The Advantages of Custom Software Development

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Any growing company at some point will have to make an important decision regarding the technology they use. They would need to determine if they should either continue using off-the-shelf software or invest in custom software development. Obviously, it is easier and sometimes “safer” to go with pre-packaged applications, but there are some advantages to opting for custom software for your organization. Remember, businesses thrive based on how uniquely they package themselves from the rest.

Designed to Fit

web applicationIn software development and business operations, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. In as much as we have some truly high quality ready-made software available, the chances are pretty slim that they will seamlessly fit your organization. This is because every business is structured and managed differently to meet equally diverse needs. You might want to modify some built-in features of your off-the-shelf software to meet the need and fill the gap, but the results can never be the same compared to the systems that have specifically been built for your business from scratch.

With custom software development, you can pursue and realize your business’ vision as opposed to being confined to someone else’s. You risk affecting your productivity, effectiveness and creativity if you cling to tools that were not designed with your business in mind. You will be forced to fit things into your system as opposed to the other way round. You'll broaden your scope with custom software development, which is good for business success.

Flawless Integration

Technology is fast-growing and always evolving. Most pre-packaged software might not seamlessly adapt and integrate with other systems you already have in place. Ideally, custom applications should be designed to effortlessly accommodate other aspects of your business, as opposed to you being forced to fall for ad hoc solutions for your business needs. During the custom software development process, the developer will be able to keep in mind the levels of expertise of the users. Also, whenever there are any changes in staffing or app usage, extra modules or updates can be created to adjust to the direction the business is taking. 

Competitive Edgesoftware development

Do you know that by purchasing someone’s software you directly invest in their business and help them grow? Developing your custom software solution is a direct investment made towards your business, giving it an additional asset that you can do anything you want with—you can license it or sell it. These are important extra income streams to the business that will improve on your brand identity, gaining you a competitive edge over other businesses that may still be using ready-made solutions. Furthermore, you will be more effective and stand out from the crowd.

If you have your own applications done by a team of competent in-house software developers, or have established superb relationships with a reputable software development firm, it becomes easier to respond to changes. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the expertise and support of the off-the-shelf software developer or firm in case your encounter some technical challenges, which are sometimes unavoidable.

As an important business investment, you can start slow by hiring a competent software developer on There are many qualified developers who will deliver excellent applications at a fraction of the cost.


Posted 18 June, 2015


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