usage - Experience with SEO tools and techniques - Preferably multilingual or have proven effectiveness in targetting international users This collaboration will aim for overall website growth and amplification of international user traffic. Candidates with a sol...

    $135 (Avg Bid)
    $135 Avg Bid
    56 bids

    ...programming languages, topics will be provided by us and how-to-write format will be provided by us. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python - Good writing skills and the ability to explain complex programming concepts in a clear and concise manner - Ability to write engaging and informative blog articles - Proficiency in conducting research and presenting data analysis findings The articles should be well-researched, easy to understand, and provide practical insights and examples. If you have the required skills and experience in any programming and can deliver well-written blog articles within the specified length, please submit your proposal The following is desirable: * You are a member of Github, , or any other programming platform

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bids